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The Ice Witch


   Alaska was born with white hair and white eyes.  Abandoned and left to the care of a foster home.  Growing up in the middle of a large kingdom with unique abilities is hard.  The Witch hunt is beginning like it does every sixteen years, but with the threat of the ice witch, the town folks are desperate for the witch to burned.  Living in secret is hard, especially when all the signs of the witch being you, is clear and visible. 

Chapter 1

   Run.  "Stop!" The officer screamed.  I knew I couldn't look back, no matter how hard it was I had to keep looking forward.  I looked ahead of me, people were staring at me, whispering, and frightened.  I knew the witch hunt was coming, but I didn't expect it to come so soon.  There was still supposed to be a month left.  From the moment I was born and delivered to the White Willow orphanage, I was kept a secret.

   "Stop her!" The officer yelled.  I could tell he was desperate to catch me.  "Please just leave me alone!"  I yelled back at the officer.  This town is wrong about me.  I couldn't be the ice witch.  Sure, I had this weird obsession with ice, but that doesn't make me a witch.  Through the corner of my eye, a lady stepped out, and into the street.  My heart was racing in adrenaline, and if this lady didn't move she was sure to get trampled.  "Move!"  I shouted as the distance between us shrunk.  he lady listed her head and her cloak fell off.  Everyone around gasped, and I almost fell over.  She looked just like me.  Her eyes were a piercing light blue, that could be mistaken for white.  Just like mines.  She held up her and a shard of ice flew out of it.  I ducked just in time as the ice came my way, and hit the officer.  My pace slowed and I eventually came to a halt. 

   "So you are the one."  She spits out with venom laced in her voice.  I stared at her in shock.  "I don't know what you're talking about,"  I said.  She chuckled and held out her hand.   I flinched at her every move.  There was no mistaken that she was a witch.  "Don't be afraid I came to take you away from here.  To a place where you belong, with your family."   She said.  I gasped and stared at her.  "How do you know my family?  Are they safe?  Do I have any siblings?"  I asked bombarding her with questions.  

   She smiled and touched my face.  "I know your family because I am your family."  She said.


Chapter 2

   I stared flabbergasted at her.  How dare she say such things.  I was told my family died in a horrible crash when I was a baby.  "Don't say that.  You know nothing about me."  I said.  She smiles crookedly and blew out of her mouth.  A cloud of frost came and landed on my shawl.  "It is true.  Your father has died, but me, your mother, I am still alive."  The crowd around us gasped.  "How dare you say such things about my family."  We 're both scowling face to face.  It was then I noticed how we honestly did look alike only she has wrinkles around her eyes.  She smirked then gently placed her hand on my face.  "Come with me I'll show you the way."  She turned and continued to walk through the woods.  I looked back at the village that I had lived my whole life in. It wasn't always the best, but it was something.


Hello. My name is Noriyah Robinson and I am the author of this book. I will no longer be able to continue of the amazing website, but I will be able to on a app or website called wattpad. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. My username on wattpad is @noriyah123 I do hope that if you have an account on wattpad that you look for my work on there. Thank you.