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EarthWorld (Short)


A forbidden love affair of a human and a subculture in the era of a new Earth.



By. N.A. Miller -- © 2002 N.A. Miller


Space: An infinite cold blackness, thrusts ever outward in a large void of its expanse making up the universe as a whole. It is in this black void that nebulas, planets, stars, moons, galaxies swirl around the center of the cloud along with many other astronomical bodies that are housed in its confines. This cloud boundary, swirling here silently is one of three in this part of the universe. In each of these galaxies, orbiting around life giving stars are only a mere two hundred known solar systems to reside here, but also it houses thousands of possible solar systems yet be discovered. Known as the Milky-Way, it is no different than her sister galaxies, larger of the three roughly measuring approximately over ninety thousand astronomical units in diameter and approximately is made up of two hundred billion stars. The length of central bar is approximately twenty-five thousand light years from the center and there are seventy major systems that reside here in the Milky Way, alone. It is here in the farthest corner of one of the arms, that a familiar solar system called “Sol” resides, that circles the nucleus of the galaxy.


In the solar system known as Sol, that nine planets orbit the life-giving warmth of its sun located in the center of it. The third planet in this system with one moon, an insignificant body really, shines as it orbits the single star and it is the one planet that ages past, once teamed with advanced life called humans. Now it is silent, silent of the radio signals that once ventured out in space from its surface, where many satellites actively transmitted communications to its surface, or where occasionally a space vehicle would appear to orbit the shining globe. Now there is nothing, a dead calm silence and on the surface only ruins lie dormant. It is a dead planet... or is it?

The third planet, once known as Earth rotates around the single star, a depressing reminder of what was once a glorious planet, a shining star of this solar system from which the civilizations of the human race once lived. It has been now over seventy-two centuries, radiation of the cataclysm that destroyed this world has subsided, finally after centuries, and Earth had finally has healed from man's own violence. These acts of violence were stemmed from the horrible events that happened in the early to mid twenty-first century where man had blindly destroyed it with no reason other than their short-sighted greed, and religious intolerance. These reasons had had utterly wiped out everything, man’s own destiny to die, rather than use peaceful methods to work out the turmoil in the world. This final battle had happened quite suddenly, without warning, and was over in the blink of an eye. It was just over, the insignificant planet known as Earth now was dead.

However, despite everything, two sides waging war, death by biological contamination and finally nuclear strike on both sides that somehow a third of humankind had survived. Even in a nuclear destruction, not many were left, but a few had emerged from the ashes as Mother Earth began to heal. They had headed below ground, constructing large cities and using technology to survive. Solutions were found to heal those and reverse the agents used to kill the people of the world, moving it far into the future where evolution would change life as it was known before.  The mutating biological and nuclear agents would be two great factors of the creation and evolution of many creatures. Now, seventy plus centuries into the future, emerging out of the rubble, that seven sub-human class cultures would rise up from the Earth's ashes.


It would start with many species of insects, starting with several moth and butterfly families, to move into certain spider families and bees to emerge from the rubble. There would also be reptilian, feline and canine class creatures. They would start Earth's healing process, and welcome the humans to the surface when man again embraced sunlight after centuries of silence. There would be conflict between humans and these races, to be sure, but it would be kept in check as an unsteady peace and differences were resolved without violence. Earth would be reverted to times when few humans lived on the surface, but with only one exception that it had current technology that was long since put away for war and used in the name of peace.


Leanne Jane Smith awoke from her sleep in the fraternity house room, sharing it as a room mate with a young insectoid girl named Beau Flora at the university in the city. They are part of the fraternity on campus that consists of many creeds, culture and inclusion of the sub cultures that had rose from the ashes of destruction many centuries ago. Together this group is one of the few who have been fighting for equality among the sub cultures, singled out and with many rules that kept them in check for a long time.


As for Leanne, the young woman is an average human with long dark hair, a round oval face, average looks, blue eyes and a trim well figured young woman.  As she lay in bed, she awoke from the alcohol induced haze from the party they had in their house last night and her eyes focused upon the white ceiling of her room. She managed to groan fuzzily as she turned her head toward the window, realizing it was morning and shaking her head she swooned from the alcohol induced hangover that made her head spin. Leanne turned her head in alarm when she felt something lukewarm beside her and stared at the young insectoid woman, her roommate, barely able to remember what happened last night. She felt a warm breeze of summer through the window and glancing down, Leanne realized she was naked.


“Oh my god.” I murmured, gasping as I could not believe what had happened. My first response was to turn my head in alarm, realizing I was in the same bed as Beau, suddenly wondering what had happened between us. We had been pretty blitzed last night and I was hardly able to remember anything of the party after about one this morning. The first thing I had remembered was the game of truth or dare, with the group, and one of her dares was to strip off their clothes and make out with an insectoid roommate. All I was able to remember was rolling around passionately on the floor with Beau and barely able to remember the feeling of sexual encounter as a blaze of multiple orgasms ripped through my body. I did not remember anything else after that. My first reaction also had been to cover my eyes with my hand, wincing in pain because of the bright summer light that shone in through the window. I promptly pulled the shade down as I put an arm on my sleeping companion to shake her.


“Beau, its time to get up.” I told her with a grimace and my Insectoid roommate rolled over, glancing at the clock before promptly falling asleep again.  We had spent almost all morning in bed sleeping tightly together. It was an act that was taboo in today’s standards, and what we did was against the current laws of non fraternization between humans and subcultures. What we, our group, was fighting against to keep peace but allowed freedom of all races to live together.


“Ugh.” Beau had murmured, rolling back over, the young insectoid flapped her wings.  


“I said its time to get up Beau.” I repeated, reaching down to pull back the covers as the young insectoid woman dozed. I gasped again, startled to realize and confirming my worst nightmare. We had done something together and I could not take my eyes off her, staring at her naked form in silence. She has a trim body, and budding small breasts, and ivory colored skin.  Beau Flora looked more like a pixie of ancient folklore legends than an insectoid and I felt strangely aroused by her open display of unabashed nudity.


Glancing down at myself, I felt strangely loose, fluid, and relaxed, peering down at my naked body. I noted that my pussy was red, swollen, and my clit was hard. I also noted the dried juices covering her thighs and my nipples were hard and rigid. I desperately tried to put two and two together through the pained haze of morning. 


“We have to talk.”


My hands found her roommate’s ticklish spots and Beau squirmed, yelping as she opened her eyes.


“UGH! I’ve got a hangover… No fair!” She yelped, squirming, as she reached up to tickle me back.


“Come on, enough, only if you can do this quietly.” I groaned, managing a pained stifled laugh as I squirmed, getting tickled back. Beau managed to roll off me, our bodies touching and I noted that my roommate seemed to be responding to the touch. Her small nipples, on her budding breasts, were hard.


“Tell me that did not happen.” I told her, and my insectoid partner grunted and the she stared at me for a moment, taking a few minutes to realize what the hell I was talking about. It then hit her, and she managed a smile.


“Good morning.” Beau said sweetly.


“Oh god, that did not happen.” I grunted, “We didn’t… you know…”


“Yup. We did at that…” Beau replied, her hands touching my breasts to massage them as she leaned up to kiss me. “You, er… we, were pretty drunk.”


“Oh shit.” I said with a gasp, realizing what the outcome of this whole experience was going to be. It was illegal what we did, and I could only see disaster in our future if anyone found out about it.


“I think we are in big trouble, Beau, and no fooling around about it.”  


“I know… Don’t feel so bad Lea.” She replied with a yawn afterward, “Relax it is not so bad… It was very good, trust me.”


“Well I don’t know about that, but what will my parents think if they knew I had lesbian intercourse and with an Insectoid to boot. It does not bode well.”


“MMM.” Beau said, “Whatever happens, hold your head high and shoulders back, we will have time to talk.”


 “This is no time for levity.” I grunted, my tone warning, “I’m trying to be serious. If anyone finds out Beau, they will put us away. They will torture, rape and everything else involved into going to prison!”


“So am I Leanne.” Beau shot back, and she put her hands on mine, holding them.


My face wrinkled, and I withdrew my hands and sat back on the bed. As I did so, I noted her reaction to the motion. I sensed her understanding and I managed a pained nod. 


“It’s alright Beau.” I told her with a smile, “I should not have… er I can’t believe we drank so much.”  I paused.


“You were good for a human, if not better than good, more like extraordinary. A super human,” Beau complimented and I frowned.


My hand touched the smooth skin of my insectoid roommate. I still was having strange butterflies, and suddenly realized, I was getting aroused by being next to my nude roommate. I began to caress her, staring a long time into Beau’s bluish gray eyes, and I glanced down as Beau’s hands caressed me back. I grunted in response as Beau rolled on her side our bodies touching and I held my young insectoid roommate as she kissed me. I could feel her fingers dance over my body. I grunted at the feeling of her fingers at the entry of my moistening pussy.


“MMM. OOOOH, god.” I gasped, as my thighs twitched slightly. “Oh god Beau… We can’t… we shouldn’t…”


“MMM Lea, yes we should.” The young insectoid lustily whispered, and I gasped as her fingers idly slipped inside my pussy.   I felt myself moisten up quickly and it made me gasp.


I found myself astounded by what was happening, but I also could not shake the strange shiver of lust that ran through my body. Neither could I take my eyes off the Insectoid’s nude body. A smile appeared on her face, when she sensed my want and arousal. Beau rolled over and mounted on top of me, nodding.  She positioned herself on my wet pussy, and moved it two and fro rubbing our genitals against each other, Beau massaged my breasts and tweaked my nipples. I moaned louder, as I felt her move faster, unable to decipher the feelings in my brain as a powerful orgasm ripped through my entire body. I yelped a moment later, and squirmed as I felt something hook my skin down there to tug against me. I felt myself literally being spread wide as if the interior passage of my pussy was being stretched open. As we rubbed together, I felt myself spurt as the sexual climaxes were intense.


  “OOOH!” I moaned, as Beau grunted and we both found ourselves heavily breathing as we lay on top of each other. Several times my lover came, filling me up with her love juice and both of us unaware that her egg, the size of a ping pong ball, passed between us. My lips touched the insectoid’s in a passionate kiss, as our bodies remained tightly together as Beau thrusting her hips faster, the feelings incredible as we continued at it. I barely was conscious when we stopped, experiencing many more multiple orgasms, and literally squirting multiple times even after we stopped. When reality hit me, I turned my head, peering at my new lover, gasping out of breath as she lay on top of me.


I had only heard rumors about these insectoid lovers, being mostly female and having no males of their species. I only heard about how they adapt in lesbian intercourse with their own kind in order to impregnate each other with already fertile eggs.  I had no idea that I would ever have sex with a sub culture, and yet it happened while we were both blitzed. I turned her head in fear when I heard a familiar voice. Gasping and breathing heavily, she was still on top of me. Beau moved slightly and it was enough to make her cum hard once again, collapsing in a gigantic orgasm. Both of us lay panting on the bed. I knew that Insectoid females mated this way, and the same thought came to mind about pregnancy. Fear washed over me as I wondered if I could get impregnated by an insectoid.


“Oh my god Beau.” I gasped, “That was just as incredible. But we have to stop.”


I peered into the dark eyes of the insectoid woman for a moment before I tried pushing her off and felt something pull at my groin, making me yelp.


“Hold still Leanne.” Beau gasped, holding me gently against her.


“We can’t break apart for a bit.” Beau said, “It is how this works, we are locked together. Something my culture has, unlike you humans, we lock together to guarantee the mating cycle of each other. Wait till we can release.”


I lay there at least five minutes with my strange partner, and I felt the strange bone-like protrusion quickly release me as a knock sounded on the door. Both of us got up, acting like we were getting dressed, and I swooned for a second, not realizing how tired I was by the whole experience. I covered my breasts, my hard nipples and my trimmed, but very swollen pussy. I felt something inside my uterus, like it was rolling around. Beau opened the window a little further to quickly air out the smell of sex in the room. I turned abruptly as the door opened and a staff member peeked in her head.


“I am just checking if everyone is up.” She said, “The morning cleaning crew will be in today.”


When the door shut, I turned my head to my roommate.


“Beau I really need to tell you this, and please don’t take this the wrong way.” I started and she turned her head, with a curious expression. “I really liked what we just did together, and I am in love with you, I know it. But can we slow down a bit, this is moving too fast for me, and I don’t know if my family can understand. What will they say if I had a lesbian Insectoid lover?”


“They’ll get over it.” Beau said as they both dressed, “People are narrow minded to new things and if you are in love with someone that you should stick with it no matter what.”


The young insectoid slid on a long black gothic dress, slit up the sides over her nude body.  She turned as I slipped on a loose skirt, a pair of fishnet stockings and a halter-top. I felt liquid gush from my pussy, Beau and my own juices running down my thighs and legs.


“And I love you too.” Beau whispered as she French-kissed me seconds later. Hungrily our kiss broke.


“Damn.” I muttered, caressing her for a moment, before I glanced at my watch.


“Shit I gotta go.” I gasped, and rushed out of the room and down the stairs.


Today, the forecast called for hot weather, and I wore a simple skirt to class, a dark colored one, and had unthinkably gone commando underneath except for the stockings because of the sex earlier in the day. My thighs were juicy as I walked along the sidewalk, caused by my hard clit being tweaked as I walked. One of the side effects, that I did not know would happen, would be my clit remaining hard, swollen, and sensitive.  It rubbed against the fabric of the stockings and I desperately tried to ignore the arousal.


However, as the day progressed, it was like a drug. I hardly was able to concentrate on my classes, thinking of the pressure and lust as the Insectoid and I fucked. I rubbed my legs together. I longed and liked the tremendous mind blowing orgasms as we made love, tribbing each other in a lesbian act. Several times in class I daydreamed, and noted my arousal, finding myself very horny and longing for sex with my new lover. My clit rubbed against the stockings and without warning I felt myself squirt a big load, putting a puddle on the seat, also a bit on the carpeted floor. No-one seemed to notice that I had came all over, my rock hard nipples brushing against the fabric of the top and stimulated my body more. I wondered what it was like to have a kid with her, if possibly it could happen, and I got really wet thinking about it. I did not realize that it was possibly happening at this very moment. I was thankful when it was break, and I adjourned to the bathroom stall, my finger finding my erect clit. I fingered it until I was squirting every five minutes, trying to find relief as I caressed my tingling, blood-engorged twat.


It had been the same for Beau, who had found similar pleasure and her stimulation by the experience. She shook her head at the naughty thoughts. Idly in the dark, as the insectoid watched a film in class, she found herself touching herself. She caught herself and stopped before anyone noticed.  She pictured Leanne nude on the bed, her trim figure and medium sized breasts. Beau felt herself twitch and she came hard across her thighs and legs. Her hands rubbed her crème, over her thighs, and across her bare swollen cunt. Her thighs twitched again, the young insectoid still really aroused. She wanted to get back and have sex too.


During my break, I sat alone drinking coffee and staring across the campus. The same thoughts were happening to me too, my body tingling as I sat there, unable to stop my thighs from twitching. My pussy was swollen, wet, and juicy as it leaked fluid, soaking my skirt as I squirted several times. Even then material brushing against my swollen pussy made me shudder, in ecstasy. I smiled as I gasped quietly, and whimpered with each squirt. It was like I was linked to Beau, and little did I know I was, our relationship was much more than mere physical, it was also a mental link. I was so caught up in my thoughts I did not hear my best friend walk up. 


“Leanne!” She said, and startled I turned my head to my friend. I had nearly jumped out of my skin, feeling another wave of liquid squirt from my pussy.  It was my best friend Brenda, and one of my class mates for my yoga class.  She noted my edginess and put a hand on my shoulder.  She had taught me yoga and we had done it in the nude, ending up being lovers for a short time way back in the fifth grade.


“Jesus Leanne, you all right?” Brenda asked, and I met her warm smile with a slight nod of my head. Brenda had noticed my idle state and flushed skin.


“Yea.” I lied, looking startled by the question and suddenly finding myself offended by her interrupting my lust over my new roommate. “It’s just hot out, and I want to get home.”


“How’s the roommate working out?” She asked and I managed a grin.


“Fine.” I replied proudly, “She is really nice, best person to have, she much better than those dorm assholes I had when I started here. She’s an insectoid.”


“You got to be kidding.” Brenda said, and I shook her head.


“It’s not like that, she’s very nice, polite and not as revolting as you think.”


“Well don’t you know they are all females and impregnate each other?” Brenda asked, “Gross and weird.”


“Well at least she’s nice.” I continued, “These subcultures aren’t really that bad once you get used to them. She’s really become a good friend.”


Brenda grunted and sat drinking her coffee, merely nodding in silence.


            I glanced at my watch instinctively, and pretended it was time to get back to class. I already intended to skip the rest of my class so I could return to the house to fuck my brains out with a certain Insectoid, I longed and lusted for. I noted my sexual drive was strangely now on overload.


            “OOP, sorry Bren, I got to go.” I said, and turned away from her. My dark skirt was absolutely soaked with cum as I hugged her. She did not seem to notice.    


            “I’ll see you later.” I said, “I’ll call you later, and we can get together sometime.”


I ran quickly down the sidewalk toward the building for class, and I was gasping by the time I made it to my destination. I had to steady myself to catch my breath, as a spurt of cum ran down my legs, caused by my hard nipples brushing against the fabric. Returning to my class, I longed for the final hour I would be there for until my way back to the fraternity house and there she would be in the room with Beau. I was looking forward to making love with her, a drug-like feeling of being locked together with her, cumming my brains out.


            When class finally broke, that I headed back, not even paying attention as I wanted to get back. It was near the dorms that I got shoulder blocked by Gladys and her snobby friends, whom I had trouble with my first year here. There was bad blood between them and me, which never changed even with how many years it had been.


            “Hey watch where you’re going.” Gladys snarled, and her other friend put out their foot to trip me. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, to quickly jump up, letting it pass on by. I thrust punched in one sturdy motion striking the person flat handed in the chest. I was thankful that all that martial arts training in Tai Kwon Do had paid off, having foiled being raped many times. Crouching I backed off.


As I walked back to the fraternity house, I grumbled about that for only a moment until I reached my destination, and I literally darted upstairs opening our door. There I saw the young insectoid naked, touching her small breasts. Her small human-like breasts were hard, as her small hand touched her body, fondling her hard red and swollen pussy. I stared at her, and Beau looked up lustily at me, patting the bed. Quickly I stripped, and naked I stood embracing Beau, my hands caressing her smooth skin, gripping her butt. She peered at my swollen leaking pussy, red and engorged


“MMM...” Beau grunted, and smiled. I kissed my insectoid lover, locking the door before we slipped into bed.  My hand slid along her bare thighs.


“I could not stop thinking about you.” Beau said, “I came so much during classes.”


“Me too.” I replied, “Please fuck me. Fuck me always. I so want you right now. Be my lover and mate….”


“You mean you would be willing to have a female and female relationship?” Beau asked, “One that is of my race? I thought you had a boyfriend.”


We began to kiss, caress each other and as I stood there, we both gasped in unison as we fondled each other for a moment before adjourning to the bed. There we lay together, mounted together as we fucked, locked together in the strange sexual ecstasy for hours. I came constantly, feeling her juices spurt from her body. Inside my body, it found the egg released in my most fertile part of the cycle, and it merged with mine. After the merge, it floated freely, fertilized, and it implanting in my womb.  We held each other naked, holding and kissing. Both of were exhausted and unaware what had happened between us.


Another three months of routine came and went quickly, and strangely I found myself sick, throwing up in the restroom. I did not understand what was happening to me, noticing strange symptoms of being sore for some reason, having more blinding headaches and the symptoms of morning sickness. My breasts were sensitive, and slightly larger as they filled out. I noted a bump in my belly that I attributed to lack of exercise.


After I threw up, I went back home to the fraternity house, avoiding Gladys and her cronies, ignoring them as I staggered down the sidewalk. When I found my way to the house I staggered into the door, met by Beau who was worried about me. 


“Jesus, are you alright.” Beau asked, touching my shoulder. Looking up my now girlfriend, I met her worried gaze with a grimace.


“I’ll be ok.” I muttered, “Just need sleep.” With that, I staggered to the bed and did exactly that. I stripped down to nothing to crawl into bed. A loud knock sounded on the door, and staggering to it, I opened it to see no one there. I didn’t even care that I was in my birthday suit. Closing her door, I staggered back to the bed and had just drifted off until Beau arrived. She held in her hands a picture of me in a state of undress with the word “Slut… call ext 1145 for a good time on it.


I hardly heard her, as I slept, and feeling ill. The next day I was up as usual, and I tried going to my yoga class, only to collapse as I entered the workout room. An ambulance was called, and there were murmurs of blame as I was wheeled out, many angry stares at Gladys and her cronies. There was muttered blame and speculation of poison being administered.  I only remembered feeling faint, and sickly, and everything having gone black.


When I awoke, I knew I was in a hospital, and turning my head, I peered at the doctor who stood beside me. She had a concerned look on her face.


“Welcome back.” the Doctor said, “I’m Doctor Phillips.”


“H-how am I doc?” I stammered, “What happened?”


“Well you collapsed at the college and you are here for a check up.” She said, “Do you know, or did you know that you are three months pregnant?”


“Pregnant!” I gasped, and I put a hand on my stomach, touching it gently. “Oh my god…”


“Yes.” The doctor replied, “Don’t worry you are fine and so is your child. That is why you collapsed though.” 


“Oh my god…” I stammered again, “You mean actually going to have a baby?”


“So who is the lucky girl…?” Susan asked, “Well in this case.”


“Uhm what do you mean?” I replied, turning my head as my eyes filled with tears.


“Well upon examination you have the signs of an intercourse with an insectoid lover of recent weeks.” The doctor told me solemnly.


I remained silent.


“Don’t worry.” She said, “I understand completely, I have an insectoid lover myself. There is a notch on your pubic bone above your clit and the insectoid organ swells latching upon that to hold them against you… the human’s gain a notch there. Also your vaginal passage, for humans, it stretches it making you looser.  The eggs will merge with the human embryo as a male sperm would. However you will only bear daughters. ”


I gasped.


“It’s not a crime in my eyes. I am not going to report it.” The Doctor explained, “You’ll get thrown in prison if they find out. That is the system for you, intolerance to change. I assume you are addicted to the sex and fell in love right?”


I nodded my head, “H-how is this possible Doc?” 


“Well you found out… By the way, is this your first?” Asked the doctor and shamefully I nodded. Doctor Phillips was in her mid to late thirties.


“MMM lucky you, don’t be ashamed, they are going to be beautiful like you both.” The Doctor replied, “I have four, myself. The first one scared me to death, I was already thirty three. We had it in the sanctuary, got bonded there, and the others came quickly. Naturally all daughters, of course and I love them all very much.”


“Trouble is that she does not know doc.” I admitted to the doctor, “I didn’t even know but I know one thing she’s going to freak.”


 “It’s going to be okay. If you did not want one, you could have used female birth control. We can terminate it though too.”


“Well…” I started, and I shook my head. “I want it, its just, well I am… uh concerned what her reaction will be.”


“Take it in stride.” She said, “It is admirable that we can look beyond race and love someone who is different. It looks like you’ll have to bond to her.”




“Yes, the same as marriage the only difference is it is where you are both bound together in physical, mental and spirit.” The doctor explained, “It’s painless, but it makes your relationship so much more… let us say passionate and much more intense.”


“Did you do it?” I asked, suddenly interested, and the doctor nodded.


“Yes, and never regretted it. It was like a drug our first few times before that, unable to stop doing that to each other. I started using birth control, if I was pregnant all the time I would hardly be practicing medicine.” The doctor smiled and laughed.


 “Thanks Doctor Phillips.” I said with a smile, blushing slightly as she smiled, realizing that it was true. Beau and I would have to be permanently together after this to raise our kid.  I hardly was able to figure out how my parents and her parents would think of all this, her being a lesbian, an insectoid lover and having an unholy child like this. Beau soon appeared, dressed in a casual white tennis skirt with the shorts underneath and a tennis shirt. It was unbuttoned, revealing attractive cleavage.


“Beau!” I said, and the insectoid woman put down the racket, rushing to my side.


“Are you alright?” replied my insectoid roommate, “I came when I heard the news. The whole campus is a buzz with the news of you being brought to hospital”


“Leanne is going to be fine.” Doctor Phillips told Beau, “She’s got some news but keep her relaxed, no stress.”


“This is my roommate at the university.” I introduced her, “My best friend.”


“Nice to meet you.” Phillips said, shaking her hand, as a look of question appeared on the doctor’s face and I nodded.


“What’s wrong with her Doctor?” asked Beau, a look of concern on her face. “Someone said she was poisoned.”


“Poison?” Phillips said, and glanced at me. Both of us bust up with loud laughter.


“I’d better let her tell you…” Susan replied, “And make sure her boyfriend or husband knows too. He needs to know immediately and her parents.”


“Eh?” Beau asked, glancing at me who lay there covered with nothing but a gown.


“I will be right back.” She said, glancing down at the beeper that sounded loudly.


Beau walked up as the door closed softly as the doctor exited. The insectoid’s hand found mine but my other one had slid under the leg of her shorts finding her thighs.


“Oooh… MMM…” gasped Beau, feeling my hand rubbing her pussy.  Glancing at the door, Beau’s hand found mine, at her twat, and she pulled it away.


“So what’s wrong?” gasped the Insectoid woman, feeling my hand caressing and slipping on her thighs again.


“I’m pregnant.”


“What!” Beau asked, and she sat beside me, “Oh my god! You’re impregnated?”


I smiled and nodded my head. “It’s ours. I’m going to have our baby…”


“Ours?” Beau asked, and the young insectoid stared at the floor, embarrassed. 


“Well we were the only ones screwing each other for the few weeks solid…”  I whispered, “The Doctor just confirmed it.”


Beau was shocked, the very thought that she had impregnated her roommate and a human female. There was no question that she had been on cycle when they had had their lesbian intercourse. They had been fucking like rabbits lately for few weeks. Usually two human females who did that would not produce in this manner. Insectoid people were different however, and usually even then it would not happen between humans very often. She had no idea that her fertilized egg of ping pong ball size had been transferred to the young human woman and had taken. Beau did not think it would have worked, or she would not have gotten sexually involved with this human woman. The insectoid could also have insisted using female birth control.


 “I did not think it was possible to do that to a human.” Beau said, “Or I wouldn’t have done that with you.”


“Shhh. Keep it down.” I said, and Beau hugged me, her wings rustling slightly. My hand still was in the leg of her shorts massaging her bare sex.


“Damn it, you are putting me in a bad spot.” Beau complained, “What about your parents and boyfriend?”


“My parents are and could be trouble, one is a justice the other is an attorney.” I replied, “As for the boyfriend, truth here, I lied. I’m a lesbian. I like women.”


“You are?”


“I hid the fact from my parents since I was in fifth grade.” I confessed, “They are very much against alternative lifestyle and the sub classes.”


“For heaven’s sake why didn’t you say so?”


“Oh god I love you and want you so much.” I said my hand still in the leg of her shorts as I rubbed her freely.


“I’m so sorry. I l-love you too…” Beau whispered, breathing quietly in gasps, “I’m just taken back, and surprised…” I rubbed faster and felt her insectoid lover’s cunt leak in a whoosh of fluid. A wet spot had appeared in her white shorts as she came hard and soaked her shorts. Beau was gasping in gulps as her thighs rocked slightly.


“Don’t be.” I replied, smiling as she sighed quietly, “I love you very much. I want this so much.”


“You do?” Beau murmured, and I nodded.


“Ever since we became roomies, I have had wanted to make love to you so bad.” I admitted, “I wanted to have a kid so bad… I always wondered what it would be like to have children with an insectoid. But now I have no choice, I am asking your hand. Please bind with me, be my lover…”


Beau exhaled and stared at the young human in alarm, who nodded.


“You mean you want me to bind with you?”


“We have to be together. Please, be with me.” I begged, “Fuck me always…Let me bear your children. Love me like this always.”


She heard a knock and I quickly withdrew my hand from her shorts. The doctor had entered afterward.


“Well you can get dressed.” The Doctor said, “You are able to return to your fraternity house, but I warn you, no stress. So far everything looks normal.”


“The college called and notified your parents.” Phillips said, “I gave them the results and finds, but did not tell them it was your lovers. They seemed rather surprised and pissed off but are glad to hear you are okay. They are coming out to New Los Angeles.”


 “Thank you, doctor.” Beau said. 


“So are you ready for this?”


“No, just surprised and taken back.” Beau replied, “I wasn’t ready for this to happen so quickly.”


Beau smiled as both received an embrace. “Take it easy.”  The young doctor turned, and left the room. 


“Oh boy. I’m in for it now.” I grumbled, “From my parents, they’re never going to understand.” I glanced at my lover, flushed by her arousal.


When I dressed quickly, I forewent undergarments as we walked out of the emergency room. We walked together, and the insectoid’s hand slipped under my skirt when no one was around massaging my bare ass, fingering my twat. 


I gasped, and turned with a start, and the young insectoid, my lover, kissed me passionately.


“I will bind with you… after I make arrangements.” Beau whispered as she squeezed my ass.


“But please, touch me. Make love to me…” groaned the insectoid, “Right now…” Looking around, she led me to a nearby restroom, entering a stall. 


“Here?” I gasped, “What happens if we get caught. We will get arrested.”


“You started it.”


“But…” I started to reply and I fell silent as Beau was already stripping out of her clothes. Nude she leaned against the door, and I stared at her trim body, her bare sex and her small breasts. She began unbuttoning my shirt, massaging my now rigid nipples. I was turned on by this display and I managed a low groan as my nipples began to throb as she played with them. She abruptly put her hand down under my skirt and I gasped as her fingers found my pussy. I felt them tweak my now rigid clit.


“Oh someone is warm down there.” Beau mused, and we stood there for over ten minutes, heavy petting and kissing. I grabbed her small ass and began licking her pussy gently.


“I want you to….” Beau said, “Ahhh… Just fuck me…” I sat on the toilet, and insectoid sat on my lap, her leg over mine. Nude we began rubbing against each other, tribbing each other. Beau’s insectoid’s pussy swelled, opening as it held us both wide and locked us together. Our juices squished quietly as we rubbed our nude bodies together, kissing and caressing each other. My nipples brushed against hers as I found my lover’s butt and here I fingered it. We both came harder than ever before and already sweaty and cum soaked as we held each other tightly together. We both heard the outer door open and heard voices. The first thing I did was put a hand over hand over Beau’s mouth to stifle a yelp as she orgasm. Lucky it was a full stall with a real door and even if someone took the stall next to us, that no one would know or overhear us. We frigged in that stall like there was no tomorrow, the whole time the young insectoid had continued rubbing, and we kept exploding multiple times as we both listened to the chatter of the others in the woman’s restroom. 


“Oh Beau…” I whispered, continuing to cum.  We sat together, breathing heavily and unable to break apart. We continued to frig each other, even involuntary, as my thighs rocked in unison against her. Every time she moved, it put pressure against my stretched pussy and I whined as I felt myself spurt continually, holding her tightly.  We were like that for an hour, both of us refusing to stop for the other’s sake.


“Just wait till we are bound.” Beau informed me, “We won’t have sessions like this. It will exhaust both of us too easily.


“I can’t wait.” I murmured, meeting Beau’s bemused look.


I glanced at her, as we finally broke, and my first thing was to look down, inspecting my pussy. It was red and dribbled the insectoid’s juices, leaking down my leg. I felt a twinge of pain as my finger found the notch in the skin, just above my rock hard clit that bound us together. I felt stretched and sore from such selfless abuse and sex. However, I also felt relieved, and relaxed having came a lot more than anyone else, male or female. I quickly wiped myself down with tissue before we both dressed, both exhausted and longing to return to our room for sleep. Beau had nothing covering her wet pussy, and wore just the short skirt. We returned unnoticed to the house and had to prepare for our binding and deception of my impregnation with Beau’s seed. Two things that could risk us prison. From then on, neither of us wore anything under our clothes, going commando for free access to our bodies. Our sex was like a drug for us both. When we arrived after class, we walked unnoticed to our room. I locked the door as Beau slipped out of her clothes. I slipped in bed beside my lover, who wept, our bodies tightly together.


As weeks progressed, I began to become larger, hiding the bulge and larger breasts with the loose clothing. I rigorously fucked my roommate between classes, got monthly check ups and found out right away that I would not be able to head to a public shower, or lest be given away. Beau had resorted to a sponging me down, heading to a private shower somewhere, or going to shower at odd hours, in order to bathe. My also realization was that my parents would be seriously angered for getting knocked up and would want to who it was.


“Christ a shotgun wedding…” I thought and I grimaced. “And I am not even going to say its Beau’s kid.” I wondered if I should tell them the truth, but her father, a justice, had put many into torture and rape in prisons. Fearing for my life, being their daughter or not, I knew I would probably not be exempt from such punishment and decided to say nothing.


“I can’t believe this… I am actually having a baby.” I complained as Beau tended me, washing my skin gently down in the room. I peered at the mirror, at my bulging belly but despite that, we continued to have lesbian sex.


As we lay together, we kissed and necked. My breasts in these few months had grown fat with the milk and my belly bulged. I groaned as I felt Beau rubbing against my now shaved cunt. Her sex organ swelled and it spread mine out, stretching it wide. We both lay there rubbing against each other on our sides as we rubbed our breasts and our skin slid against each other.  It was not long and as many times before, we were locked together.  My swollen nipples tingled with excitement as they rubbed against hers.


“Oh god I love you...” I whispered, unable to pull away as we rubbed against each other, and were in full swing, making love to each other. I felt Beau’s juices spurt from her small breasts, covering us and likewise felt myself orgasm. A knock sounded on the door.


“Shit.” I said with a curse, still locked with Beau in bed together.


“J-just a minute.” We tried to break, squirming and gasping to no avail, we were stuck together. Beau shuddered and kissed me. I got up, holding her against me, and managed to walk to the door. I gasped, feeling our bodies tug against each other and we both came again.


“W-who is it?” I asked, pretending to have been awakened. 


“It’s your mom.” A voice replied, “Please open up.”


“I was sleeping, but hang on.” I lied, moving to the bed. Beau met my panicked look with a smile and she managed a shrug as she stared into my eyes. I shook my head, as I caressed her.  Turning I opened the door a crack.


“We were sleeping.” I repeated, “My roommate is asleep, can you wait a moment? I am not decent.”


“Oh I’m sorry it was rather late.” She said, “I’ll come back and meet you tomorrow. Night dear.”


“Thanks. I know you both are upset and I will bring my boyfriend around to meet you.” I replied, closing the door and both returned to bed.  By the next morning, we were unfortunately still locked together.


“Shit we cannot budge.” Beau grunted, smiling as she kissed me, “Although I don’t mind.”


“My mom will be here again in a few hours.” I asked, “Is there anything we can do?”


“HMMM I don’t know.” Beau replied, “A cold shower?”


“We have to walk like this to the shower.” I replied sarcastically, “And not be seen.”


“Hmmm, I see your point.”


“Let’s try to break.”


“If we do this wrong it will rip you apart.” Beau told me.


“I got an idea.” I said and reaching back, my hand found my glass of ice water and I poured it between us.


“HEY!” Beau gasped, as she squirmed and a second we broke with a popping noise.


“Oh shit.” I said, swooning with exhaustion, feeling my juices running down my leg, “That was incredible!”


“It gets much better.” Beau replied with a nervous chuckle.


We both donned robes and hit the bathroom. When we returned, after showering, we went to our room and together we both examined each other. We dressed quickly and were ready when my mom came and I joined her, walking outside to talk privately with my parent who was clearly unhappy about what had happened.


“My parents want to yank me out of school.” I said with a grumble, “I refused and they are insisting I quit, and abort my pregnancy.”


“You still refused?” asked the Insectoid, and I nodded in reply.


“What are you going to do?” Beau asked.


“We need to get this binding done,” I replied, “If we are bound, and you can impersonate a guy, it might work. It might get them off my ass then we’ll tell them later, you are a female, insectoid and a lesbian. This is our kid etc.”


“It won’t be right, how bout we tell them the truth.” Beau asked, and I shook my head.


“You’ll end up in the prison being tortured. I can’t live with that, or see myself being tortured like that either.”


Beau thought it over before responding, “I think we could work it.”


“Then let’s do it tomorrow.” I suggested, “There are worse things than being in the slammer.”


“I’d rather be with you.” Beau replied, and she held me tightly.


The next couple of days passed, and they both went down to a sanctuary for those of the subculture and humans who had intermingled. A so called underground for those who fought against the system. Here they entered the chapel where we were stripped, and together we would be bound together as permanent lovers.  We both walked into the door, Beau beside me.


            A priestess, dressed in a white robe appeared, and it bore an insignia of ancient origins upon it.


            “I have taken a lover, and wish to be bound to her.” Beau said, “I bring her before the altar of judgment.”


            “Do you love this human creature?” asked the priestess, frowning at me.


            “With all my heart and soul, we have born offspring together.” Beau said.


            “Human, you understand what I tell you now will affect you permanently, and cannot be undone?”


            “I do.”


            “Your bind and agreement to be bound to your lover is one of not just physical act, that unlike humans, it is an act of touching the mind and spirit, your very souls will be always entwined together.”


            “I understand.”


            “Then you will be prepared for the ritual of binding.” Droned the priestess and struck a gong where two acolytes came. They were both led to different chambers. I was led into a chamber with a warm pool of water and an insectoid female ran her hands over my body as she bathed me, caressing my skin as oil was rubbed over it. I grunted and gasped as she rubbed in the oil, my nipples hard and my pussy juicy with arousal. Sufficiently soaked with oil, I reached up, fondling the young insectoid priestess who was administering to my every need. The young insectoid gasped as I fondled her with vigor, feeling her juices and she took my hand, smiling as she pulled it away from her genitalia.


            When we returned, both of us lie on the mat together. We held each other as our hands was sliced, and a root was placed between us in our hands. They also put one on our sexual organs and breasts. Tentacles snaked out to slip along their bodies and pump as our fluids filled the root. I felt my mind growing and moving closer in the darkness as our feelings of our mutual intercourse brought our physical spirit together. I did not know that our body and souls were linked now, forever bound together.  Our bodies began to tingle as we caressed each other, moaning, gasping and our nude bodies held together.


            When we awoke, I awoke first, opening my eyes to stare at the sleeping form of Beau beside me. Her nude body still touched mine, and I became aware of a shy tingle inside my body, being close to her like this. My hands touched Beau’s medium breasts, and I half heartedly teased her nipple in the half lighted room. Beau’s eyes fluttered and she smiled when her eyes focused upon her now mate.


            “Are you alright?” Beau asked and I swooned, hearing her voice in my head. The insectoid girl’s lips did not move at all.


            I put my hands to hold my head. “How can I hear you in my head?” I asked, “This is very strange.”


            “MMM I love you.” Beau said, not speaking and I managed a smile.


            “You can cast using your mind.” Beau said, finally speaking, “You will be able to hear my thoughts and I can hear yours. We will be touching each other in ways that are far beyond mere physical.”


            “That is really weird, Beau.” I repeated, “Can you teach me that?”


            Beau nodded, caressing my thighs as we touched and kissed, loving each other as we consummated our union. Beau’s mind had touched mine and I, a willing learner felt myself reach out as her lover to touch her back as she had shown me. Our minds touched as Beau mounted me and I felt my pussy spread wide.


            “Oh god, make me pregnant again quickly.” My mind screamed, “I want to bear your children so bad…I love you so much…Love me forever this way.”


Although it would be a month or more before I would be on cycle again, Beau’s egg passed between us. When we were done I cuddled with my now mated lover, both exhausted.  Inside my womb, the fetus continued to grow.


When we sat up, Beau slipped a ring on our nipples, signifying our union together. I accepted it, kissing my lover.


“Now you make me a guy.” She took me to our home, a small apartment quality place, in the underground, our new home if things went wrong with my plan.


Beau dressed in baggy clothes, jeans, and a shirt. I cut her hair short, to shoulder length.


The young Insectoid stared at the mirror and stared at herself. Her hard nipples rubbed against the shirt and her bare pussy began gushing liquid. “This is never going to work.” She grumbled and I smiled, holding my lover, kissing her neck. She felt a shy tingling as she sat there, caused by our union and being close together.


“Oh…” Beau gasped, her pussy tingling, and twitching as she just stood around me.  She turned, fingering me but I stopped her.


“After.” I whispered, and after a few minutes composing ourselves we walked like a couple to their fraternity house, my parents waiting for me.


I greeted my mom and the glare of my father.


“Who is this?” Her father intoned, “Is he the one?”


“Yes he is.” I said, standing in front of Beau ‘Beauford’ Floras”


“You are the father of my daughter’s kid?”


“Yes sir.” Beau answered, “I am. Clearly it was an error on my part, but I want to take responsibility and do what’s right. I love her and want her hand with your permission.”


            “What do you do?”


            “Studying Computer Systems.” Beau replied, “This was an accident.”


            “You seem to be a good young man.” Her mom said, and Beau nodded.


            “Yes, I was a bit uneasy and shocked when I found out, but I understand my responsibility.”


            “See mom, see dad.” I chided, “He is as I said he is.”


            “I need to go to class.” Beau said, “See you honey. Nice meeting you.”


 When Beau left, I turned to her parents.


“A nice boy.” Her mom commented, “Where did you meet him, here?”


“Yea, we had a computer class together.” I said, “We have been a couple for some time. We just made a minor mistake here, when the protection broke.”


“Well see Stanley, everything will turn out.” Karen, my mom told him and he nodded.


            “Oh good I get to plan a wedding!” She chortled and my jaw dropped.


            “You don’t have to.”


            “Well its not every day my baby gets married.” She said, and unfortunately as I had thought I saved the situation, I clearly did not.


            “Shit!” I thought, and the arrangements were made despite what I said to get out of it. 


            A month did pass and everything was set. I continued my classes as did Beau. Horror of horrors we were both taken to a shop to be fitted for a tuxedo and a dress.


Beau was told to strip and fitted, after telling the salesperson it was a gag for the wedding.  Beau looked sharp in the tuxedo and after a few weeks later in front of family and friends stood together at the podium, where we were married by a priest.


            When we got to the room, Beau held me as we entered, immediately stripping out of the tuxedo and both standing nude in the bathroom, staring at my now wife.


            Beau was less than happy that this had all been blown out of proportion, but managed to relax as she sat in the Jacuzzi waiting for me. When I came in, Beau idly teased her small breasts.  I stepped into the Jacuzzi and I sat against her nude, very female body. Both of us were happy and relaxed.


            “I cannot believe this month has been hell.” Beau said, “I cannot keep this up much longer.”


            “Please… just for a while.” I replied, “Please… I’ll figure out how to fix this mess, I promise.”


            “Okay, in the meantime, then what?”


            “Be a guy, and fuck me.” I said as I kissed Beau. Her hands caressed my breasts and her pussy. We both stood up drying off together we slipped into bed. Both of us were gasping and moaning as Beau’s tongue licked my breasts, placing kisses all over my body, and likewise hers before her cunt rubbed against mine. Her pussy swelled quickly, locking us together as we consummated our love together for many hours. After we were finished, we slept in each other’s arms well into the wee hours of the morning.


We got up hours later, going out together, dressed in what appeared to be a young couple, and spending it out away from their honeymoon suite at the beach. Officially married to speak, but in a ritual considered so pagan and so wrong,


As we walked the beach together, holding each other, we found a secluded spot on the beach and here Beau slipped off the bikini bottoms and dove into the warm waves. I joined her, and I found her hand caressing my bare pussy. My senses were at peak overload just being around her, out of control ever since we were bound together. I had no idea what I had done, or how this would affect my life. She held me against the rock in the thundering waves as she rode me to multiple orgasms.


Six months rapidly advanced as strict routine and we safely stayed secluded in the sanctuary. We did our classed remotely, and seldom were seen on the campus for very long. I surprisingly looked nine months into the pregnancy with our child, who I already had planned to call it Samantha Beau’Ray.  I was perplexed by how fast insectoid children mature, and the way my mate had explained it, had been sufficient to confuse me even more. We lay in bed together every night, as she rubbed my tummy. I groaned as I came rapidly in succession as I held my insectoid lover. A few weeks later, I sat in a birthing pool, and I pushed. With little pain, to my surprise, I had our daughter.


Beau and I would start our life together as a couple, in which we would live, and love bound as one. We were unaware of the world outside the sanctuary that had denounced such love affairs, and had now deemed it death to live as a couple in a forbidden relationship such as this. We had brought death into the mix for our forbidden romance and for a price, but it was one relationship that I would never give up for the amount of love as Beau meant to me. She was mine, I was hers, and we had the rest of our lives together to live. Forever.