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This is one of my stories that don't seem to have an ending, just a begining. 

Cecile (Excerpt)


He stormed through the darkening forest where the trees stretched far and wide. The dark leaves on trees glistened in the nonexistent sun. Fore the sun had long gone down, and in the man ran heavily toward the midst of it all with a small bundle in his arms.

The man, even in the dark, seemed to know where he was going. What the man didn't know was that a woman followed secretly behind. 

The man didn't bother to look back and check fore he was in too much of a rush. 

Both the woman and the man ran for what felt like hours before finally, the man stopped. 

Still seeming to be in a rush, the man bent down on his knees and laid the bundle to the rough ground beside him. 

He dug a small pit, no bigger than the bundle itself. It didn't take long for him to have the hole dug to his content but by then the woman had caught up to him. The woman's dress was torn up into rags. Her hair stuck with twigs and leaves. Sweat beaded down her face and her feet were bare and raw. 

The man, now noticing the woman's interference, didn't pay any mind to her, fore she couldn't stop him without an impending fight. 

The woman tried to approach, the man shot her a pointed glare as warning. 

The woman obeyed and stayed locked in place. She wept silently though, her hands covering her mouth. 

The man picked up the bundle again, not looking at it, afraid it might look back. In stressful anger still, the man laid the quiet bundle into the dug up hole. 

The woman cried harder. Her voice muffled loudly by her tears. 

The man fought the urge to get up and slap her right then. Instead he gives her one more warning glance before starting to fill the hole.He started by filling the dirt around the bundle until it's entire lower length was covered. Then reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a cloth and laid it over the bundles face. 

The bundle was still quiet and didn't move at all. 

The woman had then fallen to her knees in utter grief. 

The man swore he would teach her a lesson after dealing with all of this. 

He quickly buried the rest of the bundle from head to to bottom and stepped back. The man was breathing heavily. His face red from anger and aspiration. He stormed over to the woman and grabbed her arm roughly. 

The man pulls the woman back through the forest forcefully. It is then when the muffled yet shrill cry sounded and echoed around them. It's wail grew louder and louder despite it's circumstances. 

The man pulled at the woman to keep moving, but she managed to resist slightly. The woman cried with her wailing bundle. She cried as if she herself was buried in its place. 

In the end, the man dragged the crying woman away. Soon they were far enough that the woman's cry was no longer heard. Only the bundles cry was left alone.  

Chapter One. 

The dark morning sky called out to the woman who laid in bed with a bright red bruise on her left cheek. She choked back silent sobs from her being heard, fore the man slept soundly beside her, starting to now stir. After a while, her sobs subsided slightly. Only stray tears rolled down her face, her face expressionless. Suddenly on impulse, the woman quietly got out of bed. The man beside her started to mutter something unintelligible in his sleep but the woman didn't pay any mind to him. Instead she slipped on her slippers and snuck out of the bedroom door. 

Before she knew it, the woman was out the house and heading towards the pitch black forest again. 

It's been almost two days since the man had buried the bundle in the forest. The woman knew this, yet she continued to venture through the woods. 

It took the woman a while but finally she found the spot of where her bundle was buried. 

It was deadly quiet as the woman once again fell to her knees in front of her child. Her tears spilled faster as she wept over and over again. The pain was almost unbearable. But she endured it as she wept a final goodbye to her bundle. 

Time passed slowly, and just as the woman felt that she couldn't take anymore grief, she heard a small sound. The woman looked around frantically, thinking the man had woken and had come looking for her. 

She stood up quickly. But listening closely, she realized that it was a small cry. She stared down at her bundle's grave in disbelief. The woman was sure then that she had lost her mind. There was no way her bundle could still be alive. Surely it would have died from either lack of food or lack of air. 

The bundle didn't agree because it's cries grew louder, somehow knowing its mother were here to save it. 

The woman yelped in overwhelming happiness. She was quick to get back down on her knees and start digging. Her frantic hands dug until her hand grazed the now filthy cloth. Slowly she uncovered her bundles face, and was greeted by shining brown eyes with golden flecks in them. Surrounding the bundles shining eyes was its filthy face and matted bright blond hair.

The bundle cried harder when it saw its mothers face. It's voice cracked but still continued to wail until finally, the woman pulled it out of the hole and held it close. Just as the bundle met fresh air, it let out a strange, almost choking sound then it went quiet. The woman continue to cry softly on her bundle, rocking back and forth gently. And like that, they stayed until the sun broke out into the sky. The woman had to admit, this was the best sunrise she had ever witnessed. 

The warm, bright sun made the forest and everything around it glow brighter. The woman can see her child's face more clearer now. Her baby slept soundly in her arms, its small breathing resonating through her. 

The woman felt like never letting go. But then reality hit hard after remembering the man, her husband. 

He would surely come storming after her when waking to an empty bed and coming back to kill her child again.

The woman swore that she wouldn't witness her own child's burial again. 

Finally deciding her next move, the woman got to work quickly.

She built a small feeble shelter for her sleeping child, hoping it would survive one more day without food and water. 

She kissed its head, promising it she'd be back with something to eat, then she was off, off to hopefully a still sleeping husband.