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Thousands of people go missing every day in the US. You used to have to wait 72 hours to report someone missing, but the problem is now so dire you can now report a mssing person immediately. Most of the missing are classed as runaways, or with mental or aging problems. It is every adult's right to disappear if they wish, but some are targeted. As in this case. Young, beautiful, professional women who are courted by a very handsome rich young man, who ultimately wants to kill them once he's taken them home to the family farm for a long passionate night.

Set in and around San Francisco, this story will grip you from the first page, and make you realize just how dangerous the world can be. 

Chapter One








Now Rebecca knew the full meaning of the word petrified. She was almost hyper ventilating as her breath came in short gasps and her chest rose with each breath. She couldn’t see anything, nor could she yell for help although it hadn’t stopped her trying. Apart from the blindfold and the gag, she knew she was also strapped or tied down at the wrists and ankles with both her arms and legs outstretched. It felt like she was being held down on flat metal. She thought a sheet was covering her but felt naked below it as the surface was cool on her back,  buttocks, and legs. Her senses could smell animals but couldn’t hear any. She had no idea what time it was or indeed what day it was as she struggled against the restraints. 

Rebecca had been sobbing almost uncontrollably since realizing her predicament. The blindfold was soaked and she felt tears coursing down the side of her eyes. Never had she felt this vulnerable in her whole 24 years of life; she couldn’t understand how she had gotten in this place, as she was always so careful and controlled. She couldn’t help but think that she wasn’t going to see her 25th birthday.

 ‘Where was Brad?’ she thought, ‘is he in the same situation, is he already dead, is he close by?’

Her last memory before waking up to this nightmare was having breakfast in bed with Brad, which he had cooked, and they had made glorious love again afterward.

 ‘What the hell happened?’