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Piece By Piece


It was a just a regular day at Ellilngton High Academy for Nausicaa Aileron, a 10th grader in junior high. She knew that meddling with things always complicates even the smallest things in her life. She knew that far too well. Staying away was the best thing to do But even though she knew all of that, she still couldn't resist when something .

"But... if I do something, nothing will change." 

Now she's going through one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Will she stop the ride or do it again?


For a moment, I thought everything was falling apart. It was confusing. Every minute became tireless and it felt like it would go on for an eternity or so. It hurt, but then it felt good. Better. Then it dies out. But, again, you felt alive. I was on a one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and I wasn’t just some kid enjoying the ride. No. It was exhilarating yet frightening at the same time. Much like the ride, I couldn’t stop myself. The excitement consumed me as I feel the slingshot of velocity every drop I take. And that the ride comes to a stop and I either feel like doing it again and again or I feel like crawling into a dark motionless hole feeling terrified. Some would have felt the former. But I… the latter.

I wouldn’t go back.

My world did not almost end in a bang, or a whisper. But rather, one scream at a time.

It all started at school. It was first period, Physical Science, and I was sitting on my assigned seat right next to the seat beside the window. It was odd because that seat was not occupied for the past few weeks since the first semester started, except for now. Some guy that appeared to be of my age was sitting on that exact space.

From the corner of my eye, he was wearing a black and white long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans and, I’m guessing, high top Gingham casual shoes maybe? He had no wristwatch on or any accessories. He was staring out of the window from his seat for a while now, palm pressed against his cheek as his elbow rested against his desk, finger tapping his cheek each second that ticked by. He was already here when I came to school and he haven’t moved an inch since then.

And I thought to myself, “Odd. A new student? In the middle of the semester?

I looked around me and wondered, “Why didn’t the teacher, or anyone, introduce him to the class?

Even though it was completely peculiar, I dismissed my curiosity and tried to get answers by myself. Nobody at school ever talks to me because of “certain things.” Long story short, they’re trying to stay away from me because I can be a troublemaker of some sorts. Whatever it is, nobody will ever have the courage to be near me. Except for the faculty and staff, of course. Adults aren’t scared of high schoolers. I shook my head and shifted my seat a little just so I could slightly face this mysterious guy beside me.

Meddling with things always complicates even the smallest things in life.

But… if I don’t do something myself, nothing will change.

“Uhmm, hello?” I whispered at him, trying to make sure that the teacher and the rest of the class couldn’t hear me, except for this guy. He didn’t flinch, nor turn around. He didn’t budge at all. The only thing that was moving was his neutral dark blonde hair as the window greeted the wind that brushed the hairs on his head. I didn’t want to start a fuss, but I tried calling out again to whoever he was and said, “Does Mr. Perkins’ class bore you? That’s nice, I’m having trouble with this subject oftentimes.” I let out a small laugh.

Still no response.

I sighed. Something about this guy intrigued me. Even though his existence bothered me for a bit, I brushed it off and focused on the lesson. But, damn, Newton’s Laws? I admit, Physical Science is not exactly my forte, but this topic had been introduced and taught a couple of times now. I remembered the first time this lesson was presented to me. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. However, ever since I realized this was not the subject for me… I decided to focus on another thing. Still, I jot down some notes in my notebook eagerly.

 Until I felt a slight jolt out of nowhere, and from then I knew that somebody was staring at me.

 I turned my head to the direction where I felt the gaze of an unfamiliar being. It was…

 My eyes widened. The new guy?

 I didn’t know what came up to me but instead of being grossed out, which I normally feel whenever someone peers at me without me knowing, I felt my lips curl into a smile. He had a bewildered expression at first, then his lips slowly curled into a small awkward smile.

 “Oh, you finally faced me,” I blurted out of the blue, but soft enough not to disturb the class. I glanced at everyone, including the teacher up front. They looked undisturbed. I gave a sigh of relief and fixed my gaze into this stranger beside me. He said nothing but smile, which was pretty uncomfortable between two strangers, but I continued with a faint whisper, “I’m guessing you’re bored with Mr. Perkins’ class huh?”

 It took him a while to open his mouth, but all he did was let out a flat and casual “yes.”

 Then he and I fell silent. Again.

  But his gaze did not leave me. Oh, no. He was staring right into my eyes. His misty gray eyes, if I’m not mistaken, gaped into me like he was consuming my entire being. No matter how awkward his gaze was, I ignored the overwhelming feeling of strangeness and focused on the opportunity to study him more closely. Well, he was a meter away from me so I guess this was the closest I could be with this guy.

The rays of sun highlighted his dark blonde hair, illuminating him. And, by then, I noticed that he had a narrow, oblong face with angular cheekbones and a pointed chin. His misty gray eyes were small and spaced evenly apart, sitting below his thinly plucked eyebrows that seemed to curve as a natural extension of his broad, rounded nose. His face held forward in a steady gaze, and had an air of authority that was palpable. Even when he was near, he seemed… distant. His eyes were distant, like it was on a completely different world. I got the feeling that he could fade at any minute.

Talk to him.

Just talk to him.

“Uhm, the name’s Nausicaa,” I let out my right hand for a handshake, “Nausicaa Aileron. You can call me ‘Nana’ if you’d like.”

He was about to reach out to my hand and speak as I noticed his curved lips parted for a bit, but then, there was a sharp blow up ahead.

I flinched.

“Ms. Aileron! No talking in my class or you’ll meet my good friend, Mr. Detention,” Mr. Perkins snapped, his voice tore my sudden urge to—

I blinked.

I was facing and staring at an empty space beside me.

The desk and chair… empty, as it has always been.

Wait. What was I doing… again?

I was staring at an empty chair and desk beside me, the curtains of the window slowly dancing as the wind came in. My right hand was out, like it was offering a handshake to someone. But… who? Nobody was sitting there, and I don’t remember what happened. It was bizarre and it felt really weird. I clenched my hands into fists and slowly looked at everyone around me. Some were whispering to their seatmates, other giggled silently, while others just glared at me. I knew far too well that I wasn’t anyone’s friend and I had nobody to side on. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.

I didn’t want to draw attention

And yet, this happened.

What the hell? What’s wrong with me?

So many questions popped into my mind. I was so confused, and somewhat missing on something. There’s this uncomfortable feeling growing up inside of me, like I had forgotten something I should’ve remembered. I couldn’t understand myself. And, just then, like some mysterious mind reader, my questions seemed to be getting clearer. Still a bit blur, but clearer than a while ago. A dim whisper—that seemed like it echoed across the room but, strange enough, nobody seemed to hear—spoke.

A short gasp of cold air shivered my being.

I’m Stahn.


- - - - - - - - 

A/N: Hello, fellow reader! I hope you liked the prologue of this story I made. More chapters will be published soon so stay tuned! If you have any suggestions, advices, or comments for further improvements, feel free to send me a message here or send me an email: Thank you for reading! xoxo