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Dusk is a short dystopian novel created by an aspiring writer named Megan Cooper

In the simpler times, the United States was just one country, but after difficulties and political issues, the United States became seven different nations. You have Absconditus, where all of the people are hidden by theft. Bellicus, where all young men and women are raised to see war as a good thing. Callidus, the capital of the split nations. Causa, the nation of law. Hilaris, the nation not affected by the great splits. Incorruptus, where all are pure. Proficio, the nation that helps all. Isabella Crassus was raised in Incorruptus. She was shut out from the world by her parents, to be pure. Nixon Chase was raised in Absconditus. He was driven by theft, greed, hate. Isn't it ironic that Absconditus and Incorruptus are located next to each other?

Nation Absconditus

I walk down the grimy, trash covered streets of a state which was once called Oregon. What was once a beatuiful state full of friendly people, or what my cigarette deprived grandmother tells me, is now a nation full of needy, scheming, and hateful people. It's actually kind of sad that I grew up here. As I walk down the street, I see the crumbling buildings which were infernos back in 3024, when Bellicus got crafty and burned most of them to the ground when our leader, Harril, came up with a plan to overthrow Bellicus's capital building. Why he came up with this plan? He thought the nation of greed should rule the nation of war. Stupid really. 

Grandma sent me to the city to get her a pack of smokes, which to anyone in my family, would not surprise. Grandma has been a smoker since the dinosaurs have roamed the Earth. 

I pick up a brick from the ground, and underneath it I see a flyer from Incorruptus reading, "The nation of purity would like to welcome Causa and Proficio to the anual ball of Entrustment. The ball will be held in Callidus, and all participants are strongly advised to follow Incorruptus' dress code. 1.) All female participants are asked to wear ankle and elbow lengthed gowns. Jewelry is permited, and hair must be wore down. 2.) All male participants are asked to wear their ceremony suits, faces must be shaved clean, and hair parted to the left. Thank you for another year, Incorruptus." What a load of shit. I've only been to one of those balls, and I was highly disapointed to find that the punch wasn't spiked. 

I aim the brick at an ashen covered window, and hear the satisfying sound of glass shattering under its wake. Careful to not cut myself on the shards left of the window, I climb my way inside with the burlap sack to fill it full of cartons of cigarettes.