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Harem Wars


Back on Earth, a faithful husband, his wife and teenage daughter, mistakenly boarded the wrong aerospace liner.  They are now stranded on a planet where women outnumber men by 12 to 1.  The Earthman will  be required to turn his family into a harem, with 11 more wives.

On this world, there are major conflicts between numerous clans and harems.  Their unmarried daughters engage in ritual combat with swords, spears and shields.  The Earthman's daughter is expected to take part.

Harem Wars / Chapter 1

(Dark Comedy)

Under the heavy, burning white sun, the bouncing, rattling bus from the Airport had been on the road for four hours. The passengers had spent the entire journey riding through the arid countryside, passing patches of wild cactus. As they traveled along a two-lane asphalt road beneath the glaring blue sky, the bus rounded the final curve. Their trip was almost over. Beyond the heat wave mirage puddles on the road ahead, the community of Marlettesburg was now in view.

“Finally.” 42 year old Steve Marlette grunted in a fatigued tone, “We're almost there!”

What a journey this has been, he thought. First there was the six month long AeroSpace Liner flight, crossing 35 light years from Earth to this solar system, where they'd finally reached this planet named Pandora. Fortunately, all the passengers had been placed in hibernation for the entire length of the journey. They'd awakened feeling like they'd slept only one night.

After that, Steve, his wife Abigail and their teenage daughter Francine were assigned to take another flight on an international airliner. That flight lasted two hours. Then they’d taken a one hour flight on a domestic carrier, followed by this bumpy, rattling 4 hour bus ride to their assigned destination. On this planet, unlike the spaceliner, they’d spent all their travel and layover time awake.

Blonde haired, 38 year old Abigail was seated beside an open window on the right of the vehicle. Steve, whose hair was dark and thinning, sat beside her next to the aisle. Yellow haired Francine was in the seat behind her mother. The three of them were casually dressed, as was every passenger. Except for Steve Marlette, every passenger on this bus was a woman; so was the driver.

When they'd first boarded the bus, Abigail looked around at her fellow passengers and groaned. She'd said with annoyance, "Look at who we're sharing our ride with. I think we've got a couple of harems aboard."

Behind her, Francine had spoken quietly. "We're just gonna have to get used to it Mom."

Her mother had nodded and sighed with resignation. Her father said nothing. He'd turned his face to look out the window.

As they'd rode along, Francine had checked out the local women passengers. Some of them were girls around her age, but most of the women were in their twenties or thirties, accompanied by small children; all girls. Some of the women were older and a few elderly. They were all casually dressed. In this tropic heat, many of the younger, more shapely ones wore shorts and halters, just like Francine and her mother. Throughout the journey, a good number of the local women were quietly grouching, cursing and complaining to one another. They kept repeating the phrase "fucking this" or "fucking that", over and over again.

These things are just some of the many things, Francine thought, that's we'll just have to get used to. Like the idea that I'm not gonna get fucked again by any guy, until my wedding night; which might not ever happen! I'll be like these women. "Fucking" will be a word that I say, not an act that I do.

The bus now reached the outskirts of the community, driving past a "Welcome to Marlettesburg" sign. The local Burger King franchise stood on the opposite side of the road.

The bus continued on its way. They were soon moving along Marlettesburg's palm tree lined Centurion Avenue, passing the local movie theater, and a nightclub called the "Big Daddy", among many small shops. A short distance further along the next block, they passed a large shop with a sign above the door identifying the establishment as the “Clan and Harem Sports & Warfare Equipment” shop. They also drove past the local firehouse and police station. The Fire Fighters and Police Officers were all women. They also passed a white church with a tall steeple and a cross at its apex. A sign on the wall beside its double front doors identified the place of worship as the "First Presbyterian Church of Marlettesburg".

This town, Francine thought, looks just the same as the other small towns we've just driven through. It probably looks like any small town anywhere on this Planet.

The people moving along the crowded sidewalks outside the shops were mostly women. In the tropic heat, most of them wore shorts and bikini tops. Many others were bare breasted. A few men walked among them. Many of them also wore nothing above the waist; just like Francine had seen in the other towns they'd passed through.

The bus finally arrived at the Marlettesburg Bus Station, where everyone disembarked and grabbed their bags from the luggage compartment. The three exhausted Earth people carried their bags into the Station's waiting room. A large clock, high on the wall behind the information desk, showed the time as 4:26 PM.

Steve grumbled, "I hope it's not too late to find a room for the night."

"I'm hungry." Abigail said, "Can we find someplace to eat first?"

He raised his hand. "Hold on. This shouldn't take long. I hope."

The three carried their bags over to the information desk.

The clerk greeted them with a courteous smile. "How may I help you?" she asked.

Steve put down his bag and took out the official envelope he'd used in the Aerospace Terminal back on Earth. He reached in and pulled out an official form he'd received when they'd first landed here on the Planet Pandora.

"We've just arrived from Earth," he said "and we were assigned to settle here in this Community."

He handed her the form, which she quickly perused.

She said, "Your family name is Marlette?"

"Yes. All three of us."

"I see. That's why you were sent here to Marlettesburg. You're distant relatives."

"That's a possibility. The problem is that we need a place to stay for the night."

"You mean you haven't arranged to stay in a Marlette Harem's House?"

“‘Arranged’?” Abigail repeated "'Harem's House?'"

Her husband told the Clerk, "We just arrived on this planet less than 24 hours ago, and we've been traveling ever since. We've been following these printed instructions. The instructions tell us how to get to this town, but not what to do once we arrive."

"As long as you have your printed wedding invitation, that shouldn't be any problem." The clerk pointed. "Would you like to take a seat over there? I'll put in a call. Someone from the Marlette Harem'll be here to give you a ride within a few minutes."

The Marlette family from Earth again picked up their bags and headed toward the benches in the station's waiting room.

Abigail spoke softly, "We don't have a wedding invitation Steve."

"But our name is Marlette."

"That might not be enough."

"Maybe we can work something out. They may have rooms for unexpected guests."

Harem Wars / 2


A half hour later, a limo sent from the Marlette Harem House, drove along quiet, palm tree lined streets in a residential neighborhood of Marlettesburg. Steve, Abigail and Francine were seated in the back. They drove past enormous; three story tall private homes, surrounded by comparatively small lawns. Very long porches ran along the fronts and sides of the structures. Just as in downtown, most of the people they drove past were women in short skirts or shorts, and either bikini tops or nothing above the waist.

Inside the limo, the driver, a woman in her forties told them, "Every gal at the house you’re headed to, was excited when they heard that an Earthman was on his way."

Abigail spoke firmly. "Along with his wife and daughter!"

"Right." The woman behind the wheel chuckled. "Here on Pandora you'll be known as his 'First Wife', or 'First Momma'."

Abigail sighed and repeat "'First'? But not the only?"

Her daughter spoke softly. "Oh Mom!"

Abigail looked at her husband who faced away from her and Francine and gazed out the window.

Francine spoke softly. "'First Momma'?" Then she added, "Mom. You're gonna be a 'Big Momma'?"

Abigail looked out the window, at some bare breasted girls around Francine's age, and again spoke firmly.

"That's 'Big Bad Momma' girl." She looked at her husband. "And don't ever forget it!"

He said, "Yes dear."

Now the limo driver pulled over and stopped beside the curb, outside one massive, three story house.

"Here we are folks." She announced. "Your Marlette Harem's House."

More than a dozen women were seated on the porch, mostly girls around Francine's age, and others in their early twenties. Like most of the women they'd driven past downtown, these ones wore either bikini tops or were casually bare breasted.

Now Francine smiled. "Looks like I’ll save a lot of money on a new wardrobe."

Steve opened the side door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. Abigail and Francine followed him.

The women on the porch all leaned forward or stood up, giving Steve an appraising look.

Abigail said sharply, "Welcome to your horny harem, 'Big Daddy'!"

On the porch there were disappointed groans, sighs and shaking heads.

A teenage girl's loud, derisive voice spoke. "You mean we're gonna have to be fucking that?"

There was more groaning.

Francine spoke with annoyance. "What did she say?"

An older woman on the porch called out, “No. You don't have to do that, but we do have to be polite to him!”

"The disappointment goes both ways." Francine’s father said quietly, "My harem welcomes me."

Now more than a half dozen of the women came down from the porch, and headed across the lawn toward the limo, smirking as they checked out the three Earth people. They came up to Steve and halted, with their hands on their hips and smirks on their faces. He, his wife and daughter stood there uneasily.

"Good afternoon." A woman in her mid-forties spoke with a condescending tone.

Steve repeated, "Good afternoon." Abigail and Francine also greeted her nervously.

He again took out the official envelope and removed the document with travel directions.

"My name is Steven Marlette. This is my wife Abigail and our daughter Francine. We just arrived from Earth this morning. At the Aerospaceport, we were officially directed to follow these written directions to this address, where we were told we'd be staying."

"'This address'? You mean you've just arrived from Earth, and know nothing about us, the people living at 'this address'?"

"Exactly. Since we left the Aerospaceport we've been traveling blind."

"I see. Well to begin with; ‘this address’ is the home of 35 members of the Marlette Clan. I am Sadie Marlette; I am the Big Momma of everyone living at this address. Everyone living here does things my way."

She waved her arms, indicating the much younger women who stood around her. "These horny pussies are my daughters. They make sure things are done my way."

The girls leered at the family from Earth.

"I see." Steve asked, "What if someone doesn't do things your way?"

One of the leering girls chuckled. "Then you won't be fucking any of our pussies, mister. And your daughter here won't be getting any fucks either."

Abigail asked Big Momma Sadie, "What about me? What if I don't do things your way?"

"Then you won't be getting fucked either, not even by him."

Steve, his wife and daughter looked at each other nervously.

"Steve!" His wife said, "Let's leave now! We passed a few motels while we were on our way here, and they all had their 'vacancies available' signs turned on."

"Right." He said, "We don't have to stay here."

"Hey, don't go!" Momma Sadie laughed, "We were just kidding with you. Listen. Dinner time is about to begin, and you're welcome to join us, so come on in. We have room for the three of you, and we charge a lot less than any motel."

She looked at her daughters standing beside her.

"Come on pussies!" she shouted. "Well don't just stand there! Help them with their luggage!"

A half hour later, at dinner time Steve, Abigail and Francine were in the dining room inside the Marlette Harem's House, where there were 6 round tables, each with seating for 7. They sat with Big Momma Sadie and her husband, Big Daddy Mike, along with two of their daughters, who were both around Francine's age.

Only three other men were present in the hall, each seated at a different table, along with some of their wives and daughters.

All around the hall, the girls in their late teens or early twenties were looking at Steve critically, doing more whispering and shaking their heads.

Big Momma Sadie stood up and called out to the younger women. "None of you pussies are required to fuck this guy if you don't want to!"

One girl called out from across the floor, "That's a relief!"

There was laughter around the hall.

Steve called back. "The relief goes both ways, young lady!"

There was more laughter.

Big Daddy Mike spoke to him. "Please let me handle it."

He spoke to the girl directly. "But we are all obligated to be polite to him, Margarita! To the three of them, and to make these guests of ours feel welcomed."

"Yes Daddy."

There was more laughter and everyone relaxed.

The girl Margarita now whispered to the girl beside her. "While he might be welcomed inside this house, he won't be inside of me."

At Big Momma's table, Daddy Mike now asked, "So what do you do for a living Steve?"

"I'm a pharmaceutical researcher. On Earth I worked for Garmand Laboratories, which produces both prescription and over-the-counter medications."

"Garmand Laboratories? Yes I've heard of company. They're the people who produce the drug Conceptrol. Earth people use it to choose the sex of their future children at the time of their conception. I hope you realize that its use is banned here on Pandora."

"Yes. That's what I've heard."

"If we began using it here, it might lead to an equal number of boys and girls being born, instead of 12 girls to every boy. That might lead to the breakdown of the Clans and Harems, and the collapse of this Planet's entire social structure. That must not be permitted to happen."

"I agree," Steve told him, "and don't worry. I haven't brought any with me and that's not why we're here."

Abigail spoke with a grouchy tone. “We’re here by accident.”

“Right.” Steve explained. “The reason we left Earth, is that I’d received a transfer to another Garmand Pharmaceutical Laboratories facility on the Planet Perdana.”

“Perdana?” Daddy Mike said, “That planet’s in an entirely different solar system.”

Abigail groaned, while Francine sighed and shook her head.

“Right.” Steve continued. “You see. The day we left; while we were at the Aerospaceport on Earth, just before we left.” He hesitated. “We mistakenly boarded the wrong Aerospace Liner. Then we didn’t realize that error, until after we disembarked here on Pandora.”

The girls at the table laughed. Abigail and Francine looked away from them. Momma Sadie made a hushing sound, putting a finger to her lips. Both girls went quiet.

“Thank you.” Steve continued. “My employer, Garmand Laboratories paid for our Aerospace line tickets. Nothing else. If we had arrived on Perdana our living accommodations would have been arranged for us, by Garmand’s offices on that Planet. Now that’s not going to happen. There’s no way I can afford to get us tickets to Perdana. This means that my wife, my daughter and myself will have to begin living here in your world from now on. This means that from now on, we will just have to adapt to your ways of living.”

His wife groaned again, while his daughter sighed.

Now Mike, Momma Sadie and both of their girls at the table were silent for a few moments.

“What this means,” Steve spoke again, “is that I’m in need of a job. I wonder if you'd know if there are any pharmaceutical laboratories looking for researchers."

Daddy Mike told him, "Well, there aren't any major Laboratories here in Marlettesburg; but there are a good number of pharmacies. This Harem's Clan actually owns one downtown. I'll speak to them and see if there are any openings. If there are, I'll send you to them with my recommendation."

"Thank you Daddy Mike."

Now Momma Sadie asked, "How about you Abby? What kind of job did you have?"

"I was a High School Guidance Counselor."

"Guidance Counselor? That's good. That's something high school girls always need, though there might be a problem. The thing is, will you guide them in the ways of Earth, or the ways of Pandora?"

"Well,” Abigail told her, “as you can probably tell, I know little or next to nothing about the ways of Pandora, and what we've heard and seen on News Reports is probably greatly distorted."

"What have you heard and seen?"

"We've heard and seen that many of your Harems and Clans are in a constant state of deadly warfare; though I'm sure that those reports are greatly exaggerated.”

"Well it's true that there's always some kind of violent conflict going on someplace, and people are always getting killed, but the degree of violence is greatly exaggerated by those Network News Reports that they broadcast on Earth."

Francine asked, "What about here in Marlettesburg?"

The woman chuckled, along with both her teenage daughters at the table. Then she spoke proudly.

"Well these horny pussy daughters of mine here do get involved in some deadly gang bangs, somewhat regularly.”

Both girls grinned proudly.

Their mother went on. “But the death and destruction is very limited."

One of the girls at the table named Anita leaned forward smirking at Francine. "What do you say Earth girl? Want to join us?"

Francine trembled slightly. "Join you in a deadly gang bang?"

Anita and the other girl at the table chuckled.

“Tell me Earthgirl.” Anita asked, “Is it true that all Earth girls fuck before they’re married? I hear that they even fuck boys who they don’t expect to marry.”

“Well not all of us, but the vast majority do.”

“Are you among the ‘vast majority’, Earthgirl? Have you ever fucked any boys?”

“My name is Francine, not ‘Earthgirl’, and yes. I had a boyfriend and we did some fucking. We hadn’t made any commitment, but I was sure, that some day in the future, I would eventually marry him.”
She sighed, “But now that I’m here, I obviously won’t be marrying him, or any boy I knew back on Earth”

Another girl asked, “Were you good at it?”

Francine smiled, “Well whenever my boyfriend fucked me he always enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it too. He told other boys that he thought I was good pussy.”

“Did you get into any fights over your boyfriend, with any other girls, before you fucked him?”


“Here we do; sometimes to the death.”

“Fight to the death?”

“Did you ever get into any gang fights?”

“What? No!” Francine sneered, “Of course not!”

The other girl asked, "What's the matter? You're not a wussy pussy like most Earth girls, are you? You know how to fuck good, but not how to fight?"

Big Daddy Mike said, "Hey!"

Both girls silenced.

"Remember, they are our guests." He reminded them, "I just told all of you to treat them with respect; didn't I?"

"Yes Big Daddy." Anita gave Francine an intimidating stare. "But if she’s gonna be living here among us, I just wanted to see just how prepared she is for life on Pandora.

“Tell me Earth girl. Are you horny enough to die?"


Harem Wars / Chapter 3


The top floor of the Marlette Harem's House contained a few unoccupied, furnished guest rooms. That night, my parents Steve and Abigail slept in one room, while I, Francine stayed in an adjoining room beside theirs. A microwave oven, mini-refrigerator and small pantry with packaged foods were in my parents’ room, along with a table and chairs. An adjoining door connected both rooms.

That night, alone in my room, I had trouble sleeping, while sweating in the heavy heat as I lay on top of my bed sheets wearing only my panties.

I thought of Anita’s question.  Am I horny enough to die?                                  

What kind of a World have we accidently arrived on?

Those nasty, embarrassing questions the girls were asking me were bad enough.  Then things got even worse.

When the dinner was over, Big Daddy Mike asked us, “So how did you like your meal?”

“Very good.”  Mom said.  “It was really good to eat.”

Dad told him, “I agree.”

“So do I.”  I admitted.

Now mom asked, “I’m wondering about the meat.  I really enjoyed the taste, but I didn’t recognize it.” 

Dad said, “Local cuisine.”

“Right.”   She asked, “Exactly what kind of meat was it?”

Momma Sadie said, “Mendoza.”

“Mendoza?”  Mom asked, “Isn’t Mendoza the name of a neighboring community?”

“The Mendoza’s are a rival Clan, with who the Warrior Girls of the Marlette Clan have traditionally engaged in Gang Bangs.”

Anita smiled, “We just dined on Carlotta Mendoza, who I killed in last weekend’s Gang Bang.”

That really caught Mom, Dad and me off guard.  The three of us began trembling.

Mom asked nervously, “You mean we just ate a human being?  This was a cannibal meal?”

“That’s right.”  Daddy Mike told us, “And you all said you enjoyed the taste.”

We three Earth People looked at each other.  Then we looked away from each other.  I didn’t want to look at anyone else.  I focused my eyes on the empty plate in front of me.

Anita laughed.  “Nothing tastes better than the meat of a horny virgin.  Don’t you agree Francine?”

“I wouldn’t know.”  I continued not looking at her.  “On Earth we don’t eat people.”

“Yeah.  That’s what I’ve heard.  But now you know what you’ve been missing.”

Neither of my parents said anything.  I didn’t either.

Later that night, while I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, I thought, “I enjoyed the taste of human meat.  I'd like to eat it again.”

Then I prayed, "Lord have mercy on me, this helpless sinner here. I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

The sun rose around 6 AM. At 7 there was a knock on the adjoining door and my mother called out.       

"Time for breakfast Francine!"

In the sweltering morning heat, I came through the adjoining door, dressed in a pair of light blue shorts and sneakers, with my boobs uncovered.

My mother said, "Our daughter is a beautiful girl Steve."

I smiled with my hands on my hips and thrust my boobs forward. "I've got a pair of artillery shells and I'm ready to go 'bang'!"

Me and my mother both laughed.  She said, "But you don't have any boys to bang them against."

"They will be coming around Mom, eventually, and when they do, this horny pussy'll be ready!"

My father asked, "You're going topless outside? Where everyone can see you this way?"

"I feel very comfortable and natural 'this way' Dad." I told my parents, "'This way' is the way that Big Momma Sadie's horny, deadly gang banging daughters dress. It'll help me fit right in."

My mother sighed.

l shrugged. “We have to start preparing for life here on Pandora Mom, and I want these horny, deadly, gang banging, Pandora pussies to know, that this Earth pussy who knows how to fuck, is now ready to learn how to fight."


Harem Wars / 4

Chapter 4

We, the Marlette family had arrived from Earth on a Tuesday.  As on Earth, the next day was Wednesday.  On Pandora this day is also the middle of the week.  That Wednesday morning, Big Daddy Mike would be accompanying my husband Steve to the local Pharmacy, where he hoped to get temporary work until he found a much better paying job. 

I Abigail wasn’t sure if I could find work as a school’s guidance counselor; but I would be accompanying my daughter Francine to the local High School, where she’d be enrolling.

The time was now 7:30 in the morning.  In the steamy, tropic heat, my 16 year old daughter Francine was comfortably dressed, wearing only a pair of shorts and sneakers, with nothing above her belt, but still perspiring.

“Francine!”  I inquired, “Don’t you think you should put on more?”

“More?”  My daughter chuckled.  “I’ve got sweat on my boobs while they’re naked Mom.  Besides, this is the way all the girls around here dress.”

“That’s how they were dressed yesterday after school; when they were being casual.  I’m sure that at the school where you’re about to enroll, they’ll be more formally dressed.”

“Formally?”  She laughed.  “You mean you want me to put something over my sweaty boobs, like a bra?”

“Definitely.”  I smiled. “Along with something more formal than that, like one of those blouses you packed in our luggage, along with a skirt.”

“A blouse and a skirt?  In this heat?”  She’d stopped smiling.  “Don’t you think that’s going too far?  After all, I do want to get along with all the girls there at the Academy.  A lot of the girls here at this Harem House are students there too.  A good way to fit in with all of them is to dress like they do.  Or be as undressed as they are.”

“Listen Francine.  I understand.   Just put on the blouse and skirt for now.  Stay dressed that way ‘til after we get to the school, and after you’ve enrolled.  Then once you get to your classes, you’ll see what your new classmates are wearing, or not wearing.  Then you can remove whatever you think is getting in the way of your fitting in.”

This girl sighed and shook her head.  

The High School where she’d be attending classes is a five block walk from the Marlette Harem’s house.  The five story tall brick structure fills half of an entire block.  The school’s athletic fields stretch out behind the educational facility, filling up the rest of the block. 

A large sign stands outside the building’s main entrance, identifying the facility as


Warrior Academy

As me and my daughter came near the school, we saw large crowds of girls approaching and entering the building.  Less than half of them wore bikini tops.  The majority were topless.  Most of them wore skirts, hanging to just above their knees; the kind of skirt that Francine was wearing.   There were also a number of boys in the crowd, also going topless.  A few of them were staring at my daughter.

“Okay Mom.”  She smiled.  “I see what I have to do to fit in.”

She removed her blouse and bra, and handed them to me. 

I saw that some of the boys, who were going up the steps, had halted and were staring at her.  She smiled and waved at them.  They smiled and waved back.  Then they continued up the steps and went inside the building. 

She put her hands on her hips again, like she’d done the night before, and said, “It does look like this Earth pussy, will have some boys to bang these firm and sweating boobs against.”

Now she and I noticed three girls on the steps who were staring at her, without smiling.

I sighed.  “I think you may have also been right, when you said you’re going to have to learn how to fight.”

We entered the Academy Building and went to the Office where Francine was enrolled and given her class schedule.  That took almost the entire 1st Period. She was on time for her 2nd Period History Class.  That was Pandora History, which unlike Earth History, was and is a mandatory course. 

While she attended that class, I was in the Principal’s office, speaking with the Principal, Big Momma Helena Jackowski.

“Welcome Mrs. Marlette.”  She told me, “I received a call from Big Momma Sadie, who told me you’d be coming here.  She’s on the School Board.  It’s good to have a recommendation from someone like her.  The problem is that we already have all the staff we need, in the Guidance Counselors’ Office.”

“That’s what she told me.”  I explained, “But that’s not all I’m qualified for.  I have a College Degree in High School Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in History.”

“I assume that’s Earth History.  Not the History of Pandora?”

“That’s correct.”

The woman’s eyes lit up and she smiled.  “Then welcome to the staff Mrs. Marlette.  Right now we’re in need of a fully qualified Earth History Teacher.  You see, two weekends ago, the woman who had been teaching the course, was killed while taking part in that weekend’s Gang Bang.  Since then we’ve been relying on substitutes, who’ve just been monitoring the class, but aren’t all that knowledgeable about the History of Earth.”

“She was killed fighting in a Gang Bang?”  I asked, “I thought only high school girls took part in that.”

“Well she wasn’t actually fighting.  She accompanied our girls as a chaperone, but she was dressed like our girls, and standing beside them.  Someone on the opposing team hurled a spear and nailed her really good.  Those things happen all the time.”

“I see.  Tell me Principal Jackowski.  Does chaperoning Gang Bangs go with the job?”                                                                                     

The woman nodded. “Participation of Faculty Members in extra curricular activities is a requirement.”

“I see.”

“I understand that Earth People have very strong reservations about School sponsored Gang Bangs and other similar activities.  Nevertheless, as I said, participation by faculty members is a requirement.  If you still want the job as a member of this faculty, that will be among your responsibilities.”  

I sat there, thinking things over for a very long moment.  Then I nodded.

“My own daughter has just enrolled in this school.  She understands what will be required of her.  She’s told me and her father, that she’s ready to start preparing for life on Pandora.  That includes learning how to be a girl who knows how to fight.  We all assume that will include her fighting to the death in gang bangs. 

“I will stand by my daughter.  But not as close as that last teacher”

She nodded.  “That’s all I need to hear.  Then I welcome you to the faculty of Marlettesburg Warrior Academy, Mrs. Marlette.  Will you be able to start next Monday?”

Now, while I was having that courteous meeting with Principal Jackowski, things were a lot less polite for my daughter Francine.

“Francine here.  Will you let me tell it Mom?”

“Go ahead.”

Okay.  Like my Mom just said, the first class I attended was Pandoran History.  I entered the room just before the bell rang.  There were about 30 girls seated at the desks.  About two thirds of them were bare boobied like me.  The others wore bikini tops.  There were also two boys in the class.  They were topless too.  I recognized one of them.  He was one of the boys who’d smiled and waved at me outside the building, just before my Mom and I went inside.

Among the topless girls, I recognized Anita and Margarita from the Marlette Harem House.  They both grinned and waved at me, and I waved back.

Then the two of them turned around and put their grinning heads together with three other girls.  They were the three who’d been watching me without smiling, after I’d waved at the boys on the steps.  They were all speaking softly while they kept glancing in my direction.

I heard Anita say, “Earth girl.”

Some of the other kids looked at me.

I heard Margarita laugh.  “Got on the wrong aerospaceliner!”

Anita added, “Couldn’t tell the difference between Pandora and Perdana.”

There was more laughter from them.

The Teacher entered the room, and everyone quieted down.  She wasn’t going topless, or wearing a bikini bra.  The woman in her mid-thirties was modestly dressed in a knee length skirt; and wearing a full size halter top.    

Well I don’t want to go on with all the boring details.  The important thing was that on my first day in her Pandoran History Class, they were having a history test.  Fortunately, the teacher understood that I’d know nothing about my new Planet’s history.  So she did not require that I take the test. 

She instead gave me a Pandoran history textbook to read while the test was going on, and then take it home and study.  I, just like every other member of the class, was required write a homework essay, to be turned in the next day, about some things I’d read in the book, that had happened several centuries earlier.       

Abigail: I’ve also been reading through my daughter’s history textbook.  The history of Pandora is so fascinating.

Along with that, I’ve been reading ancient legends from this Planet’s prehistoric past. During this Planet's Neolithic Age, according to ancient legend, Space Craft landed, with a large number of Earth people aboard. They'd come to the Planet as Settlers. The Settlers were very beneficial to the Native population.  They introduced civilization, and helped in improving their agriculture and many other things. The Natives were grateful and adopted the Earth language of English as their own. They even adopted the Earth name Pandora for their World.


Francine:  Mom.  Will you let me continue?

Abigail:  Go ahead.

Francine:  So anyway.  After History Class, my next Class was Biology.  Now what I’ve learned from reading that class’s textbook about Pandoran biology, explains an awful lot!   

According to what I’ve read, Earth people and Pandoran people are two different species.  We’re both human, but we can not successfully mate.  Males and females from both species are able to copulate, but they are unable to achieve conception.

Abigail:  Unable to conceive children?

Francine:  That’s right Mom.  While I might someday get lucky enough to meet some hunk of a Pandoran guy and copulate with him real good, there’s no way that he and I’ll ever have a child; or get married.

Abigail:  You can’t have any children?

Francine:  No Mom.  And you and Dad’ll never be grandparents. 

Abigail:  Oh!  Francine!   

Francine:  And that’s not all that’s biologically different Mom.  The most obvious difference is the sexual imbalance.  Twelve girls for every guy.   Along with that there’s the “Extreme, deadly, female aggressiveness associated with courtship rituals.”

That’s why Pandoran women fighting to the death over men is accepted, encouraged and actually enforced by law.  It’s part of this Planet’s DNA.  

Abigail:  Oh!  (Sigh)  Why do the names Pandora and Perdana have to sound so similar?


Harem Wars / 5


Now I Francine will be the one telling what happened, during my first day as a student at the Marlettesburg Warrior Academy.

The first class I attended, was 2nd Period Pandoran History.  3rd Period was Biology.  4th Period was what I would have called Gym; or at some Earth schools it’s called Physical Education.  That morning I found out that on Pandora it’s called “Warrior Practice”.  That is what happens inside the Warrior Academy’s gymnasium and out on the athletic fields.

The warrior girls’ gym uniform consists of shorts and sneakers.  The warrior girls use light, blunted swords and spears, along with shields, to prepare themselves for fighting in gang bangs and other similar events.  That’s when they use actual sharp, deadly weapons. 

The night before I had prayed. “Lord.  Please have mercy on me, this helpless sinner here.  I ask in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.”

On that first day, when I entered the gym, I saw those blunted weapons stacked beside the entrance.  The girls picked them up and then skillfully began sparing with each other.    I picked up one of those swords and a shield, without the slightest idea how to spar. 

Anita and Margarita who were equally armed came over to me.  They were accompanied by the three girls they’d been laughing with in the last period’s class.  Their names were Helena, Natalie and Pauline.  I was sure they were about to start skillfully whacking me.  I stood their shaking, while clumsily raising both the weapon and the shield.

“What’s the matter Francine?”  Anita asked, striking my shield with her sword.  “Aren’t you ready to learn how to fight?”

“What’s the point?” I asked bitterly.  “I don’t have enough time to learn how to fight with these weapons, before the next gang bang.  When it’s over, I know I’m gonna be a dead warrior girl, with blood on my naked boobs; or maybe a sword or spear sticking out from between them.”

“No.”  Anita shook her head.  “That’s not how we fight.  It’s not just one against one.  We harem girls fight together as a team.  We stand in line with our shields overlapping.”

“Shields overlapping?”  I asked, “You mean a phalanx?”

Margarita nodded.  “Exactly.  A phalanx squad.  You won’t be in any greater risk of getting killed, than the rest of us.”

“But that still doesn’t mean, that we won’t all be a pile of sexy, dead brave girls, with...”

Anita smiled, “But if you aren’t killed, you’ll be qualified to get married, like me and Margarita, and the rest of us.  This morning, I’ve heard some of the boys here, who are members of an allied Clan, talking about ‘the new Earth Girl’.  They said they think you’re sexy.  You’d be qualified to marry one of them.”

Margarita added, “But that’s if you, like the rest of us, live to reach marriageable age.”                                                                               

“Oh!  The boys were talking about me?  They said they think I’m sexy?”  Now I lifted my sword and shield.  “Then I think it’s time for me to start practicing.”

What am I doing? I wondered, Am I horny enough to die?

Then I started sparing with Natalie.  She was very good.  I was terrible.  In less than two minute I was lying on the gym floor, bruised and bleeding, with more than one broken rib.  Anita and Margarita then went at it with other warriors, who were equally skilled.

That day, at the end of my first warrior practice, I wasn’t the only one who’d been injured.  Anita and Margarita were in the same condition, as were Natalie, Helena and Pauline, along with several others.

After Gym Class ended, all of us injured girls were taken to the School’s Infirmary.  There we received the same quality of treatment that I’d have gotten back on Earth. Then after school, when Anita, Margarita and myself arrived back at the Harem House, all our wounds and injuries had been totally healed.  There were no bruises or scaring.

We were out on the porch, seated at a table.  The door opened. My Mom and Big Momma Sadie stepped out, came over and stood beside us.

Mom asked, “How’d warrior practice go?”

I told her, “I was awful.”

Anita told her, “It’s okay Auntie Abigail.  It was just her first day.  I have no doubt that she’ll keep on getting better.   When we take part in the next gang bang, she’ll be as good at being a warrior as the rest of us.”

Mom said, “Thank you for those comforting words.  I think.”

I said, “We’ll be fighting together in a phalanx Mom.  I’ll always have the girls in this Harem to stand with me, no matter what happens.”

Momma Sadie told me.  “Not necessarily, Francine.  You can’t say ‘no matter what happens’.  That depends on ‘what happens’ when you’re not engaged in the fighting.”

“You see Francine.”  Mom added, “There are certain Rules of Conduct, which apply to everyone living on Pandora.”

“Not ‘Rules’ Abigail.”  Momma Sadie told us all, “They are called ‘Commandments’.”

I asked, “Like the Ten Commandments?”

“The number isn’t what matters.” Big Momma said, “It’s the words.

“First of all.  You, and all of us living on Pandora, are forbidden to kill anyone, except for opponents in officially sanctioned combats.  Outside the combats, no killing of anyone is ever allowed.”

“Yes.” I nodded.  “I’ve been told that.  I understand that.  It won’t be any problem for me.”

“Good.”  Big Momma went on.  “Everyone is also forbidden to steal anything from anyone.  That includes any member of an enemy harem, at any time before, after or during combat.”

“That’s no problem.  I’m not a thief.”

Mom added, “Francine’s father and I have raised our daughter to be honest and trustworthy.”

“Honest?”  Now Margarita smirked.  “What about lying?”

Momma Sadie, Anita, Margarita and my mother all looked at me with amusement.  

“Well.”  I hesitated.  Then I sighed. “Every now and then, I say something which isn’t completely truthful.  But doesn’t everyone?”

I looked at my mother.  “Sorry Mom.”

Then I looked away from her.

“So am I dear.”

Momma Sadie spoke.  “By lying, I meant in a malicious way.  That means telling a lie with the intent of deliberately causing someone serious harm.  That even includes lying about anyone who’s a member of an enemy Harem.”

Now I felt relieved.  I shook my head.  “No.  I’ve never done that.  I’d never want to spend

my time with anyone who does that.”

Now my mother spoke.  “Then there’s also the prohibition against adultery.”

“That’s right.”  Margarita now grinned.  “That also includes fornicating, like you did back on Earth, Earth girl.  No more fucking for you again, until your wedding night.  Just like it will be for the rest of us horny virgin pussies.”

I sighed.  “On this Planet, that should be no problem.”

“Good.”  Anita told me, “Then when we’re fighting, we other members of the phalanx, won’t draw away from you, and leave you to face our armed opponents alone.”