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A Short Story by Lake District based writer Nisha P Postlethwaite about two Twins and the division of their Twinship


They were two halves of one, yet neither knew what their other one thought. Nourished by a single disc down separate lines they floated side-by-side, rolling like synchronised swimmers in their mother’s skin.

Soon the day came to be expelled from the flesh hold. As cords were cut, each Twin reached for the other’s hand - not just for comfort - but to protest against the world.

As the Twins grew, they were inseparable and indistinguishable. They finished each other’s sentences, mirrored expressions, paired tantrums, laughed in sync and matched accidents. The Twins flourished in a secret place with invisible doors and were an impermeable enigma. 

Soon came school, and as cruel as children can be, they finally infiltrated the Twinship by pitting the Twins against each other. Soon each Twin came to measure their achievements and failings against their Twin and jealously took hold.  

In their teens the Twins tore each other down in private; in public they ridiculed each other. Each Twin wanted to be known as their own, but only better than their Twin. Mistrust and bitterness rotted down the Twinship - the damage irreparable.

By the time the Twins were adults, they lived a continent apart, both were desperately unhappy, their lives incomplete, grieving one another but too ashamed to reach out.

You can waste away a life wanting what someone else has got, and sometimes what they actually have is nothing.