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Spider Kiss


Inspired on the picture: The muse. A story of change into a spider from a human after bite


Spider Kiss

Nathaniel Miller


Darkness, it spread out silently over the sleeping town, the pale moonlight pouring over the buildings as the dim light of morning encroached on the sleepy town of Beatty Nevada. It is here that a young woman lays in bed inside the family home, on a large acre ranch, the young girl in her room, sound asleep and dreaming strange dreams until the blatant buzzing of the alarm awakened her. The sound made her reach out blindly and swat at the clock on the nightstand, killing the alarm.



A young woman, named Veronica Simms, slowly opened her eyes as she lay on the bed, peering up at the simple white ceiling of her room, and at the poster of Justin Bieber that she has attached from the ceiling with several stick pins. She had awakened from a dream, and as it faded, she groggily sat up as she tried to clear her mind to blearily glance at the clock’s offending, blinking red numbers. 



It is on a Monday, which it was time for school, and gasping her mind comprehended the information she was staring at. ’07:30’ the numbers said and yelping, she sat fully upright, swinging her legs to hang on the edge of the bed. Here the young woman shook her head freely to clear the cobwebs of sleep. She felt pain on her arm, and turning her head she stared at the bulge of a nasty looking knot that was about the size of a ping-pong ball round. Her arm ached and throbbed, as did her whole body.  She did not remember last night, as she was cleaning her room, and of the spider that had bit her arm after she had gone to bed and slept. It was a large brown spider, smooth and shiny with the typical black eight legs and many eyes. A spider that had crawled across the desert from the test beds of the Nevada Nuke sites, ending up on a truck bringing it to Beatty.



“Jesus what the hell is happening to me?”  The young girl thought, trying to comprehend the pain and nausea that she felt in her stomach. She had a strange craving for blood.



“Seven-thirty.” The girl’s mind told her and she sat there frowning, letting out a sharp breath, “Oh shit!” 



“You’re going to be late!” A voice shouted, “It’s time to get up Veronica!” 



The young woman recognized it as her mom, and quickly she stripped off her pajamas and slipped on a red single piece dress with a halter top. She even forwent a bra. Veronica grabbed her brush, staring at the mirror that made up the top of her dresser. A young woman stared back at her there, one with long black hair, dark eyes, a trim muscular figure, and a round face appeared in the mirror. Grimacing she frowned, staring at the braces she saw on her teeth, quickly brushing her hair and frowning at the crocked expression she had given the image in the mirror. The young girl is about sixteen years of age, a sophomore in local High School of Beatty Nevada in the middle of the desert.



“Yeah… Another day in no man’s land, located in the middle of sand, sage, scorpions, and mountains.” The young woman thought, grabbing a lipstick tube and makeup and began putting it on her face, making herself look human, or to her at least presentable.



“Breakfast is ready, come and get it!” The voice said again and the young girl turned.



“Coming mom!” She yelled, quickly exiting the door, running down the hallway and down the stairs into the kitchen to plop into a chair before a plate of food.



“You don’t have much time honey. The bus will be here in fifteen minutes, you had better eat fast.”  Her mom told her and without even a prompt that Veronica picked up a fork and dived in as another adult entered the room. Her father, clad in a suit with graying hair and a white goatee walked in. His suit was rumpled and he carried a briefcase.



“Jesus I’m going to be late.” He muttered, grabbing a glass that his wife handed to him, gulping down the orange liquid from within it.



“Have a good day honey.” She told him and he nodded to her, kissing her hotly on the lips. He moved to Veronica to kiss her on the cheek, then running to the door he exited. The sound of the automatic garage whirred a moment later, and the car pulling out.



Veronica was stunned. She was wearing a formal dress today, better suited for a prom or a bordello, rather than school and her parents simply had not noticed. It was not real long skirt, but it was not a mini-skirt either. The top was a spaghetti strap and it had attractive cleavage for the youthful body her age. It revealed a lot more than was allowed at school.



Getting up she ran to the closet to fetch her jacket, and dug through boxes looking for it. She slipped it on around her body, grabbing her lunch from the kitchen and her books on the table, running toward the door. Outside a new layer of snow had fallen overnight, and a cold frigid wind whipped along the front yard through the large leafless oak tree in the front yard. As Veronica stepped through the front door, she bounded across the front porch, and down the front steps onto the icy sidewalk. She slipped slightly as she landed.



“Whoa!” The young girl gasped, moving her arms as she tried to maintain balance. She had a backpack in her hand that hung down, colored hot pink and it did not help keep her balanced. She dropped her pack and spun her arms wildly before her foot gave way out from under her. 



The ground was hard, cold, and unforgiving as she hit it, and she felt a pain in her shoulder as she drove it into the icy sidewalk. Another pain lanced out through her arm, the pain from the bite the spider had given to her the night before. Veronica rolled to her side quickly and rolled onto her feet. She recovered her pack, and walked in the snow covered grass toward the gate and opened it, to exit her yard onto the sidewalk in front of the house.  Her arm ached as she stood in the frigid weather, and she winced, moving it, as a pinch from the bite rubbed against the sleeve of her jacket. 



“Ah hell, I musta really hit pretty hard.” thought the young girl, unaware that the poison of the spider that moved in her bloodstream since last night.  Her arm continued to ache in one area, even after the pain had subsided from her fall on the ice.



“Damn.” She thought again, moving her hand to the arm of her jacket.  Standing in the semi-dim light of morning, she waited for the bus that rolled toward her on her street. She could see the yellow caution light flashing, then the red lights to indicate other cars must stop. She watched many times as it approached her and when it finally arrived, she looked up at the dirt covered door as it opened, allowing her to enter. Veronica stepped up the stairs into the warm interior. 



“Ah warmth at last.” Veronica muttered with a smile, and walked, half limped down the aisle-way toward the seats behind the driver.



Veronica felt an ache in her left leg, an almost numbness and tingle moving through it as she walked the aisle-way. Hobbling, she found a seat in the semi-darkness that was empty to take. As the young girl sat there, the throb of pain began to shoot through her left arm where she had been bitten, down through her left leg on one side and on her back on both sides. A ringing started in her head as pain moved to her head, causing her earlobes to hurt and her neck.



“Jesus!” She thought, wincing at the terrible pain as tears rolled down her face, her leg and arm now feeling like it was asleep on one side of her. She moved her arm and this time she felt a lump on the top of her arm.



“Holy shit, that really hurts!” thought the young girl, unbuttoning the jacket and putting her arm in the sleeve.



Her fingers probed the sore area, and she felt the massive lump on her arm.  Pain moved through her legs, arms and back, making her grit her teeth. Veronica felt a hot flash overwhelm her senses and she felt her head swoon as the spider’s poison set to work on her nervous system. 



The bus rumbled and continued onward, stopping again as more students got on board, stepping up on the stairs into the interior.  She managed to glance up at a young woman who approached, her best friend named Stacy. She wore a pair of jeans and a purple spaghetti strap shirt and sneakers under the heavy white coat over the top of it. Stacy smiled at Veronica as she approached, holding up her hand to wave, and dropped into the seat next to her.  Her friend did not notice that she was white as a sheet and Veronica did not realize that her body was beginning to change with the poison that now coursed through her veins.  Legs had protruded and stretched from her skin under the jacket and from her back, filling and curling inward in the dark recesses of her jacket.



“Hiya Veron…” Stacy told her, “How’ it going?”



“Not good, I think I am in trouble.” replied the young girl, “I am in a lot of pain and I have a lump in my left arm like it’s a bite or something.”



“What do you mean?” Stacy asked, glancing at Veronica and she gasped, noting her pale drawn complexion, her bloodshot eyes. Her friend noted the sleeve of her jacket as it was swollen and round.



“Jesus, you look horrible, maybe you should have stayed home.” Stacy told her, “I hope you aren’t contagious.”



“I don’t know if I am, or not.” Veronica replied sarcastically, “Stace, I’m going to close my eyes for a while, till we get to the school. Wake me when we get there.”






Veronica closed her eyes and laid her head against the window, pain overwhelming her, and she let unconsciousness settle in around her. A voice kept droning on and on about invasion, which she didn’t understand.



When the bus got to school she opened her eyes at the insistent shaking of Stacy and she looked up to nod. Veronica yelped as she stood up and limped toward the door and barely made it down the stairs. Heading for the door, she and her friend walked toward the light of the Gym in which they would pass through and to the inner hallway to go to their lockers then to homeroom.  Little did the young woman know that her body had begun to change and the pain, intense, still ripped through her body from her head to her toes. 



“It is time for my revenge!” the girl-spider declared.  She stepped forward and cringed as the pain ripped through her body, and turning she slipped off her jacket. Veronica felt something inside her dress, and turning her head that she gasped as she yelped, seeing four legs on either side that were originating from her back. The young woman had realized that a genetic change had happened, and she was taking on the characteristic of a spider, with eight legs in addition to her two legs and arms that reminded her of a super-villain from a popular movie. The only difference from that was these legs were real and not metal. 



“Oh my God, what is happening to me?” The young girl asked. She stood staring at a nearby mirror that was attached by the door in the foyer, staring at the legs that twitched and moved at her command, lifting her from the ground into the air.



Veronica stared closer at the mirror, at her teeth and saw a pair of fangs protruding from her canine teeth and her eyes now a deep red color instead of the dark brown that she originally had. Veronica noted that her eyesight had also become keener and well defined, able to see focus long distances across the Gym and small objects in small detail. The young teen realized that she had become what they called a Drider in the Dungeons and Dragons Game, a creature that was part human and part spider.  Her body had become lean and muscular, well proportioned and muscle defined. 



“Holy shit… Veronica?” Stacey timidly asked, backing toward the door as Veronica hissed at her fiercely. Putting out her human arms she squirted what appeared to be webbing as it splattered at the door near the terrified young human girl, her friend.



“AAAAAAAHHHH!” Stacey screamed, running to the door and closing it, holding it with her body.



“Call the police and the army.” Stacy shouted as others ran toward her.  There was a crash and a clatter as the door was struck, knocked from the hinges and it landed on the young girl. Veronica, the teenage spider girl appeared from the door, frowning fiercely at the others who stared at her in fear. Everyone scattered, running for their life as the young spider-creature spat out thread, striking Suzy Hendricks, a snobby popular girl that always picked on her and treated her badly. She had begun her revenge on those who had treated her badly, and the first thing was to have breakfast, wrapping her victims like a spider and biting the struggling cocooned forms sharply as she sucked them dry of their blood. Blood covered her mouth and body as she bit them.



Students and staff ran out of the gym in a panic as Veronica grabbed her victims using her other legs. She moved toward the door to the outside and exited into the light, leaving confusion, panic and chaos as she moved down the street, through the yards and down streets. Half turning, the young spider-girl hissed evilly before she exited the city, into the desert and into sunset never to be seen again with her victims. Forever lost in the Nevada desert. 

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