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The Cooper St. John Foundation


Victor Cooper St. John is a renowned plastic surgeon who developed a breakthrough in Nanotechnology which helps regenerate skin cells faster without the evasive medical procedures that was once being used.

The St. John family will take you into the Mid 21st Century and throughout the 22nd Century with continual breakthroughs and advancements in technology. Having to deal with overwhelming trials and tribulations of family Betrayal, Drama, Suspense and Deception, not to mention the occasional Murder. Follow the St. John family as their lives lead you into the future.

CSF - 1

Chapter 1


May 3, 2103

12:00 PM


Jordan Cooper St. John. As she walked across the stage receiving her master’s degree in Biology Jordan could hear her brother Jared chanting her name. Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!

“Please Jared, you’re embarrassing us.”

“Not us, YOU,” said Victor.

Jordan’s father, Dr. Victor Cooper St. John was a renowned plastic surgeon.

“He’s embarrassing you, Desiree.”

“Mother I’m proud of her. Graduating with honors from Brown University is a great accomplishment.”

“She should have gone to Harvard like everyone else in the family, it’s tradition. You Jared should have had more influence convincing her, being that she is your twin.”

Victor voiced sternly, “Desiree this is not the time to speak on such things leave all of that in the past, she’s succeed beyond your expectations.”

Rolling her eyes at Victor’s demand she replied, “Well at least she was accepted into Harvard’s Medical School.”

“Do you always have to have the last word Desiree?”

“No, just the last word to you.”

Victor’s phone rang.

“Must you answer that?”

“If you want to continue living in the life style you’ve grown accustom to then, yes.”

Victor stood and walked to a corner to speak privately.

“Mother we’re in box seats no one will hear or see father talking on the phone.”

“That’s not the point Jared, this is supposed to be family time and.. since we’re here celebrating Jordan are you on track with graduating?”

Jared was a very intelligent young man. MIT was the school that he was soon to be graduating from it was just the catapult he needed to further his career in technology.

“Mother sometimes it’s okay to break tradition, Jordan and I with father’s encouragement chose our own paths.”

Desiree was just about to respond to Jared but, Victor returned to his seat.

“Is everything okay?” asked Desiree.

“Yes, David had a few questions about the foundation.”

“Well he should have contacted me. I’m the one handling most of everything.”

Victor turned in his seat facing Desiree.

“Desiree my name and money are attached to this foundation which I’m hoping will one day be handed down to Jared so, if I have to address a few questions then, so be it.”

Desiree felt like she was being talked down to and that feeling never set well with her.

“And, by the way nothing will be done financially without my approval. Understood?”

“Completely” replied Desiree in a bitter tone. “Completely.”


The graduation ceremony was coming to an end. Jared was very much aware of the tension that had grown between his parents. He and Jordan had heard their share of arguments throughout their childhood but, things seemed to have become even more tensed since he’d been away at school.

Trying to defuse the tension because after all it was Jordan’s day. Jared asked, “Do you think Jordan suspects we’re giving her a surprise party tonight?”

Victor smiled “Not unless you said something to her, son.”


“I don’t think so, she and I don’t talk like mother’s and daughter’s do.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Victor asked.

“As you so put it before my husband, this is not the time to speak on such things.”

Giving herself an imaginary high five Desiree always felt great throwing Victor’s words back at him.

“Touché my queen as always you are correct.” Victor replied in an all to captivating voice.

“My queen,” Desiree thought to herself. “He hasn’t addressed me in that manner in- forever.”

Bringing the attention back to Jordan, Jared stood and said while laughing, “Time to go you two.”

“What’s so funny Jared?”

“You and father,” Jared stated shaking his head.

Victor also stood from his seat and extended his arm to Desiree.

“Shall we?”

“Of course, thank you.”

While linking her arm with Victor’s he lead them out into the large crowd with Jared following. Victor leaned over and whispered into Desiree’s ear.

“Calm down and make this a day our daughter will always remember as one of her best. Do that for me and, I will make you remember this day as one of our best.”

He kissed her cheek leaving the heat from his lips there. Desiree became overwhelmed by his attention towards her. Blushing she replied.

“Of course my king.” Two can play this game she thought to herself.

Clearing his throat Jared said standing from behind them, “Okay you two get a room.”

“We certainly will,” voiced Victor with a smile all too charming while looking down at Desiree.

Tapping his father on the shoulder Jared said, “I’m going to look for Jordan, we will meet you at the car.”

As Jared was walking away his father yelled, “Hey don’t be too long we have a schedule to keep.” Giving two thumbs up Jared hurried off.


After too many hello Dr. St. John and a few people asking for his autograph they finally made it through the crowd to the hover SUV awaiting them. The driver opened the door for Desiree. As Victor waited for her to enter he had a funny feeling someone was watching them. Turning around trying to see if he recognized anyone, he heard the door close alerting him that Desiree was seated. While making his way around to the other side of the vehicle Victor again felt as though he was being watched.

The driver opened the door for Victor. Upon entering the SUV Desiree asked with concern, “What’s wrong you look pale.”

“I just had a strange feeling we were being watched.”

“Victor you are a very famous person a lot of people recognized you. You’re hard to miss.”

And she was right, Victor was tall and very handsome with golden skin and amber colored eyes to match. His father was Caucasian and his mother Indian, that combination produced a man that women couldn’t help but stare at and fantasize about.

Victor agreed maybe his mind was playing tricks on him and he’d just imagined the whole thing. Getting comfortable while waiting on Jordan and Jared, Victor said to the driver.

“We are waiting on our children they should be here momentarily.” The driver replied, “Yes Sir. Dr. St. John.

Victor reached over and touched the computer screen that operated the glass partition for the privacy he wanted with Desiree. Pushing another control option allowed him to darken the windows in the back seat area. Eyeing him out of the corner of her eye Desiree asked.

“And why did you do that?”

“Do I have to say?”

Putting his arm around Desiree pulling her closer to him he said, “You’re sitting to far away.”

“Really” was all she could say because by then Victor began rubbing on one ear and kissing the other. He knew that was her hot spot and it drove her crazy.

Desiree was about to say more but forming the words while he was doing what he was doing made her mind go blank. Before she knew it Victor was rubbing on her breast.

“I want to touch you,” she heard him say.

Again words escaped her, for she and Victor had not been intimate for quite some time. Desiree had began to accept their routine and the changes in their marriage. Her mother made her aware very early in her marriage that if a man’s not getting it from home, he’s getting it from someone else. “Men will be men Desiree,” her mother would say.

“Victor,” was the only word that Desiree could speak.

After unbuttoning a few buttons on her blouse his hand slipped into her bra caressing and rubbing her nipple.

“VICTOR…,” she voiced breathing hard.

“Yes my queen”

He moved his mouth down to capture the sweet berry. Moving his tongue around and sucking on her nipple intently was Desiree’s undoing. He knew she was about to come, after all it had been a while and her stamina wasn’t going to hold out.

Before she could scream his name too loud Victor moved his mouth to hers playing with her tongue, kissing her so... deep while his hand was again squeezing her breast. It wasn’t long before a wave of ecstasy washed over Desiree. Releasing her mouth from the scream that would have been heard by too many people walking about, not to mention the driver. Victor gently kissed his wife bringing her back from a long overdue passion filled moment.

After a few more kisses here and there then removing his hand from inside her blouse Victor whispered in a sultry voice, “I wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come if you keep your word.”

Straightening her clothes and hair while looking in to Victor’s eyes Desiree was about to respond to him but, the door beeped to the SUV indicating that someone wanted to enter.


As the hover SUV began to fly the St. John family to their private jet waiting to take them home to Florida, Victor said with much emotion and pride to Jordan.

“I’m so very proud of you my sweet girl.”

With a huge smile on her face glancing at her mother before responding to her father gleaming with pride.

“Thanks father for always supporting me.”

Her mother chimed in, “I’m proud of you as well especially since you will be attending Harvard’s Medical School this summer.”

“Mother… Father… I...”

Her sentence was cut short by Jared.

“This Carmichael SUV is very roomy. Do you like it father?”

Victor was one of the main investors in the Carmichael hover vehicles which also included private jets and trains. He was introduced to Emily Carmichael when he attended The Future of Tomorrow conference. This amazing conference introduced the world to the up and coming best of the best in technology.

Victor’s only reason for attending the conference that year was because of Emily Carmichael. He’d been reading The Future of Tomorrow news letter when on particular article caught his attention.


Emily Carmichael’s breakthrough with Quantum Fusion Technology


Victor continued reading the article which mentioned how Ms. Carmichael’s invention will showcase the first stable quantum fusion car with the hovering ability of up to three feet off the ground. He was looking to invest his money. He wanted to make sure that Jared and Jordan would never have to worry about ever making ends meet. Their future would be financially secured as would be for any future grandchildren, no matter what path they chose in life.

The conference was being held at the Orlando Convention Complex, March 12 thru 17, 2099. It was practically in Victor’s own back yard, his medical facility was not far away from the complex.

On the morning of March 15th, Victor accompanied by his attorney David Bellton attended the demonstration given by Emily Carmichael. With Victor serving as Vice chairman on The Future of Tomorrow board, he and David had reserved up front seating.

Emily’s event was being showcased in the main conference room which held up to 20,000 people. The room was packed with spectators and investors. Victor whispered to David.

“I have to be introduced to her immediately after the demonstration. I recognize a few others here who are chomping at the bits to grab her first.”

David remarked, “I’m well ahead of you, I’ve all ready arranged for her to be introduced to you first.”

Nodding his head in agreement the lights dimmed indicating the show was about to begin and, what a show it was. From the moment Emily arrived in the room the audience was on their feet applauding and cheering. For... Emily did not walk on stage after she was introduced, instead she arrived in her very own hover car, hovering down the center aisle of the room towards the stage.

Emily landed the car with ease. Victor was impressed with how quiet the car sound when it was passing by him. As the doors opened she emerged to the flashing lights of photographers and news reporters. Security had to hold them back from pouncing at her. Emily looked out towards the crowd and began speaking into her headset, the audience immediately quieted.


First let me say THANK YOU ALL for attending my showcase today. She begin explaining without going into too much detail about her breakthrough with quantum fusion. To everyone’s surprise she chose a member from the audience to operate the car.

“I don’t know if he will be willing to come up here and drive my hover car but, I’ll ask anyway. Dr. Victor St. John I’m inviting you to be the first person besides myself of course, to drive my hover car.”

Victor looked towards David, with a smile.

“I told you it was all ready arranged.”

Standing to the applause from the crowd of people wishing it was one of them, he turned to shake David’s hand before going on stage. Upon reaching the stage he was fitted with a headset so the audience could hear him speak while interacting with Emily and the car.

As Victor reached Emily instead of shaking her out reached hand, he bowed and gently brought her hand to his lips, kissing the back of it. Emily’s cheeks turned as red as her lovely red hair. She’d never encountered such an over powering man. The color of his eyes alone made him dangerous she thought to herself and, with him being tall and handsome a woman could be mesmerized for days.

Victor knew the effect he had on women, he begin to speak snapping Emily back to reality.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I personally do not know Ms. Carmichael but, with great admiration I am very proud of her accomplishment. I am also delighted that she invited me to be the first besides herself of course, to test drive this amazing hover car.” The audience laughed.

“Shall we,” Victor said to Emily as he gestured towards the car.

“Of course"

Speaking to herself she said, “Keep it together girl” but, the scent of his cologne was making it hard for her to concentrate. Talking to the audience Emily said.

“Before Dr. St. John can drive I have to give him voice control to operate the car.”

As she reached the driver’s side door Emily spoke, “Rylee you will have a new driver, Dr. St. John please introduce yourself to Rylee.”

“Hello Rylee, my name is Dr. Victor St. John,” Rylee answered “Hello Dr. St. John.”

“I will be your driver for a moment is that okay?”

“Yes, Dr. St. John.”

Once Victor and Emily were seated, Victor voiced, “Seat belts please.” To his amazement, the seat belts which were hidden inside the seats came over his shoulder and around his waist to fasten.

“I like that,” he smiled and said to Emily.

Instead of Emily replying Rylee responded.

“You’re welcome.”

The audience was watching the interchange between Victor and Rylee with much anticipation.

“Her voice sounds familiar.”

“It should, it’s me with voice overlay.”

Rylee asked, “What is your destination Dr. St. John?”

“Can we just hover for a couple of minutes.”

The doors to the car were still open so that the hover cameras could get great views to show the audience watching on the jumbo tron but, with Victor’s request Rylee automatically closed the doors before hovering.

“I like the sliding door effect you added to your design it gives more space for a person getting in and out,” the audience heard Victor say.

“I modeled it after pocket doors. I loved the old Victorian pocket doors my grandmother had in her home.”

After a couple of minutes of hovering Victor requested, “Rylee fly slowly towards the back doors of the room where you entered and out into the atrium please.”

With the on board cameras around the complete make up of Rylee she mapped out a safe route to fly. Being that she was only a two seater car, she had easier maneuvering capabilities.

“What is she doing?”

“She’s mapping out your request so that she can fly safely.”

Nodding he understood, Victor’s excitement was plan to see.

Once mapped Rylee begin to fly down the center aisle as she did with Emily upon entering the conference room. With the cameras following from above Rylee immediately stopped.

“What happened? Why did she stop?”

“She sensed something too close to her. I think it is a camera.”

True enough it was.

Speaking clearly to everyone listening Emily said.

“Rylee has the ability to sense objects that are too close to her. She can make quick decisions depending on the situation to react in the manner deemed necessary for the safety of her passengers. In this case it was the camera getting to close. If it was another vehicle she would have reacted for that situation.”

The camera hovered back far enough as to not impede Rylee’s movements. When she sensed it was all clear she begin moving again. The back doors to the conference room opened giving Rylee access to the atrium where people were walking and eating in the food court area. She stopped before advancing any further sensing people were about. The security team hired just for Emily’s event cleared a pathway so that she could fly safely.

Rylee mapped out the atrium and started again. She flew in a circle around the food court. A few hundred people were watching with interest and awe. She made her way back to the doors of the conference room, flying slowly down the center aisle toward the stage.

A rush of spectators tried to enter the room but, were delayed by security. Only the people with passes to Emily’s event could gain access and they were all ready seated inside. Closing the doors and standing guard the security team was very apologetic to the outside crowd. Stating that by strict orders no one was allowed to enter without the proper pass.


When Rylee reached the stage and hovered down to allow her passengers to exit she spoke.

“Dr. St. John I hope you enjoyed your ride, will there be anything else required from me?”

“Thank you for a pleasant ride Rylee, please open the doors.”

“You’re welcome Dr. St. John. Emily would you like me to shutdown now?”

“Yes Rylee you may shutdown.”

The seat belts unfastened and, Rylee the hover car powered by quantum fusion shutdown with no problem.

The crowd was again on their feet clapping and chanting Rylee! Rylee! Rylee! But, before they exited the car Victor turned to Emily and gestured for her to push the off button on the headset. She mouthed okay. Once off Victor made a request from her.

“Ms. Carmichael.”

“Emily, you can call me Emily.”

“Okay Emily, I would like to talk with you before the other investors here get their chance. I promise you want regret it.”

He handed her his digital business card with a message for her to listen to.

Emily knew that once her car was shown to the public offers from companies around the world would be pouring in. Besides his overpowering charm, she had a good feeling about Dr. Victor Cooper St. John so, she happily accepted his request. Plus the fact that the man was drop dead gorgeous with a sexy deep voice made it easier for her to comply.

As they emerged from the car Victor made eye contact with his lawyer David he waved for him to join them on stage. Security allowed him to pass. So, while Emily was bowing and waving to the crowd Victor said to David.

“She’s agreed to speak with me first. I gave her a card with further instructions on our meeting up.”

Both men smiled and shook hands.

Two days later Emily entered a beautiful building which was housed on the St. John estate about a half mile from the main house. There she was escorted into Victor’s office, and from that day on Emily Carmichael with Victor’s financial backing became a household name.

“FATHER,” blurted Jared.

Sorry Jared I was just reminiscing about the first time Emily and I were introduced. Yes, I very much like this model, just might get me one in dark blue.”

The SUV had arrived at one of the many private Carmichael airports which housed personal jets for clients who were coming and going from around the world. After exiting the SUV and boarding the jet with his family, Victor once seated gave a command to the families personal robot named Alan, who was waiting on board for them, “Alan please tell the pilot we are ready to leave.”

CSF - 2

Chapter 2


Sitting in a very spacious private cubicle away from their parents Jordan sat facing Jared.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Jared asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Why did you cut me off? I was going to tell them about my plans.”

“Jordan believe me when I say that was not the right time. Things are a bit more… off between our parents. We haven’t been home for some time, their relationship seems to be more... complicated.”

“You mean more, distant?” Jordan replied.

“Yeah distant, you can say that.”

Looking out of the jet’s window for a moment while gathering her thoughts she said.

“Tell me this brother, when will be the best time to tell them? You know I’m leaving for Valencia in three days.”

“Make your announcement in the morning at breakfast. Today is your day, let’s not spoil it. You know mother is going to have a “Bitch Fit” when you tell them.

Laughing at Jared’s hand movements when he mimicked their mother having a “Bitch Fit’, Jordan agreed that maybe tomorrow morning wasn’t a bad idea.

“Okay, tomorrow at breakfast. You will be there? Please say you will.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a “Bitch Fit”.

Of course that wasn’t the only reason Jared suggested tomorrow he knew that family and friends were arriving at their home for Jordan’s surprise graduation party. By no means within his power, if he could help it, would he allow their mother to ruin Jordan’s party by having one of her, “Bitch Fits”.

Jordan asked while still laughing “Who started saying mother was having a “Bitch Fit” when she got beyond upset?”

“The same person you’re going to live with for one year.”

“Oh yeah, I remember,” laughed Jordan.


It was summer 2094 Jared and Jordan’s 12th birthday. That year was Jordan’s time to choose what they did or where they went for the celebration. She wanted to go to Valencia Spain and visit with her great-aunt the “Black Sheep” in the family as her mother would describe her. A very eccentric aunt who lived life and, did things on her own terms not caring what people thought, or said about her.

That particular birthday was most interesting, well lets just say it was educational. Victor, Desiree, Jared and Jordan were unknowing to exactly what their aunts lifestyle involved. Arriving two day before they were to turn 12 the hired driver who was very friendly seemed quite familiar with her address. The family was in awe with the captivating architecture while being driven down the city’s center. Announcing when they arrived pulling up in front of the most beautiful wrought iron gates.

“We are here! Welcome to Madam Josephine’s Villa.”

Josephine Grace Labelle, Jo to all who know her well. A very attractive kindhearted, to each his own kind of lady. She was born when society still viewed talking about sex in front of polite company taboo and was somewhat frowned upon. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana around her mother’s circle meant, a lady carried herself in the most proper and prestigious way possible. Coming into her “Womanhood” as her mother called it, got Jo into more trouble than was allowed by her very strict father.

Josephine the youngest in the family. Desiree’s mother Vivian was two years older than Jo. They had an older brother Franklin Jr. who died at the age of 16 from a snake bite when Jo was nine. His last words to her were “Live for me my beautiful Butterfly.”


May 25, 2047

It was a late spring day Josephine was preparing for her tea party outside by a grand oak tree.

Franklin was invited but not, Vivian. While waiting on Frank, she and Vivian had an awful argument in which Jo banned her from what was called, La Tea Party by Butterfly. Only Frank was invited with all of Jo’s dolls gathered on the blanket, minus the doll Vivian said was hers and Jo couldn’t play with it. Which is what lead to a most unladylike of disagreement their mother would say.

“Keep the Bitch” Josephine yelled. “You’re no longer invited to my tea party.”

“I’m telling father you said “Bitch”.

“Please do, and I will tell him what I saw you and John Paul doing under the pecan tree last... Sunday.”

“You wouldn’t” voiced Vivian.

Josephine smiled in a most devious way.

“Try me” was all she said while crossing her arms.

“Fine have your party I didn’t want to come anyway.” Vivian turned and walked away.

With them arguing neither noticed the two baby rattle snakes that crawled on the blanket between Jo’s dolls. Jo was about to sit down when she noticed the maid coming towards her carrying a tray filled with treats. Finger sandwiches, pastries, candy and of course, tea.

“Thank you so much Sarah.”

“You’re welcome little one.” Sarah smiled nodding her head while placing the tray on the blanket.

“I have work to do, have a good time.” Sarah headed back towards the house.

Still unaware of the danger lurking nearby Josephine was singing and playing with her favorite doll patiently waiting on Frank.

Frank announced, “I am hear Butterfly,” coming up behind Jo pinching her cheeks.

“Don’t do that, you know I don’t like it. I’m too big for that.”

“You will never be to big for me to pinch you cheeks, Butterfly.”

Butterfly was a nickname only Frank was allowed to call her by. Josephine was born with a birthmark of a butterfly on her right shoulder. When Frank saw it he said to his mother, “She’s my Butterfly.” Frank was very protective of his sisters, but especially Jo. She was born two months premature, there was no guarantee Jo would survive but she did his, Butterfly.

“I see Sarah is still spoiling you.”

Smiling Jo gestured to him, “Sit down please tea is ready to be served.”

“Yes ma’am” bowing before he sat down.

Getting comfortable he noticed all the dolls spread around the blanket.

“I only ever see you playing with the doll you’re holding. So, why are all the others out here?”

“Her name is Belle and Belle wanted to invite her friends.”

“Okay then where is Vivian? Isn’t she your friend?”

“NO! Vivian had a “Bitch Fit” when she seen that I had one of her dolls so… I uninvited her.”

“Don’t say that, that’s not nice. Did you ask her if you could play with her doll?”

Putting her head down picking at the dolls hair she was holding Jo mumbled.


“Then my little Butterfly you should have apologized to her. Now go inside and ask Vivian very politely to join us or, there will be no tea party.”

Josephine was getting up to do as her brother asked. While walking away she heard him say “Shit! what the hell.” Turning to see what was wrong Jo saw Frank grab at his left hand. Rushing back to him she was startled by two snakes slithering away.

“Oh Frank did they bite you?”

“Yes, Hurry go get help!”

As Frank got up he begin kicking over the dolls and tray filled with food. The pain was so… intense he knew he had to get help soon. His fingers and arm begin to swell. Frank was aware that a baby rattler was very venomous but, being bit by two increased chances that he wouldn’t have a good outcome.