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Abacus, Abacus!! cries Sasika. No please don't take him he's my only brother! Shut before we shoot you warned one of the men. Sasika scurried behind her mother and cried in her sleeve her mother smooths her hair. The men carries Abacus out kicking and screaming, no no I want my mommny and  my papa!. The mother hides her tears with her hand the father stays close to the two of them strongl holding hands. The door shuts and and Sasika falls to the ground hair her mother kneels besides her with her hands on her face. The just looks at them and walks away into his office with a straight face and shuts the door. Mommy what are they going to do with Abacus? Sasika asks drying her eyes. Her stays slient with her hands covering her face and starts cryiing again louder. Sasika shakes her head and turns away, No! they can't do that he belongs to us. Nn not anymore! He belongs to the block agency cries the mother. Sasika turns to her mother and says to her self, the block agency? Her mom nods her head. Sasika stays at the window I bet they never heard of the unblock agency. 

Chapter one: The beginning

Chapter one : The beginning
It is a cold day in Viola, Sweden it wasn't even fall yet just a particular windy day. No one was really about on the streets or an inch out their own doors. It's not always like this, and when this happens its a sign for something for good or bad. The roads were clean the birds were quiet everything was still, but only for a moment. All the stillness was interrupted by a loud roar of a sound of many vehicles also an air craft flew above and landed few yards away.  The vehicles were all black a load of men piled out like a herd of sheep aggressively wearing brown, black, and green all wearing the same colors. Carrying loaded big black guns and weapons home owners peer out their windows nervously clinging to their sons hiding them. Their daughters hid quietly behind their parents cowering in fear. The army of men immediately started to raid people houses.  Adults daughters' ran to hide from this hideous disaster that has started and their sons were the sorry victims in it being dragged away from their families.  Parents and guardians cry out to them the men block them from going farther from their doors threatening them with their weapons. They yelled out some harsh things in Swedish then said they will be back soon. The army of men packed them selves in the  vans and trucks with boys held hostage. The streets remained quiet and windy everyone standing in shock kids started to cry. Others ran to tell people, families went in their homes and locked up.  This one family the, Niems were lucky they hid their son, Abacus. After what happened they took things into precautions, and decided to leave the country.  Mommy where are we going asks the two little kids. Their went down to their level and whispers trembling, some where safe and we all can be happy.  Abacus smiles, happy I am very happy! His mother stands straight and adjusts herself, you say that you don't know any better.  Sasika the little daughter sits alone by the window staring out, momma is everything okay? Her mother opens her mouth then closes it she walks over and stroke and hair, we will be she says softly.  The father, Jesper and the mother Gertrud prepared the family quickly while making sure nothing is out of place, and that also their nosey neighbor won't suspect anything. Night fell no one  was out in the streets so quiet you can hear a penny drop. The Niems snuck out at 11:00pm it was pitch black which it very easy. Their black Crusades SUV family car drove out of there as if nothing happened the kids slept in the back. Gurtrud looks back, hun they're sleeping. He smiles, that's  good then his face goes back to a plain blank look. Gertrud frowns worriedly, what's wrong Jesper? I was thinking about the block agency like why do we even have that type of agency it's horrible. I know just thinking about It gets me so upset she says shaking her head. Hopefully one day this will all stop, Jesper says raising his fists in the air.  It was a long trip not stopping their move was to stay in Slovenia to live there for a while.  It was a long tiring day drive, when they got they Jesper rented a loft for them in Mairbor second largest city there. The loft was called ARNB it stands for something the one Jesper rented has 3 bedrooms enough for everyone. Jesper carries both of his children in, and Gertrud gather some of their belongings.  What they carried with them wasn't a lot the loft had most of the furnisher in there. Sasika and Abacus slept silently on the beds. The parents were up on the other hand. Jesper do you think we will be safe here she asks. Jesper rolls his eyes, of course we are Gertrud I wouldn't all of us on this long trip I if I wasn't sure of it. They packed away stuff not really saying much to each other.
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                                                                          THE NEXT MORNING
Everyone almost woke up at the same time, Sasika was in the bedroom picking out what to wear. The Niems couldn't bring everything with them so they had to leave most of the clothes behind. The outfit Sasika thought was alright was black skinny jeans, t-shirt that says Monday even though it was a Friday, with white socks. She styles her hair in a reqular pony tail. Good morning everyone she says as she enters the room. Morning they mumble to themselves. Jesper was on his phone looking at the private schools for them, Grutrud was fixing breakfast, and Abacus playing with his action figures.  Dad what are you doing she asks sitting next to him. Looking at schools for you and Abacus Sasika. Breakfast the mother calls everyone gets up and goes to the table. She made Sweden waffles, flap jacks, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, muffin, fruits, and a protein shake. Make sure all of you drink your protein shake and that means you too Jesper.  The family at their breakfast happily and quietly. Abacus and Sasika both finish their dish at the same time. Mom can I go to my room asks Sasika. Yes you can. Can I too asks Abacus. No leave your sister alone door your assignment packet.  Abacus hungs his head low and does what he is told. Sasika sits in her room with music in her ears organizing her room. She made up her bed with burgundy (her favorite color) and black covering. Sasika is a very creative person she wall papered her room in those two colors.  Her closet were small so she had to think of what type to clothes to put in she arranged them by seasonal outfits. Doing all of this makes her happy as if life was always going to be this way. Little did she know the future she wouldn't be so naïve.

pics of characters (so far)

That is how Sasika looks above right now age 10

That is how ingrid looks age 10

That is how abacus looks like age 9

Pics/ Reality 

that is sasika at age 15 now

that is Ingrid age 15 now

that is abacus 14 and a half now

                                                                     Reality (time skip 5 years)
It is May the first the sun rays kicking in for summer. It's a beautiful day in Slovenia people is out greeting each other. The Niems moved out from their old apartment to their own house a year ago. Their neighborhood is in the hilly areas not too far from the beach like  5 mile walk, by car it will take you ten minutes. Pikglo highschool lets out students at 3:15pm everyday. Where its located its like almost on the property on the beach just elevated higher on valley mountain with small narrow streets running through the mountains and hike trails. Sasika and Ababus are 6 months apart Sasika is the older one. Of course being the older one she even the one has to have the more hardest classes, better clothes, more chores, etc.
                                                                        Sasika (POV) 
2:45pm uughh this class is taking forever! Sasika slams down her Nexus black phone on her Burgundy and gold  madden girl backpack back upsetly.  Slovenia history is sooo boring like why I got to learn about a place where I wasn't originally from. In our school we have to wear uniforms. I know it sucks. Good things it has my favorite colors burgundy, white, and black! I can either wear black pants or black skirts. Skirts of course is cute I wear them most of the time. If you buy them at the uniform store in downtown is cheap and crappy we got to Slovenia mall and get our stuff. My brother really doesn't cause he's a boy and you know they don't know much about style. We may wear uniforms here but I still figure out a way to look great. Today I wore a white button up sweater with black dots. I decided   if fits me good and shows off my curves its a Tuesday wanted to look good in the beginning of the week.  I have some red lipstick on along with some back and at last regular black flats. Don't you hate it when you really want to leave school, but the clock keeps ticking away slowly. UUhh it irrates me! Why, I know all of this I'm smart I can catch on quickly.  This is an AP class but it runs like a regular one. 3:05pm could time go anymore slower. 
"Okay class turn your text book to page 608. " Aoooah the class moans in unison.

Sasika class went on but Ingrid and Abacus was doing their own things. Abacus come over here! I got the door open just grab it on that desk!

Why do I have to do it its yours

Yeah so I gave you test answers

Uh fine he unwillingly slips into the library and grabs the book. Abacus runs back and high fives Ingrid she blushes

What's up with you he asks

Oh nothing she says looking away

Abacus shrugs his shoulders, okay walking the down the corridor

Ingrid turns frantic and blurts, where are you going!

Trying not to get caught by helping you

You don't like sticking around with me 

I don't you always said I was annoying

You know I kid Abacus

                                                            ABACUS (POV)

It feels Ingrid is trying to express something to me I don't know what she is doing.  I don't understand girls. Like when they say they are going to the bathroom. Is it code for i'm getting out of here or what? You know what thinking is not doing so well to me i'm just gonna mind my own business. Last time I thought of something good I got Ingrid flowers for Valentines day since she was the only girl that didn't get anything.  It turns out that the flower I gave her she was allergic.  She hated me for the whole week her face was red and puffy for half of the day. I'm not making that mistake again plus I have some stuff I have to do.  Sasika is entering the science fair and she has been working really hard lately on this top secret project she won't tell me about, so I want to make sure she wins. Some of the projects are already in the show room, and i'm going to scoop it out to see what's her competition. 

Sounds like Alex is doing a nice thing for Sasika, but what will happen in the show room? Stay tuned In for more please like and keep reading.