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The Unraveled Secrets And Lies


16 year old Kate Burns was your average high school antisocial teenager. She didn't interact with many.. She was a epic nerd..but there was one thing that was different. She was surprisingly happy.. Or at least she thought she was. One night she was out skating home from work and enjoying the cool Michigan breeze when she ran into a body. That body turned out to be 15 year Blake Wells- Her one and only best friend who had been MIA all day... Blake was that somewhat popular girl who had it all.. A loving family, a life long best friend, a boyfriend, and so much more... When Kate starts to investigate the murder of her best friend how many secrets and lies will unfold?

Chapter 1: The beginning.

Kate didn't necessary have it easy.. She was an only child, Her parents went through a nasty divorce, Her mom was an addict, her dad was a deadbeat, She had a half sister who wanted nothing to do with her, She was bullied all throughout school for being asexual, and everyone made fun of her.. So Kate spent most of her time at school, the library, or on walks with her best friend Blake because she always dreaded going to the place she once called home..But today something was off..

Kate's pov-

My morning started off kind of weird.. My alarm was late, I dumped my coffee all over my favorite hoodie, My mom was strung out on the couch-when usually she's not even here, There was alcohol everywhere along with trash and to top it off I had a voicemail from my dad, who hadn't spoken to me in nearly 2 years.
As I race throughout the house in my ripped jeans and a hoodie I swiped the notification on my phone so I didn't have to think about it.. whatever my dad had to say he's about 2 years too late. I grabbed a apple from the fridge and I took off out the door with a note left for my mother telling her I made it out on time despite the fact I was late..

I jump on my longboard and ride down the street towards Blake's house as the frost came off my breath. I look down at my phone and it read '7:02am' - Knowing Blake was still at her house I turned in her driveway and jumped off my board as I walked up to the house where I gently knocked waiting for Mrs Wells to come to the door.

"Kate! Hi darling." She said as she was drinking coffee out of her mug. "Hi Mrs Wells! Sorry I was running a tad bit late this morning.. Is Blake here still?"

She just chuckled as she opened the door all the way for me to come in. "Blake is up in her room, She wouldn't go until you came.. And you know you can put your board inside too dear, I don't want it to be stolen now." She shot a warming smile at me..

"Thank you," I nodded to her as I stepped in the house where I was greeted by her brothers.. before I walked up the stairs gently. I walk inside Blakes room and she was sitting in front of the record player bobbing her head to a imaginary beat. "Hey, sorry I'm late." I said as I stood against the doorway.

She turned around and smiled "Finally! I thought I was gonna have to come to your house..and beat you awake.. What took you so long?"

"It's been a crazy crazy morning my friend." I joked. You can tell me about it on the way to school are you ready?!" She said as she got up and grabbed her book bag. I nodded before we both ran down the stairs. 
"Bye mom I'm leaving!" Blake said as she threw on a fluffy beanie. "Be good! And have a good day you two!" Mrs Wells said as she was feeding Blake's baby brother.

The walk to school was pretty normal.. we talked and laughed before I broke the news to her about my dad. "Wait so he called you?!" she said we strolled down the street. "Yup, I haven't listened to the voicemail though." I said lightly. "Reasonable.. I mean your parents haven't together for nearly what 9 years? and he hasn't really done much for you since." 
I nodded. "What does your mom think?" she looked over at me. "If she knew.. It would just break her. Lele, I can't tell her..." I said as we walked up near the school. "For now don't worry about it..If it's important then he'll continue to call. If not- I wouldn't stress about it." She gave me a gentle smile.. I looked at her before nodded.."Now I have to go clean up before meeting Jace, see you in bio?" She playfully winked at me.
"See you in Bio." I said as she walked away. I turned and started walking to Mrs Hunnings class,

Mrs Hunnings was like my school parent, she let me keep my board in her classroom, she let me each lunch in there with her when Blake was busy, and that's where I went during study hall, plus she made sure I was always okay because she only knew halfly about my home situation. 
I walked into her class with my board trailing behind me where I was greeted by a smile. "Running a little bit this morning I see?" She took a sip of her coffee. "Haha yeah, Malfunctioning alarms." 
She chuckled. "How are you doing? Was your weekend alright?!" She said as she continued to grade papers. "My weekend was okay.. I worked most of it.." Inside I knew what I really did all weekend- Cleaned up after my mother. As she went on a binge.. I lied because I don't like people feeling 'guilty' for me or try to get me in a better home because regardless of my mothers situation she was still my mother and I still love her and I don't know what I do if she was taken from me. 
"Well that is no fun.. Have you wrote your next chapter though?!" She looked up at me, "I hope you did, I really enjoy your writing." she gave me a light smile.
I swung my bag around in front of me, "Actually I did get to finish it.. but It's probably sucky. I didn't have time to proof read or edit yet." I faintly laughed. "Nonsense, you're a child who was born with talent. Now let me see." She slid her rolly chair near me. I handed her the paper.
It took her a couple minutes to read it.. Which felt like hours. Writing was something I did in my free time, sometime my mother always shamed me for. It was kind of like a guilty pleasure.. I enjoyed it when It was just me but as soon as other people aside from Mrs H, gets in involved I feel like I have to hide it.

"Katalia! This is amazing.. I mean there is a few minor errors but other then that I am really sucked into this story! You are going to make it one day young lady you know that right?" 
I couldn't help but blush. "Thank you Mrs Hunnings." Before she could say anything else the first bell- which was the reminder that we have 5 minutes remaining dinged. "Do you mind If I come back for study hall? I have some ideas I want to pitch before I start writing." "Of course dear. Now hurry on now don't wanna be late for first block." I smiled before zipping up my bag and moving my board to the corner of her class. "See you later Mrs H." I said before taking off to first block.


3 classes later and I was already eager to leave.. I liked school I really did- just not the people in it. I get called the unsexual robot at my school which was something that had stuck since 8th grade So no matter how hard I would just do my work and make straight A's I would still get paper balls thrown at me with mocking and laughing or Obnoxious idiots who whisper rude things in my ears.. It was dreadful and long and things only went downhill from there.. After the bell rung I packed up my stuff and was on my way to lunch when I ran into Jace- Lele's boyfriend. "Katalia right?" He said kind of panicked. "Kate, But yes that's me.." I raised an eyebrow. "Have you seen Blake?! She was suppose to be meeting me this morning but I haven't seen her all day and you're her best friend so.."
All of a sudden I got this weird feeling in my gut.. I managed to stumble out a few words. "Uh no, The last time I saw her was this morning when she said she was going to the bathroom before meeting you." I gave him this look. "Damn it!" He said before walking away..

I entered the cafeteria and walk straight to the back where I sat everyday with Blake.. ABout 5 minutes went by before I pulled my phone out and texted her..

Lele, where are you?? - 12:48pm.

Another 10 minutes went by before I got up and left the cafeteria.. I went into the bathrooms and she wasn't there. I went to where her locker was and she wasn't there either. I started to freak out.. This wasn't like Lele to just ditch school let alone not answer my text.. Since next period was study hall I decided to look for her a little bit longer..

Extra 20 minutes went by and I still had no sign of her so I went to Mrs Hunnings class where I guess I had a facial expression of death because she knew something was up the second I walked in the classroom.
"Kate is everything okay? You look a little bit pale dear?"
"Uh..Um..My best friend was here this morning but yet she wasn't with who she said she was going too and now I can't find her and I've asked all her friends and they were wondering the same thing.. Mrs Hunnings I think something is wrong..I just have a gut feeling that something is wrong." My voice cracked.
She gave me this look, "Maybe she went home before first block dear, Don't freak out just yet.." I nodded but inside something wasn't right.


After school, I rode home on my board without Blake.. It just didn't feel right.. I was gonna stop by her house but there wasn't any cars in her driveway.. And Lele doesn't stay home alone.
So I rode home and just when I thought things couldn't get worse.. It was worse. I ride up in my driveway to find a trashy car I've never seen before as the reeking smell of drugs flowed into the air..
I walk into the house to find not just one but 8 extra people sitting in my living room with blunts, needles, and powder.. "Oh my gosh," I whispered to myself when everyone looked my direction. "Mom what are you doing?!"
"Go to your room or leave or stay I-I I don't care Katalia. I'm having fun." She laughed. I shook my head as I took my board to my room.. "And What I tell you about bringing that nasty ass board in my house!" I heard her yell as her friends laughed... I just went in my room and shut my door before changing into my work uniform. I sat on the bed as I looked at my phone to still see the 'delivered' message still there.. I sighed as I tried to call her.

'Hi this is Lele I can't come to phone right now, I'm probably busy or with my best friend.. So just leave a message and I'll try to get back to you.' Beeeeeeppp..

my voice cracked a little. 'Hi Lele, it's me Kate. Jace said you never caught up with him this morning and you wasn't at lunch so I'm calling to make sure you're okay... Please call me let me know everything is okay..' my hand was trembling as I hit the 'end' button..
I took a few deep breaths before slipping my phone in my pocket. 'please be okay' I whispered. I grabbed my board as I was headed out of the house. "Bye mom, I'm going to work.. There's leftovers in the fridg-" "Okay okay what..evr" She slurred as she waved her hand at me.. I closed my eyes and took one last deep breath before exiting..As I rode to work, freezing..I blared music into my headphones to distract me from my thoughts.. The whole ride to work my mind kept circling over the fact that everything seems to be crumbling down..
The whole shift was slow and boring.. and Usually I liked making smoothies and treats but today I was just in a bad mood and I guess a co-worker noticed because they kept asking me questions.. But I just shrugged it off with an 'I'm just tired' excuse. Finally it was 8pm and I was ready to go home. I checked my phone one last time to see no new messages. I sighed as I plugged my headphones in before saying seeya to my boss and skating down the road. I decided to take the longer path because I wasn't really in the mood to deal with my mother and her addict friends. I was lost in thought as the music sang in my ears when my mind circled back to the thing I've avoided most today.

The voicemail.

I pull my phone out as I pushed myself on my board, and as I went to click the play button my longboard hit something and threw me forward. As It took me a minute to get my head back on straight I noticed I didn't just hit a bag or something.

My eyes got super wide as I felt the need to puke..
As the smell of perfume and death filled the air I realized what I hit.

"OhmyGOSH!" I said really loud as tears started flowing from my eyes.

I hit my best friends body.

Chapter 2: W-W-Whyy..

My hands started to tremble as I scooted back on the concrete still in shock of what I was seeing.. I snatched my phone out of my pocket and dialed the police. I could barely speak and I really did think I was going to throw up the whole time I was talking.

"911 what's your emergency?!"
"T-T-T-There's a b-b-body.. S-S-S-Someone someone killed my best friend." I choked on my own words.

"Ma'am can you explain to me what happened?! Start slowly..."
"I - I - I was coming h-home and She's- she's dead.." By this point I was crying and hyperventilating.
"Okay Ma'am I need you to stay calm I'm sending police now, Can you tell me where you're at."
"Uh" I said looking around looking for the street sign with blurry vision.. "West and 23rd'
"Okay help is on the way.."

After she said that she told me to take deep breaths and that everything was going to be okay but how could I possibly think that when I'm staring at my best friends dead body.. She just looked so lifeless..About 5 minutes or so went by before the cops came.. I was just sitting there with dried tears on my face staring at her. 'I'm so sorry Lele.." I whispered.. "I should've known something was up.."
When the cops came over they flipped her body over so her face was looking upward and the never ending pit of pain only got deeper when I saw the bruises on her face..

As the flash of camera's was happening one of the cops came over to me and told me to grab my board and asked me if he could escort me home.. I tried to refuse but he kept insisting.. So I told him to drop me off at the Wells house so I could break the news to them that their only daughter is now deceased..I wanted to be the one to say it because no one else would understand how much pain I was in besides them and I needed a family right about now.. Once he dropped me off he said he would be in contact with me for questioning and some other stuff but I wasn't listening to that. I got out of the car and slowly walked up to the door before I knocked on the door lightly because I knew this was going to be the death of me..The more I waited the longer the nausea was taking over me.. The image of her body being in the body bag repeating in my head was ...


When Mrs Wells answered the door you could see the relief on her face as if she thought I had some good news. "Oh my goodness Katalia, Is Blake working or is she over at Jaces? She isn't answering her cell. I was getting ready to call you myself.."  she faintly laughed as I took a deep breathe.

"Um," I looked up at her with tears in my eyes and just shook my head no.
Her relief turned into disbelief. "What happened?! Is she okay? Please tell me she is okay?"
I stepped into her house where her older brother Josh and younger brother Trevor were sitting at the table.They both looked at me with confused looks.

I took a deep breathe. "Blake is uh.. She's um.." "What is it Katalia?"  "Blake is dead Mrs Wells." I looked at her as more tears came strolling down my face, "The police should be here soon but I wanted to be the one to tell you because I-" I closed my eyes. "I was the one who found her lifeless body on the sidewalk." By this point her brothers had tears down their faces and her mother was just in shock..

"She-She- She's? H-H-how?" She whispered.

I nodded.. Before I could say anything there was a knock at the door. It was pretty loud- Three loud knocks always meant one of two things- Police or UPS and I don't think the UPS delivered this late at night. 

When Mrs Wells opened the door it was two cops who had that look. They looked over at me- My curly hair was all frizzed up, I have tears streaming down my face which was lightly covered in dirt,  I even had a cut or two from falling.. They recognized me.. Gave me a weird look and then they looked over at her..

"I'm sorry Mrs Wells to inform you.." Everything after that was drowned out. As the scene replayed in my head.

Tripped. Body .Cops.Body Bag. She's gone.

By the time they got done delivering the news everyone looked at me. Everyone was in a face full of tears.."H-How did she?!" Mrs Wells managed to spit out. "We won't know until tomorrow.. But according to the evidence and well the scene it looks like deprivation of oxygen. But we can't be sure until the autopsy is completed.."

"Oh my god. Oh my god." Mrs Wells turned to me and pulled me in a tight hug where her brothers came and joined us after a minute..Once the cops left and Mrs Wells insisted that she needed to be alone so I left the house where I was caught riding down the street in silence as I cried. Once I arrived home I found my mother still up drugged out along with the people I saw earlier. I was feeling so sad and so in pain that it was numb. I definitely didn't wanna deal with mother but I had no choice.

"Katalia! I thought...I thought you said you got off at 8, It's nearly....It's nearly 10. What were you doing out so...So late.. What did I tell you...." She slurred and wiped the powder from her nose.
I wiped the tears off my face. "Yeah wel-"

"Ahh I d...I don't wanna hear your excuses now be polite and make the guest some food won't you? They're famished. And make sure it's not that same ole grilled cheese junk.. No one likes it." She gave me that look of better start cooking or I'm gonna start throwing things at you before cackling. "Yes Ma'am. I'm going to go change real quick okay mother?" I said as I carried my board into my room and threw it on my bed. I heard them complaining and laughing and snorting as I sat on my bed and tried to wrap my head around what just happened.. 'She's really gone..' I whispered to myself as I looked over at the picture frame of us back in Jr High.
The next morning things were worse than ever.. everyone acted like nothing happened.. I started my morning off waking up to the smell of something burning -- My mom passed out while attempting to cook on the stove. There was the notice on our door that was telling us we-- I needed to pay rent.  I was late to school again..and school...It just felt so weird.. I guess the news hadn't broke yet? Maybe this was all a dream and I hadn't woken up yet.. I was really hoping it was a dream...Whatever it was it was painful.. The fact no one acknowledged her death is what made it hurt ten times worse..

I walked into school and everyone was laughing and giggling.. I looked over and saw Jace flirting with another girl at his lockers. and that hurt so much more.. Did he even care for Blake!? Does he know?! He seems like everything is okay.. How could he be okay if he really cared for her? I walked over towards him. "Jace." I said while avoiding all eye contact.

"Wow Katalia, looking a little bit rough this morning. Long night with mom?!" He laughed.
 My eyes opened in shock.."You don't know anything about me or my mother Jace."
"Maybe not.. but when Blake is drunk she opens up like a unlocked door." By this point I eyed the girl he was flirting with and eventually she had left with her friends as they was whispering in each others ear.
I can't believe Blake told him about my mom.. But I could mad about that later.. 
"I didn't come here to see what you know about my mother. I came here to talk to you about Blake."

"Yeah You know I think I'm just done with her.. She's not much fun, she's only fun when she's drunk and I don't wanna have to keep buying-"
"She's dead Jace." I said trying not to cry again.. but honestly I didn't know if I had any more tears left to cry. But everytime those words rolled off my tongue it was like being stabbed in the chest.

He got this look on his face. "I beg your pardon?" He faintly laughed.
"She's dead. Deceased. Not alive. Lifeless. How ever you wanna put it.. She's gone!" I felt my eyes watering up again.. "So yeah I look rough, because I spent the last 10 hours replaying the moment I found my best friend dead on the sidewalk."

"You're trying to play some sick game with me aren't you Burns?! Whatever sick game you have in your head-"

"It's not a game, You think I wanna be talking with you? I never liked you Jace. But as her boyfriend you deserved to know, plus no matter how much of a misogynistic douchebag  I think you are I believed you cared about her,

"I mean she was like any other girl I messed with.." He said only this time he was the one who avoided all the eye contact.
"Yeah, well with the scared boy I ran into yesterday it seems like it was more then that."

"Just butt out of this Burns.. I don't believe she's dead until I hear it from officials.. Now excuse me.."

He walked away.

I felt the tears sting in my eyes as the principal  walked up to me. 
"Ms Burns, I need you to come with me.."

Here we go.. I mumbled to myself.

As I followed him into his office it felt as if the walls were enclosing on me and everyone was staring. I felt violated and vulnerable.

I took a seat in his office when two officers walked in shortly after.

"First off I wanna say sorry for your loss Ms Burns. Blake was a amazing student and seemed like a amazing friend and peer."
"Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen?" I said as my voice was broken,

"Well Ms Burns, with the recent investigation going on with well  what happened with your best friend they need to ask some questions.. And then we would appreciate it if you don't speak of it outside of here for the ....."
I zoned out.. They wanted me to keep this under wraps.. Like hell I will. I want to make sure people know that this town is not so innocent... They took a innocent life so why shouldn't I expose them? 

"Ms Burns?!" I heard when I snapped back in reality.

"Before I answer any questions I want to be clear on something.. You want me to keep this under wraps? "
"Yes, for the sake of the school and the media until we have more answers.." One of the police officers said.

"You realize this isn't some low life junkie who died. This was Blake- Someone who is practically  my family, --My only family... And you want me to hide everything?!  I don't think I can do that.."

"It's do that or get suspended Ms Burns." The principal said.

My mouth dropped in shock... "You can't do that!" I snapped at him.

"We just want what's best for this town Katalia." The other officer

"And I want justice and time to properly grieve for my best friend but looks like life isn't fair." I had tears forming in my eyes again.. I think the last time I cried this much was when my parents got divorced.

"Ms Burns.."

"It's Katalia." I said as I sat back in the chair and looked up at the roof. I can't seem to wrap my head around what was happening..

"Okay, well Katalia can you tell us what exactly happened."

Chapter 3: What is grieving??

"Okay, well Katalia can you tell us what exactly happened."

Hearing those words as the rage shot through my body made me want to explode.. They wanted me to keep my feelings and emotions and thoughts shoved down with the fact that I saw my best friends dead body..It was outrageous.
"Katalia?" The principal said waving his hand in front of my face.
"Sorry." I gulped down as the words that really came to mind faded away..

"I've already told the police this when I was at the scene but I was riding home on my board when I was about to listen to a voicemail-" "Who was the voicemail from?!" One of the officers asked.
"It was from my estranged father as I was getting ready to say." I snapped at the officer.

"Anyways.. I went to play it when my board wheels got tangled in something which jerked me forward.. Once I got up from the ground I could smell the hint of her perfume over the sick smell." I said looking straight at the floor as the scene replayed in my head.

"How exactly did you know what the perfume smelled like that she was wearing?!"
"Because she's my best friend and I've known her since I was 3... Plus I had walked with her to school that same morning."

"When was the last time you saw her?!"

"When we walked into the school that morning.. She said she was going to the bathroom and that she would see me in bio." I said scrunching my eyebrows because I could sense where they was going with this 'questioning'.

"Did anyone else see her that day that you know of? Like a boyfriend or Girlfriend!? Another close friend?!"
"No, everyone I talked too said they hadn't seen her yet."

"So you asked around after noticing she was gone for a couple periods why?!"
"Because I know my bestfriend and she never just disappears, She was going to the bathroom like every other morning.... And If you're trying to assume I'm a suspect you better get your facts straight because I would never do anything to hurt her.. She was my sister and her family was there for me when I had no one.." I snapped... The fact they made it seem like it was my fault was terrible.

"Calm down Ms Burns."

"For the last time it's Katalia!" I snapped slamming my hand down on the desk.. "And I think this interrogation is over. I didn't kill my best friend! " I said as I grabbed my beanie and stormed out of the room brushing tears off my face. I heard the principal call my name but I didn't listen... Watching people stare at me just made me so angry and upset that I had to get out of there.. So I left. I decided that skipping one day couldn't hurt...I decided to walk to Blake's house to see her mom.. If anyone was going through the pain I was going through it would be her.
I walked down the road as my cheeks flustered red because of the icy cold breeze and the snow fell to the ground. It felt like the walk was taking forever. I was clearing my mind though.. 

Once I got there my tears felt like they were frozen on my face. The snow fell to the ground and piled up along the grass as I knocked three times gently before Mrs. Wells came to the door... She had been crying too, she had minor puffy eyes with a slight pink tint.. She looked at me one time before almost immediately inviting me to come in,

The boys and Mr Wells left because they couldn't 'Grieve' properly in that house. So Mrs Wells was just sitting here all alone.
"I'm sorry Imani.." I said lightly as we sat down at the table.
"Well what are you sorry for dear?!" She takes a drink from her mug.
"I didn't keep her safe.. Like I promised you I would..I failed you, and her.. and she's gone.." Tears started flowing down my I broke down.
"Oh my dear.. this wasn't your fault.. We don't what happened to Blake.. Besides you were 7 when you told me that..You treated her like she was your little sister..You did her well Katalia," She had a tear down her face as well before walking over to me and giving me a hug.

Flashback to when they was 6 and 7 (Kate is older);

Little ole Blake and Katalia were at school one day doing their work as best as they could when one of the 'mean' girls Angel walked up and smacked Blake in the back of the head..
That was when Kate turned around and pushed Angel into the wall. "Leave her alone she didn't do anything to you!" Little Katalia said. "Yeah well I guess my mom was right.. Poor kids watch out for poor kids.." Angel said laughing. "How's your dad by the way?!" Angel smirked at the hurtful remark she made. (By this time Katalia's parents were already divorced and her mom was already spinning out of control) After that smart remark Katalia got out of her chair and slapped Angel causing her to break out into her first fight which got her suspended..

With Imani Wells being on her list for pick up she was the one who got that call that one day when

"Katalia is everything okay?!" Amani said as she focused on the road..
"They was making fun of her again..And then they mentioned my dad." Katalia said looked out the window.. "Don't tell my mom please she's going to get mad at me."

"I won't this time... But Kate you can't just hit people, there's other ways to fix the situation.."
"They hit her.. In the back of the head.. Lele is my best friend Mrs Wells.. I can't let them bully her..I am always going to watch out for her, she's like my only family that I have left..I don't care if I get in trouble for it..I am going to watch out for her."

Amani sighed.. "Well thank you Katalia for sticking up for Blake.. Next time I will have no choice but to tell your mom.. For now though you can hangout with me at our house until school is out."

Katalia nodded.. As she continued to look out of the window as they sped down the road.

End of flashback;

"They want me to keep it secret.." I said in a broken voice as we released from the hug..


"They want me to keep Blake's death a secret..They questioned me today at school.. I thought you should know.."
She gave me this concerning look. "What did they say?!"

"That for the sake of the Media and the town they want me to keep what I saw under-wraps..Until they can investigate.."

"Are you serious? What do they expect me to do? Not invite Blakes friends to her funeral?" Mrs Wells said as she wiped her tears from her eyes.

"I don't know Mrs Wells..But not being able to talk about it is killing me already and it hasn't even been a full 48 hours.." I said as tears formed in my puffy red eyes..

"This is absurd...I never thought in a million years I would be hearing this.. let alone living this life"
I looked down at the table before my phone buzzed.

Get home. NOW

"I'm so sorry Mrs Wells.. My mom just texted and it seems urgent.." I looked at up her.
"It's okay go.. I'll be here making some phone calls. Thank you Katalia for telling me..Remember you're always welcome to come here.."
"I know," I gave her a reassuring smile.

I get up and head towards the door looking back at Mrs Wells before exiting.. I walked down the icy cold road as snow fell onto my hair. I had somewhat of a clue of what my mother was going to be mad about I just didn't wanna deal with it..I walked slowly even though I was freezing cold..

As I walk into my house I am blindsided when my mom pushes me against the wall..

"So we're skipping school now huuh?! Is that what we're doing?!" She said raising her voice as I'm pinned against the wall.
but I refuse to make eye contact with her.

"LOOK AT ME KID." She said as she grabbed my cheeks and turned my head towards her.. "You think you run this.. You are a CHILD.. you go to SCHOOL.. You don't get to do whatever you please!! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I don't know what has gotten into you lately but this isn-"


"You're father contacted you!?" She said in a rude tone.

"Yes." I said as I took a big gulp.. My mother hates it when I mention my father. The last time I did when I was like 14 I ended up going to school with a giant bruise on my shoulder.

She slapped me in the face.
"Don't ever..I mean EVER refer to that poor excuse of human as my ex husband again either..DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" She started to walked away.. "Oh and next time you put your hands on me, you'll have more then a handprint on your cheek... Now get out of my sight..I can't even look at you.."

As a burning tear of fire ran my cheek I went into my room, Shut my door, and leaned against the wall. Everything within the last few days had just spiraled out of control.. It was haunting, and I felt as if the walls were caving in..

I decided to pull my phone out and I sat there on the screen of the voicemail.. I went to click the play button when I froze.. I couldn't do it..'Just do it Kate..' I whispered to myself as I clicked the play button..

.......Hey Kat.....I know it's been a while.....I'm calling because by the time you actually listen to this.......I would've done somet..... It was all scratching for a couple of seconds, ......I know I haven't been the best father.....But I still love you kid......What are you 15 now?........I know you're angry....BUt I- I love you just remember tha....Kid....... You are gonna hate me for.......It went scratchy again before the voicemail stopped.

As I had more tears burning down my face I realized that my life was always going to be complicated..

I take out a journal and flip it to the second page before writing..

Dear Myself,

What is grieving??
Is it when you're angry so much you want throw things..Or is it sadness to the point where you puke? Is it pretending like everything is okay then crying into your parent at night? How do you grieve? I am so angry at everyone for not listening yet I feel like this sadness and pain isn't going to go away..I wanna yell, I wanna scream, I wanna cry, I just want it all to go away... How exactly does everyone grieve? How do people cope with the fact that their platonic soulmate isn't around anymore? How do we grow from these life or death scenarios.

I guess looking back all through time I never actually grieve or cope with things in a good manner.. I get angry and I hit things. I get frustrated and sad so I yell.. I stay to myself so I don't lose anyone..I lost the one person who actually cared for me like family..She was the one person I let in my life and now I am suffering by drowning in the invisible smoke called death.. I don't understand what or how Blake ended up dead but I owe it to her and her mother to find out...

I'm going to find out who murdered my best friend , Maybe that's how I will grieve the loss of Blake Juliana Wells, By getting justice..

~Katalia Burns. 3:59pm

I close the journal and throw it into a duffle bag along with my work clothes and some other things. I tear a piece of paper out of my notebook and quickly scribble on there that I am leaving for a little while, and I exit my room to tape it on my fridge... I grab the duffle and my board and I leave the place I've dreaded to call home for the past 16 years,

As I skate down the road I feel my cheek throbbing a long with a pounding headache from all the chaos. I just casually ride down the road until I reached Blake's house where I knock on the door lightly.. Imani answered the door with a little shock on her face.

"Katalia is everything okay? What happened to your cheek?"
"It's a long story..Um, do you mind if I stay here for a couple of nights?!"

"Of course, come on in.."
I wheeled in my board and sat it in the corner.. I took a seat on the couch and sat my face in my hands.

"So I made some calls, and Blakes autopsy came back, I have to go check it out tomorrow." She said in a faint voice

"Do you mind if I come with you?! I know that I am not family or anything but I really want to know what happened-"
"You can come, but you gotta promise me one thing Katalia.. Don't stop writing...Blake showed me your writing a lot.. She would've wanted you to keep doing it." She said with minor tears in her eyes...

"I know, and I will.. I just want some answers.." I said looking up at Mrs Wells as she gave me a ice pack to put on my cheek. "I wanna know who did it and why.."