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Luscious princess


Lusciousprincess has entered the chat room

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This book is purely fiction therefor any resemblance to actual people, events or locales is entirely coincidental. No translations are allowed without writers  permission.

Chapter One

Chapter One



"We're not do-, ah never mind," the teacher mumbled, as his students almost flee outside. The only one who stayed behind was small Samuel River. He quickly tried to put his books in his bag before heaving it up, bidding the teacher softly a goodbye. –the teacher didn't even hear him.– 

The boy's hair and eyes were the colour of roasted beans but his skin had a pearl appearance. He had that shy look as he walked through the hallway. He wore his hair like a mop, always hiding his eyes.  And if that didn't work then his thick glasses would work. 
All though, he didn't stood out in high school. No, if this was a book then he could never make it as a main character. Instead, you would think of him as a nameless supporting character.

As he walked through the hallway of the school, he rummaged through his bag, looking for that on particular book. His next class was English. Most of the time he would read a book through class.  Since he always had straight A's, he could read as much as he liked. 

Entering the classroom, he took a place in the back. He opened his book, almost with his nose in it immediately. When he was reading the world around him didn't even exist anymore. More and more people filled the classroom in the meanwhile.

"Ah, dude somebody is already sitting in the back," one of the boys went, getting his friends attention. With three boys, one boy had to go sit next to Samuel if they all wanted to go sit in the back. "Should we ask him to leave?" one dared to whisper. "I will sit next to him," one of the friends spoke up, stepping up from behind. As he walked towards Samuel, people's eyes were following his movements. 

He sat down next to Samuel who visibly flinched as he got interrupted reading his book. His cheeks were in an instant coated with red as he looked down on his book again. Both of them said nothing throughout the class. Until, Valentine saw what Samuel was reading. "You like that kind of stuff?" He asked.  Samuel nodded shyly, but said nothing, bringing the book closer to him as Valentine spoke. As he got no reply back, – only nodding from the shy boy– Valentine's eyes turned into slits, not very happy that once he started a conversation he was basically ignored. 

If you were in Samuel's mind you would know what his thoughts would be. He couldn't even describe the feeling of sitting next to a boy who was in a popular group. Everyone of course knew everyone at school and of course like any other school they had ranks. 
And he had just the luck to sit next to the quiet, observing and yet creepy boy who was also described as a brat among his friends. 

And he was good looking too, Samuel won't deny that.  Even as they sat next to each other you could see the difference in height between the two. 

They both sat in complete silence the next hour. Valentine nodded at his friends as they both stood up once the bell rang. Samuel  put the book back in his bag with a sigh. He looked over at Samuel who had decided to stand at his friends table, waiting for them to finish packing up. 

Valentine's appearance was like any other teenager, only his appearance was perfect. Not even one single pimple was visible. Not that he even had one. He had both of his ears pierced, Samuel noted. His hair, dark and lustrous and his light green eyes were large and bold. Everything about him was symmetrical, most obviously his cheekbones.He looked absolutely lean and tall. The black trousers he wore hung lowly around his waist and white sleeves rolled up just above his elbow, leaving the top most of his shirt unbuttoned. 

Like Valentine could feel his stare, he looked behind just in time to see Samuel looking away with a blush on his cheeks. He immediately dashed out the door as fast as his short legs would carry him. And just to his luck, he immediately walked into Cara, almost falling down himself. 

"Watch it, dweeb," Cara sneered. She also, belonged to the popular group. Her blonde hair was poker-straight and pulled back into a high pony-tail. She wore a little bit of make-up. She stood with a hip jutted to one side.Cara was wearing a simple Gucci shirt, tucked into her plain black jeans. But, of course the simple clothing complimented her slender body. Samuel noted the girl was getting a thigh gap. 

"I-I'm sorry," he squeaked. Truth was, Cara –no matter how mean she was towards little Samuel, –he had a huge crush on her. 
He even dared to stalk her on Facebook and Instagram. They both even lived in the same neighborhood and their moms were friends. Not that they talked. They almost never had full conversations. Maybe one of two times and that would involve their moms, using them as their own mailman with food and treats. 

"Just," Clara sighed. "Next time watch out where you walk, you walk into the wrong person and next thing you know is you get stabbed," she sighed. "Oooohhh," her friends giggled around her. Samuel nodded, his head down as he made the beeline to the library. And out of panic he forgot to go to his his locker to change his books. 


At home, Samuel lied comfortably in his bed full with the newest plushies. His walls were decorated with Marvel's and DC superheroes. He even had posters of manga's and anime's he had followed. The white walls almost weren't visible. He had different sorts of plants in front of his window.  

Sprout : check out this new app! I just met my girlfriend on here dude.

Samuel opened the message, getting a picture immediately after the text. It was of his friend Sprout with a cute black haired girl close next to him. Samuel awed at the picture, genuinely happy for his even as awkward as him friend.  So, he did what every lonely boy would do. 

He clicked on the link.

Chapter Two

Profile Personal Information 

Username: smallgeekbigheart
Name: Samuel Rivers

Nickname(story behind it if there is one) : none

Age: 17 years, 5 months and 5 days old. 

Date of birth: 2000 December 2

Hometown: Koybe 

Quirks: I like cuddling

Languages: Latin, English, Dutch,French and Russian

That's what Samuel's profile looked like. It really looks lame, he thought, uploading the most recent selfie he had of himself. He really didn't wanted to but the app refused to let you make a profile unless you have a profile picture of yourself. Before you can even make the account the app would send you an email, asking for a picture with the person who asked to make an account. The app in return would ask for a selfie with the name of the app and your name underneath it. Since you could only take a live picture, Samuel knew he looked ridiculous on the non filtered picture. But, in the email was clearly said it would not be shared with anyone. With his messy handwriting, Samuel had wrote on the white paper: 'Virgin Dorks' with his name under it. 

He looked at his profile, not feeling quite satisfied with it. He browsed through the other profiles of people, thinking they might give him inspiration what he could do with his own profile. 

You got a friend request

Samuel's eyes were almost glowing as he got to the friend request as soon as possible before the person changed their mind. He clicked on the profile, seeing a girl with long brown hair. She looked exactly like a doll. Oh so beautiful. Is she even real? Samuel thought, going to her pictures to see if she was in fact real. 

The girl had a lot of pictures of herself. And they were all cute. He stopped at a picture with the caption 'my outfit for today' 

In the picture, she was wearing a white skirt with black cat faces on it. Under the skirt she was wearing a fishnet panty. Samuel tried to read all the comments. And they were a lot. 

James69: Hey baby you look good as hell

Ihavenofriends: pls accept my friend request 

Geekorjock: Damn what I wouldn't do to get that ass in my face 

Chocolateshaking : I liked all your pictures pls return! X

60butreally17 : I want to see you naked

Idekhowiendedhere : wow! I wish I had your confidence and body *crying emoijs* you do know this app isn't for beautiful people right? *blushing emoji*

Samuel decided not to comment, seeing as the girl didn't reply to any comments, not even one. She also didn't liked one comment. Should he send a private message? He could thank her for sending that friend request. He clicked on the private message icon, already typing out a thanks with shaky fingers. 

Lusciousprincess entered the chat room 

Lusciousprincess : hi cutie

Samuel let out a tiny gasp, his eyes solely focused on his phone. She was first. And he was still typing! Samuel deleted the text he was going to send to Lusciousprincess and instead typed out a simple 'hey.' He went back to her profile, to read as much as information about her as he could. 

Her name was Victoria. She was eighteen years. Her birthday was on October 24, 1999. She had a obsession with cats. Her favorite color was peach pink and her favorite fruit was also peach! She supposedly also did a Buzzfeed quiz and it turned out her spirit fruit was also a peach! She liked to be called princess. Samuel let out another gasp, seeing he had already four messages of her.

Lusciousprincess : thanks for accepting my friendship request

Lusciousprincess : I couldn't help but got excited as seeing as we live in the same town

Lusciousprincess: are you ignoring me?? 

Lusciousprincess : I don't like being ignored 

As quick as he could,  Samuel typed out a honest response to the girl. Would he get a girlfriend as soon as Sprout? He shook his head, he shouldn't get that excited. What if they just talk and have no connection at all? 

Smallgeekbigheart : I'm so sorry! * crying emojis* I was still looking at your profile and didn't got any notifications!! I could never ignore you.

Smallgeekbigheart : My spirit fruit is a pear

Lusciousprincess : you better never ignore me

Lusciousprincess : Since we're in the same town... wanna meet up? 

Samuel closed his eyes, squealing as his arms flattered around. He wanted to meet with her up so bad! But it was all so quick! He wanted to know her before they meet up. What if she was a serial killer or a rapist? He didn't knew her at all. 

Smallgeekbigheart : awwwwh I want too but I'm really really really shy! *monkey with hands in front of eyes emoji* though we can meet up when I feel more comfortable with you!

He didn't had to wait long for a reply. 

Lusciousprincess : it's okay I understand I'm happy to get to know you Sammy~

Samuel giggled at the fact she already gave him a nickname. She was so cute! 

Not knowing what to say, he closed the app. Only, to get another notification from Virgin Dorks


Lusciousprincess just update a new picture.


Caption: Talking to the cutest boy in town! *random pink emoijs*

Samuel blushed furiously as he read the caption. Was it about him? No. It could be. They just finished talking, right? And besides, Victoria could be talking to other boys; not only him. She had a right to do so as he wasn't even her boyfriend. 

He refreshed her page, not even surprised as there were already a lot of comments on the picture that was only for her legs. 

Moonsaysgoodnight : your legs are doing things to my groin...

Chachaouthere : Then you haven't met me!! 

Biandproud : you have so soft legs omg! T.T 

Geekorjock : your hand is on the wrong place. Let me lead it to somewhere else,,, * purple devil emojis* 

Mymilkbringallthegirlstomydick : where you bought that skirt? Had to ask for my girl 

Spicygay : you so precious cute!!! *crying emojis, heart emoijs* 

Gotochurch : why would you post something like that? Ewww please have some self respect..

Samuel stopped scrolling, also typing  a comment. Though, he hesitated, thinking about what could go wrong. Did she even read the comments? It didn't looked like she was. But what if she was and thought his comment was stupid? He read his comment over and over again, making sure there were no grammar mistakes in it and no double meanings. 

Somebody knocked on the teenage boy's door, making the poor boy hit send and squeal like a pig if he did so. "Samuel?" His mother sounded concerned. "Are you okay?" She asked behind the door. "Dinner is ready. Come downstairs." 

Samuel didn't listen to his mother. He screamed at himself inside his head. What did I do?! The comment was immediately liked by a few people that also decided to comment on her picture

Smallgeekbigheart : we just talked.. can I assume I'm the cutie? 

Samuel could only hope the girl wasn't online anymore and deleted the comment quickly. He stood up from his bed, looking in the mirror awkwardly. Something must've been wrong with the girl's phone that she showed interest in him.