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A Social Troll


Based on an unbelievable true story involving the Gaming Community on YouTube. This story has been kept secret for years, until now. Find out what really did happen between the years 2007 and 2014, discover the man you never knew until now.

A Social Troll

Before I started thinking about sharing my story with the world, I decided just how much of the story I should tell. For the safety of myself and all of the other people who were involved, I have decided to tell you 75% of exactly what happened. That does not mean this story would be any less interesting, there are just certain things you do not need to know. Maybe in another story, possibly written by somebody else, every detail might one day be revealed. This is my side of the story, which is all based on actual events from 2007 all the way up until 2014 and beyond. This is and probably was one of the longest running YouTube dramas ever created and mainly involved the people from the “Gaming Community”. I would say at least 50 people were involved in the main event itself, which does not seem like a lot of people but considering some of those people have pretty high profile channels, it earned the title of being infamous. I could just cut straight to the chase and tell you exactly what happened that caused such drama, but then there would be no real story to tell. Instead I am going to start from the very beginning before any of this ever happened and work my way through till the very end. I think by now it has all just about died down, so I am only now having the confidence to tell you what happened. All I can say is that you are in for one hell of a ride, you might have heard that before but trust me, after reading this tale you will think twice about YouTube and social networking in general. My name is Kaleb Waller; you may or may not have heard of me before. Some of you think I am a bad person, some of you think I am a good person. I hope by telling you my experience you will learn what I have gone through so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made. I challenge anyone reading this who knows what I am talking about, write your own version of what happened and see if you can do a better job than me otherwise forever hold your silence. Will anybody care about my story? I do and I hope you believe in me too once you have read it.













It all started in the middle of summer, in the year 2007. I was in IT class, sitting by my best friends Jordan and Volkan. Why is any of this relevant? Because something happened starting from this very year before the main event. They were watching something online, some sort of video clip. That was my first ever time I set eyes on YouTube, they introduced me to it. I was fascinated and wanted to know more, Volkan told me I could make my own channel with my own videos and gain subscribers from it. So I did it straight away, but before I could I had to figure out a username for my channel. YouTube was very different back then to what it is now, I had to make a username for my channel as if it were a company name, not like today using just your full name from your Google Plus account. I remember watching an episode of The Simpsons and discovered the word “Homerpalooza” but at the time I never knew the correct spelling for this, so I decided to call myself “holabalooser” as they sounded similar enough. There I had my channel within minutes of confirming my email address, so during class I tried to upload a video as a tester. It was simply a GIF image of a dancing Mario character moving about like Michael Jackson, I never knew at the time that YouTube could not convert such a file into a video. I uploaded it and titled it “Blake’s Mum on The Dance Floor”. Blake was just some guy in our class who I did not particularly like, so that’s why his name was in the title. Like I said the video upload failed, but I am telling you this because it was technically my first ever video upload. Before I decided to make any real videos of my own, I got into the habit of watching other channels. I came across one such channel, which still exists today and is doing better than ever. “Ashens” is a guy who reviews random objects; you probably know who I am talking about. Anyway his name plays an important role later on in the story too, so you will want to keep reading. He was doing well for himself even back then, having 40,000 subscribers when I first watched his videos of Pop Stations & Neo Double Games etc. I was interested in following in his footsteps, so I too decided to attempt to review random items in front of my camera. I had a Sony T25 Cyber Shot which was a good camera for its time. I bought it from Greece when I was on holiday there back in 2006. The internet in my house was never that fast so this was an ideal piece of kit to film on as it allowed me to shoot in low but still decent enough quality (for email attachment). I recorded everything I could find in my bedroom, mostly gaming related items that I found in car boot sales. Before I knew it, my videos were gaining in popularity. I had on average 500 views per video and a small group of subscribers building up. When I was in class one day, I told Volkan about my channel and how well it was doing. He told me that I was doing well to have gained 7 subscribers, he said the more subscribers I had the better. I just thought YouTube evolved around views, but now I knew that it was about subscribers too. Anyway, some time had passed by and my videos began to slowly struggle. Some would say that I reviewed things better than Ashens, but most would say that I was not too great by branding me a clone of Ashens. The main problem was that I never had his voice and that was where the magic happened. Though at the time I and Ashens were rather close friends, I was able to have a proper conversation with him as he was not too busy like he is these days. I had to think of an idea to boost my channel with more views and subscribers. I thought of the perfect idea; to donate an item for Ashens to review on camera, that way he would credit me for the donation and people would flood to my channel and bring traffic. I had an A-Team LCD game by Tiger Electronics; it was the perfect game to send him. So we bounced messages back and forth and sorted out a deal, I would send him the game free of charge with the option to keep it as long as he credited me in the video. A few weeks passed by and the video was up and running (after nagging him a number of times), it was titled “The A-team Games Roundup”. My game was one of the games that he had reviewed in the video and of course, my channel name “Holabalooser” was credited before he began reviewing it. I was very pleased and it did make a difference to my video views. I was now getting roughly 1000 views per video on average; I finally started to have a channel worth owning. But sadly like lots of stories, things don’t last very long before something goes horribly wrong. Here comes along another channel, trying to review items like Ashens. “Hellotastic” was his name, he was already doing this for a while from what I could remember but his channel started to peak around the same time as mine. I started sending him some messages, telling him that he was trying to steal fame from me and ashens. I did this because I didn’t like his videos; he was in competition with me and I had to try and stop him before he became bigger than me. Soon the word got round to Ashens himself and I was accused of doing something wrong, yes I did wrongly include Ashens in my messages to Hellotastic but that was the only way I could have got his attention by making out as if Ashens did not want him on YouTube either. My mistake and it cost me dearly, Hellotastic made a video about our conversations and that was it between me and Ashens. Our friendship was in pieces, his A-Team video edited with an annotation over my username telling people to ignore me and my channel. I was devastated. Also, it did not help that I made a complete fool of myself on Ashens personal website in the threads section which basically blew the whole Hellotastic incident out of proportion. That also meant that my channel was pretty much over, having been exposed as some kind of villain. My channel was in jeopardy, with videos getting more one star ratings than ever before. Without boring you too much, that was pretty much the end of Holabalooser. Some time passed by and I decided to close down my channel, it managed to get 92 subscribers which back then was quite a few. Not to mention the many hundreds of total video views that it had gathered over the space of a year. I forgot to mention we are in 2008 now, roughly one year on from when I first started YouTube. I could have made it a separate chapter but as Holabalooser was dated from 2007 to 2008, I would rather just use this as a transition and keep it as the 1 story that it is. I will also take the time to mention this now too even though it did not happen till some time further, The A-Team video that Ashens had made needed to be taken down for Copyright reasons. I know it had over 150,000 views before it got deleted, so there is a small chance that you might have seen it already. For those of you who would like to see it, there is one copy floating around YouTube to this day. Rumor has it that Ashens still has the original 480p version ready and edited to go live again, possibly for his ExtraAshens channel, though he has been “advised” by some moron not to upload it again. Perhaps we might go into that further in the story. As for our friendship, it is virtually non-existent and we no longer talk to one another. Fast forwarding a year, I decided to ask for my game back because the video was no longer on YouTube. So he luckily sent it back to me in one piece too, it is now owned by my good friend Joe. What happened to Hellotastic? His channel died down shortly after the drama with Ashens, I waited for the right time to get back at him for what he did. So with great patience, I finally found a way to end his channel and get it shut down for good. I managed to get his videos removed, forever, especially the one he originally made about me. That was the last link to the old past, this happened sometime in 2011 but I think it is good to mention this now because it was still part of this story and ends it quite nicely. So that is the Holabalooser story done and dusted with, minus all the boring bits in-between. So now we start a new chapter and a totally new beginning…


I took at break from YouTube after everything that already happened, I believe I did make a few silly channels with silly videos on them that never turned out to get me any views but it is just too boring to tell you as nothing major happened during my break between 2008 and 2009. You are reading this to find out the main event, it’s not supposed to be my entire internet life story from day to day. So jumping to October 2009, here comes another channel that I started regularly watching videos on. This time it is not an Englishman reviewing toys on his brown sofa, but an American by the name of “Gamester81” who instead reviews treasures from his videogame collection. “Rare and retro” which he started in 2008, I was a keen viewer and history started to repeat itself yet again, though this guy was nowhere near as “famous” as Ashens was. I believe at the time when I first contacted him, he had just 4000 subscribers which was still good, but we are in 2009 now and not 2007. We both had 1 thing in common; we both collected rare videogames. His videos were gaining thousands of views, I thought it was the perfect time to start another channel of my own and so I did just that. I had to think of a new name, so I went with “ashenclone” because I was technically a clone of Ashens. Thinking about it, I might have made the channel long before I encountered Gamester81 and probably planned on doing more Ashens style videos again. But for all the right reasons it was time to move on to something else, and here I entered the “Gaming Community” for the first time. I kept the ashenclone name because I could not be bothered to change it and it did have a nice ring to it. So I made my first new video, which was of a rare Nintendo Love Tester from 1969. I think it got Johns attention, he became a subscriber and loved watching what I showed everyone. Again I was using the exact same camera too at the same quality; everything was pretty much the same as it was 2 years ago. This time I was gaining subscribers more quickly than views, but I still had good views as well. Eventually John made a video of his Memorex VIS console, he decided to give me a “shout out” and mentioned my channel with a link in the video description. This was a much more successful plug than the one that Ashens did a year ago, funny seeing as Gamester81 was (and still is) a smaller channel than Ashens. I suppose it shows the true power of the Gaming Community. After that video became live (this is still on YouTube today on Gamester81) I pretty much became an overnight sensation in the gaming world, I believe my subscribers jumped from roughly 100 to an easy 400 overnight. By the morning I had already beaten my old record from Holabaloosers 92 subscribers. I just kept getting really positive messages and comments on my videos from people who I never even knew; they just loved what I was showing them. I was only doing what Gamester81 was doing himself, but with 1 key difference. All of the rare items that I showed on my channel were exclusive to me, in other words he did not own any of the rare games that I had in my collection. Which gave my channel appeal and likeability; I soon became one of the biggest growing channels around. Sooner or later I was running out of things to record but before I did, I used my father’s Nintendo Game & Watch collection with his permission to record. He had a near full set and the best thing of all? They were all brand new in the box, which only meant one thing; YOUTUBE GOLD! I was very excited to make such videos, I did it in 2 parts and as usual it went down well with the viewers. I was now averaging 1000 to 5000 views per video compared with 500 from my old channel, yet another personal record had been broken. Word soon spread round to other channels and I was getting even more of these shout outs which all helped me gain even more views and subscribers. Surely nothing bad could happen now, could it? I was doing so well for myself; I was even at one point featured on the YouTube home page! My video of the sealed blister pack Love Tester skyrocketed in views to 35,000! I think that was the most watched video I ever made, either that or the one of my Formula One Team Jordan Play station console. Only ten of those were ever made, it was one of those videos you wish you always have on YouTube. The kind that does not slow down in views, but just keeps going up day by day and week by week. I would like to mention at this point that many of my original videos are still available to watch on YouTube under a fans channel but still with the same Ashenclone name in the title. Now its September 2010, now just like my first chapter I could make this into another but I would rather make this another transition and keep it altogether. I was doing so well, that YouTube contacted me for partnership. This is basically a way for me to earn money from making videos, everybody’s dream I reckon. So sometime a few months before October, I went ahead and signed up for a Google Adwords account. It took some time for them to get back to me, but I remember by October I was accepted into their program. These days anybody can be a partner, you and me. Back then in 2010 it was still pretty exclusive and you had to have a certain amount of views and subscribers to gain partnership, I had around 2000 subscribers by then so I fitted in just nicely. I made a special video about my great news and the majority of my viewers were happy for me. I felt like a celebrity at the time, I was proud of myself and I could not believe that I got this far considering what happened last time. Then as the New Year came closer, things started to take a turn for the worst…


I will start a new chapter here, as we are edging closer to the main event. I started collecting Pokémon games for the Nintendo Game boy, after reading various urban legends on Google about special games that were rare and hard to find. I spent weeks of my time trying to search and track down these games; it cost me over a hundred pounds to gather a small collection of these bootleg cartridges. By this point I started to run out of content for my channel which was a growing issue, I also had to rely on more shout outs from other channels as things started to slow down for me due to the lack of decent content. I did this by sending various channels free packages with games in them; in return they would mention my channel and send traffic my way. Sound familiar? Little did anyone know that most of these channels would become involved in one of the longest running dramas to ever hit YouTube. These people all lived within the mainland of Great Britain so postage was cheap and all I was sending them was a box full of rubbish in order to get some publicity in return. So the packages were sent and before you knew it, the videos were made; “Package from Ashenclone” was amongst some of the titles used. The bad news is that those videos hardly made any difference to my subscribers or views; the magic from Gamester81 was not there and not repeated. Understandable considering I had the same amount of subscribers as most of the channels I sent packages to, but I thought we all had different viewers. Going back to the Pokémon games, I found this particular game that looked interesting. Interesting enough to make a video about it, it was a simple NES hack but with an impressive looking intro screen unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was desperate for good content so I went for it and recorded a video; this was in March 2011 I believe. I titled the video; “Rare Pokémon Prototype Game!” and I specifically stated at the start of the video that I was a games tester for Nintendo, big mistake. I also showed the cartridge circuit board to make it look more like a typical prototype game, to add realism. I did only do that in a light hearted way, I never ever thought I would get the reaction that I got from making that video. I was slated, welcome to part of the main event. From that moment onwards, it was the start of the end of Ashenclone. The channel was like the Titanic, on a doomed course to sink to the very bottom and there was nothing I could do about it, it was already too late. Once the video went live, it received many thumbs downs (no more 1 star rating) and if that wasn’t enough, there were video responses to the original video that I had made! People actually took this so seriously and instantly branded me a big fat liar. Surely I could not screw up this channel too?! I remember the very first person who decided to make such video, who voiced his opinion about my video. He went by the name of 8comicbooknerd9 and yes, the video contained bad language. He was pissed off at this point, just from watching my Pokémon video? He gained a high amount of attention in such a small amount of time and it was not long before others too joined him in similar rants, it was like a domino effect. I decided to delete the entire video, like closing Titanic’s water tight doors but it was already too late. The damage had already been done and my channel was on course to be ruined very soon. Another man who decided to vent his anger on the same night as the other one, was a user by the name of amurphy245 (who by the way now has a newer channel called ThePolicenaut) he became involved in the drama and the rest that continued long after for a very long time. By now all of my videos were being targeted and were receiving thumbs downs, rude comments the lot. All of course by Trolls, little did I know that I would soon become one of them? I watched every video that was made about me and in doing so; I kept thinking back to what happened a few years ago with Ashens. I had to decide whether to respond directly to these videos or just ignore them, of course I had to respond to them in the end. I felt like this would never end otherwise, all because of this one video where I pretended to be a games tester as a joke that turned horribly wrong. 8comicbooknerd9 mentioned in his video that he would “bet” with me that I wasn’t one, apart from that video; I never pretended to be such person. All I wanted to do was have an interesting video up to get more views; I never wanted it to end up like this. By this point I felt like I was being bullied, everybody was ganging up against me and I hardly had anybody defending me. I had to become hostile to these people purely for my self defense, rude words were exchanged between me and these people. Let’s just leave it at that. Some time had passed by and at one point it looked as if it was all going to blow away, wrong. I managed to keep my channel going by doing some high quality retakes of some items that were able to be shown in better quality. That did not go down too well with my viewers to say the least; after all it was content that they had already seen many months before. I kept trying to find items to make videos of, claiming them to be rare when they were clearly not. By this point it was the middle of 2011, around 6 months of Ad sense revenue had built up which meant it was time to cash in some of that money. It took me 6 months to earn 100 Pounds from impressions such as “Likes” and ads running on my videos, not bad. This was around the time I became good friends with Joe, he had his own channel called “fgv112”. He was a good kid and was a fan of my videos very much. He plays a key role in this story soon, so keep reading. Anyway, as I was struggling with new content on my channel I had to find something to record otherwise my earnings would slow right down. I came across this copy of Harry Potter on DVD which had “DTS ES” on the disc itself. Welcome to the main event. Before I even made the video, I tried to convince myself that it was indeed a rare version. I did a quick search on Google about DVD with DTS ES on the discs and I honestly could not find much information about it. So I made the video and of course told everybody it was rare. I later did find out that it wasn’t at all rare, the hard way. Some people reading this would instantly accuse me of lying but I am only here to tell the truth on what did really happen. Here comes the biggest user on YouTube to be involved in this event; “GodsBurden”. His name pretty much says it all; he really must be a burden to God. I don’t think I have ever come across someone as obnoxious as him, I am not here to slate him so I will get back to the story. He made a comment on that video, I cannot remember what he said but it was designed to annoy me. I also believe he made a comment on my channel, again to annoy me. He tried to make out as if he was a long time viewer of my videos but in all honesty it was the first time I saw his name. Perhaps in the past he might have commented on my old videos but they never drew my attention? After seeing that he failed with his comments, I removed them just like I did with any other people’s comments that I did not like. Call it an OCD thing but if you don’t like what you are watching then do not bother to comment, just move on. I decided to do the normal protocol and block him temporary, maybe that might shut him up. Instead it did the opposite and he decided to make a video about it and included some other information too, he titled it: “Ashenclone is a Liar”. This is still available to watch on his channel right now, along with 10 or so other videos that he claims are all part of the “Ashenclone Saga”. We will get to these others soon, bare with me. His regular videos involved reviewing food and drink items for his website, so why make such videos about me? I remember writing a comment on his channel stating that I was going to block him and that his comments did not annoy me. Then his channel turned into some kind of MSN online chat room which involved me, fgv112, amurphy245 and a few others. What we were all doing was feeding him more content, fuelling him to make more videos about me. Yes, we are still in 2011 it was a big year. Before I go any further, I must admit that I did not help matters at all by messaging him and other users who did not agree with me in a very rude way. Some time whilst all of this was going on, either just before, during or after I was still having my own wars with other users. For example, “RetroGamerVX” was one who did not agree with my actions and looking back I can’t blame him. He has his own personal website with his own online chat room, one night I decided to join this chat room and I pretended to be other users from The Community. Let’s just say that it did not last very long and I was promptly blocked. Another user who was pretty involved with what was going on was a user by the name of “emojo1990” who did lower quality gaming videos; I believe he was another former viewer of my videos. He was one of the few who were on GodsBurdens channel like it was some kind of chat room. I am pretty sure this is the reason why YouTube decided to hide the channel comments section, but I could be wrong. So again just like the old Pokémon video, I decided to delete the Harry Potter video but of course it did not make any difference. Whether there are secret copies of these videos out there remains a mystery, I know all of my videos are still on YouTube’s servers hidden away. Making 1 video about me was not good enough for GodsBurden, so he decided to make more though this time it would be more from the messages and channel comments that he was receiving. He was slowly becoming a known figure on YouTube all because of me; maybe that is what he wanted. Lots of different things were going on at this point, my channel was “Click Bombed” by a vicious troll making me lose my Ad sense account as well as 25 Pounds that I had earned in revenue. I was very upset when that happened, that meant my channel was virtually finished no matter what happened. I tried to contact Google about it but they never responded, they must have thought it was me. I knew never to click on my own adverts as that would terminate my partnership. Things were going from bad to worse; I was being impersonated by a troll pretending to be me. Using my photos, my videos and just any other content they could use against me. They played a part in the GodsBurden chat room channel too and of course this was going in favor for GodsBurden as he could make more videos from this content. I will be honest at this point and admit that I did say some pretty nasty things to both GodsBurden and other users for self defense BUT quite a lot of it was also coming from this sick troll. Nobody of course believes me when I say it, but it’s true.  The troll made fun of me and one of my former friends, Marc Sisco who was an electro pop musician. I was a troll myself as well as a victim, I constantly had to scan YouTube to check for new uploads of me. Sometimes it would take days to get those videos taken down; sometimes they would not come down. One of the names of the fake channels went by the name of “InsidiousIntentions”. I had a strong feeling at the time it was someone close to me, my close friend Joe. Could it have been Joe? I thought so for a while, we both fell out together during some of this time but we have since made up and put it behind us. I don’t think I will ever know who it was, who’s to say it was more than 1 person? I don’t want to go into too much detail here; we are sticking to the 75% that I declared to you at the start of this story…



The big drama with GodsBurden continued well into 2012 AND 2013. By this point my reputation had been ruined by what had happened, all the way back to the Pokémon video. Though now secrets were starting to come out about my past with Ashens and that old chestnut. This is where a “LarryBundyJR” comes in, somewhere. He is and always has been on the fence about what has gone on, which is fair enough. I and he are still friends now, we actually have known one another since 2008 but I felt I did not need to mention him so early on in the story. Around this time I lost friendship with Gamester81, the guy who raised my channel to fame. I owe a lot to that guy. One of the later subjects surrounding the main drama was these nappy videos, GodsBurden and emojo1990 both made videos about this. Everybody thought at the time it was me in those videos, when all I did was record them from my camera and target people such as “SteveBenway”, I was never actually in them in person. If you don’t know what I am on about, it’s probably best it stays that way. Stevebenway I was pretty close with too during those years between Holabalooser and Ashenclone but we fell out over ONE video I made about another user who I intend to keep private. To this day SteveBenway still thinks I send him rude messages but I think he can’t accept the fact that other people hate him too. Without going off track too much, I also had a mental breakdown during my time as being a YouTube partner. The problem was that it went straight to my head, I called my subscribers “fans” and I even made a YouTube video (which was one of my last videos) stating that I was going to rehab because I could not take the stress of my fame. I am serious. The drama was so out of control that I had no choice but to delete my Ashenclone channel, which having checked with my friend Joe was some time back in August 2011. Ashenclone was no more, it managed to get over 3000 subscribers and over 300,000 total video views in its lifetime. I still made other accounts to keep up with the reports to YouTube but that was the end of my main channel, however not the end of the drama. Not by a long shot. There is still a lot of information that I have not included simply because it did not need to be mentioned as it was not significant enough to be included. But to name a few of the other channels of the Gaming Community: LeBossu77, BlueTonic78, Carbootgameruk. These people were just some who thought it was a clever idea to make a video about me, but by the time Ashenclone was finished everybody pretty much lost interest in me except for GodsBurden. Did most of these people target me out of jealousy? (GodsBurden envied my friendship with Ashens) Or maybe for the items that I owned? I never did intend on being a show-off on the internet, I just wanted to be the same as Gamester81 just like the time before when I tried to replicate Ashens. This could all be one massive misunderstanding from both sides but I am pretty sure everyone will still brand me a villain even to this day.

2013 & 2014

GodsBurden made various videos in these years too, long after Ashenclone had sunk well into the underground. People still continued watching these videos but the number of viewers did gradually decrease with each new upload. I would only go onto these videos to check and see what comments were being left about me, who was saying what and who actually believed him. Don’t forget a lot of the content he has used has not come directly from me but from someone who has pretended to be me. It was out of my jurisdiction to control who did what at the time; all I could do was keep sending the reports to YouTube and hoping for the best. I still sent him new messages and even to this day I still send him new messages from time to time just to annoy him like he did to me. I cannot let something like this go whilst he still has most of the original videos up on his channel, I did manage to get 2 removed by YouTube which is further proof that they should not be on there in the first place. Whatever is left, the remnants on the channel comments can still be seen to this day? I have nothing to hide, I am confident that I am not guilty of any wrong doing. What I did badly was equally given back to me over the period of time. What is done is done; we cannot go back in time and correct our mistakes. I wanted to share with you my story, my experience and to let it be seen as a light warning to anybody who wants to get involved in online drama be that on YouTube or any other social networking site. I have paid the price for anything I have done or not done, I have lost it all and I don’t think I could go through it all again. Not third time lucky…


So, what does the future hold for me online? Right now I am under the name of “LondonKaleb” online, moving away from videos and concentrating on music as a side hobby. LondonKaleb is something I have been working on as far back as 2009 but I felt no need to introduce this 3rd creation to you until now in one of my last chapters. I came up with that name through watching somebody else on YouTube who went by the name of “Tokyo Swan”. He made videos of his adventures in Japan but sadly passed away a few years later from some kind of illness. I thought as my name was Kaleb and I came from London, I simply put two and two together to create this name which is not something you could forget easily. I think of it all as a work in progress, I am on VEVO under YouTube but I have no control over that account which surely must be better for me? Will I ever come back to YouTube? Let’s just say that I will never leave YouTube, I still love watching Ashens videos and I have also turned my attention onto a different community. I would have saved it for another story altogether, but I think I can tell you this bit too…


Going back a few years, I tried out a few different channels in-between my 3 main ones that I was working on. Think of them as experiments, such channels as “Ashenclone3D” the first gaming channel to make videos in 3D and “LKlotto” which was the first UK based National Lottery Scratch card channel! I made it in 2011, so for those of you who think “Sandwellmobiles” started it all, he didn’t it was me. I have recently engaged in this community because there was a big winner here by the name of “TheBaza1980” who for some reason won 250K on a scratch card despite him being one of the players who spends his savings on them. In other words; the type of guy that it never happens to (getting a big win, that is.) I simply made a series of videos stating that his win was a fix that he was chosen by the company to win in order for them to get extra publicity. Surely if viewers saw that he won big, they would dream and think they would win big themselves right? Now before you say anything, I for once this time did not make the same mistake again and cause a big drama. I made my videos to voice my opinion and that is all, I would not go through it all again. I am including this into my story because no matter what area of YouTube you go in, you will always find the same type of thing going on. It’s not just the Gaming Community; it could be anywhere else on YouTube too. This story is not some kind of way to make me famous; I just want you to know what I went through. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you can share this with your friends to let others be more aware of social networking. It’s the best thing in the world and it’s also the worst thing in the world. I have kept this a secret for the past couple of years, now I want the world to know about it. At the end of the day, you don’t need friends, just family.