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The Absolved


Life's full of bizarre and mostly unexpected events, you can never know what will happen next. We all think we're going to find the truth; what would drive men to such creative extremes of inhumanity? Is it a sin for not knowing something so obvious? We all make bad choices, we all made mistakes. We have learned as much as we've suffered. Men are scared of the unknown, innocence is a scary thing. 
  "What am I? Why am I here?"
  An object, a tool for some, an independent being, an entity, lost in time. Thought to be forgotten, but brought back with crime. The lies that bound me, lay crushed, frozen in time. I am but a single being, but I carry two swords, a mind with mercy, and a mindset to gore. These wars that bore me, seems to never let go, the only thing that will make me happy, is to see you inside a coffin, 6 feet down below.

The Beginning of the End of Anarchy - I

"Darn it, I knew I shouldn't have joined y'all."

"Quit being such a p*ssy and help us out here." the burly man shouted at the young man.

"I won't stand for this sh*t, I'm out." he exited the store, leaving his friends behind. "An honest job they said..." he whispered to himself.

In the dead of night, the young man stood beside the store, acting as a lookout while the others loaded the loot inside each of their dufflebags. Slowly, he grew irritated and annoyed, he never expected his friends would persuade him to disobey the law once more.

"Hurry up in there! Before the pigs arrive." the young man exclaimed, taking a glance inside the shop.

For a split second, he heard glass, crackling in the alley across the street-

"Hurry up!"

He felt a sudden gust of wind from behind-

"Huh?" he turned around.

He found the door's glass window was shattered, blood dripping from its edges and his friends lay dead on the floor with their throats slit-

No words can express the level of fear he felt, he was paralyzed, as his friends bled to death, there stood a girl at the far end of the room, holding a bloodied knife and looking directly at him.

"Hello." the girl said, softly.

The young man stood still, eyes locked to the girl and fists clenched, either it was fear or instinct that took over- he ran. He ran and ran, gasping for air, he stopped and hid in a small alley.

"What the f*ck was that?"

The girl followed, walking slowly towards him, a knife in hand and a smile almost painted in manner.

"I never signed up for this... No. I-it can't b-be..." he stood in disbelief and found his back against the wall.

"Don't run. I have a special gift, just for you." the girl chuckled, aiming the knife at the young man.

"N-no! Y-you're not supposed to be real!"

The girl suddenly stabbed his wrist-

"Is this real enough?" the girl asked, while he shouted in agony.

"I-it wasn't me! It was their idea! All of it!" he begged for mercy.

The girl removed the knife from his arm and grabbed his neck-

"Like I never heard that one before."

One swift blow to the neck sent blood gushing to her face, painting her like a canvas.

An urban legend to some, a hero, a ghost, a killer. She bore many names, but none she ever liked but the title "Lieutenant".

She laughed, dropping the knife and leaving the alley, where she was faced by numerous police cruisers, and officers with their guns pointed directly at her.

A tall man stepped forward-

"Back at it again, I see." he shook his head and took the girl by the hand and forcibly asked her to come with him to the police station.

She was cuffed and at least a dozen men surround her, escorting her to the Chief's office. The Chief and the girl had a disastrous argument, one they had already discussed hundreds of times before. Over and over again-

"Shut up!" the girl's voice echoed across the dark room.

"Then why'd you do it? Did you really think they'll just let you go after what you did?" the man stood up and examined the girl's gun.

The man was in his mid thirties, tall, broad shoulders, rough look and was one of the most respected police chiefs the department has ever known. A man named Damien Mercer.

"No." the girl evaded the man's furious gaze.

The man came to the girl and sighed-

"You're abusing your authority. Stop or I'll make you stop." the man sternly said.

"You can't tell me what to do!" the girl shouted, running away from the man, leaving her gun and badge.

"You never learn..." he straightened the ruffles on his coat, proceeded back to his chair and opened a bottle of beer.

The girl exited the police department, none of the other officers tried to stop her for they knew that the stubbornness of the girl already reached its climax.

The girl had a troubled childhood that almost none of the others knew about.

The girl once belonged to a noble family, residing in Italy. A girl of many talents, a genius, yet a bit odd.

Reese Philippa, was her name, a name she despised so.

Many years ago, 8 years to be exact, when the girl was just a child, can barely hold a gun, trouble was abundant inside their home. She along with her sister Leliana, grew knowing almost nothing about the outside world.

Her father, Edward Philippa, is one of the most feared and influential man in Italy. Wealth and power corrupted him, he was obsessed with life, and pursued knowledge and power alike. He could buy the whole country of Italy if he wanted to, but he desires something else, something much more profound.

Contrast to her mother, Elise Anne Philippa, the most elegant woman in Italy, her kind heart would easily stop her tears from flowing in an instant. She, her sister and mother would tour around their enormous mansion and would pick flowers in their garden tended by numerous servants.

Their father would occasionally arrive at home, late and drunk. He'd shout at them and angrily order the servants around until it satisfies his lust for power.

A night in October, year 2007, a night she'll never forget. As usual, her dad came home late, smelling like alcohol, but there was more. Her father had a woman wrapped around him, her mother clueless about the woman's presence, but the girl thought little of it since her mother is out on a business trip abroad and will return the following day. She deemed her as her father's guest and was a bit intrigued.

The girl and her sister followed the two until they found themselves at the dinner table.

"Come! Shall we eat dinner?" her father gestured at them, urging them to eat with the unknown woman.

The sisters looked at each other with doubt-

"The food will get cold." her father said, ordering the maids to fetch the two.

Eventually, the two joined their father and ate dinner.

Her father would often flirt with the woman, blowing kisses and making silly gestures toward her that would make her laugh. When the sisters stared at them, the intimate atmosphere instantly diminished and the two hastily ate their food.

"What's wrong father?" her sister asked.

"Nothing my dear. I'm just tired from work, sorry to have worried you." her father replied, inching closer to stroke her daughter's silky hair.

After dinner, they were commanded to immediately return to their room and sleep for the night.

Reese was still suspicious and couldn't stay put. In her curiosity, she went to her father's quarters.

Slowly opening the door, just a crack to see what was going on inside.

Her father and the woman, were doing things beyond the girl's understanding, she saw but could not understand.

She thought nothing of it and went back to her room and slept till morning.

She was awoken by one of the servants, she got dressed and prepared herself for breakfast, alongside her sister.

They came down only to see the woman gone, only she knew about what transpired the evening before, so it raised more suspicion for her.

Her mother arrived late noon, exhausted from the trip and immediately returned to her room and rest.

She followed her into her mother's room and told her what happened the previous night.

"Mother." the girl said, clutching her mother's clothing.

"Yes? What is it?" she replied, smiling.

"Father had a guest last night, she slept with dad but she seemed to have disappeared, do you know where she might've gone?" the girl said, knowing little of the trouble she has caused.

"Your father?!" her mother's smile instantly disappeared.

The woman stomped as she walked the long hallways of the mansion, anger written all over her face. Her daughter, following closely behind her.

"Edward!" she shouted, slamming the door.

"My darling! Was there something wrong? You must be tired from your trip-"

"Don't you dare act dumb! Your daughter saw her! Your own daughter! Where is she?! Where is your woman?!" she pointed angrily at the man.

"W-woman? Honey..." her father's breath reeks of alcohol.

"Spare me the nonsense!" she continued to shout as the girl watched in silence.

"I said I don't have a woman! Why would think I'd lie to you!" he started shouting as well.

"So you're saying your daughter's lying?! Huh, is that it?!"

"Shut up! I said I don't have anyone else!"

Her mother searched the whole room frantically and found a lipstick.

"What's this?! Yours?! Because I'm sure this isn't mine!"

"I said shut up already!"

Her mother and father's argument only worsened until her father couldn't contain his anger any longer. Taking a revolver from his desk, he shot his wife in point blank range. Blood splattering at the girls face, she stepped back, gasping for air and couldn't believe everything that's happened.

"F-father.. Why..?" the girl asked, falling on her knees and blankly staring at her mother's lifeless body.

"You! You little sh*t! You're the one who told her!" her father's speech became slurried, at that moment she knew that her father was intoxicated.

"Come here!" her father grabbed her hair and dragged her across the floor.

"That hurts! S-stop!" she struggled to break free but couldn't.

"First you waste my money and now this?!" he threw the girl inside his car's trunk and using ropes to tie her.

"Father! I'm sorry!" the girl begged for mercy.

"Sorry?! Tell that to your mother not me!" he shouted, revving the car's engine and speeding away the estate.

Almost an hour trip, the girl trapped inside the car's trunk with barely enough air to breathe.

Finally, the car stopped and the trunk swung open. The girl inhaled, looking completely drained and eyes pouring tears nonstop.

"Come here!" her father dragged her again, down to a derelict naval port, where a plane sit beside an old boat.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It won't happen again! I promise!" she asked and asked for forgiveness but her father showed no remorse.

"Shut the hell up!" her father shouted.

Grabbing her head and slamming it on the car's hood, knocking her out almost instantly.

Many days passed, the girl did not awaken, until the waves carried her ashore, a city where delinquents are abundant and crimes happen at an hourly basis.

Ora City-- a city of thieves, a city of crime, nobody can call it a day unless somebody dies. Once a state of America but was deleted from the map due to lack of authority and order within the city. It governs itself, no mayors, no officials. Nothing...

The girl found herself in a beach, littered with wrecks of cars, garbage almost everywhere she looked around but there was not a person in sight.

"Where... am I?" she got up, wiping away the sand from her dress.

She wandered aimlessly for hours, she didn't know where she was, or where she'll go. There was nothing but ruins of buildings, more wrecked cars and the road looked like it hasn't been maintained in ages. Moss and foliage envelop most of the street lights and signs all across the city. She'd often hear distant sirens that would soon fade and diminish completely.

Eventually, she found a police department, OCPD, a huge neon sign lit the entrance of the enormous building.

She entered, hoping to get some help-

"Hello?" she came to the counter and asked-

She asked again and again but to no avail.

She heard footsteps in the distant hallway opposite the counter she was currently in-

"Um.. Hello?" she became frightened and hid under the counter as the footsteps became louder.

A man emerged, sitting by her side and immediately putting his hand on the girl's mouth.

"Shh! Quiet! They might hear us!" the young man whispered.

The girl slowly peered above the counter and saw numerous men across the street, they were a loud bunch, she would still hear them talk loudly after passing them and making a few paces away from the building.

The man eventually removed his grasp from the girl and helped her up.

"Sorry, I must've scared you." the man smiled weakly at the girl which was in tears from fright. "No, no, no! Don't cry.. It's okay, it's alright. The bad guys are gone."

"Bad guys? Do you mean those people?" the girl replied, pointing her finger at the door.

The young man nodded- "Yup, I say you best avoid them if you don't want any trouble."

"Okay." the girl replied, wiping away her tears.

"Smart girl! Now, what brings a young, adorable girl like you here? Do you need help?" the young man smiled, leading the girl further inside the building.

The girl was devastated when her memories flashed in an instant, horrifying images and the voice of his father still linger inside her young mind.

"My father..."

"Hmm? Your father?" the young man stopped and came to the girl's side.

"D-dad killed her... He killed mom..." the girl looked at the young man with tearful eyes.

"What?! Where is he now?! You must tell me." his calmness instantly disappeared when he heard the disturbing news.

"I don't know! Dad threw me out and left me here!" the girl wept.

"Okay, okay... Calm down..." the man tried to comfort the little girl. "What's your name?"

"Reese... Philippa..."

"Reese... I know it's hard but you need to tell me the truth..."

"I said I don't know!" she punched the man weakly.

"It's alright... It's okay now..." he hugged the little girl.

The man realized that the girl was abandoned and that her dad was long gone and disappeared without a trace. Chances of ever catching him is next to none, so he decided to take the girl and nurture her back to health.

"Hey I know! You can come with me, at my house. I'll make you some cookies if you want." the man smiled brightly.

The girl nodded, but still continued to cry, nobody could blame her, none of us can barely tolerate a passing of a loved one, let alone seeing them be killed right in front of you.

"It's okay... let it out..." the man lifted the girl and hugged her tight, rubbing her back and comforting her. "Shall we get going?" the man asked.

"Okay...." the girl replied, crying uncontrollably and tightly grabbing the man's uniform.

"My colleagues aren't here, they're out in the field, fighting bad guys! They'd love to meet you, but I'm sure you must be hungry, let's get you something to eat first. I'll bake you the best cookies! I promise." the man took the girl to his car and drove back to his home.

The man, was Jean Fritz. A young, valiant officer of the law. He was one of the best, but could never do well out in the field, the chief would leave him paperwork and ask him to run a few errands that he politely accepts, always.

"Here we are!" the man parked his car right beside a small apartment building.

The two went inside, the man's apartment was in the third floor. Despite being old, the building looked fairly well maintained and beautifully furnished.

"One sec-" he unlocked the door to his apartment and opened the lights. "Well.. it's not much, but make yourself comfortable." he removed his coat and hanged it on the rack and put on his apron.

"What's wrong?" he looked back at the girl, which stood still beside the front door.

The girl shook her head and slowly walked inside and closed the door.

"Just give me a moment, I'll bake you some cookies, just as I promised." he said, smiling.

The girl looked around the man's apartment, it was huge compared to other apartment units. She sat on the comfy couch and waited.

"Do you live alone?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, the other tenants left not so long ago. This neighborhood's crawling with bad guys, so you better watch out!"

The girl became a bit skeptical-

"How about your mom and dad? Are they here?"

There was a brief pause from the man then said- "No, they died in a car accident when I was studying abroad."

The girl was surprised- "I'm sorry! I should never have asked..."

"It's okay, I'm sure they're happy to know that I graduated and got the job I wanted." the man's face turned gloomy. "You... you're just a little girl... What happened to you is just....-" the man stuttered as he spoke.

There was awkward silence for almost a minute, until the oven's timer rang.

"Oh! Cookies are ready." the man exclaimed as a smile began to form on his face once more.

He took a handful and offered it to the girl, coming back to the refrigerator to get a carton of milk and a glass from the cupboard for the girl.

"Thank you..." the girl was in tears, this was the first time in her life that someone was actually taking care of her.

"No problem!" the man smiled, giving the girl a thumbs up.

"Wh-what's your name?" the girl asked, taking a bite at the freshly baked cookie.

"You can call me Jean! Or maybe big-bro, but I prefer Jean." he smiled brightly.

"Thank you, Jean..."

"Tomorrow, I can take you to the mall and buy you the cutest dress! You want that?"

The girl nodded, crying discreetly.

The man stood up and hurriedly went to his room.

Coming back from his quarters, he emerged carrying stuffed toys, thick blankets and soft pillows. He dragged the other couch to the corner of the room and arranged the things he took, making a little makeshift bed for the girl.

The man looked at the girl excitedly-

"You can sleep here, I hope it's okay for you. These toys were my mom's, I suppose she won't be needing it anymore." Jean tapped the bed softly.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to be here?" the girl asked, taking a sip from the glass of milk.

"Of course! You can stay here for as long as you like."

The man turned the TV on and watched some news.

"The richest and most noble family in Italy, the Philippa household, is currently silent among the government's movements. This is the first time in history that they became inactive and they refused any contact from the media as we speak." the news anchor said, with the Philippa's mansion shown in the background.

The man's eyes widened, turning quick to the girl's direction which was busy eating the cookies and didn't hear the news.

"N-no... It can't be." the man scratched his head and stood up from the couch. "Hey Reese... what's your last name again?"

"My last name...?" the girl asked, titling her head in confusion. "It's Philippa." she continued.

The man was shocked and couldn't utter a word.

"Is there something wrong Jean?" the girl asked.

"Nothing, I just thought you might like to start school by now, I can get you enrolled in a school not far from here if you want?" the man redirected the topic for the girl's safety. "How old are you?"


"Eight... Hmm, second grade?"

The girl shook her head-


Again, she shook her head-

"You don't go to school?"

"Dad gives me books often and I read them when I have the time. My sister's the one who goes to school."

"Oh. I see. Then let's get you enrolled!"

"Really? But-"

"Don't worry I'll take care of it! Oh gosh look at the time!" the man glanced at the clock. "It's already nine!"

"Is it a bad thing?"

"It's past your bedtime. Come, let's get you to bed and we can talk more about it tomorrow." the man replied, faking a yawn.

The man carried the little girl to her bed of toys and pillows and tucked her in.

"Sleep well okay? I'll be in my room, if you ever need anything, just ask."


The girl tugged the man's shirt-

"Thank you..." the girl said, smiling weakly.

The man smiled back, and nodded.

The next day, the man woke up early, cooking breakfast for himself and for the girl, the sun hasn't even risen when he got up from his slumber.

He cooked bacon, eggs, and toasted some bread. He also prepared some milk for the girl and brushed his teeth right after.

He eventually woke the girl up, it was seven in the morning, he gently shook the girl's body and tried to wake her up.

The girl moaned and grunted, refusing to wake up.

"How are we suppose to buy you that dress you wanted?" the man asked, hoping the girl will hear him.

Indeed she did, the girl sat up immediately and smiled at him expectantly.

"I'm up!" she shouted excitedly.

"Let's eat breakfast first, by the way, I borrowed some of my neighbor's clothing. Her daughter doesn't need them anymore, they're too small for her to wear, so I thought maybe you can use them." Jean stroked the girl's hair.

The girl smiled back and nodded happily.

They ate breakfast together, almost like siblings do.

After eating, the young man asked the girl to take a bath and get ready for they will leave soon to buy her that dress he promised.

"Can you take a bath by yourself?"

"Of course!" the girl hastily replied, averting his eyes from the young man's gaze.

"Okay then, be careful, the floor is a bit slippery." a worried smile formed on his face.

The young man got ready as well, taking his jacket, and wearing his jeans, shoes and favorite T-shirt. He then gave the girl the clothes he borrowed from his neighbor.

The girl took the clothes and put them on immediately.

"Is it okay?" the girl asked.

"Hm! Perfect!" the young man exclaimed while giving the girl a thumbs up. "Let's go?"

The girl nodded in agreement, they hopped in the young man's car and drove to the mall.

"There's a bunch of dresses there, be sure to pick carefully, okay?"

"I will." the girl was quiet, but would often smile when she sees the carefree attitude of the young man.

Afternoon, they arrived at the mall. The area is buzzing with activity, the crowd thickened by the second.

"Take my hand." the young man offered his hand to the girl. "I wouldn't want you to get lost do I?"

The girl reluctantly held the young man's hand and they began to explore the gigantic mall.


"Here, use this." Jean took off his jacket and gave it to the girl.

"T-thank you."

They eventually found a shop which sells clothing for children and toddlers. It caught the girl's attention and pulled Jean's hand toward the store.

"Over there!" the girl exclaimed, pointing her finger at the colorful store.

"Okay." the young man chuckled briefly.

They entered the store, aisles of various clothing and dresses stood before them, the girl's eyes sparkled as she saw the vibrant clothing and other accessories. Growing only inside the confines of her house, this was the first time she actually saw a store or went to a mall. She was a bit overwhelmed and ecstatic as well, to experience something new.

"This? Or maybe this?!" the girl took a bunch of dresses and offered it to the young man.

"Pick only one." the young man smiled.

"Aww. Okay." the girl took her time deciding which dress she wanted and eventually returned to the man holding a white dress with a red lining and a ribbon on its back, beautiful frills decorate its sleeves and had an elegant vibe to it.

"I'll take this." the girl stated, handing the dress to the young man.

"This? Are you sure? It looks great, but once we buy it, there's no coming back to pick another."

The girl smiled and nodded, looking directly at the young man's eyes and just begging him to buy the dress.

They went to the cashier and bought the dress, although it was a bit expensive, both the girl and the young man exited the store, with happiness written all over their faces.

"Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?" Jean inquired.

The girl pointed at a small stall just beside the escalator, it sold shakes and other beverages such as coffee, cola, and juice.

He bought the girl a fruit shake and bought himself a coffee.

Amidst their peaceful afternoon, a cluster of men arrived, a nasty looking lot. Jean seemed to have recognized them, the ones who crossed the street at the station the previous day. They hid inside a store, pretending to browse the wares until the men pass.

"Don't look." he said to the girl who was curious about the men's presence.

The girl immediately cast her gaze elsewhere.

After the men have passed, they exited the store and immediately went to his car and drove away as fast they could.

"Who were those men?" asked the girl.

"They're nothing but criminals, all of them." the young man's smile vanished.

"Criminals? Bad guys?" the girl asked again.


It was a short uneventful ride home to the young man's apartment.

Upon arriving, the young man immediately turned on the washing machine and threw in the girl's new dress as she watched in curiosity.

"I have a surprise for you..." he teased the little girl. "I already got you enrolled to a school not far from here, and starting tomorrow, you'll be attending school! Isn't that great?!"

The girl was puzzled-

"What's so great about school?" she scratched her head in confusion.

"What's great? Everything! You get to have lots of friends and have fun! Also learn a lot of things." the young man exclaimed with exaggerated gestures.

"Dad didn't want me to go to school."

"Well I want to! And I already made the preparations!"

The girl smiled, looking somewhat satisfied from his response.

They both slept peacefully that night, ate their food happily and watched a few shows on the TV before finally going to bed.

The next day, she was awoken early again by the young man.

"It's time for school!" the young man shouted at her, taking her by surprise. "Wake up or you'll be late."

She stood up fast and ran to the bathroom, readying herself for school and eating her breakfast hastily. Excited to go to school.

Jean took her to school, it was about a kilometer or two from his house, the girl sat fidgety on the passenger seat, with his new dress and clutching her bag tightly.

Dropping her off right at the front gate, he waved at her the last time-

"Be good okay? I'll come fetch you again when school ends."

"Okay!" the girl's smile removed the young man's worries.

The girl stood up like a sore thumb, she was unlike any the faculty members have ever seen, by the age of eight, she knew more than a college student would know. Calculus, Biology, Physics and the lot, something this unbelievable did not go unnoticed. The principal gave her various tests and examinations including physical activities which she also aced while her classmates watched in amazement.

For the first time in her life, she had fun with other people, communicate and coexist like any normal human being.

Until finally, school ended, she sat by the waiting shed, waiting for Jean to come pick her up again. All was well, until night came, and the young man didn't turn up.

She realized, that she was abandoned once again, but she considered it impossible for the way she was treated by the young man, it was far too unlikely. She trashed the idea and just thought maybe, the young man was busy with his duties as an officer of the law and couldn't come to fetch her.

She walked, a kilometer back to Jean's place, he skipped, hopped and followed the same road they took when they first drove to her school.

The horizon was eating away at the light of day when she finally arrived at the young man's apartment, apart from being tired, she excitedly ran upstairs and flung the door open which she found unlocked.

"I'm-" she couldn't continue, at the sight of the unruly house which was neat and tidy by the time they left.

She began to become frightened- "Um... Jean?" she asked, but not a single voice gave a response.

The window was broken, the table was shattered and almost all the furniture was destroyed.

On the floor, was a red liquid, she has seen once before- a scent familiar, so familiar.

Her eyes widened, she was scared stiff, slowly turning her head to the young man's room, the door was broken down and the red liquid she found on the floor trailed towards it.

She clutched her dress tightly, and walked slowly towards the young man's room-

And then she saw Jean, lay dead on the floor- the girl didn't even know how to react, her grasp loosened and every fiber of her body shouted at her.

She lost another, something which she valued most, and the reason- the cause of it, was her.

Inside of her, something snapped, a terrible virus manifested, infecting her whole system. Losing her sanity, or what's left of it, losing her will to live, her reason, her purpose, her humanity. It faded away, into the abyss. A punishment much worse than death, a firsthand experience of a living hell, torment and an unending feeling of regret, sadness, anger and hate.

She stroked his favorite jacket-

"Jean... you're not dead right? Here I brought you some of my homework, shall we do them together?" no words can express, the degree of insanity that took over her mind, she talked to the young man's corpse, as if it was still alive. She smiled at him, like having a normal conversation-

"What's for dinner? I'm getting hungry, you said you'll come fetch me but you never came." she took the young man's body and dragged it by the hand, she gently laid it to the sofa and took off his jacket and wore it herself.

"I love your jacket." she took the young man's arm, and put it on her head, hoping he'd move and stroke her hair once more.

"I got an A on all the test, isn't that great?" she continued to talk to the corpse.

She stared blankly at the floor, the minutes stretched, she felt like she waited for what seems like an eternity.

In a split second, her eyes glowed, a terrifying shade of red, a disturbing smile formed on her face, she began to cry, silently.

Lastly, she stood up, she stared at the young man directly at his eyes, and gently laid a kiss on his forehead.

The point where you've had enough, the point where anything just seemed useless, anything you do is in vain. The very thing you cling to, all you have left was taken away.

The changes, the events that happened was all too much for her, but losing her humanity sparked a sudden change in her, her very existence was altered.

Losing everything, including your feelings, your thoughts, can delete you, you'll be forever scarred and will keep asking yourself- "Am I still human?"

She acted autonomously, like she was on autopilot, her actions was not her own anymore.

She closely examined the young man's body-

A large wound at his neck, his throat slit, and a concussion on his head-

"His neck, a wound this size, a serrated knife and a sudden blow to his head, a blunt object, a baseball bat, typical." she began to theorize, investigating every aspect to determine the culprit.

She searched whole house and found a note-

"You got what you deserve you a**hole, that'll teach you for meddling with my affairs." the note reads.

She tightly grasped the note- taking a knife from the cupboard she set off to find the culprit. The young man's car was taken, and quite hastily, tire marks paint the road, she followed it to a nearby alleyway where she found the car parked and two nasty looking men stood beside it, one holding a machete and the other an aluminum baseball bat.

After recollecting what she has investigated, she deemed the two as culprits, acting quickly she hid the knife under her jacket and approached the two.

She spoke no words-

"Eh? Whoa dude, look!"

"Huh? 'Ey didn't Nick mention a kid? The one that cop took in?"

"Greetings, are you the ones who killed Jean?" she asked, her anger suppressed.

"What's it to you? Hmph, a puny little kid like you, you must've been that girl Nick mentioned. I'll fetch you a nice price don't worry." the man chuckled.

The man's arm stretched to the grab her hair, acting swiftly- she stabbed the man's hand, the knife piercing right through his palm, quickly retracting the knife, a swift blow to the neck, slitting the man's throat.

Gagging and holding his neck, the man fell on the ground, eventually bleeding to his death-

"F*ck! You little-" the huge man lunged at her, but considering her size, her speed outmatched whatever strength the man had.

She toyed with him, slicing his ankles, his shoulders, knees and wrists. The man fell to the ground and couldn't move, the precise points where she struck rendered the man paralyzed-

"Tell me..." the girl inched closer-

She sat on the man's chest and aimed the knife directly at his left eye-

"Tell me..."

"T-tell you what?!"

"Who ordered you... to kill Jean?"

"I-it was Nick! H-he's in an old apartment complex downtown, right beside the park!"

The girl looked satisfied but still drove the knife at the man's eye, twisting it, the man shouting in agony but couldn't do anything, she gouged out his eye and threw it away. The man passed out from shock shortly after.

"Downtown... Huh." she muttered to herself.

She explored a bit and eventually found an enormous park, she looked to the right and found an unfinished building.

"That must be it." she hid the bloodied knife inside her jacket and straightened her dress.

She investigated the area and taking everything into account, though she may be able to outsmart her enemies, one single mistake can be fatal.

Two guards stood just outside the front door, one had a pistol holstered in his belt, and the other seems to be unarmed.

She approached them casually, hiding whatever intent she had behind a carefree smile.

"Hello, is Nick inside by any chance?" she asked, giving the men a bright smile.

The two guards looked at each other with doubt, seeing such a pale skinned little girl out in the dark raised a bit of suspicion, but seeing how harmless she was, they let their guard down-

"Get lost kid, what's your business with our boss anyway?" the dark haired man replied.

"I only wish to talk to him, that's all I ask." the girl replied.

The man gestured at her to leave, he grew angry, he took a step closer at the girl and when he was just a few inches away, the girl lunged at him, climbing behind his back.

"Get off me!" the man exclaimed, while the other rushed to help.

The girl wrapped his arms around the man's neck and slit his throat- it sent blood gushing from the man's neck and into her face-

"What the..." the other man exclaimed, and couldn't act.

She slowly turned towards the man's direction, striking up another carefree smile-

The man was terrified- the girl wiped away the blood from her nose and mouth and slowly walked towards the man who couldn't move at the sight of the girl.

"This will only take a moment of your time..." she exhaled softly, grabbing the man's coat, stabbing him on his chin and quickly retracting the knife. The man fell to the ground, blood started to spread around the pavement, blood dripping from her knife, looking at the two with discontent and happiness at the same time. She took the man's pistol and hid it inside one of her jacket's pockets.

"Now... onto Nick..." she said to herself, entering the building.

She was welcomed by numerous men, a loud bunch, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, just after the front door, luckily, the darkness shrouded her presence and was able to enter the building unnoticed.

"Too many..."

After taking a quick glance at the men, she knew there were far too many for her to face alone, and the structure of the room wont allow her to move past them without being noticed.

She looked around and eventually found a vent, hoping it was connected to the second floor, left with no options, she used the ventilation system to try and avoid anymore unnecessary attention and finally find Nick.

Eventually, the shaft went upwards, assuming it was bound to the upper floors she continued.

"Finally..." she exhaled loudly, kicking the vent's cover off and climbing down the floor.

She was faced by a long hallway, plenty of rooms but no doors, most of the rooms have collapsed due to age or maybe it was really left unfinished. At the end of the hallway was another room, it was illuminated by a small light bulb, and a desk of some sort, with a man reclined on his chair and gazing outside the window.

Knowing blood already decorated her entire body, the "innocent girl" trick wont work twice, she wanted to sneak up on him, but couldn't really tell if he was the one she was looking for, needless to say, she had enough killings for that day.

No choice, but to ask him myself, I'll just have to improvise- she thought to herself.

"Hello. Are you Nick?" she asked, with another fake, carefree smile forming on her young face.

The man's chair slowly turned towards her direction and his eyes immediately widened as their eyes met-

"Wh-what happened to you girl?! Are you hurt?" the man asked hysterically.

"Yes. I'm looking for Nick, is he here?" she asked once more.

"I'm Nick... now girl, what is it you need, and why're you covered in blood?" he replied, reclining back on his chair.

"You see... Jean... is..." she tried to trick Nick-

"J-Jean?! Are you friend of him perhaps?" he stood up and walked towards the girl.

"Yes..." she said silently, another terrifying smile formed on her face.

Nick leaned forward to face her, and acting quick, inserting the gun inside his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Just like that.

Of course a gunshot wouldn't simply go unnoticed, the men from before started to rush upstairs, and she knew that sooner or later they'll arrive. She can't exit from where she came- she looked at the open window and with such haste she jumped down-

Luckily, a huge pile of garbage broke her fall and was able to go through the whole ordeal unscathed.

She felt satisfied, although she knew her actions were wrong, there was something inside her head telling her it was alright- that it was the right thing to do- that it can't be helped.

She proceeded back to the police department- like before, she found the building empty, but there was a black sedan parked right in front of the station, so there must be someone inside.

She explored the upper floors of the building and eventually found the Chief's office, she went inside and found a man standing right beside a file cabinet, smoking a cigar while taking short sips from his cup of coffee.

"Are you the Chief?" the girl asked silently.

The man turned towards her and was taken aback by the girl's condition-

"Indeed, I am. What is it you need." the man approached the girl cautiously, laying his coffee down on his desk.

"I am Officer Fritz's friend, I'm here to report his untimely death. Also to compensate for his departure, I eliminated Nick." she was straightforward, she threw the bloodied knife and pistol at the man's desk-

"Jean's dead?! H-how do you know this?! And... what do you mean by eliminated Nick? Nick is by far, the most dangerous gang leader the station has ever known..."

"Should I go back and retrieve his head for you?" she replied, tilting her head in confusion.

"No, no, no... there's no need for that. Just give me a sec." the man took out a radio and conversed with another police officer.

His eyes widened when he heard the news, he wouldn't have believed it himself if not for the girl's story.

"So you're telling me, you just waltzed in there and shot Nick... in point blank range?"

"That is correct."

The man couldn't even react, the thought of it rendered him speechless-

"I acknowledge that you did manage to kill him... but-"

"Is there something wrong sir? If there's nothing more I can do, I shall be on my way." she turned her back, but just before she turned the doorknob, the man took her hand-

"Wait!" he sighed- "Jean told me about you... just a kid... I mean you're just a kid, and to kill without remorse is...-"

"I'm already done with that sir, I need to get going."

The man hesitated but he said it anyway- "Why not be an officer of the law?"

"Come again?" she asked-

"You can spend your days as a child on the streets- but I'm giving you a chance here, a chance to make a difference, a way you can avenge Jean properly."

The girl paused briefly-

"I'll consider it, on the meantime, I shall remain here." she sat on the chair.

"You can stay at my house, me and my wife just got divorced not so long ago, so it's a little empty, but hey it's way better than the streets right?"

"Alright, it's settled then-"

Thus begins the story of a girl, a girl who lost everything but in return found something of equal value- a chance to apprehend criminals, make a difference, a chance to take back what was once lost. Though her innocence may be forever lost, there's something she has that no one in this earth will ever achieve. What is it you ask? We shall find out soon enough, death and life are closely related, but taking a life isn't as simple as flipping another page of a book, something this complex will soon eat away at her sanity once more. Violence feels good, because it satisfies the need to feel stronger than others, to be more dominant, but take that satisfaction away and guilt will take its toll.

Human or not, a life is a life- should you end one, you'll have to carry that guilt for the rest of your life alone.

Try to be normal, or die alone-

Die early and be a victim, or live long enough to be the criminal yourself- the strong prey on the weak- such is the nature of things.

Now I ask you- why do people like violence--?