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The Latex Flower


An Alien Plant race uses human Fm as hosts, taking over a Death Valley Town in Calif.


The Latex Flower

by Erwin Stevens 1994 ©


It was a warm summer day in Spring Valley, a small community on the southern part of California. School was out for the summer, and the din of children at play filled the dry desert air as Cynthia Erickson rode home from the airport, after a long flight to come down from the school in Oregon. As she settled in, that later, still dressed in her school clothes that she walked in the heat of the afternoon, early evening and the sounds of children at play and the smell of barbeques foretold the onset of evening. Cynthia herself is glad to be home after the long school year. It had been a long year for her away, and she longed to see her friends and family.



The young woman was finally home, having just turned eighteen that spring she had fully entered the contrary phase of her adult-hood and found the experience quite trying. Enduring the long cross-country trek had been bad enough, but her parents had compounded this by treating her like a child and embarrassing her at the worst moments over the phone. Cynthia wanted to come home on the train, but her parents had insisted she flown, a long flight that she would be stuck aboard an airplane. Still, the young woman was thankful to be home again, at last. As soon as she had entered the house that she immediately had called up her best friend, Megan and now is on her way over to her house.



Little changed in Spring Valley, a small town located on the northwestern border of Death Valley, CA and Cynthia normally alternated between frustration and comfort at that fact. As she walked over to Megan's house, something filled her with unease, but she wasn't able to put her finger on the problem. Spring Valley was a small bedroom community, and Cynthia's corner of town was home to lots of families.



By the time she had reached Megan's front door, Cynthia realized the problem she had not seen any teenagers around, just a lot of little kids playing. There seemed to be a cheerful, subdued note in the air and yet something alien too. Still, it was nearing suppertime and she put away her concerns as she knocked on Megan's door. Megan who was the same age was her best friend and she could not wait to see her ever since she had been on her way home.



"Come in, Cynthia." Welcomed Anne Marie Forester, Megan's mother, "How was your trip in?"



"It was okay," Cynthia replied simply, not looking at Meg's mother in the eye and how she was dressed today. She had held her gaze to the floor,



"Good, Megan's up in her room waiting for you." She did not note the latex covering over Megan’s mom’s body that was practically see through at this stage, showing her swollen nipples and bare breasts as a tendril remained in her mom’s swollen wet vaginal passage. Her swelled belly told her that there was something unusual happening.



"Thanks." Cynthia quickly shot up to Megan's bedroom, barely containing herself. She hadn't seen her friend in a long time and had plenty of things to tell her.



Cynthia entered Megan's room unannounced, as only best friends can, but no sooner than she entered got the shock of her lifetime. Megan was sitting on the edge of her bed completely naked! Cynthia had seen Megan naked before, but only when they were changing clothes. Megan got up as soon as Cynthia had walked in, and approached her friend with a forlorn look on her normally smiling face. She stepped up to hug her friend, and as she did, her naked bare body rubbed against her. Cynthia also noted a sweet fragrance in the air that over powered her senses.



"Hey there Cynth," Meg said, "I'll be right with you, I thought would grab a quick shower and be ready by the time you got here. I guess apparently not." Cynthia smiled, and yet was uncomfortable at the greeting by her friend. Megan turned to walk across the room to the dresser, opening it and from within she pulled a halter-top and a pair of shorts overalls, throwing them on the bed.



Meg, the same age, turned to face her friend and Cynthia stared at her body, the 31B breasts, her magnificent figure and the formidable curves as she changed into being a very beautiful young woman. Meg smiled at the discomfort she sensed by her friend. Slowly she grabbed the thin white cotton halter-top and slid it over her head. The top was very thin cotton and it was trimmed with a blue stripe around the collar. Underneath it, her erect nipples could be seen clearly through the material and Cynthia stared at her rounded breasts, her now hard nipples protruding from the fabric. She then slid on the overall shorts over her bare pussy.



"You're going to just wear that outfit?" Cynthia asked, "It's kind of thin to wear too the mall."



"Why not?” Meg asked, "It is way too hot for anything else."



Megan turned her when her mother poked her head into the room on them.



"Meg Honey, I know you and Cynthia wanted to go to the mall this evening, but I don't want you going off too far."



"Aww mom, But we were just about to go." She whined.



Her mother shook her head, "I'll make it up to you Megan." She said, "I'll drive you out there on Friday. It's just a bit too hot for actually trying to walk it that far to the mall. How bout you both just stay around her and sit in the garden or show her the new green house we built. Beside I need your help and need you to quickly do a quick clean up of the greenhouse, so I can walk a group through it tonight for my botany classes."



Meg grimaced. "But..." She started to reply but her mother silenced her with a look.



"Megan. I said no." She replied firmly, "Please just do it. Beside Cynthia might like it. It's a nice place to sit and talk, also catch a few rays. It's not like this is the last day to go out to the mall."



"Alright... Alright." Megan said, grumbling, and walked across the room. As she passed the plant, sitting next to her dresser, that Meg turned her attention to the intoxicating scent of the alien plant. It is a plant that Anne and Megan had found in the desert one day. She bent down and breathed deeply. The effect was immediate -- she became slightly dizzy, and felt a tingling throughout her body.



"Shit, I guess it is something to pass the time." Meg thought, and turned to Cynthia. "Well I guess there is no mall today, how bout we hit the green house and catch a few rays, and relax around the house."



Cynthia nodded to her friend, immediately liking the sound of that. "Yeah that sounds good. I do need the tan, that's one thing that Oregon does not have a lot of... Sunshine. What about this greenhouse, what is she doing, growing flowers to sell?"



Megan met her friend's gaze. "Well actually, my Mom built the greenhouse so she can keep some exotic plants. She has taken teaching botany again and has been studying an exotic plant." Meg told her, "Since she started studying botany, she has really got into it." Her friend managed a grin.



"Sounds like it keeps her busy." Cynthia replied, grinning ear to ear. Megan pulled off the halter-top after undoing her overall shorts and let them fall to the floor. Naked again, this time she pulled a simple white t-shirt over her head. Through it, Meg's best friend saw her erect nipples, and could just make out her pussy lips under her shirt. She noted no hair down there. She didn’t know a time she shaved before.



Cynthia knew that Meg was a nudist when she was younger with her mother, after her father died and yet she thought that when they moved from the coast they had given that up.



"Apparently not." She murmured and grinned. The other thing the young girl did not understand was why she was getting dizzy and disoriented.



What it was, that Cynthia did not know it was the plant that sat in the large pot in the corner that was doing it to her and the fragrance was doing its work, deep inside Cynthia she felt the beginnings of a shy tingle through her body.



"What the hell, I am getting horny all of a sudden." She thought and still stared at Meg's shirt and the revealing cleavage she wore.



 "Why did you change?" Cynthia asked, "I thought we were going out to the garden, isn't that too little clothing to sitting in clear view of everyone?"



"Well keep in mind if we go out its going to be hot out, hotter than in here, and even hotter in the green house, also very humid. I thought I would stay comfortable. I think you would be better off if you changed into something cooler Cynthia, that wool school uniform must be uncomfortable." The young woman pondered a moment and nodded to her friend. Megan turned and pulled out a shirt like hers, this one buttoned up the front.



Slowly Cynthia turned and undid the snap of her dress and it fell on the hardwood floor. And after a moment and undid the shirt and pulled it off. She slid on the shirt, noting it was sewn at the crotch and buttoned it up. Cynthia grinned as she pulled off her “Granny” panties and the heavy cotton bra she wore. Slipping in the shirt, the cotton felt much cooler than her wool clothing.



"Yes, Much better." the young girl replied, "Thanks Megan you are such a good friend."



Meg grinned, shrugging, "You're quite welcome, and you'll thank me later for this to." She thought planning to take her to see the alien plants that had taken over the town. "Well anyway, the green house Mom built is for her botany classes she is teaching again, and she found a new species plant." She said, moving aside and pointed to the large plant in the pot behind her. "It won first prize at the fair and has been recognized as a latex plant of some sort. She is writing a paper on it."



Cynthia eyed the plant carefully. It was rather large, standing close to half way up on her friend, with a ring of bushy leaves around the bottom. A single long orange stalk, with two bulbous pods around it, stuck out from the center of it. Another green stalk grew upward in the center with an orange flower. Cynthia did not realize that Megan has just given birth to seeds from this plant, as it reproduced and was about to hop on the flower’s bulbeous stem again. Cyntha had interrupted her. The whole room was filled with the smell of the flower.



"Oh it's the plant that I smell." She thought, "Making me feel strange." The orange flower emitted the strong, sweet, fragrance and Cynthia started to feel the same way as Megan, She joined up and stood next to her friend. Megan leaned over and smelled the flower. Cynthia followed suit.



 "Ooooh that's nice." She said, and inside the shy tingle she felt became stronger and after a moment, moisture and desire followed. "Oh it's the plant that's doing it..." Cynthia thought and yet continued to inhale the scent deeply.



Inside, the young girl was starting to feel the effects of the strange scent that permeated the air. The same tingling through her body, and with each passing moment the drugs effect was cumulative, and the shy tingle had now turned into an insistent pulsation, accompanied by moisture and desire.



Meg motioned to her friend to follow. "What kind of plant is that?" Cynthia asked again, "I never heard of a latex plant." She continued, walking beside Meg in the narrow hallways of the house.



"It's a plant we are studying." Megan said sharply, knowing it was from a meteor that had struck in the desert and they had found it and next to it not more than three days this large plant had been growing.



In truth this plant was not of this planet. They had discovered the plant on accident, and they had also discovered its secret that it was an intelligent alien race, that dominated the galaxy and used other races as hosts like a parasite to repopulate their ancient race. Both of the young women continued down the hallways that twisted and turned.



Megan was leading her to the greenhouse first, with the hopes that she could like the others be the same as her other friends, hosts for the plant. They had taken over the community quickly and had used many of the young women already a few times to produce many off spring.



As Cynthia and Meg passed the plants, both noted that the plant seemed to be everywhere and yet leaned over to sniff the fragrant scent. Cynthia continued to inhale the aroma of the unique plant of each one she passed and becoming more and more stimulated with each breath.



Meg led her down the passages and soon they were at the bottom of another staircase that would lead them down to the hallway that preceded the greenhouse. Megan glanced at her best friend and noted her flushed cheeks and through the white wool shirt that see could see the mounds that poked the fabric making up her nipples. She knew if her nipples were hard that she must be extremely wet right now.



"Are you alright Cynthia?" Meg asked, and Cynthia nodded.



"Good." Meg thought, "She is under completely their control." Megan then turned and opened the door, but not without unbuttoning the top buttons of the shirt and after a moment it dropped to the ground.



The first reaction Megan noticed was that Cynthia did not have a major cow when she had done that and had not bothered to cover up herself, despite standing around in her nudity. It was here that Meg saw the soaked crotch of the shirt and managed a smile as she opened the door. A moist, warm draft assaulted her senses and the sound of running water.



Together they stepped into the room, walking over the metal lips of a pan that lined the floor here. It was an irrigator system that that went from a few inches to almost knee deep. It was how the plants, sitting on the floor are watered. The water ran here and it soaked them down.



Carefully Megan stepped into the churning water and Cynthia followed suit. Together they walked along the hallway between the many tables and large flowers, trees and many types of vegetation that grew here. The water quickly rose to their knees and churned around them. With that Meg immediately leaned down and splashed water up on her legs. The water was warm, and immediately she felt cooler.



Megan walked further along, splashing through the irrigation pan, and after a moment they stepped out of it onto the concrete walkway of the greenhouse and walked through the arch into the main part of it. The room was much larger than any green house that Cynthia had ever been in, and next to her a large open pipe surrounded by another section of the irrigation pans was here. Megan stripped off her shirt and stepped into the water, sitting naked in the now knee deep water. The water, warm and tepid splashed up on her body, and she groaned for a moment before standing and heading to a couple of chase lounges that were set up in the direct sunlight of the green house windows.



Here Cynthia noticed the same strong fragrance and she managed to sit next to her friend, naked revealing her 33C breasts with a groan, naked in the chase lounge. Both began to soak up the rays.



"I'll get started cleaning up and then I'll join you here. Just relax and enjoy yourself." Meg said, watching her friend's now naked form settle in the chase lounge. Cyntha’s best friend, on the other hand, turned and walked a few steps to a nearby latex plant and knelt at the base. In her head the telepathic voice sounded.



"I bring a gift." She said, "My friend. Be gentle she is a virgin, but I am ready to once again be hosted." Meg rose and walked to the wall where she opened the door. The chamber was dark and she stepped inside.



As she entered a plant next to her unfurled its leaves and the flower opened. The alien leaves began to caress her naked body. Megan moaned and shuddered, closing the door behind her. The caresses of leaves felt good to her, and they started with her breasts, tweaking her nipples and running over her ass. Megan closed her eyes, inhaling the toxic scent. She only half heard a rustling sound around her as she continued to inhale the aroma of the unique plant, becoming more and more stimulated with each breath. Her hand moved to her breasts, and she began to play with them, and her other hand found her wet pussy head lolled from side to side as her eyes closed.



The potent aphrodisiac of the flower had her completely, and she began to finger herself a vine entwined to encircle her legs and Vines began to rustle, and then move around her, encircling her wrists pulling them away from her sopping aroused pussy. Megan's thigh shook as vines motioned to position her on the bulbous stem of the flower. She felt it slips within the folds of her body. The young woman felt the tingle of the siphoning sensation from within as it took her juices, softly with pleasure and as she sat there she strained against the bonds as orgasms rocked her body. Inside the tendril moved in and out, as it fucked her gently. Megan moaned quietly thrashed her head as an orgasm rocked her body.



"This feels so fucking good," Megan thought as the bulbous part of the plant fucked her and the leaves continued to caress her skin. Her orgasms ripped several times through her and another tendril probed her ass. Biting down on her lip Meg could hardly contain herself and felt her pussy clench down as a warm liquid spurted into her cunt from the tendril inside her as the last orgasm subsided. She surrendered to it, throwing her arms back to let the plant do with her as it would. Abruptly a thick black liquid spurted out across her breasts and Megan grunted.



It was warmer than she remembered it and as she managed to kneel there, the liquid began to move and covered her 31B breasts. Megan moaned loudly and her body shook as the tendrils probed her and the latex covering in a few minutes covered her breasts completely. Slowly it moved down her abdomen and back, first covering her perky well formed ass and her curves and as the liquid found her pubic mound that Megan shuddered with a couple more orgasms. Slowly the vines withdrew and the latex covered her wet pussy that dribbled with the plant's nectar and her juices.



Meg exhausted, felt the latex cover shift and slowly opened her eyes. Inside the latex, it moved as if it were alive and a tendril snaked out to push at her clitty, massaging it first before the tendril inserted itself into the soft folds of her implanted body. Megan moaned as the vines released her and slowly she stood up. It had put the pleasure portion to work as to stimulate a lot of her juices in order to feed the now implanted seeds and the latex shell. She gasped as the tendril moved in and out and kept her pussy at a peek height of arousal. The latex seemed to massage her nipples, and she managed a few steps before having to pause out of breath.



"Oh my god, I forgot about this." Meg thought, knowing for the first months she had been this way.



Opening the door she walked out and turned her head to the last booth where a couple of school mates were suspended, writhing in agony. They were the test subjects and still alive they hung, poked and prodded with many tubes flowing strange liquids. They were heavily impregnated, their bellies huge and breasts large. As they hung, being kept alive that below a conveyor of planters flowed and each minute from their wombs, a thin, pointed, white "finger" protruding from the girls pussy lips, looking much like a five-inch ghostly carrot, that could be seen. It was covered with tiny fibers or hairs, and as the seeds are born, the root almost immediately burrowed into each large pot. Suction from their breast milk provided the root with nourishment and suddenly revolted at the sight that Meg quickly turned away.



Walking with difficulty, she had to pause catching her breath a couple of times. The dildo inside her was constantly rubbing, keeping her in a state of almost exhausted ecstasy. Inside it moved and out of her body, fucking her and above the latex caressed her nipple heightening the sensation. Meg headed back to Cynthia who turned over, catching the sunlight on her nude pale form.



As she lay there, around her, she unknowingly began feeling the caresses of the plants and grunting in soft pleasure as she slept as it caressed her all over, around her against the lattice of the chase lounge, fondling her cunt and a the vines snaked out, probing her ass for extra stimulation before it took her. Cynthia was a virgin still and the young girl stirred and rolled as the vines continued to caress her and fondled her wet pussy.



Cynthia in her daze felt the caresses and felt the alien minds touch hers. She managed a slight grimace as they explained to her what she was and what happened if she did not do their bidding. Another vine snaked out and slowly to position her over the plant’s stem that entered her pussy. Megan watched as it entered slowly. Her friend, in her daze, opened her legs and submitted with each caress. Inside her hymen tore and blood spotted the chase and the tendril, as now it had taken her virginity.



"Ow, damn it Sister Henrietta, don't you spank me," Cynthia moaned in her sleep and yet did not awaken as the stamen did their work moving in and out of her cunt and her ass as it began to fuck her.



Inside Megan was still at a peek of arousal and she was witnessing the de-flowering of her best friend. The vines continued to fuck her, and making her rock slightly in the chase and Cynthia grunted with small short gasps of pure bliss as two more vines found her nipple, covering it and began sucking them. The young girl moaned in ecstasy and her breathing became ragged as the stimulation increased. Her pussy, sopping with her juices squished with each stroke and Cynthia's breath was quite ragged until her body stiffened She caught her breath as her body shook many times after an orgasm found her body. Inside, many times, like Megan inside her womb, the plant's nectar covered it like a coarse honey that erupted into her. Orgasms continued to rock her body with each stroke and at the same time the same black latex covered her body too. Immediately it did its work and moved across her body, covering her perky ass and the firm breasts.



The vine withdrew and it was done. Cynthia's pussy was covered, dribbling the same as Meg's had. She was done and implanted too. She moaned as a tendril of latex entered the folds of her wet, now deflowered pussy and as the same as it was inside Megan, kept her at the height of peak stimulation. When Cynthia finally awoke, at the shaking of Megan, she opened her eyes and sat up with a start.



“Dinner Cynth." Megan said, and she stared out at the now afternoon sky.



The sun drifted and slowly Cynthia spread her legs to sit straddled across the chase. Inside her she felt the tendril of latex, designed as a bondage device, to keep her at peeked arousal slid rand Cynthia's eyes closed to mere slits as she was still very sore and extremely aroused.



"Ohhh." Cynthia moaned, and felt her pussy twitch. She felt the tendril slide again.



"Aggggh, AHH." Meg's friend said, and she shuddered as it made her orgasm.



Here, she winced through in pain in her abdomen. Cynthia stood up and walked a few steps and had to stop, catching her breath.



Meg looked over at her friend. "Got something inside you?" Meg asked and Cynthia nodded.



"What the hell is going on?"



Megan looked at her. "You are one of us now," She replied, "You cannot escape, everyone is under control and you'll understand." In Cynthia's head a voice buzzed there. It had not been a dream after all.



"It'll be okay.” Meg said, consoling her friend and through the house heard her mom calling them.



"Oh it’s dinner." Meg said, "I am really famished, aren't you?"



Her friend meekly nodded and managed to follow, as they both walked the same route in picking up their clothes. Together they headed for dinnertime, and Meg's mom had not noticed the latex covering. She smiling at Cynthia and Meg and together they ate.



During dinner, they laughed and whispered secrets as they took bets on who would not move and have an orgasm at the table and carried on as if everything was normal. Little did they know that inside them the seeds began to grow.



Three months had elapsed and Cynthia, now on her way down to the end of her summer vacation, managed to sit in her room. She stared at herself in the mirror at the now showing signs of her implantation after her experience with the plant. Cynthia had been curious of her new found existence and here sat staring at the now slightly expanding belly and her breasts that had grown a bit larger as they became milk laden. She still wore the latex covering, and it looking like a skin-tight white leotard. Over it she wore a simple dress for maternity and had easy access to her breasts when it was ready.



As she had the dress off she that she could see the changes clearly that overtook her body through it and she shook her head in amazement. She lay down on the bed and pressed her fingertips deeply into her gut, not sure what she would feel. She discovered a collection of hard, round shapes, something like having a belly full of medium sized onions.



She sat up and pushed harder, trying to count them and realizing at the same time that they were inside her womb. The young woman gasped, understanding immediately what had happened to her



 "Oh so they reproduce this way." Cynthia murmured and upon reflection, she accepted the fact, the drug inside her that kept her tolerating the changes taken to her body. The young woman wondered how many other species were taken over by this race. With her next thought, she wondered what would happen to her in the months to come.



Cynthia in the next couple of months got much larger not surprised however that she simply wore dresses from the maternity department when she went mall shopping with Meg and they got a whole wardrobe they would be wearing as they hosted this strange alien plant's cycle. She picked a navy blue dress and pulled it over her head and over her now very pregnant self and over the now huge milk laden breasts she had. Megan wore the same type of clothes, and together they waddled through their small community where they noted that many of the women in their community were like them.



One evening Cynthia managed to waddle down the hall to Meg's room and a surprising sight beheld her. Megan sat there waiting and pulled off the maternity clothes and reached up to peel off the covering away from her body. She was gasping for air, and pain lanced through her body.



 "It's time." Megan said, and Cynthia helped her pull off the layer revealing her now pale skin.



 "What's happening?" Cynthia asked and stopped immediately as she realized that Meg was in labor.



Of course Megan knew of this, having done it more than three times already. She of course breathed heavily, and every two minutes winced in pain and her contractions lanced through her body. She felt a movement and looked down. A thin, pointed, white "finger" was protruding from her pussy lips, looking much like a five-inch ghostly carrot. It was covered with tiny fibers or hairs, and as she watched in amazement, it slowly continued to grow. She pushed slowly, fighting the pain and began to sweat. She continued to push and relax as if this were a human child.



She could feel the tendril sliding out of her vagina as it grew, and this baby root, moved out letting it touch the moist soil in the pot. Almost immediately the white root burrowed into the large pot, and her pussy moved downward to the dirt. She continued to push, literally rooted to the spot, but before too long, she felt a hard shape begin to work and pull its way out of her womb. She began to push it out, working with both belly muscles and hands, and within about 30 minutes, a dark brown seed the size of her fist popped out from her wet vagina.



"Ughhhh." Megan grunted as another lanced across her belly.



But almost as soon as the first seed had worked its way out of her, another white root began to emerge. She felt the contractions continue and again she pushed. Again, she found herself attached to the soil. After the second seed had come free of her, easier and faster than the first, she quickly got up and walked to a nearby pot that housed the first one and just in time as a hairy root that was now emerging eagerly burrowed deeply into the pot and then a third hard seed was born.



Meg was exhausted, her body dripping with sweat, and moved down the row of the planter, and by the time the fifth seed had come, she felt them coming and again the contractions lanced through her body and with one large push she felt the tendril emerge from her cunt, yanking gently on her womb, and looked down to see that two more white roots had anchored her to the spot. She had to wait for the huge seeds to pop out of her hole, one right after the other.



Clear liquid followed as she had laid the last seed and Cynthia noted that her friend’s figure had resumed, with only a minimal amount of extra fat and lines from this strange pregnancy.



Her belly had shrunk to almost normal and Megan staggered to the bed and lay on it naked. Taking a Kleenex, Megan wiped herself down around her now bare pussy and rolled over to fall asleep. Liquid still flowed from Meg's vagina and reaching over Cynthia touched it. It was like honey and carefully she smelled it.



 "Cum?" She thought and she shook her head. It was strange and suddenly wondered if she could do what Meg had just done.



She flipped out the light and headed to her room, waddling slightly and managed to crawl into bed, however in the darkness Cynthia found that she could not sleep. Inside she was afraid, and all at once excited. Her pussy twitched at the thought of putting the seeds in the ground and yet something inside made her revolt.



 "I'm going to hell." She thought, and grimaced, but inside she was strangely looked

forward to it.



The next morning Cynthia was awake early and managed to get up, sliding on a robe and waddled out her door and down the hallway to Meg's room. Anne was walking toward her, and Cynthia noted that Anne Meg's mom wore the latex shell too. She had been implanted, and she managed a smile.



"Morning Cynthia." Anne gasped.



"Morning." Cynthia replied, and passed her and turned to knock on the door to her friend's room.



"Come in." Came the reply and Cynthia opened the door. Megan was dressed in a robe that hung open and underneath that the flap revealed her naked body, her bare pussy and her still milk-laden breasts. Tendrils suckled at her breasts as she watered her flowers and as she nursed them that the plant's small leaves caressed her pussy. Cynthia found that was making her very wet. Megan on the other hand was enjoying being nursed and her pussy getting moist at the feeling. She turned her head when she heard Cynthia kneel down next to her and smiled.



"Hi Cynth." Meg said, greeting her friend. Cynthia, still bulging and milk laden smiled back.



"How do you feel?" She asked.



"I am a little sore, but good." Meg replied, gasping slightly as an orgasm hit her, and she winced. One tendril stopped suckling and curled back and yet as fast as one curled back that another came up and nursing. She sat there and regarded Cynthia watching her.



"Are they nursing?" Cynthia asked, "They are actually sucking milk from your breasts?"



Megan nodded, "Otherwise they are carnivorous and eat flesh at this stage." Meg replied, feeling the sucking become more intense. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, an orgasm rippling through her groin.



Cynthia’s friend shrugged, "You get eaten slowly and there is no escape."



Cynthia grimaced at the thought of slowly being eaten alive as plant food and made a mental note to do what she was supposed to. "So how long do I have to do this for after the host bears the seedlings?" She asked and her friend glanced at her.



"I know you have to go to school in a week. I don't exactly want you to get eaten you know."



"Well I planned to take them with me, but I don't know how I am going to do it…" Cynthia replied and as she sat there pondering she watched yet another tendril withdraw and another come up and suckle. Megan of course continued to orgasm, and pussy juice leaked from inside her, pooling on the floor.



"Making you wet?" Cynthia said, grinning and reached over and like the plants to caress her friend's moist, bare twat. She withdrew her hand and smelled it and after a moment the last tendril stopped and was finished.



"Ohhhh don't, stop." Megan said, moaning as juice dripped down her leg. "Damn!" Meg said, and closed her robe, standing quickly, not completely relieved and planning to use her vibrator later.



Cynthia crouched and got to her feet and a sudden pain rocketed through her.



"Ughhhh." She moaned as the pain became intense. Cynthia's best friend glanced at her.



"Uhm Meg..." Cynthia finally managed to pant and her friend held her for a moment.



"Aggh that fucking hurts." The young woman said, as another intense pain crossed her swollen abdomen.



"Guess what." Meg said, "It's started." Her friend smiled and Meg began pulling at the latex layer and it fell in a heap on the floor. Naked Cynthia let Meg help her to her room and she managed a grin as she squatted over empty pots. Another pain lanced out and Meg nodded. Cynthia smiled.



"Just in time, and it's finally my turn." She said as the first tendril appeared from her now bare protruding pussy lips.



Fifteen minutes later, Cynthia naked, her pussy very sore, stood up after planting the last seed and managed to stagger and collapse on the bed in her room, now free of the seedlings that had popped from her womb. Smiling she breathed easily at the amazing last few months and her eyes closed to sleep soundly. She would think of something to take and smuggle these plants to her dorm room and figure a way to nurse them while she was there for the next twelve weeks.



She would have to figure a way top keep them under control. But she wouldn't make a plan now, but in the morning. As she slept that the tendrils grew and germinated. They peeked past the top of the soil, the beginnings of a fragrant scent wafting through the air as the beginning of a new evolution to a new species starts again.