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Brother Love


Jayden Mohammed lives in Canada with her family. She wants to get out there and start dating but her father will not allow her to date a Canadian boy because they are from Trinidad. And of corse she has to follow his rules. So she decides to move to Trinidad or what her dad calls it, "The Island Of The Love" to find her love. Now in Trinidad she meets someone. Someone that her dad never warned her about.

"The Island Of Love"

"Yes dad, I will be fine. I'll come down and vist you every now and then don't worry." I yell out the window of my little red car as I pull out the driveway and speed away down the street.

I'm on my way to the airport then from there I will fly to Trinidad or what my dad thinks of it as " The Island of love". I plan to go there to find my love. My father doesn't want me dating a Canadian boy so of course I have to follow his rules.


"Finally" I say as I run out of the plane and feel the nice heat on my skin. I've been missing that so much while I was in canada.

I throw my bags over my shoulder and run to my house that was only a few blocks away. My parents came down here a couple weeks ago to set up for me. So now i'm all ready to move in.

I quickly open my door and swing it open. My house was huge. But maybe a little to big, im only one person after all. But I can't complain, this house was beautiful. Im lucky. But now that i'm all settled in, i;m going to the beach. I quickly throw on my bathing suit and rush out to the beach.

The beach was basically in my backyard so It didnt take me long to get there. But once I did, I felt like I was floating on clouds. The sand beneath my feet felt amazing, the ocean breeze made me feel unstoppable and the ocean smell made me feel, Alive.

I charged towards the water with not a care in the world. The sand under me was flying as I raced into the ocean, diving under each wave. I swam for about an hour and a half until I noticed the life gaurd sitting in his chair.

First Date

I ran out of the water and walked up to him.  I Introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Jayden. You are?" I say as normal as possible.

"Hey, I'm Justin." He said back as he got off his chair and stuck a hand out to greet me.

I shake his hand. We talk for a little bit then faster then I knew it, I was at the finest resturant in Trinidad with Justin. We learned alot about eachother, but everytime I would bring up my family he would stop me. I didnt know why.

" Dont you wanna know about my family? Cause I wanna know about yours". I say afaird of what he might say.

"My rule is, we dont learn anything about eachothers family until the day of the wedding where we finally meet eachothers relatives. Well that's if you wanna get married. Do you?"

I froze. I totally forgot that in Trinidad the first date is basically an engagement ceremony. I don't know what to do. But I really like him, so I shake my head yes and jump in his arms. Everyone around congratulates us.

Meet Your Brother

Now it's the day of the wedding. I slip on my wedding dress and quickly do my hair. I get ready. The doors swing open. I walk down and realize only my family's here. I stop and walk over to Justin.

"Where's your family?" We both say at the exact same time.

My mom walks in. She walks up to us.

"Jayden.. I never told you about your brother who lived in Trinidad with your uncle did I?" My mom says with a concerned face.

I shake my head no. Worried on whats coming next

"Well Jayden, meet Justin your long lost brother." She motions  towards my fiance .

"AHHHHH" I scream as my eyes fill with tears. I drop to the ground and the water comes flowing out of my eyes. I can't control it. The one person I actually loved turns out to be my brother! I stand up and run out of the hall. Leaving my finance-Brother- alone.

Things Finally Get Better

I run to my house and pack up my stuff. I grab my plane ticket and head on my way home. My Canadian home. I rush to the air port and sit in the same seat on the way there. Waiting paitently for takeoff. My eyes still drowing from my tears. The roar of the plane comes to life. And then, I'm off. Once I land I jump into my little red car and drive to my best friend Alyssas house. We talk for a while then shes lets me move in so i'm not lonley.


About two years ago I met someone knew. His name is Kyle. Its been one year since weve been married. I finally figured out that Alyssa has been crushing on my husband so we moved out. We are now in a huge house. Three bathrooms, five bedrooms, two living rooms, pool and spa area and a massive kitchen. My dream home to be exact. I really was living the dream.

Now that were in our own house and free from the worlds problems we ended up having four beautiful children. Two boy twins named Chuck and Charile, and a set of boy and girl twins named Dylan and Britney. We also bought a dog and a cat to complete the family. Life is great...

Story Time

"The End" I say.


"What a story mama. Can you tell it again?" Chuck says as he rests his head agaisnt the pillow.

"Is that a real story?" Britney says as she slides off the bed getting ready to walk away to her bedroom.

"Yes it is a real story. That story is my life before .  And maybe another night I'll tell it again. But for now its bed time." I say as I tuck in Chuck, Charlie and Dylan.

I get off the bed and walk Britney to her room.

"Life is great isnt it mommy?" Britney says as I kiss her forehead.

I walk over to the door and step out.

"Yes. Yes it is." I say as I shut the door.