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Character Outline: Ihsss T'Larra


Character Outliine for character used in serial and novel


My name is Ihsss T’Larra I am the new Commander of the SS Magellanic Clouds, commissioned with the Earth Federation in the year 2451 A.D and this is my first log entry. Our mission with the Earth Federation is to seek out and explore space, defeating our enemies the Cybertron Empire. 



But, as for me, here is a little bit of history about myself. I was borne in the year 2411 AD on my home planet of Zycor 6 in my home solar system of Plazae. (Plah-zay) My home world is the fourth planet of a class M solar system with six planets and it is located downspin across the universe from SOL and Earth.  I am a brown and white reptilian female. I stand equivalent to six feet in height (to a human measurement) and I have gray scales and green eyes. I was hatched in the capital city, Zyequest. (Zee’ Quest) and it is the site of bloody conflict of civil war between the green and light green class of my people against the others. My class of Thyrnn has been fighting back for well over a century against our masters, (what they think themselves as). It has been where my class of Thyrnn, with the others who are not part of the dominant class of my race, are usually rounded up, designated as slaves and servants, or ruthlessly slaughtered by laser firing squad.



We, (The Thyrnn people) are known to be war-like, out of the six classes on my planet, but we are highly known for our ability in Communications and Diplomacy.  The average height of a female Thyrnn on my planet, ranging from five-nine to over six feet in height, and from five-five to five nine in height (using human measurement) for males. We have an upright skeleton, with two forward set eyes, eye color ranging from yellow, green, blue, and gold. We resemble the Gecko or Iguana reptiles that are found on Earth, but are more like the ancient dinosaurs found there too. We have far surpassed and evolved from that ancient beginning into a highly intelligent and technical race. Skin color of my people ranges from brown and white, gray and white, green and white, blue and white, light green and white, and gray and black.  We have thin colored scales covering our entire bodies and we do have tails like the reptiles found on Earth.  The green and white class, are the dominant class of the Thyrnn race, causing a civil war to erupt on planet as other classes are persecuted, killed or taken into slavery. 



We have a high technology on our planet, with a fleet of highly developed ships for interplanetary and space travel outside our galaxy. My people have no known enemies other than the Elowan which are a race of plant bio-pods in the next system and in which we have fought for centuries against them. My people have a strange animosity toward the Elowan, and in return they have no love for my people either. It has been an ancient galactic war between our planets that does not likely to find peace in the next century of fighting.  Which makes no sense as the slaughter continues on my planet in a bloody conflict of civil war between my own people. We continue to still fight no matter that a civil war rages on my planet and against the peace-loving Elowan and their colonies in their nebula-like galaxy where they live.



It was in the year 2431 when our civil war took a turn for the worse, and I led a revolt against the green class Thyrnn in the autumn of our planet. I led the charge against them and raided the space port where I, my only daughter, Hi’Mthss T’Larra and a mix of the groups of my planet being persecuted, commandeered a Space Cruiser Class Starship and we launched into space.  I took charge and commanded the Cruiser and attacked our own space fleet and planetary defenses as we barely made it into orbit and through the battle-satellites that protected our planet from attack.  Here with a fully equipped ship and a range of skills outside the Communications as a primary skill we escaped into deep space, evading the fleet that hunts even to this day.  That was until the Cybertron invaded and conquered my planet and its colonies.



The Cybertron invaded my planet in the year 2440 and are a war-machine of cybernetic machines that have dominated the galaxy and like the green class of my people, tried to join our classes of people as one into slaves. Which was short lived as my people rose up against the machine and drove them from our planet. We did not stop until all of the Cybernetic machines were destroyed and our people acted as one in the fight. It took all of my people as one force to fight the Cybertron and our fleet fought magnificently against them, annihilating them completely. The Elowan joined the fight with my people and as our two races fought that relation and tensions ceased between our planets. Here my ship also joined the Earth Fed in the fight against the Cybertron Empire, an evil from space.



But for my people, and the others like me who live in space on board the Cruiser, we can never go home. We are considered outcasts and criminals among my people, even though our exploits with the Earth Federation are well known among my people. We have been the deciding factor in maintaining peace on our planet, fighting battle well against the Cybertron with many other races we picked up in our travels. Veloxa Antillean, Thyrac Bzzzarti and Voloxa Anzac joined our crew when we discovered them on a half obliterated colony world of the Veloxi. Faloria Platt, the Elowan Ship’s doctor joined the ship when we were on Earth, with a Feline Science Officer, Felonious Purrtz and a humanoid Kwan Mao and several humans. We have been deemed a rag-tag crew by Earth standards, but we are also a very close family as we explore space, and battle with the Cybertron every time. Our ship’s crew has been through a lot. We are, however, seasoned veterans of this bloody war, with many kills to our credit.



In addition to my being a good Commander of this ship, my daughter and I are very fond of music, taking a liking to the sound on Earth. We still play traditional musical pieces from our home world on the equivalent of an Earth harp and flute. We also are known for liking astronomy, botany, and ancient weapons of many Earth allies who joined the Federation. Our chief mission is locating Endurium, a fuel used by many worlds in and out of the Federation for fuel to power their massive starships. We also seek out, on the SS Magellanic Clouds, mineral planets for repair elements, and fuel to power the ship cells. Another skill that Hi’Mthss and I like to do with our human companions from Earth.  My crew and I have been together for over twenty years now, into the year 2462 AD and still going strong, just now getting the upper hand in this blasted war in which we have been fighting full time for a long time. Our main hope is to one day come home to our home world, our exploits putting a crack in the tyranny that our planet has been going through for a long time. One day to stand before the council and offer them a better way than fighting and destroying our own people. We can only hope.


WC = 1,282



How often does hatching occur in a females life? Are the parents involved or is it a specialized profession. What type of marriages or relationships are allowed in each sub culture? Has this been impacted with lives as outcasts? Is the fuel gathering dangerous? What kind of danger? Are you still happy you asked for comments? Can't wait to see what's next!



Hatchlings are every 32 days between cycles. not unlike human, just a tad but longer by a few days.  They start at an equivalent of 10 earth years of age. (the ability to have young and lay eggs) up to 20 eggs min


offspring are a trained in professions (introductions) early on in school,  They are taught the same in like humans in school, reading writing, mathematics, and so forth. Their education in communications, computers and electronics are taught from grades equivalents of 3 and up. Thyrnn are known for their communications abilities, able to translate other languages quickly, and speak fluently those languages. (there are five dialects of Thyrrk which goes with each race group on her planet, however the last one is a planet wide language (like Hindi in India sort of a state language)


Marriages are one male and depending on your rank in the hierarchy of society can range up to 9 females. Average are about three  females per male. (They don't know what bisexual is or gay so i won't exactly go into that. I wouldn't know who toi explain it if they did.)



When they escaped they escaped slavery and death by the dominant green groups.. Their lives would all be eventually terminated, it only impacted that they were allowed to live and carry on their group.  Endurium is a very volatile fuel substance, it is not used by Earth, but only by her planet and a few of their neighbors in her own part of the universe. Elowin (*plant people) Veloxi (Insect race) Spemin (Blobius Race). Their ship was pulled off of the unstable substance and the Endurium collecting days finished when arriving Earth. One explosion could kill a person instantly (a gram of the stuff) to gauge the danger

I hope this helps i am copying this information down so it can be incorporated into the introduction or as notes for the introduction that would be helpful to clarify these points (which i am glad you asked)