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I am a signed author and editor for The Polyethnic Publishing, an up-and-coming indie publishing company. I also sing in the choral union at my university. I am a metalhead and gamer who is currently studying criminology, anthropology, French, and psychology.

I like writing about what scares me. Therefore, some of my works may have dark themes associated with them.

Published works: 
Threatening Souls (Threatening Souls #1) 
Bleeding Misery (Threatening Souls #2) 
Twisted Ignorance (Threatening Souls #3) 
Days of Darkness (Days of Darkness #1)

Books in the editing stage: 
Immortal Injustice (Threatening Souls #4)

Current WIP: 
Days of Light (Days of Darkness #2) 
Bewitched Enslavement (Threatening Souls #5)


Nothing new.


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