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Stream of Consciousness After Alan Watts


I listened to an Alan Watts talk then just started writing. This is what came out. I would love honest feedback on my random thoughts. 


If you view time as a string and arrange it so there are waves and crests, the drips and tips represent the events while the string is time itself. It is all one thing. If you arrange that string into a circle, you have essentially how the universe works. There are ebbs and flows- events, which are either big or insignificant. And it goes on infinitely. Human beings, animals, plants, organisms, bacteria, etc. are all elements of the string of time. They are all ebbs and flows.


Was the idea of God created by a man who wanted his followers to view the world in a monarchical view, meaning they are being watched, protected and punished by an all powerful, all seeing male figure? If that’s true, then the religion is truly a scam. It makes sense for Christianity to have been used during slavery because it instilled in the slaves a very visceral fear of not just their literal white master, but their white god as well.


This monarchical model persists throughout society. There are hierarchies in every sector. This system was set up by men who wished to exercise power over their subjects. From clubs in school to worldwide religion, the monarchical model is employed to subject people to a spiritual and therefore uncontrollable fear. If you believe someone more powerful than you is constantly watching and evaluating you, you will submit yourself to that person’s will or you will rebel. But know if you rebel, you’ll be punished.


What if people viewed the universe as being self-created and that theory carried down throughout society and these hierarchies were changed into more automatic organizations. What if clubs, businesses and religions trusted their members, employees or followers to simply exist and do what they believe is right. If this were to truly take place then we’re talking about socialism. Society as a whole would operate production and distribution and exchange is regulated collectively. Realistically, that is idealistic and improbably to achieve. Some asshole would indeed fuck it up. Someone wouldn’t consider a beautiful song adequate enough for a sandwich and all hell would break loose. Or maybe it wouldn’t. Maybe that singer would go to a different, kinder soul and find that a song is plenty payment for a sandwich. Maybe if we all move in the directions we’re supposed to we can find peace and balance. But how do you get everyone to move in the path they’re supposed to be moving on? Is it anyone’s business what other path anyone else is on?

I believe everyone has value. Everyone was placed on this earth with a gift, a means to contribute. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to survive using their talents and general human decency.

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is gained from Egyptian political terms. God was described as king because he was all powerful. Through metaphor, whoever the fuck wrote the bible was able to exemplify that the idea of God is the creator of the entire universe and governor from above.