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Robot of my Dreams


A battle ensues on Mars, leaving only one survivor in a forbidden relationship.


Robot of my Dreams:

Erwin Stevens


“This is the Heavy Freighter Aquarius, requesting permission to land at Seta Alpha Base. We are on final approach for Docking Platform three.”


“Aquarius, this is Seta Alpha Base, permission granted. Continue on course for landing at platform three.”


“Roger that, see you on the ground. Aquarius, out.”


As night fell upon the grand canals of Mars, the station known as Seta Alpha Base sat on the edge of the cliffs and the automated lights flickered to turn on, marking the base’s location on the surface of the red planet. 


This station, established in the year 2080 A.D, is one of the first colonization of Mars by the Earth Federation in its attempts to explore and colonize space. This station, primarily a research station, is a main function being a waypoint/base camp for the many colonies that scout and colonize the red planet known as Mars. It is also an observation, alert-station for the outer planets of the SOL System against intrusion. Man is not alone in the depths of space, as ships from outside the solar system have entered the outer confines of SOL. The ships have come from outside, their mission unknown as they move against the Federation, who rushes to build stations orbiting the outer planets, on the moons, or on the surface of the outer planets themselves. The Federation tries to bolster its defenses in its home system with these new stations, even though they have suffered heavy casualties in the process against the hostile force.    


Assigned to the Mars station, are twenty-five researchers and four dozen Mandroids, half human, half machine cyborgs created at the birth of AI (Artificial Intelligence). They are here to assist the researchers they work on the station and these space explorers are a mix of men and women of many nationalities, religions and cultures all specially trained to man the station’s observation and research station. It took them eighteen months to reach Mars where they now work and operate the station, assisting the colonization procedure happening on the surface of the planet. 


Sitting in the control room, Nikki Stapleton sits at the main console, sipping at a cup of coffee as she glanced briefly at the radar screen that sends signals across the surface of Mars and out into space.  She is in her twenties, the first mission into deep space, assigned to this base as one of the staff. She is freshly graduated from the Academy, rather attractive with long reddish blond hair, green eyes, a round face, fair complexion and a slender body. Nikki wears a typical red jumper that zips up the front, and on her shoulders is a gold bar, the rank of Second Lieutenant which shines in the dim light of her uniform.  


The young girl managed a yawn as she gritted her teeth, feeling arousal as she sits in the chair with her idle thoughts of her fiancé who works at the Federation Headquarters on Earth. She is soon to be married to him, but was sent to Mars over the last eighteen months for duty on the red planet via the new ships designed for interplanetary travel.


 In reality, the young woman is just plain ‘damn horny’ at the moment, longing for the long stretch of her duty to be over, so she can return to Earth on leave to see her fiancé. As she sits there, Nikki had her jumper unzipped down to her neatly trimmed crotch, revealing her slender nude body and budding breasts under the jumper. She managed to slide her hand along her bare breasts, and down to her moistening pussy, masturbating herself gently in the chair in the control room. Naturally she has become a Nymphomaniac, for someone so young, her hormones raging as she is always aroused by anything touching her skin. She has been deprived of sex for a long time and could not stop herself from teasing her young body, gasping quietly as her thighs rocked in the chair. Her fingers darted in and out of her delicate lips, making herself moan quietly.


“Oh damn… Oh dammmmnn…” The young woman moaned, “I really have to get home to my fiancé. UGHHHH.”


She felt her body give way and a flood of liquid pooled from her vaginal lips to stain the chair in which she was seated. Here, the young woman stood up, and she moved to a nearby chair where a Mandroid sat, known as B-146. This robot with five others operate the other consoles over the night shift on the planet and this being an artificial person, she had been using lately in her quarters to reliever her aroused sexual urges.


Lately, she has been working in her room and it has been helping her move boxes from storage. As it worked, she noted that it wore a simple loin cloth over the skin shell over the chassis of the machine, grown specifically for this AI creation. It was the first time she had seen an AI robot, that was so almost human, and the young woman felt herself gush as her hands began to touch it gently. Her hands found its massive chest, touching the warm skin shell of the Mandroid and she could not help herself as her hands began to wander. Nikki’s hands soon found its unique endowed digit under its loin cloth, making her gasp in utter desire, and growing very wet as she stroked it. Quickly, she blindly stripped off her shirt and her shorts, standing naked in the room with the Mandroid as she began to kiss it.  She played with its manliness, gasping as she slipped it inside her body and rocked as she fucked herself silly. Its large endowment made her groan and gasp as it filled her vagina. As she thrust it in and out of her body, the very size made her orgasm multiple times in five minutes, her pussy gripping the digit inside her. He had programmed it with sexual knowledge, like the ancient Kama Sutra and other erotic texts, utilizing it well. Every chance she got…


“Oh god… Oh God… OHHH!” The young woman groaned, and she felt a warm substance flow deep inside her body, unaware that Mandroids are human and machine but able to provide children with their biologics. 


Shaking her head, she came out of her daze and focused once more on the control room. Still horny, she walked toward the chair containing B-146 and she straddled her favorite Mandroid she had been doing this to since her arrival. She did not care that her counterpart, Major Caroline Raye, also on duty walked toward the control room with two cups of coffee. Nikki thrust her hips, gyrating in a circular motion, driving the Mandroid’s digit deeper with each thrust and moaning. Her jumpsuit flopped against her bare ass.


“Oh god… Oh GOD… UGGGGH.” She muttered, feeling herself spurt into the lap of the Mandroid.


“What are you doing Miss?” B-146 asked and she shushed it. Nikki stroked the Mandroid’s smooth chest.


When the hatch opened nearby, it revealed Major Caroline Raye frowned when she saw the partially dark control room.  Nikki had jumped off B-146 and zipped up her jumper, a wet spot appearing in the crotch of it.


“What’s going on?” Caroline demanded, as she walked deeper into the control room, “Why is the control room dark? What are you doing, Nikki?”


“Working with B-146 here.” Nikki replied, out of breath, “Aquarius has landed on docking bay three, and the crew are disembarking while Mandroid crew is unloading Cargo. Nothing but work, Major, nothing more.”


Caroline looked at her colleague carefully, grimacing and not noticing the wet spot in her crotch. She shook her head, unconvinced. Nikki turned slightly to hide the bumps of her hard nipples through the fabric of the jumper and sat with a sigh in her chair. Her pussy gushed as it ached for B-146’d long member.


“Radar is clear of other ships in-bound to the base.” Nikki reported, sighing as she felt exhaustion taking its toll from her activity. Behind them, the hatch opened and it allowed entry of Dr. Franklin Cox, the leader of the researchers of the base.


“Good evening ladies, anything happening?” He asked as the ladies both stood respectfully.


 “No, sir.” The Major said, “Aquarius just landed at Docking Bay Three. Currently being unloaded and the crew are billeted in guest quarters.”


“Excellent.” He replied, as he picked up electronic clipboard. He didn’t notice the strong scent from Nikki’s cum that soaked B-146’s seat and he scanned it. The young woman let out a sigh as she closed her eyes, and opening them, a moment later she scanned the radar screen.  The screen showed the area clear around the station. Luckily the Aquarius safely had landed and had been lowered into the rocks on the docking pad as a wind storm sprung up. It is the typical storms found on Mars that cause strong sand storms on the surface of Mars. As Nikki stared at the screen before her, that Mandroid B-146 walked up behind them both.


“Excuse me, may I leave to maintenance, it seems I have a servo failure.” It said politely and Caroline nodded.


“Go ahead.”


Another Mandroid entered the control room as B-146 left. It took the empty seat and began punching the keyboard as it did a systems check, according to programming. Caroline studied Nikki’s sullen reaction to its departure, and grimaced as she sat there peering at her fellow controller on duty for a long time. Nikki turned to meet Caroline’s glance in question, but the Major said nothing and returned her attention to her console too. The doctor put down the clipboard behind them.


“Continue monitoring.” He said, “Keep an eye out for enemy ships in area.”


“Aye.” Caroline said, as she hit the console buttons, scanning space for any vessels in their area. They were so busy scanning they did not see the blip on the motion detector unit indicating a cloaked enemy vessel incoming toward the base from Uranus’ orbit.  


When the shift ended, Nikki got up, thoroughly exhausted and ready for sleep, turning over to the next shift their finds overnight. She staggered to her quarters and stepping through the hatch, kicked off her boots and peeled off the uniform. Nude, she stepped into the sonic shower and wet herself down. She was showering when an explosion rocked the station, throwing her to the deck from the shower. There was a roar of decompression from a nearby corridor and she gasped, staggering naked and wet toward an environmental suit.  Buttoning up the suit over her body, the young woman heard a hiss as the suit equalized and she staggered to her feet.  


“Nikki to Control!” She stammered, “Alert! We have Emergency decompression in sections eighteen and nineteen. Come in Control!”


She ran to the door and hit the switch the door pausing as it slid partially open. Debris filled the station corridor as there were explosions, shaking the ground. She ran toward the control room. She ran into B-146.


“B-146! Come to control right now. We are under attack!” She shouted, “I don’t have any idea if any one else survived the first volley.”


“Yes, miss.” It said and it ran behind her through the debris filled corridor and through the hatch that opened for them. Nikki grimaced and turned away when she saw the crew on duty at control. The decompression had been rapid and had ripped through the interior passages. The eyes of the humans were bugged out as blood spilled from the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of their bodies. She turned away and retreated to the passage, the fur inserts inside her suit rubbing against her bare skin. She groaned, as she glanced at B-146 at her side, traversing the shattered corridor with explosions shaking the rocks around them. An explosion struck Nikki from behind, and she screamed as she fell.


When she awoke, the young woman was being carried in the arms of B-146, and half groggy, as they walked through the smoke, debris, and shattered remains of the station. The attack had been thorough and the young woman found she could not move, her body numb, as if she were paralyzed.


“Where am I? What happened to me?” She thought, “What’s going on B-146?”


“You were wounded Miss, I am taking you to an emergency shelter. If anyone from the staff is there, they would be at that station. All other Mandroids would look after the staff if possible, even if captured by the enemy.”


“I can’t move, B-146.” She complained, and it said nothing, but quickly analyzed her.


“You have a puncture in the suit at your back level.” It said, “The suit automatically has sealed, but you sustained a piece of shrapnel to your back.”  


When they reached the emergency shelter, the Mandroid entered, carrying her, and placed her on the cot before it turned to close the airlock hatch. It hit the release on her suit, as it depressurized, and with its arms, started removing the suit’s helmet.


“Careful, B-146.” Nikki said, “I’m naked in the suit.”


“I will be careful, Miss.” It said, as it began opening the fastenings, revealing her shapely body, her small breasts, her narrow waist, trimmed pussy. It turned her over, and with a medical kit, began to see to her wound in her back. With a steady hand it cut an incision with the laser cutter and carefully extracted the fragments of metal from her womanly nubile flesh, before sealing up the wound.


“All done, miss.” B-146 said as it leaned over Nikki, and the young woman felt the manliness slide along the crack of her ass, making her thighs twitch. She felt herself instantly begin to dribble wetness and she let out a moan. She was going crazy with horniness of her nubile flesh. She longed for B-146’s member inside her, filling her to the brim and the orgasms that followed as she fucked the Mandroid silly.


“God, just fuck me, B-146.” She thought, pleading in her mind. She was glad B-146 was with her as company, able to patch her up as a medic and someone to talk to. With no one knowing they were alive, it would be a long wait before the Federation send a rescue vessel.


Three hours elapsed and there was no sign of anyone coming to rescue or even making them aware they were alive. Nikki lay on the table covered with a sheet as motionless as possible. Her back throbbed as she lay there recovering.


“It looks like for this bunker, Miss we are the only two alive.” The Mandroid said and she grimaced to nod.


“Don’t remind me, B-146.” She replied and looked over at the Mandroid who worked the equipment. She couldn’t stand it anymore.


“B-146, come here.” She ordered, and the Cyborg turned walking toward her. She pulled off its loin cloth and nodded. Nikki played with its endowed digit as she positioned it to slip between her butt cheeks and across her splayed lips. Gasping and twitching, she slipped it in her pussy lips and rocked her hips, driving it in and out slowly. She moaned, closing her eyes, feeling it throb inside her. Rocking her thighs faster, she grunted, gasped and moaned feeling it fill her fully.


“Oh yes! Ohhhh! AHHHH!” The young woman moaned, rocking her thighs faster, to piston its digit deeper inside her body. She felt a warm surge of fluid fill her womb.


They made love for hours after, the Mandroid utilizing the implanted programming given by Nikki and she smiled at the feelings she was having deep down inside, glad she was satisfied after so long without sex.


Little did she know: A single sperm traveled to meet her egg and combine starting the basic precursors of life. The egg traveled to her womb and there it lodged in the wall of her uterus. She was impregnated by the Mandroid, a surprise for her in the next three months, the end of her career in the service as she would know it and a strictly taboo event that will be trouble for both of them if discovered by higher authorities of the Federation.