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The Plan For Spring


Violet is a 14 year-old, middle school student. One night Violet found out something that will change her life, but she's keeping it a secret from her best friend, Olivia, and from her crush, Asher. Olivia is getting really suspicious and Asher is getting really nervous. Will Violet find the courage to tell them what is really going on, or will this permanatly ruin everything?

Chapter One

     School isn't the worst thing for Violet, but it is the most boring. Every morning she goes to the bus stop, which is 6 blocks away from her house. When she gets on the bus she find her best friend,Olivia, and sits with her. They usually talk about what they're doing that night, or what they did the night before. When they get to school, they wait in the gym with all the other students for fifteen to twenty minutes.Then, the principal dismisses them to go to class. When they get in their hallway, they went straight to there lockers to get their stuff for first period. 

     In first period, Violet has science and she sits in the 4th row and in the 2nd seat. Olivia sits 2 seats behind her, and her crush, Asher sits in the last row and in last seat. Today they had to do a lab in her class. Her teacher, Mrs.Gregory, decided to count off everybody in groups. Olivia got put in group one. So Violet knew she wouldn't be in a group with her. When Mrs. Gregory kept going Violet realized that Asher would be put in a group with her. Violet started freaking out in her head and didn't know what to do, so when Mrs.Gregory sent each group to their station she just ignored him the whole time. Then Asher started talking to her and she didn't know what to do. Olivia was just watching Violet and Violet stared at Olivia with an " I need help" face. Olivia just started laughing because Violet was blushing really hard. Then, Violet finally felt at peace because the bell rang to go to 2nd period. Violet went up to Olivia and said," That was the longest 45 minutes of my life."

     Olivia responded with,"But the funniest."

     "It was less funny and more embarassing."

     "Fine, it was embarassing for you and hilarious for me."

     When the minute bell rang Violet and Olivia went to second period, which is history. They had a test today and Violet studied non-stop for it. She did not want to get a bad grade on that test.When she got the test she was so ready, but she feels like she didn't do as well on the last question. Violet turned in her test and sat back down then her teacher, Mr. MacKimpson started doing a binder check which is worth 40% of her grade. Violet and Olivia both got 100's on their binder check. Violet was relieved because she didn't know what she would get on it. Finally, after everyone was done testing and after Mr.MacKimpson was done with the binder, he let them talk. Violet turned around and started talking to Amy, Olivia, and Elizabeth, and after a little while Asher came and started talking to Amy, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Violet. When he left to go talk to Malikai Johnson and his group of friends, Amy,Elizabeth, and Olivia all said at the same time," Asher so likes you! " 

     Violet replied " He does not like me. I promise."

     Then right before the others could respond to Violet the bell rang. She rushed out of the classroom and went to her locker to get her stuff for math class. Violet went straight to 3rd and 4th period, so Olivia wouldn't bother her with this Asher stuff. Right now Violet has never been happier that Olivia has a different math class than her. Sometimes Violet doesn't like having a different scheduel as Olivia but other times she is happy that she can have room to breathe. Violet has math with Chloe, her other best friend. Chloe is also best friends with Olivia and Violet tells Chloe everything before she tells Olivia.So if Violet has a huge secret and she needs to tell someone, she usually tells Chloe then tells Olivia. For the first half of math Violet and the class had to finish the tests they started the day before, but for the second half the whole class went outside. Violet played soccer with 2 of her classmates then some of the guys joined. Violet started getting really hot so she asked the teacher, Miss Hamming, if she could get some water and Miss Hamming let her. Then, when Violet came back outside Miss Hamming said that she could stay inside, so Violet went inside and sat in the hallway. Miss Hamming finally told the student to start lining up to come inside. When they came inside everybody got a drink of water and headed back to class. Then the bell rang and everybody got their stuff together and they went to 5th period.

     When Violet got to 5th period, she put her lunch box at her seat and went to the back of the class room to talk to Mr. Pelington, her teacher, about what they were going to be doing today. He replied with, " Hello Violet. We are scedueled to play kickball today, when we get outside make sure you go to the lower track."

     Violet said back," Ok Mr.Pelington. Thank you."

     "Your welcome" Mr.peling ton said to Violet.

     After that Violet went to her seat and waited for Mr. Pelington to call roll. It took him about two or three minutes to do that, and when he was done he told everyone to line up to go to the gym. When they got to the gym, Violet ran to the board to see what class was walking on the lower track with them. When she saw it was Mr. Spear's, the band teacher, class, Violet started freaking out because she knew Asher was in his class at the time, and she knew that he would try to talk to her. When Maddie Fae, Violet's best friend since kidergarden, saw Violet freaking out while looking at the list of classes and activities, Maddie ran over to her and brought Violet outside to the lower track and talked to her untill she calmed down. Everytime Asher would try to come up to Violet and try to talk to her, Maddie would tell him to go away. The last time he tried to talk to Violet, instead of Maddie pushing him away Violet told her," I can handle this you can go play Volleyball. Right now I know if I need you at all I just have to call your name and you'll be there. Now go have fun. I can talk to him." 

     " Fine. Like you said if you need me call my name, ok?"


     Violet walked up to Asher and started talking. They talked for the rest of enrishment, and while they were walking into the cafeteria. Asher and Violet kept looking and smiling at each other during lunch. Olivia noticed and all of Asher's friends noticed, too. Olivia looked at Violet and asked, " What was that. One minute you are scared to death when he gets near you or tries to talk to you, and the next minute you guys can't take your eyes off each other." What did I miss?" 

     "Nothing really happened. We just started talking before lunch and that was it." Violet replied.

     "Seriously. Nothing happened?"

     "Yes, nothing happened."

     "Ok, if you say so."

     " I do say so."

     Right after Violet replied to Olivia the bell rang to go to 6th period. Violet had Choir, Olivia had band, and Asher had band, too. When Violet got in the Choir room she put her lunch box under her seat and waited to get her folder. She worked on her bellringer, and after everybody was done the teacher, Mrs. Becky, went over the bellringer. Then, Mrs. Becky put everyone in groups and each group went over how to count music notes. Then, 5 minutes before the bell Mrs. Becky called everyone back to their seats. Mrs. Becky let the class talk for the rest of class.Finally, the bell rang and it was time to go to 7th period. When Violet walked out of the choir room, she saw that Ahser was waiting for her, so she went up to him and started walking with him. He walked Violet to her locker and said," I want to ask you a question."

     Violet got worried and responded with," Ok, what is it?"

     "I was wondering if ..." Asher hesitated.

     "Wo-ondering wha-at?" She said with a studder.

     "I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?" Asher said unsure about her answer.

     "Umm... I'll get back to you on that. I got to get to class." Violet said getting her stuff and rushing to class.

     "Ok. I'll talk to you after 7th period." Asher yelled quietly down the hall.

     When Violet got in class, Olivia looked at Violet, but didn't say anything. Then, Violet got worried and asked what was wrong. Olivia finally answered her and said," I heard Asher at your locker. I'm so happy for you. What did you say to him?"

     "I said,'Umm... I'll get back to you on that. I got to go to class.' and hen I rushed over here so I could breath." Violet said with a confused look on her face.

      Olivia said with a disapointed look,"Wow. That's all you said to him."  

     "Yeah. I'm sorry I panicked." Violet whisper yelled at Olivia.

     "It's ok, what did he say after that."

     "He said he would talk to me after 7th period. "

     "Okay. Lets just wait 'till break and then you can tell him your answer."

     Right when they stopped talking, the teacher, Mrs. Johnson, told the class to line up to go to the computer lab so that the students could finish their tests. Violet was kind of upset because she didn't know if she would finish her test by break, so she could go tell Asher her answer. Surprisingly she did finish her test. When the bell to go on break rang, she went to go find Asher.  Appearantly, Asher was waiting outside of Mrs. Johnson's classroom door. Violet went up to him and he asked her with a huge smile on his face," So what is your answer?"

     She replied," Yes, I would love yo be your girlfriend!"

     Great. Umm... I'll talk to you after class." Asher said before he kissed her on the cheek,and heading to class.

     Violet went back to the computer lab and told Olivia everything. Olivia freaked out more than Violet did, but she was happy for Violet. When everyone was done with their test, Mrs.Johnson told everyone to line up to go back to the classroom. When they got in the room, Mrs.Johnson told her students that they were going to be doing something fun for the last 20 minutes of class, so she let all the students play silent ball. Then, the annoucments came on and Mrs.Johnson ended the game and told everybody to get in their seats.When the bell rang to go home, Violet went to her locker to get her stuff. Then, Violet was on her way to the gym to get on her bus, and Asher started walking with her. They talked all the way to the gym and they sat together on the bleachers. Finally, Violet's bus number was called and she said bye to Asher and went to get on the bus to go home.

Chapter Two