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Eiffel Tower


Its August 27th... It's been on month since I had the feeling to kill. But now I have the feeling. But latley the way I've been killing them isn't enough. So I have a new idea. I kidnap them, beat them, then bring them to the top of the Eiffel Tower, then push them off to there death. I like pain and blood, so this should work.

First Kill

"AHHH" a young girl screams as I take the tape off her mouth and throw her to the ground.

I don't say anything. I just smirk and reach in my bag to pull out my large set of knifes. I look over at her, I see the terror in her eyes, her whole body shaking in fear.

"Haha, scared? Well once I'm done with you , you wont be scared, because you will be dead" I say as I grab my smallest knife and grip it tightly. I then walk over to the tied up girl.

"Mind holding this for me? I need to go sharpen my other knifes if I want this to be. " I say as I hand her the knife.

"My hands are tied. So I can't hold it." She says wiggling her hands.

"My bad." I say as I take one more step. I then forcefully stab her in the stomach. "See, there's other ways to hold a knife." I laugh as I slap her across the face and walk out of the room.

She crys loudly when I return into the room. Then I shut the door.



I untie the beaten up girl and hold her by one arm as she dangles over the top edge of the Eiffel Tower. She doesn't speak, But shes mumbling, asking me why I'm doing this.

"I like seeing other people suffer." I say seconds before I let go of her arm, sending the helpless , hopeless girl down the tower to her death.

Her scream echo's across the sky.

I rush down the tower to see her. She wasn't even her anymore. Her insides became her outsides. There was blood and guts everywhere. Finally, I found the way to kill people , the way I like it.

Watch Out Holly Vell

"So, Madison, you called this report in?" Officer Maxwell said as he walks over to me.

"Yes. It was a terrorfing scene. I was just walking around the tower taking pictures, then there she was. " I say as I start to fake cry, I need to seem like I care.

"Well, why were you walking around the tower at 3;00 in the morning?" He questioned again.

"The light from the sky bounces off the tower making amazing photos." I say trying to get out of the conversation. I feel like he's on to me.

"Okay, can I see the pictures?" He askes another question as he reaches for my camrea in my hands.

"No. They are perfessinal and I'm not aloud to share until further notice." I quickly grip my camera and walk away.

I jump in my car and drive away...



News Reporter: ATTENTION! Last nights kill marked the elevth death since the murder of Carlee Krisp. She was a twelve year old girl who was sent to her death off the top of the Eiffel Tower on August 27th. Followed by ten other twelve year old girls, Carter Lop, Quinn Mark, Wendy Polo, Taylor Kal, Oliva Bean, Abby Happs, Sophie Coop, Dylan Sheilds, Audury Jaken.Then the most recent victim, Nataile Doll. We are still trying figure out who has the sick mind to do this to little girls, who's lives basically just begun. We also figured out that there is a death every second day! So Tomorrow night.. Please be safe. Stay tuened for more information tomorrow.

I hear the reporter sign off. And I'm mad. They think there on to me, well I'm about to throw them off track. Everyone thinks I'll kill tomorrow night, well instead i'll kill tonight. And I wont kill a twelve year old girl like I've been doing, I'll go after Holly Vell. She the stupid head dectective and reporter. Well, I'll get her.


I grab my knifes and bags and head out the door. Jumping into my car. I speed away to the local police station, where I can get more information on my victim, Holly Val. I Pull into the parking lot and race in the doors. I only have four hours to kill her left, cause all my kills need to happen at 3:00, --because my very first kill was at 3:00. And I like to carry on where I left off--.

"Hi, May I help you?" The man at the front desk questions as he stares at me in a werid way.

"Yes, You may. Are you able to get me some information on a Detective? Detective Holly Val. It's very much needed." I say as I twirl my hair to catch him off gaurd.

"Detective Holly Val.. Why do you need her folder?" He askes me as he reaches into the back and pulls out her folder.

"I need it because... I just need it, Can I have it or not?" I say as I slap my hand down on the table.

He's still staring at me. He doesn't say anything he just reaches don and hands me the folder, marked "Detective Val". I smile and grab it. I then turn and walk out. No words spoken.



I bang my hand on Ms.Vals door. I decided to act like a police woman, cause she has to let me in. She opens the door, and she smile turns to a frown.

"Yes? How may I help you? Would you like to come in." Holly says as she opens the door wide and steps to the side.

I knod and walk in. Once I hear the door close I quickly turn the corner and run up the stairs infront of me. Once I reach the top I grab my needle -I have knockout posion in it- and grip it tightly when I heard her walking up the stairs.

"Hello? Where are you?" Holly says as I hear her walk in the room I'm in.

I step out quietly and jab her in the neck, injecting her with the poison. When she dropped to the ground, I grabbed my rope, tied her up, tossed her in the body bag. When I was done, I smiled and looked down. The fun has offically begun.

The World Went Black

I grabbed the bag and through it in the trunk of my car. I slam the trunk door down and sped away. I needed to hurry because the drugs ware off after one hour, I only had 45 mintues left. I kept drivng until I came to the Eiffle tower. I grab the bag and dragged it to the tower. I looked up at the hovering tower and noticed I only had 15 mintues unitl she woke up. I ran to the top of the tower and took her out of the bag. She started moving, then her eyes opened.

"ahhhhh! who are you? What am I doing here!" Holly yelled as her eyes filled with fear. She looked down and noticed she was hovering over the tower. The fear turned into tears and her strengh went into weakness. Her body went numb. She froze as the tears flowed out.

"Hi holly, I don't like you. So, I'm going to kill you. Okay? Bye" I said as I untied her ropes but held her arm tightly. I turned to put the rope down and when I turn back, she punched me. I flew to the ground.

She ran towards the staircase but I charged at her. I grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground, I threw punches muliple times, Until she pushed me to the side, kicking me over and over again. She picked me up and brought me to the edge of the tower. Her tears were no longer there, and her weakness was now strengh. She gripped my arm tight, the blood dripping off her face made this seem more real. Then, she let go.

I stumbled back trying to get a grip on anything I could but I couldn't. I was gone. I was no longer on the tower, I was falling, faster and faster. My heart raced, each beat pounding in my ears. I couldn't move, I couldn't scream, I couldn't get help. I closed my eyes, and every person I've done this to flashed before my eyes. All the 12 year old girls that barley even lived , I'm a horrible person . I deserve this. I deserve to die. I open my eyes. But as soon as I opened them , the world went black, everything was spinning. Then there was nothing.

Holly's Point Of View

-Hollys POV-

" just killed someone. I just killed someone.." the thought kept replaying in my head like a broken record. But the adreniline. I know it wasn't right to kill her, but it felt amazing. I feel more alive, sadly shes dead but whatever. I'm never going back to my old job. Killing people is way better. But, who should be next?