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Come To Mama


Sometimes a helping hand is needed.

Stop throwing stones

The sky was clear of any obstructions allowing those below it to stare into its endless serene blue depths. Leaves rustled gentle in the light summer breeze and the waters glowed with the sun`s rays. One man was lying down on the soft grass of the park he had decided to visit that day. He kept staring into the endless blue above him in deep thought, wondering about the most minuscule aspects of life. Eventually, he closed his eyes inhaling deeply noting that familiar summer scent, he had come to known. “Guess I should go do something.” He whispered to himself standing up. He dusted off his black chinos and straightened the sleeves of his gray button. He started to walk off without destination in mind. He brushed his blonde locks aside catching a glimpse of his reddened skin. He mumbled under his breath cursing his sensitive skin. He looked around as he made his way to leave the park. He noted the people of various ages relaxing or playing in the park. Out of all this something in the distance caught his eye. Unconsciously, he made his way to it stopping the moment he realized what he had caught his attention. There before him was a group of boys circled around one boy. The boy in comparison was weaker to the more gruff looking boys, who were shoving him around spitting hi with cruel words. “Cock sucking, fag.” His hands spasmed the moment he heard those words come from the mouth of one of the boys. His body lurched forward when he saw the boy go down once a fist connected with his face. He grabbed one of the boys` by their shirt shacking them, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” The boy stared at the man with wide eyes. “I asked you a question! Now answer me!” He shook the boy even more until he heard one of the others speak on his behalf. “We were setting the faggot right.” The man turned to the boy, who had a smug look on his face. He let go of the boy in his grip and stomped over to him until he hovered over him. “Well, if that`s the case then set me right.” The boy who answered him stared gave him a curious look. “If you`re setting him right then set me right.” Once realization dawned upon the boy`s face he jabbed him in his chest with his index finger. “Now get out of here you lousy pieces of shit.” He watched the boys scurry off into the distance before turning to the boy, who had been knocked down. He kneeled down to face the boy sitting on the ground. He appeared to be in the middle of his teenage years. “You okay?” He held out his hand to the boy. The boy nodded his head taking the man`s porcelain hand into his dark skinned one allowing him to pull him up. The man stared at his eye noticing purple hueing of his skin. “Come on let’s take care of that eye.” The boy eyed the man looking for an ulterior motive to his kindness. When he found none he nodded his head, “Okay.” Both of them left the park to sort out his eye with the smiling for the first time in weeks.