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Assassins Academy's New Recruit


May is a platinum grade assassin. She woke up to a normal day until she was given an odd job. To train a new recruit. How will this effect her? Especially when she falls in love with him?

Her Life

It started as another normal day at the academy. May woke up with her long, blonde hair in her face. She sat up in her bunk bed pulling her hair behind her ears. She sighed and jumped down. "May...May? Are you up?" Someone asked through her alarm clock. She hit the button on the top, "Yeah, what's up?" She asked slipping her cloths on. "New stuff. Get over here." He said hanging up. May put on her pink shirt and black pants, then a black hoodie. She put the good on, covering her face. Before she left, she pulled her hood off looking in the mirror. She stared into her blue-green eyes. "Oh well. I'll find you one day..." She said to no one in particular. She walked down the hall to the garage where new recruits arrive. "What did I miss?" May asked opening the door. A man with black hair and dark brown eyes was in there. "You made it?" He asked. "Yep, I don't like it, but I'm here..." May sighed. "And by the way, please don't wake me up on the stupid alarm clock. It's weird." May said rolling her eyes. The man sighed while laughing. The two people stood side by side looking at an open door leading outside. May leaned over to the man's ear,"Why am I here again?..." She whispered. The man sighed. "Jack, I don't go to the morning meeting! You should know this by now!" May said play-angrily. "Now is not the time May." He responded seriously. She straightened up, cleared her throat, and put her hands behind her back. Then a cargo truck rolled into the garage. Men that May and Jack knew jumped down and closed the door to outside. One of the men opened the truck door revealing ten recruits. They lined up side by side as Jack and May had been. Jack whistled and other assassins came into the room. They lined up in front of the recruits. Jack went in front of them looking at them all. Something was wrong, there were ten recruits, but only nine assassins. "Where is Ugene?" Jack asked only to get a shrug in response. "May! Here!" He said pointing to the empty spot. May tilted her head and walked as he instructed her to do. "You will fill in for the dope head." Jack whispered. May's eyes widened. "What?! No! Heck naw!! I have trained hard to get this far and I am NOT going back to being a trainer!" May said trying to keep her cool. "I'm sorry. I really am. But your all we have right now..." Jack said not making eye contact with her. She huffed as she looked into the eyes of her trainee. He had brown hair and baby blue eyes. Jack started going down the line introducing everyone to their new roommates. (The trainees bunk with their trainers :P) "And May meet Trey, Trey meet May." Jack finished. "Nice to meet you Trey." May said nodding. Trey nodded back with a smirk. "Alright ladies! Welcome to the academy newbies. All of you, show your girlfriends to their new rooms!" Jack said insultingly. Most of the people in the room were men. The trainers turned around in unison and walked to their rooms with the trainees following them. May walked to her room first with Trey following eagerly behind. May ran into her room and jumped on her top bunk. Trey walked in and plopped his stuff onto the bottom bunk. "So, do you want to begin training now, or tomorrow?" I asked him. "Tomorrow if you don't mind." He said looking up at her. "I don't mind at all. It gives me the day off." May said lying back in her bed. Trey laughed silently and stood up. "Do you know where I can get something to eat? I haven't had breakfast yet..." Trey said looking out the door. May rolled her eyes and jumped down. "Follow me..." she said with frustration, her hair barrowling behind her as she walked. Trey struggled to keep up. They went into the cafeteria and sat down to eat. May stared off into space as Trey dug into his plate. May looked down to only put one bite of egg in her mouth. Trey's eyebrows went down. "Is something wrong?" He asked May. May looked at him with surprise. "Um, no...Why do you ask?" She asked in response. "Just that you weren't eating. I didn't know." He said putting another bite in his mouth. May was recalling all she had been through to become a platinum grade assassin. She had fought in seven wars and killed over one thousand people aside from wars. "You don't need to know the names of your targets, or what they do. All you need to know is where you can find them alone." Jack would always tell her before he handed her the file. They finished eating and went back to the room. May started kickboxing a punching bag as Trey ate some potato chips. "You never stop eating do you?" May asked out of breath. Trey shrugged. "I have gone a part of my life without food, so I just don't want to go through that again..." He said trying to be open. May merely nodded and continued kicking the bag. "Good night everyone!" An announcement called to everyone. May sighed as well as Trey. May climbed up the ladder to her bunk. "Remember, training starts tomorrow, bright and early!" May said with fake excitement. Trey smirked and rolled over falling to sleep. May held her puppy pillow that she had named when she was little. "Don't ever leave me, ok Bell?" She asked the stuffed dog. She squeezed it into her chest, and fell gracefully asleep.

First Training Day

May woke up to her usual alarm clock tone. She sat up and hit the top button, shutting it off. She straightened her blonde hair as best she could. She looked over to see Trey saluting her. "I'm ready for my first Mrs." He said. May rolled her eyes. "Don't call me Mrs. I am May, call me by it." May said sternly. He nodded quickly. May got down and got ready. When she got up Trey was asleep. She smirked to herself. She walked over to him and sat on his bed. "Oi, it's morning if you didn't know..." May said waking Trey up. He blushed in embarrassment. May's eyebrows raised and she slapped his leg. "Get up. We have work to do..." She said walking out the door. He stood up quickly and followed her. They went into a room with heavy, metal walls. Trey walked in slowly. "Hurry up and bolt the door." May said frustrated. Trey slowly closed the door, afraid of what lie ahead. "First we are going to do a simple fist fight. Just to see what you know." May said cracking her neck. Trey gulped and got in a stable stance. May took the first punch that Trey could easily dodge. He then punched hitting May in the shoulder. May backed up and inspected her arm seeing that it was ok. They continued punching and half the time landing them. The final blow was from May hitting Trey on his temple. Trey fell to the ground and May stepped on his back not allowing him to get up. "You are pretty skilled for a newbie." May remarked. Trey nodded making May get off of him. He stood up and hung his head in defeat. "Hey, don't feel bad. No one has beat me in a fist fight in eleven years." May said smiling. "And I'm thirteen!" She laughed. Trey cheered up and got in his stance. "Eh, you've done enough today. I want to start out slow and continue upward." She said unbolting the door. They went back to the room and May put an earbud in. "Is there anything else to do here?" Trey asked. May shrugged. "Not really, just music and that punching bag over there..." She explained. Trey nodded. "Are you sure? NOTHING else?" He said almost whining. May shook her head. "If you are bored, we can continue training..." she said smiling at him. He shook his head vigorously. "Oh well, I was hoping for the challenge..." May said smirking.

Love Is In The Air

About three months later, Trey was warming up to May and vice versa. They were in the training room going on the twelfth hour. Trey got knocked down again. He quickly got up and wiped the blood off of his lip. May had a few bruises and her nose was bleeding to her mouth. She kicked in the air missing him and he landed a hit on her cheek. She fell down with a satisfying boom. May laughed weakly. She slowly got up and fell back down on her rear. Trey ran over to her and pulled her head up to see her. She had the biggest smile on her face. "You just made my day..." She said, her head falling limp again. Trey picked her up, wobbling, over to her bed. He tried to get her up there but he didn't want to hurt her. He gently put her on the floor and put a pillow under her head. He tried to wake her up but she was out of it. He got an emergency kit from the bathroom and brought it to her. "Don't worry, everything is going to be ok..." He said applying medicine to her open wounds. She squinted her closed eyes every time he applied more. After a few minutes of applying medicine, May opened her eyes to look at a Trey who was almost in a panic mode. "Dude, chill. The more stressed you are, the more you're going to hurt me." She said chuckling. His face lightened in relief. "I am so sorry May! I didn't mean to knock you out cold!" He said looking her in the eyes. She started to laugh. "This is the best day of my life!" She said under her breath. "A trainee beating me in a fist fight! You are ready for weapon training." May said. Trey smiled as he went back to applying medicine. May chuckled to cover up her pain reactions. "There. All done..." Trey said putting everything back in their place. May sat up and leaned against a wall while breathing heavily. "I hope you don't mind seeing your mentor in pain..." May said lying back. Trey shook his head walking over to her. He knelt down beside her and slid his fingers through her hair. "I don't mind at all. You are finally showing a sensitive side..." He said smirking at her angry expression. She slapped him across his face, got up, and drew a small knife from her shirt. "Never, EVER, call me sensitive again." She said holding the knife up to Trey's neck. While May had Trey pinned to a wall, Jack walked in to check on May. "What did you do Trey?..." Jack asked raising an eyebrow at him. "I just called her sensitive! What's the big de-" he said being cut off by May pushing the blade harder. "Ok May, chill the heck out. Don't kill your trainee..." Jack said walking to her. May quickly pulled the blade to her side and grunted at Jack. "I didn't sign up for this you know!" May whispered. "Ugh, we have been over this!" Jack said annoyed. May walked outside slamming the door. Jack smiled at Trey. "We will be right back..." He said walking out the door. Trey stood against a wall awkwardly in the silence. Jack looked at May in annoyance. "He didn't know May." Jack said taking the knife away from her. "Ever since that day, I would never allow anyone to get close to me, my heart." She said looking away. Jack leaned in for a hug, but May pushed him away. "My point exactly." She said. Jack backed away and opened the door for May to walk in. She entered to see Trey in the window sill. "I'm sorry." She said. Trey smirked and turned to see her. "I get it. No worries." He said. He stood up still in the window sill and jumped down to the ground outside. May ran to the window in shock. "TREY!!!" She screamed. She looked down to see Trey gone. "I'm ok, I told you I like freerunning..." Trey said partly out of breath. May turned around to see him in the door panting. "You son of a-!" The next day was a free day for the whole building. Even May took advantage of the free day. She got up without her alarm clock. A gentle breeze flowing through a open window. "Trey? You in here?" She asked sitting up. No answer. "Treeeyy?" She asked getting down from her bunk bed. She peeked out of the door into the hallway as something grabbed her waist. She yelped in surprise and turned to see Trey laughing. "Dude! The heck?!" She yelled slapping his arm for him to let go. He didn't let go and picked her up above his head. She struggled to get free but couldn't. He put her against the wall and pinned her wrists down. "I love you May." He said. She calmed down and looked at Trey's soft eyes. He let go and looked at her vulnerability. She started to have tears in her eyes and ran out of the room leaving Trey alone and confused. May ran out the front door of the building with Trey running after her. She ran so fast that the tears still running out of her eyes flew past her hair and onto Trey's pants. "May! Wait! What did I say?!" He asked keeping up with her. She managed to say something back but Trey couldn't hear her. She ran around the building a few times and then started to climb the walls. Trey examined everything and determined that it would be faster to meet her on the roof. She scaled the walls all the way to the top only to be met with being held down by Trey. "GET OFF OF ME!! LET ME GO!!" She screamed. "Hey, chill! Answer me and i'll let you go!" He said calmly. After a few minutes of fighting, May calmed down once again. "Now, what did I do this time?" He asked. May looked away and let three more tears fall. "You didn't do anything wrong. It's me." She said. Trey pulled her face to look at him. "Trey, I love you too." She said. Trey looked at her with shock and backed away. May stood up and looked at Trey. "I hope you under-" she said being cut off by Trey kissing her. She stood with her eyes opened for a moment, but then closed her eyes and enjoyed the long, passionate kiss. He backed out of the kiss and looked at May. "Don't be afraid. If there is something that is going to happen, we can handle it together..."


"May, get up! We have a problem." Jack said through her alarm clock. She groaned and smacked the top button holding it. "You're gay." She said frustrated by being woken up before daylight. She picked up the clock to see the time. "3:37" she sighed. She slowly got down and smiled at Trey. She went into the bathroom to change into a light yellow t-shirt and jeans. She put her black hoodie on and let one piece of hair flow in front of her face not allowing the rest of it to show. She walked into Jack's office and sat down in one of the empty chairs. "What's up boss?" May asked casually. Jack seemed stressed as he walked his fingers through a bunch of files. May got up. "Jack?" She asked. He threw a file down on his desk. "They're here." He said with his face pale. May's eyes widened. "What do you want me to do?" She asked. Jack plopped down in his chair and sighed. "Are you up for it?" He asked. May's eyes narrowed. "There will be no mention of what happened unless I speak of it." She said sternly. Jack nodded. "In that case, I will put you in charge of the whole thing." He said handing her the file. May backed away. "N-no, I will n-not take that..." May said. "We need you May." Jack said. May ran out of the room, into her room, and locked the door. She exhaled slowly to calm herself down. "What's going on?" Trey yawned sitting up. May quickly jumped onto her top bunk and pretended she was asleep. "I saw you May" Trey smirked crossing his arms. May pressed her lips together and sat up. "Meh" she said disappointed in herself. "Get down here..." Trey said pointing to the ground. May sulked down. Then there was a banging on the door. "May, let's talk about this!" Jack said between knocks. Trey looked back to listen and when he looked forward, May was in the window sill. "Where are you going?" Trey asked. "Leaving. You coming?" May asked angrily. "Are you really leaving?" Trey asked walking to her. There was more banging. She gave him a depressed look and dove out. He grabbed a few things and followed her. She ran faster than he could keep up with. "May!" He yelled out of breath. She looked back just to see him trip. "Why universe?" She asked looking up. She walked over to him and picked him up. He looked at her and smirked. She dusted him off and started to drag him through the wooded area. "Why are we running?" He asked. She jumped around and put her hand over his mouth. She listened in the dead silence and sighed. "I love you Trey." She said. He looked at her confused as a bag was put over his head. He was now at a constant struggle. He felt many people grab a hold of him. As he was fighting them, he felt different. He wasn't fighting for his own life, but to get to May to save her. He got free enough to take the bag off of his head. He looked around for May to see her crying. No one was around her. She had ropes around her wrists and ankles. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He screamed. He knew there was more fight in her than what was sitting in front of him. She gave him a look full of sorrow. As if she was saying,"I'm sorry, but I warned you."

Enemy Camp Part 1

Trey squinted his eyes as a black bag was whipped off of his head. He looked around quickly to try to spot May, but she wasn't there. "What is your name?" A man asked while having a ski mask covering his face. "None ya business" He said trying to sound intimidating. The man snickered and started to pace in front of him. He was tied to a metal chair with his hands behind his back and his ankles tied to the legs of the chair. "I'm sure you are worried about your friend..." the man said smirking. "Shut up!" He yelled accidentally letting concern out in his voice. "She is a legend, she got out of here before." He said. Trey's eyes became wide. "But we have increased our security. She cannot get out now." He smiled and chuckled lightly. "If there is a way in, there is a way out." Trey said smirking. May silently let men guide her through long, dirty hallways. She looked over to one door to see Trey smirking. She smiled and stood straighter. One of the men noticed and kicked her in the stomach. She fell to the ground and let blood run from her mouth. The man chuckled and picked her back up to her feet. They shuffled and continued to walk her through. "If she does try to escape, she will die." The man said bluntly. Trey became silent as thoughts started to fill his head. She would always try to escape! She is going to die! But she had gotten through it before. But they increased security! And why didn't she try to escape when they first got here? The man smirked at Trey's blank face. "Would you like to see her?" He asked. Trey came out of his trance and nodded. The man motioned for someone else to hold a gun to his head as he untied him. He lead him down the same hallway that May had been moments before. He looked down and saw a pool of blood on the floor. He knew it was her's. May was gagged as she sat in a chair over a tank of water. "You idiots!" She yelled, though it was muffled. She looked around, looking for a way to get out, but she couldn't see one. She couldn't even seem to find the door she came into. She heard a bang from within the room. She looked over to see Trey being drug into the room. "Hidden doors..." She thought out loud. "May!" Trey yelled as he was held down to watch. She rolled her eyes, trying not to show worry. "One!" Someone yelled as May was dunked into the water without warning. She had only a split second to take a breath. After a few seconds, they lifted her up and she coughed for air. "What the hell?!" She yelled as the was plunged again. "Two!" Someone yelled again. Trey noticed something off about the water though. Some kind of drug? Alcohol? No, but what is it? She came up coughing, but with more force. Ah, indeocide, a rare drug that can limit someone's senses...for questioning. "Three!" Someone yelled. She fell back into the water with a yelp. "How many times are you going to drug her?" I asked. "Twenty" he responded. "Four!" After many more yelps and splooshes, May came up out of the water unconscious. "That's enough!" He yelled. Unconscious May was carried away and Trey was allowed to follow. "May? You awake?" Trey asked while hovering over her face. She sat up quickly and coughed up leftover indeocide. Trey patted her on the back. A man watched as Trey comforted her on the floor. "Now, time for the fun part..."

Enemy Camp Part 2

"Now, time for the fun part..." he said looking over the two assassins. "What fun part?" Trey asked. May squeezed his arm, "Questioning." She whispered. "What's so fun about that?" He asked. "If you don't answer, they whip you." She answered almost as a warning. "We will be out of here in five minutes..." she said as she was picked up and dragged away. Trey tried to follow her, but he was stopped in his tracks. "We will be out of here in five minutes..." Those words ran through his head a million times. Five minutes? How can we get out in such short time? The men picked Trey up and brought him to an interrogation room. He was tied to a chair as he was previously. "How long have you been in the business?" Was his first question. "About 3 months" he answered. The man raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised you answered so quickly." He said. Trey smirked. "That was only the first question." He responded. A few men in the background could be heard laughing. The man in front of Trey stomped his foot to silence the others. They did so. "So, next question. Where is the most secured place in the facility?" He asked. Trey looked up. "I really don't know." He said, being honest. The man didn't like his answer. He walked over to him and loomed above. "That is not the correct answer..." He explained. Trey's eyes narrowed. One of the men from the back walked into the light and showed he had a leather whip. Trey squirmed in his seat and the man laughed. "Scared by a dead cow?" He teased. "That freaking hurts! I should know!" Trey yelled. At that time, you could hear a crack of a whip in the background and a girl scream. "May!" He yelled, struggling to get out. The man continued to laugh. Trey had been counting the seconds ever since May had told him five minutes. 228, 229, 300! Five minutes. He said to himself. There were a few more screams, but they were from males. May kicked down a secret hidden door and heaved. She was still recovering from the indeocide. The man cracked the whip beside him. May tried to look straight at him, but was unable. Trey saw she couldn't focus and continued to tug himself free. The man started to walk over to May with a death stare at her. If looks could kill, she would be dead. Trey found the end of the rope and freed himself just in time. The man was almost looming over May by the time he was tackled. Trey grabbed the whip and wrapped around his neck, killing him. May collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. Trey ran over to her and held her upright. She coughed again, but this time it was a mixture of indeocide and blood. Trey picked her up bridal style and carried her out of the building. He walked out of the fencing because everyone was going to the aid of the leader, who was dead by the hand of Trey. He entered the base while everyone stepped aside. They watched in horror as the best agent came back a bloody mess. Trey brought her to her room and started to take her shirt off. "Hey, what are you doing?" She asked weakly. "I'm trying to help you." He said continuing his work. May felt awkward, but she couldn't do anything about it. He got her button on shirt fully off and saw the whip scars across her stomach and chest. She hissed in pain as Trey started to dab up the blood with a rag. "Sorry" he said as he continued. She chuckled, "Eh, it's not your fault. It's mine. I should have never let you come with me." She said. Trey looked down. "No, it was my fault, if I wouldn't have been so loud running to catch up with you, we may have never been captured." He said sadly. May pulled his head up to look at her. "We all make mistakes, right?" She asked. Trey smiled. "Yeah..." He sat her up enough to be at eye level with her. "But this is no mistake..." He said, leaning in for a kiss. May smiled and kissed back. They made-out for another 10 minutes. May backed up to look at Trey. "I never asked you if you got hurt!" She exclaimed. She ripped his shirt off to see a gigantic bruise on his stomach. "I may have said too many comebacks..." Trey admitted. May laughed and stood up. Jack came rushing in to see May putting her shirt back on. He got a glimpse of the scars. "May!" He said. She turned around to look at him. "What happened? I saw you on the cameras!" He said. May nodded. "I finished the case, their new leader is dead." She explained. Jack looked confused, but went with it. May stumbled on her own feet and fell to the ground. Trey picked her back up and helped her to bed. "I'll look after her. We need you for another case." Jack told Trey. Trey nodded and went to Jack's office to pick up his case file. Jack looked at May and sighed. "Why do you get yourself into bad situations?" He asked not expecting an answer, for she was already asleep…

Trey's New Case

Trey walked into Jack's secretary's office. "Hello" he said politely. She didn't notice him and continued her work. "Um, I'm Trey, Jack said he has a case for me?" He asked. The Secretary looked up at him for a moment and then threw a case file at him. Trey caught it, thanked her, and left. "Thank God that's over..." He told himself. He went to May's room because he felt that he shouldn't leave in case she woke up. He walked in to see Jack watching over her. "Trey, I told you she's ok. Go finish your first case." He said. Trey nodded and left. He opened the file. "Case 1735, David Stasty. Wanted dead by families of people he killed." Trey read off. He nodded in agreement with the file. Later, he sat off to find his first victim. "145 Eastwood Avenue" he said to himself. He went into the house and saw the man sleeping. "If course they give me the easy one..." He said to the man. He started to sit up as Trey knocked him out. He grabbed a gun from a drawer beside him and shot him dead. He started to bleed put on the floor as Trey left. He heard sirens and he ran away, taking the gun with him. He returned to the academy to turn in his file. "I don't want to see this person again..." He sighed. He entered to see someone else at the desk. "Hi! How may i help you?" She asked. Trey smiled. "I finished this case and I don't know what to do with it." He said holding up the guile and the gun. "Oh, I'll take this then!" She said. She first grabbed the gym and put it in the fire. Trey watched as the heart from the fire melted the metal. "And this can go in this pile!" She said pointing to a stack on her desk. He placed the file on the other bloody papers. "Looked like you didn't have any trouble, that's the cleanest page in here!" She said excitedly. Trey smiled and left. "Bye!" She yelled as he closed the door. He sighed in delight as he skipped down the hall. "I finished the case!" He told Jack as he entered the room. Jack looked up from his gaze at the floor. "I'm proud of you! Good job!" He said. Trey beamed. May's eyes fluttered open. "J-Jack?" She asked, her eyes still out of focus. "May, we're here. You can rest." Jack said reassuringly. May nodded and shifted in her bed. "Goodnight May." Trey said. Jack looked at Trey, almost reading him. "You love her, don't you?" Jack asked. Trey looked at him and smiled. "With all my heart." He admitted. Jack nodded and started to leave. "You take care of her, ok?" He asked. Trey nodded sternly. Jack smiled and left. Trey noticed May was having a bad dream because she was sweating and squirming in her seat. Trey put his hand on her cheek and shushed her. That seemed to calm her down and he got ready for bed. He climbed into his bottom bunk and snuggled under the sheets and slowly fell asleep.


May woke up later on her own. She was about to cuss out her alarm clock when she realized what happened the day before. She sighed and plopped back down on her pillow. "May? Are you awake?" A soft voice asked from the ground. May sat herself up slowly to see Trey looking back at her with bags under his eyes. "You look awful!" She said. "But you look beautiful." He said, walking up to her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. They melted into each other as they continued. They both backed out for air and they stared into each other's eyes. "How long was I out?" She asked. "Five days." He said almost crying. May looked at him with concern, realizing why he had bags under his eyes. "Did you get any sleep?" She asked. Trey shook his head. "Couldn't" May coughed aside as she held her chest. Trey rubbed her arm as she continued to cough. "Hey Trey, you really need to eat." Jack said entering the room. He heard May coughing and looked up. "May!" He yelled, running to her side. May cleared her throat and looked at Jack. "I'm glad your back May." He said. "Now Trey, why did Jack have to come tell you that you needed to eat?" May asked Trey. Trey looked down, not wanting to answer. "He hasn't eaten since you were at the camp." Jack told May, earning himself a nasty look from Trey. "What?!" May asked. "I didn't want to miss you waking up." Trey said. May's eyes softened. "Well, I'm starving, what's on the menu for today Jack?" May asked while stretching. "We have cheeseburgers and baked beans." Jack said. May nodded. "Hey, help me down will ya?" She asked. Trey and Jack grabbed both of her arms and helped her to the hallway. There was a wheelchair waiting for her. She shook both of them off before they could sit her down. "I'm not getting in that thing. I'll walk." She said, eyeing the chair. The two men shrugged at each other and followed her. May plopped down at the table and laid her head in her hand. Trey and Jack sat in front of her. "Hey Miranda, can you get me a plate?" May asked a cafeteria staff walking by. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks." May sighed laying her head down on the table. "If you want to eat in your room you can." Jack said putting his hand on her arm. May shook her head. "My life has been worse and I got through it." She said. Miranda came back with her tray. May slipped her a tip into her pocket and started eating. Trey and Jack just watched. May looked up, "Are you just gonna stare at me like that, or are you gonna get something to eat?" May asked with food in her mouth. They shrugged at each other and started to walk away. "Thank God they're gone!" May sighed aloud. She finished quickly, put her tray up, and went back to her room. When Trey and Jack got back, May was gone. Trey started to freak. "Why is she so mean to us?" Jack asked. Trey shrugged and went to put his tray away. "No, come eat. She will be fine for a few minutes." Jack said. Trey nodded and plopped down at the table. They ate and went to find May. The looked first in her room. She was there. "What are you doing?" Jack asked May. She was punching a punching bag. "You are going to hurt yourself!" He yelled grabbing her wrists. May intentionally punched Jack on his jaw, making him start to fall backwards. Trey saw this and slowly backed out of the room. "I'm not hurt!.....or, not badly.....but I can still throw a punch!" May argued. It went from an argument, to a full-on fist fight. "You actually gave into your pain. Why?" Jack asked calmly while trying to pin May down. "I didn't give into my pain. I couldn't breath!" She yelled and coughed afterward. Jack managed to pin her to the wall. "What did you see there?" He asked. She growled at started to kick him. "What did you see?!" He asked while almost yelling. "I SAW MY FATHER!!!" She screamed and stopped squirming, but started crying. Her father had been abusive, but she still felt love for him. He was the one who dunked her into the indeocide. Jack let her go only to be hugged by May. He hugged her back and sat her down. She sniffled for a few more minutes and fell asleep. "You act so tough, but inside you are just a little girl..." Jack sighed to himself.

More Arising Problems

"Jack....JACK!!!" May screamed to wake him up. Once Jack heard her he quickly shot up. He looked around to realize he fell asleep in May’s room. "Something isn't right..." She explained. "What do you mean?" He asked. She looked down. "I don't really know." She stood up and looked out the window. "Something...or out there." She explained. Jack stood up and went to her side. May looked at him with a certain look that Jack understood everything. "Janis! Get all the best agents out! Be ready for anything!" Jack yelled to his secretary. She nodded quickly and sounded an announcement. "All agents outside for your assignments!!!" She paged. May made her way to the front entrance. She looked to the side to see Trey running out. She grabbed his collar on his shirt and pulled him to her. He looked up and smiled. "What was that for?" He asked while smirking. "Not now, I need to show you to my battlestation..." She said while walking ahead. He followed her. They walked into a shed-like place atop the roof. “What have you trained to use?” May asked. “They won't let me use more than an Ak-47, but I can shoot anything.” He said. She opened a hidden cabinet with many firearms in it and handed him a random gun. “Good, now keep watch for anything suspicious.” May demanded. Trey nodded and turned around to watch. May knelt down and looked through the scope of her pistol. “Do you see something?” Trey asked. “Not yet, I'm just using the scope like binoculars.” May responded. Trey looked down and thought about it. Then he put his scope to his eye. May saw this and smirked. “Someone after my own heart.” She thought. She looked through her scope again to see agents running towards the agency. May shot up and announced what happened. Two people on the ground nodded and started running toward them. May looked again to see them shot to death. She grabbed a walkie talkie and told the two men what happened. “Who were the two agents?” they asked. “No idea, but leave them for a minute, they were running from something and we don't need two more agents dead.” She explained. They could be seen looking at each other before turning around and heading back. “May, you need to see this…” Trey said while pointing North. She pulled her pistol out and saw tribal flags, then many people in face paint marching in unison. “The Elocin tribe…” May said. Trey looked up to see May's angry expression. “Jack! Get up here!” She yelled. Jack started to climb the ladder up to her. “What do you see?” He asked. “The Elocin tribe.” May said. “Ugh, you know I hate those people!” Jack grunted. Trey smirked and looked back out to the approaching Indians. “Yeah...and they don't seem happy to be here.” Trey pointed out. Jack pulled out his personal binoculars and looked. There was a row of smaller men and bigger men behind them. “Do you think the Chief is with them?” May asked. Jack shrugged. “If he was, there would be a sound off.” Jack reminded. Then, as if on cue, a deep pitched horn was blown. “You mean that sound off?” May asked without making eye contact. Jack nodded. After a while, the tribe arrived at the pavement of the academy. One of the biggest men with the most paint stepped forward and was face to face with Jack. The tribe was strangely short, so the biggest person was normal sized. “What are you doing here?” Jack asked not looking eye contact. “We were told two of your agents escaped from a camp of our friends. We want to know how that was done.” The chief explained. “We will never tell you.” Jack said smiling. The chief narrowed his eyes. May heard what was being said and went back to her battle station. She whistled something in code. Someone from the crowd shuffled and snuck out. Trey saw this and carefully followed May. She leaped down and went to the back of the building. The person from the crowd of Indians was waiting for her. “Hey! It has been quite a while eh?” May said reaching out get hand. The person smiled. “Yes it has May, way too long!”

{Author's Note}

Hi everyone! This story is abvously not done, by I just wanted to see how well this does, being my first story and all. If it does relatively well, I'll finish it. If not I'll just forget it and do something else. Thanks for reading so far!!!! Love all of you!!!😘😄