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Badass BFF's (BOOK 1)


There are many words to describe friendship, call it what you, beauty, honesty. But when two friends are tested, will the true meaning be obtained?; add gangs, love, secrets, gang wars and the mafia into mix. This is harder than it seems. Maybe the only way to escape is through the doorway to hell.

Note:There are some explicit scenes in this book and explicit language, so read at your own risk. 18+

About the characters

Name: Braelyn Willow

Celeb: Sasha Pieterse

Age: 18

She is the gangleader of the Poison Ivies. Her gang and the Ice Rose gang are allies . She has a brother who are gangleader of the yellow vipers; her parents are dead (died in a gangwar).


Name: Hazel Green

Celeb: Danielle Campbell

Age: 18

She is the gangleader of the Ice Rose. Her gang and the Poison Ivies are allies. Her father is in the mafia and she hardly sees him. Hazels mother died in the gangwar (the same one in which Braelyn's parents' died) Very reserved and hard headed.


Name: Scarlett Luca

Celeb: Elizabeth Gillies

Age: 18

She is new at school but soon Braelyn and Hazel become her best friends, she is the sister of Asher and she is in Ashers gang (the Fire Walkers) She is adopted but has a real brother.


Name: Ax Silverstone

Celeb: Micah Truitt

Age: 18

He is the gangleader of the White Wolf Soldiers. He has to meet the leaders of the Countries Greatest gang (the Poison Ivies and the Ice Rose)Will he believe they are really gangleaders? His family is unknown to anybody, he is a mystery. His and Asher's gang are also allies.


Name: Asher Luca

Celeb: Stephen James

Age: 18

He is the the gangleader of the Fire Walkers. He is Ax's best friend and he has a sister called Scarlett. He is adopted but has a real sister. He is very curious to meet the Countries Greatest Gang but thinks it will be a really scary guy. His and Ax's gang are allies.



Chapter 1

Hazels POV

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

The continuous irksome noise haunting my beautiful, yet obscure dream. Let's just say I was in a somewhat heaven, when hell knocked on my door and told me to get the fuck out of bed. 

What the hell? I open my eyes quickly and groan at the sudden burning in my eyes, stupid sun. Suddenly, the door was swung open to meet an an-...... Oh no! RUNNNN

'Why the hell can't you turn your stupid alarm off, for that I am going to turn you off' Brea squealed.

'NO Please I can explain' I sigh exasperatedly as I cannot deal with this amount of bullshit in the morning. 

'Go on spill' Braelyn said lividly. 

'Uh... I.. umm... I ...... Ugh fine! Do what you have to do' I closed my eyes waiting for the force to hit me... nothing. I slowly open my eyes to have been met with a crimson red face of Braelyn; Oh! that bitch. I glare at her through my lashes and wait for her to finish laughing, it was kind of amusing to watch as she was laughing hard, no sound coming out from her mouth.

'O..M..G!' She finally gasped for air 'But on a more serious note here, you are soo funny when your scared'

'Just shut up and get ready for school' I stated matter-of-factly. 

'OK! Mom.... you know I love you, right?' She asked sarcastically, with a frown on her face

'Yeah! Love you to' I confirmed with a tinge of softness in my voice. 

First day of the semester Woohoo! Notice the sarcasm, yeah! The girls in the school want to be us and boys in the school want us. Isn't that what life is all about? People assume that me and Braelyn are girls who have everything, but truth is we earn't our way to the top, people don't know who we are they assume the Countries Greatest Gang-leaders are male and more frequently "more" powerful.

We have never had a meeting with other gang-leaders but we are agreeing to it just this once and all of the gangs in the country are coming. We are going to give them a bad ass show and prove we are not innocent and sweet... we are Satans worst nightmare. This involves the most articulated devious plan of maybe, the century. We are not that foolish to let powerful hungry people into our homes or lives for that matter; we are deceptive and cunning and will do anything, and I MEAN anything to protect Brea and her me. 

Braelyns POV

After I left Hazels room, I set out to my own room. As you may have known me and Hazel live together, but we have different houses/ ganghouse. You may have figured I am a gang-leader and a very good/scary/badass/innocent one at that; I lure my pray by acting innocent and hiding my powerful aura then...... BANG. They have been removed off the face of the earth.

I open my closet and find something that suits my mood today, an acid washed short shorts and a top that says 'I hate being SEXY but somebody has to do it' and Light Brown Lace Up Wedge Boots. I then put my camo jacket on exit the room, I go to the kitchen and see Hazel already there, I grab an apple and my motorbikes keys.

I rush out the door with Hazel behind me and sit on my baby her name is BLACKWIDOW she is a the ducati diavel, well she is an expensive bike. But when you are a gangleader you have a lot of money. Hazel sat on her motorbike and her bike is the ducati monster, I started first and revved the engine... if you're asking we dont wear helmets... no need. I snapped back back to reality and saw we were there everybody parted like the red sea, way to make an entrance Braelyn, I smirked to myself.

Here we go a day in the hell hole, as I entered lets say my hand were itching for someone to kill, as I scan the corridor someone was getting their timetable. GREAT, a perfect prey...

Chapter 2

Suggested Song- Ed Sheeran: Blood stream

Hazels POV

I could see Braelyns hand twitching, her eyes scanning over any new prey, they stopped for a few seconds and I carried my eyes over to find what she was looking at NEW GIRL; I tried to nudge her to get her attention but she didn't reply.

Only way to get her attention is to take her baby's keys and I know i will die before i even reach that stage. I closed my eyes and say a prayer, " My lord can you here me, let me rest in peace with my mother R.I.P Hazel. This will not end well"; and it sure as hell didn't. 

I slowly stalked my hand to her pocket but as I had expected Braelyn grabbed my wrist and was about to flip me over but luckily she caught my eyes and realized it was me. She spoke through her eyes and said I will deal with you later and you know not to do that only in an emergency, I gulped and composed myself. To be truthfully honest I was downright scared or Brea, but I am not one to admit defeat. So I regained whatever dignity I had left and walked straight to the depths of hell; I may seem hyperbolic but surely when you know someone like the back of your hand, I may not be too sure that I am over-exaggerating. 

I gave her a dead serious face and said 'you are not touching that girl .... do you here me' I managed to spurt out in the midst of whatever newfound confidence I had gained. 

 I guess I didn't sound confident enough because she gave me a devilish smirk, one that could make satan himself shit bricks. 

'Please'. I continued begging, if I wasn't too jittery, I would say she was testing me but i have no time for any kind of fuckery, so I left it at that. And tried my best to imitated a broken puppy; which seemingly, maybe just maybe, may have worked. 

She gave a knowing look and said 'Ok only for you'. I let out a huge gulp of air and exhaled like a dying hyena. 

Once we reached our locker she said 'lets go smoke' , I nodded in approval and we reached the tree outside, we labeled it our smoke place. What? we were bored and we sat under the shade, or most importantly it help us relax from stressful days that we have to endure, during out lives. After we had finished we made our way inside, I feel a vibration ricocheting off of my phone and in my pockets. I know what your thinking, how the hell can you fit your phone into you pocket, but the truth is I don't. The annoying piece of man made metal, stabs me in the gut everyday as I try to move in any sorta way, all in all it has become part of who I am as a woman; these are the foundations i try an abide by to be entered into the world as a female specimen. 

I open the message and it mysteriously says and I quote: "We are the two gang leaders that are going to join you today, look out for us." 

I openly guffaw at the text and a wave of pure rage enters my bloodstream; we will see about that and how they hell did they know my number. But then again, I'm up for a challenge. 

If you know me I am a very curious teen and need to find anything out to fill my craving of curiosity. Any-who, I reached my classroom with Braelyn behind me, instead of being polite and knocking I barged in and the stupid blonde teacher (I have nothing against blondes) asked, more like demanded 'where were you' Her rich nasally voice, resonated deep within my ear. Piercing my ear drum. 

I answered ' Fucking your husband, you got a problem?' she gave me a disgusting look and I said 'you wanted an answer, you got one'. Today, was not a good day and I do not want anymore bullshit to be thrown in my face today, for me to tidy up. 

Behind me Braelyn was trying soo hard not to burst out laughing, guess she couldn't hold it in anymore she was laughing soo hard and so was the rest of the class. God, was it really that funny. 

The blonde teacher said ' detention' I said 'you shouldn't have said that' she gulped a bit too loud and I said 'you scared' she replied 'N-n-no' 'you sure' she nodded. I walked up to her face and showed her my tattoo and said 'remember, I could find and kill you and your family without blinking'

She then backed down and decided against giving me that detention that she intended too. 

I sat down and Braelyn sat next to me, I scanned the classroom and the Principle (headteacher) called me and Braelyn out. I spoke 'what now?'

Once we reached there, we knocked and the Principle said 'come in' I came in and saw the girl from earlier and two boys which I had never seen before. And they were hot. I mentally noted that they might be the gang leader, as my friend Tom had said. But I don't know why the girl was here before I had time to think who she might be.

The principle spoke confidently, rather too confidently... (he knows who I am and is sh*t scared of me) 'you will be showing all three around and will befriend them...?' He asked, if it was a question.

Me and Braelyn put our sweet and innocent faces on and said 'Of course sir' He gave us a shocked look and sent us off. Me and Braelyn were laughing our faces off, that we didn't realize that they were behind us.

They coughed to alert us they were still there and we turned around and said' what?' in unison.

'What are your names?' The boy spoke up, while Brea eyed him very intently. 

'oh, my name is Hazel and this hot chick is Braelyn... we told you our names now yours' 
The first boy spoke and he said' My name is Asher and this is Ax and the little girl is my babysis, Scarlett'

Scarlett spoke and said 'I am only 10 minutes younger than you' and Asher just rolled his eyes. 

Braelyn said' what do you have now' 

Scarlett replied in a soft tone 'English' 

However Brea spoke in a very nonchalant tone, almost too relaxed that it seemed suspicious. 

Braelyn then replied with a simple yet effective  'same'.

We arrived outside English and I barged in, this time a brunette teacher asked' where were you?' I replied 'Fucking your husband' Almost like it has been embedded into my skin, like a mantra.

Here we go again......


Chapter 3

Song- Alicia Keys- Girl On Fire

Braelyns POV

The bell rang indicating it was lunch. Hazel and I walked out and entered the hall in the most dramatic way possible, with the new guys behind us.

Once we got our lunch we sat at our table and all the girls in the hall were shooting daggers and the boys had lust in their eyes. I spoke, more like shouted 'What the fuck are you looking at and what the fuck is your problem' When I said that everybody's head turned back and they started their conversations again.

When were nearly finished Hazel nudged me and smirked; I followed her gaze and the one and only Queen Slut or Bitch was standing there, 'Yes' I spoke and Hazel said 'What does the Queen slut want today... a black eye or a broken nose' I snorted and said ' she must want both'

Queen Slut otherwise known as Calli said 'I wasn't talking to you... I want to talk to those hot guys' Hazel replied 'Ok... but if they want to talk to a skank like you' Surprisingly, Ax spoke first time today 'get the fuck away from us you stupid ass slut and go fuck the Principle (head teacher)'

She was taken back by that and said 'WELL... fuck off Hazel and Braelyn you brainwashed them to become like them' Man, this is one annoying ass slut, she needs a good beating from moi. Once the words left her mouth I was on top of her and Hazel was helping me beat the sh*t of this b*tch. We kept passing her like a doll and beating the sh*t out of her.

Hazel and I said in a loud deafening tone 'YOU EVER DISRESPECT ANY OF US, I WILL PERSONALLY SKIN YOU ALIVE, GOT IT' She nodded her head and ran back to her slut group. I sat back at the table and smiled at everyone, they had a shocked expression and a little curiosity in their eyes.

'Well... I don't want to stay in this dump' I remembered I have a meeting, with other gang leaders in like two hours and decided I needed to skip school. Everyone else nodded their head and Hazel said 'lets go then'

After we had escaped the hell hole, I went to get my baby and I saw three more motorcycles and they were not ours. Ax spoke and said 'F*ck, you have a hot bike' I smirked and he went to go sit on the midnight blue bike 'that's your bike' he replied 'yeah, guess we all have the same sense of bikes and fights'

Hazel chuckled, 'lets go spray some thing' I said ' OMG! have you got your cans' 'yeah' 'lets go' Everybody else looked at us shocked and said 'I LOVE SPRAY PAINTING' 'well guess we are really similar... lets go'

We arrived at the place were me and Hazel would put our gangs tags and no officer was there, great! We each bought cans and started to spray paint. Once I had finished I looked art it and I loved it even Hazels one was nice.

But I was having doubt if they were the gang leaders, maybe not. They seem too chill and innocent to be gang leaders

Ax's POV

I remember Hazel and Braelyn's tags from somewhere but couldn't put my finger on it. I glanced at Asher and Scarlett and I knew they recognised it but they didn't know. Oh well, me and Asher also tagged our mark.

'Nice' Hazel and Braeyln said. 'Thanks' 'Well, I had fun today but me and Hazel got to go...' Braeyln nudged Hazel and Hazel replied with a 'what?... Uh.. Yeah what ever she said'

Asher said 'Thanks we had fun and we have got to go as well so... um.. bye!'

'yeah' said Braeyln. I watched them walk to their bikes and damn did they have hot bikes as well as them being hot. I think I might have a thing for Hazel, she has the body of a walking sex Queen. Thinking about her made me hard and I have less self control.

I came back to reality when I heard a roars of bikes; they waved and we waved back. 'Well, lets got get ready for the meeting it is in 30 minutes.. wow we stayed out that late' 'yeah, lets go' Asher said 'I liked those girl they have a I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE... KINDA LIKE US, but they seem way to innocent' (hahaha the irony)

'Uh, hu' I replied. When we had reached to our place we got changed and left but not without arguing with Scarlett she really wanted to come, and then since Asher had a soft spot for his sister, he let her go.

Oh, and the meeting was at the most feared gang leaders house both the two top gang leaders know each other, so they kind of have the same house. The house came into sight it had a beautiful glow to it, but looks can be deceiving. It had an edge to it, the garden was filled with roses with thorns. And it looked like a grand house, where royalty lived.

We parked our car and got out only to be met with a big guy named Tom (Hazel and Braeylns best friend). The house consisted of red and black theme, big pictures of people on the walls, the house theme also included some gold vases filled with delicate flowers. We entered the board room and saw all of the gang leaders present, guess we were late.

We sat down and not a minute later Tom came in smirking and said 'the gang leaders of The Poison Ivies and The Ice Rose gang are here' The doors flew open only to be met with two petite girls, everybody's jaw dropped. Mine, Ashers and Scarlett's more because the two people standing before us, the most powerful gang leaders ever before were...


Chapter 4

Song By Beyonce- Run the world (Girls)

Braelyns POV

As Hazel and I  entered we were met with over 20 gang-leaders all men but a few women as they were the accomplices which included wives/sisters of the gang leaders. There was an array of unfamiliar faces, until my eyes settled on familiar faces, those of which were  Ax, Asher and Scarlett. Who would have thought?.. No really, who would have thought. 

We walked through the stone ornamental archway, which was beautifully adorned with most prestigious art; the art of sculpting sculls, corpses and roses. They cemented the very fabric of this room, the Gothic archway was a center piece which held together the grand oak table that was sitting atop the marble flooring, right in the heart of the room. My focus was now particularly important, to reach to the end of the long oak table and to sit down, bearing in mind I have to do it in the most majestic way along side Hazel. 

Once we finally reached the long oak table, which seemed like forever, we both sat down. Well since me and Hazel's gang are very strong and loyal allies and both the same in strength; we are almost one gang as we have meshed each others gang values and lives together meaning without one another we have nothing. We have two seats at the beginning of the table, showing equality. 

One of the gang-leader spoke up, rather rudely and spoke his mind, 'Are you joking?, Where are the real gang-leaders?, you better not be lying 'cause i hate liars'. His comment was followed by a chorus of laughter and nearly all of them said 'Why would it be a girl?, they are weak and pathetic'. Well clearly the ideology women have been facing for the past hundreds of years still exists in the mindset of these... to put in lightly fucktards. 

They instantly shut up when Hazel and I started to glare and I said 'OK, if you think you're gang is soo strong then why don't we (Hazel and Braelyn) have a match to declare who is the best, with all of the best warriors of all the gangs' The other gang leaders were laughing soo hard,  they wont be laughing when their best fighters are all dead, Hazel and I together are death if you will . Together, you will die before you've had a chance to register anything but we sometimes play games *wink*

All of the gang-leaders well most said 'yes' except Ax, Asher's and Trevor. (Braelyn's brother, gang-leader of the yellow vipers) 

'I wonder why they've said no...probably because they have a gist of where this is going to go' I whisper to Hazel. 

The rules are simple Hazel stated, 'If you back down during the games, you won't be hurt, you may be unconscious but you will be alive. The ones that are not able to honor us, you will die. Simple.' 

'Ok, then Hazel and I want you to get ready in an hour, there are drinks so get hydrated and prepare'

When we are getting up, I motioned to Ax, Asher, Trevor and Scarlett to come with us. We were going to our personal training gym, the other ones would be in use because of the gangs that are training there. I wanted to spar with Hazel just to get our momentum going, we are both equally good at sparring.

.....10 minutes later....

Hazels POV

We were faced in our grand arena and we had only our favorite weapon of choice, mine was a dagger and Brea's was a chisa katana . The gangs best fighters were there it would take 5 mins tops to kill all of them. All personnel that had guns only had 1 magazine of bullets. BANG!!!! 

It started they had all charged toward us like a gang of buffaloes, each one firing and aiming perfectly but me and Brea had already moved. One by one we knocked them down slicing people's torsos and hands until they submitted, each and every one of them. It was a massacre. Blood guts and puke was spilled in the arena. When me and Brea unleash the beasts within us it is scary and ruthless for anybody to watch.

The arena walls were splatted in blood, I am in a red haze, Hazel and I both. The sounds of groans and screams of pain, becoming too fake and that is how I like to kill. Believing that this was not my reality and that I would return to mine in a moment. The souls trailing mine, dragging me down into the depths of despair but I couldn't let myself fall, I had to trudge through my many mistakes in life. 

Like a mantra, I chanted words that would instantly help me, these words where my release. I am strong, I will not fall, strong, not fall; those words soon became blurred like my vision, like my soul, like the pints of blood of many people merging to make a great sea of blood. I laughed outwardly, I could be Moses but nothing could make me detached enough then dark humour. This wasn't religious, this wasn't myth neither legend; this was real.  

I see my final prey and stalk him. I circle round and round him; he knew this was his end but he fell, he fell to his knees, to this praying position making me feel like a god. But I didn't have it in me to kill him, instead I drop my dagger and fall with him finally letting the shock reach my heart and head. 

Everyone from our gangs had satisfied smiles but the others were shocked and horrified.  We walked away and shouted for this mess to be cleaned. I  washed and was desperate for the smell of copper to be cleansed from my body. 

I entered with Brea and everyone respectively stood up and then sat, I didn't want what I did to be seen as noble so faced the ground but it had to be done. I then spoke, ' Now you see, respect is what I receive and what I give. Our alliance is simple, we give each other respect, we compromise and  never back down, we stay firm in what we believe in'. 

'Now who wants to be our allies' Brea finally spoke up. Everyone hands were up in 0.2 seconds. 'I have already sent you your roles, in an envelope on your desks at home' I caught  Ax staring at me, I winked at him. I might have a big crush on him, just a big. And I can't help but check him out, he is the most sexiest man in my dreams, and it will stay that way...

I made a help me face to Brea but she laughed at me, Oh! Don't worry I will get her back (INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE) 

Chapter 5

Song suggested- Jason Derulo- Stupid Love

Hazel pov

When I said I was going to get Brea back, I am going to get her back. She thinks I won't get her back for this, she is wrong. After the meeting we decided (as in Brea, Asher, Scarlett, Ax and I) we had a little... party. Which in defense means we got drunk, yay!!!

I guess there's no going back once you have a headache in which you want to shrivel up and die. The worst thing is that the memories of last night haunt you as you get up and regret all the alcohol you chose to consume; and I mean you chose to consume the alcohol, therefore the burden of stupidity hangs over you head like for instance now. 

The countdown of opening my eyes, ticking in my head as I know what pain awaits me, but I fight with the more logical side of me- I think I might die, yeah that side. I flutter my eyes open and wince as the bright light looming over me as the pounding of my head intensifies. I internally scream but I decided against bashing my head into the wall. I popped a few painkillers and was on my way, waiting and lurking for my time for revenge.

I had the perfect revenge planned out as intricately as possible, all the 3 minutes of preparation was riding on this. Brea always has yoghurt and muesli, so what better idea then to start the day of with some sweet sweet revenge. I decided to switch it up instead of yoghurt she will have hair conditioner, I swapped the yoghurt for the hair conditioner and waited my sweet time for revenge.

'Brea get your pretty little ass down for school' I heard a thump migrating down the corridor and assumed she might have jumped out of bed *i cackled* I just killed two birds with one stone.

'What?' She replied, sleep still lingering in her eyes. 

'Oh, nothing' I said with a smirk plastered on my face 'nothing at all...'

'Uh..ok' Brea said hesitantly, she sauntered all the way to the fridge, huh she seems happy, happy enough to have not detected my master plan. I internally grimace at what was about to unveil itself, but dodged the minute problems that were circling my cerebrum 

Just them Tom came in, his face said it all. His melancholy attitude encompassing his every cell. A expression of dismay plastered on his face, his shoulder slumped as the blue took over his entire being.  

'Ijustbrokeupwithmyboyfriend' he breathed out, not really wanting to tell us his expression saying it all. 

'What... did you say what I thought you said?' I voiced. 

'Yeah, I broke up with James' He replied back, his eyes in another dimension, far away from reality.  

'I am soo sorry for you, but I thought he was kind of weird for you' I sympathised with him, trying to cheer him up by making James seem like a shit person. 

'Anyway after the heartbreaking news, yesterday I saw both of you with some hotties, like real fucking hotties, they blew me away' he said, clearing his throat at the begging, insinuating he's changing the subject. 

Gagging broke us from our conversation. 

'Why the fuck does my yoghurt taste like hair products... you bitch Hazel'. 

I simply, had a blank look on my face, ignoring her comments about me and promptly replied, 'Well, the truth comes out real fast, and why would I of all people need my revenge. I am not a vengeful person' 

Tom burst out laughing 'you..h..hav..e a..a funny...angry... face', she immediately blamed Tom, making him seem the perpetrator. 

I was trying to hold back my full blown smile that was fighting to explode atop my face, Tom's disbelief  was the last thing to set me off, into a cacophony of laughs, Tom, Hazels and I were beet red as we tried to catch our breath back. 

'What the fuck, my whole day is destroyed because of YOU!, Ughhhhh, I hate you' Braelyn complained.

'Yeah, well, I hate you too' I said blowing raspberries, the simplistic answer agitating her even more and my snide comebacks. 

Tom burst out saying 'Well, I hate you both, you don't give a shit about my love life'. Even he seemed to be more upbeat about the whole situation due to this little fiasco. 

Braelyn and I said simultaneously 'Because you don't even have an interesting love life'

Tom tried to argue but failed miserably 'I do'

I replied back 'Where I don't see it?'

Skip to school - Still Hazels POV

I still don't know how to feel about the new alliances, they seem very impulsive and restless. I fear that Brea and I don't really know what we have in store for us but I am willing to give Ax, Asher and Scarlett a try. But if they break my trust I will unleash my whole god damn army on their lives. 

Still hazy from what happened yesterday, I try to make sense of the people around me, you see I am the more secluded one of the two, it take time for me to warm up to people. The same goes for Brea but she has been through more and is more dependent on people, that is her way of dealing with certain situations. 

Anyway, I sit next to Brea on one of the heavy oak benches outside, talking nonchalantly as this was the only time we were able to feel normal. I zoned out for a couple seconds but saw a approaching figure.. well 3. 

'Hi' Scarlett spoke with her soft yet mature voice. I just nodded... not ashamed from my secret but almost feared by how much knowledge they had of me. 

I still did not know how to go about meeting new people, that know about my 'double life' if you will, they were very clam and collecting but I had my façade of cold exterior and nothingness. 

Brea's POV 

I felt the aura of coldness that dissipated from the corpse sat next to me, she is like this when she meets new people, the living dead. Her zombified  expressions and gestures makes it kind of hilarious in a way. 

I replied back to Scarlett with a short and sweet 'Hi' nothing too long (like a 'OMG! i haven't seen you in forever....') nothing too short (like a grunt). 

'Sooo...' Ax carried on. 'I wanted to talk about what the hell happened yesterday, i'm still confused as fuck' 

'Well' finally Hazels resurrected from whatever lifeless form she was. 'We are the most feared gang leaders of all time, what else is their to share, other than we have no lives and we take lives' 

Hazel quickly rose and said a short 'bye' and left. I also left a curt reply and left after her.

I caught up with her, 'I have a bad suspicions about this lot, I don't know why, other than they are fucking models and are super good at kicking ass'  

'Hazel maybe you're over reacting and are just nervous about them... it's okay to be nervous, ok and plus I saw Ax giving you some looks, if you know what I mean' 

She cracked a smile and I said 'Why don't we invite them over and get to know them, maybe then you will feel better?' 

'Ok' She briskly replied. 

Chapter 6

At their house- Scarlett's POV

I really like Brea and Hazel they are both the most inspiring badass people I have ever met and I wish I could be like them, strong, confident and beautiful. 

The only people that get in the way of my dreams is Asher and Ax. They will never let me help them as I am deemed irresponsible and innocent. The only thing innocent about me is my pinkie; I have always admired their work, yes they are sought out as being evil, impressionable and complete twats. But people see a side to them that is devilish, except me. 

Asher is the most caring, kindhearted individual I've ever met and the only reasons he wanted to continue this path was because of our parents. My adoptive parents are involved with some mobsters but they cannot pay them back. The only way is for us to pay the price, I have been abused emotionally, sexually and mentally by these men that call themselves powerful in the mafia. When all Asher could do was stand their and watch as these men to what they did; he looked broken and its seems as no-one can ever fix him. It takes a lot for me to get over what they did, but it is because of Asher I got better; otherwise i would be face down in a ditch somewhere. As they say time heals all wounds but I don't think time heals the blemish that is left behind, that blemish that distorts your whole being. The sound of the car stopping it's humming, breaks me out of my daze. 

We drive up to their house Asher and I in one car and Ax in the other car. The first time I saw the house i was taken aback because it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Beautifully designed artwork and features that would make you hold your breath every time you would walk into different sections of the house. The must of worked hard to earn the money to by this big of a house, I don't like the way all of them earn their money but I can understand that this was the only easy way out of a hard past and I praise them for that. 

I walked up to the big grand oak doors, with gold finishes across the sculpted flowers doors and knocked softly, the door open revealing a good looking guy that was very big and muscular. 'Umm... are Brea and Hazel in the house' 

He replied back 'Yes babygirl they are right here'

 My fast instantly burned up like a furnace. I coughed awkwardly to cover up the blush. 

When I entered I heard loud bashing and banging and suddenly two bodies that were curled around each other in an awkward position came rolling down the stairs. I heard someones voice muffled 'yu fgnft bith, look whaydg u disd' I recognised that voice as Brea, she stumbled to a stand and stood up very swiftly, Hazel still laughing at whatever occurred before we entered. 

'sorry' Brea apologised for her outburst. 

'it's okay, we didn't mean to interrupt' Ax apologised. There was a moment of awkward silence, but more like sexual tension suffocating at each of our throats. I jumped slightly at the sharp ringtone that cut the tension like a piece of cake, it was in fact Ax's phone but they both excused themselves. 'Want to grab some food from the kitchen' Hazel offered. I followed after Hazel as Brea and I walked mindlessly behind her.

The kitchen was immensely communal with a large spherical marble centerpiece right slap bang in the middle, the kitchen held a modern utilitarian atmosphere about it but was also spacious and fragrant. There was marble cupboards with stainless steel handles, the marble a off-white colour with cool blue undertones. All the tones in the room blended well together giving it a stark and beautiful look as the light refracted at all sorts of angles of the marble counter tops. 

3rd person POV

Little did they know what was happening a couple doors down the corridor. Ax and Asher both received the same call and they were talking to the same person an anonymous caller, secretive,mysterious,dangerous and criminal.

  Asher and Ax both new how this person was and what he wanted, but how much did they know him and why did they join school the same day the most feared gang leaders were going to reveal themselves.   

'Do you know... have you found out about... are they really what they seem... did you do it?' 

'yes' was their answer to all the questions, they knew everything about them and they will find out more. 

All these questions that were soon to be revealed somewhere, somehow later in their story. Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was a warning, maybe it was a rebel from the rival gang, maybe.. just maybe it was santa claus. But if you believed hard enough you may get what you want and if you want to live, then keep praying cuz the lord aint with you.

Chapter 7

Song: Divide The Day-Fuck Away The Pain

Was feeling kinda salty after listening to this song, as I had felt my imaginary bf cheated on me, my feelings were genuinely hurt and I wanted to stab whoever he had cheated 

Hazel's POV

Brea, Scar and I were talking about how useless boys are and how they get into problems that they do not know how to get out of. However, I wasn't ready to hear Ax, Asher's and Scar's story and background. Maybe I was too quick to judge and maybe I needed to hear about how much hardships the boys went through to protect and care for Scar and keep her as innocent and naive as she is now. 

I feel for them all but because of what I was brought up with and my conditional surroundings I may be less empathetic or sympathetic; maybe I was a sociopath after all. I try to envision a world were evil did not exist and that people were angelic creatures among the midst of life and death, but then aren't angels living a life where they do not regret everything, they are infallible; and I am so selfish that I want people to experience life as a human and as a regretful piece of  carbon life.... so that they have experience and memories that are not only good but needed to be perfect. So does that make imperfection's perfect and does that make humans angels that are free and does that mean that everything I have been through made me perfect and that if I hadn't I would have been evil?, well even more so now.  

I'm so submerged in my own thoughts that I didn't notice the air change to a warm,fuzzy, inviting and plush sort of blanket, that when I bask in I may become superhuman. Maybe I'm just fucking thinking too much, its bad for me...

'Asher your soo embarrassing' I hear Scar scream with her now tomato appearance, her face burning with discomfort.

 'So, its just memories! and besides you were cute' He shouts back. 'I was 17 and old enough to know'

I hear Brea in the background laughing her ass off at whatever embarrassing story Asher has just told, what surprised me was the slight chuckle that was being emitted from a human besides me (Ax). 

I flickered my eyes over at his carefree face, observing and memorising  all the imperfections on his face, his blemishes making him even more handsome. 

The curve of his cheekbones, has a high sculpt making his face look strong and unbreakable. The epidermis of his face, is luminous and is stubbly but was littered with faint scars that were raised. The scars raised questions in my mind, it did not look like fresh wounds but more so ancient wounds as if they didn't belong to him, as if that was not his past and they were out of place. His eyes the colour of green absinthe, the longer you continue to stare the more you get sucked in and the more hallucinated and drunk you become. It was as if I had fallen into a whole and the absinthe fairies were surrounding me, filling my vision with all thought of him. The specks of gold in his eyes suddenly flash into a darker more coppery shade, as does his eyes. 

I smiled sheepishly as I was caught, but shrugged, blasé about him caching me out. He then replied with a smirk not believing my nonchalant front. Until, we were caught in a fast draw, were my weapon was loaded with many bullets and his was too. Both of us making weird and unconventional facial expressions to try and intimidate each other, I then used the art of seduction. Everyone has it in them, but it is about how you master the art that matters; I cock my head to the side and twirl my hair. My eyes become hooded and I bite my lip; him being completely shocked at my actions; looks at me with wide eyes and his eyes flick to my lips. Getting the encouragement I needed, I decide to stretch but purposefully showing off my toned abdominal's, this showed of my diamond fairy bellybutton ring. 

I could hear a large gulp and that is when I decided to stop the sweet torture, but not before I run my hands along my neck and down the valley of my breasts until my hand finally rests in my lap. Finally, I look at him in the eye and smirk. My inner thoughts giving me a standing ovation which ended in a "gotcha bitch!"

His eyes had significantly become darker and I could see the beads of sweat accumulating at the top of his forehead. Still slightly shocked he blinked and drew in a large gulp of air. Before I had the chance to say anything, he was close to me and then he whispered in my ear, 'your a very very naughty girl, but you just messed with the wrong person'. The raspiness of his voice making new emotions rise from my depths of my core. 

His hot breath against my neck making my insides clench at the feeling, he then nipped my ear making me stay still from the shock like a deer caught in headlights and placed his hot wet tongue just behind me ear leaving a burning fire behind its trail. I let out an airy breath, just in time for him to sit back down. 

This time it is his turn to smirk... oh, its on, like motherfucking donkey kong.  

Chapter 8

Song- Million eyes by Löic Nottet 

Brea's brother- Actors name is Luke Bilyk   

Brea's POV

After Ax and Asher and Scar left 

I've never felt so normal in my life than now, hanging out with amazing people like Scar, Hazel, Asher and even Ax. It may seem obvious to Hazel but I've taken quite a liking to Asher but I don't think he likes me back. This is one of the first times I actually feel something for someone in a long time. I've been through those hard relationships but everyone has, it makes us stronger. 

I believe I've had it easier than Hazel as she has no one that she can count on, her dad doesn't really contact her as he has a family in Italy and her mother is dead, she has no siblings that she knows of and she needs help finding inner peace. 

She suffers from depression and PTSD and you may think what has she seen that would have made her have PTSD, that's not my story to tell. 

Right now Haze and I are doing some training in the training room when my phone rings breaking the continuous thumping of Hazel punching the bag, over and over again; without even breaking a sweat. I see the name and immediately answer 'Hi, bro, what you up to?' ]

He replies with a harsh whisper, 'I need a place to stay, can you pick me up?', 

I reply in a worried tone, 'Why? what have you done now.' He assures me, 'nothing, nothing don't ask too many questions please, I'll answer them but not now'  

I reply with a subtle 'Okay,bye' and I cut the phone off. That was strange, a sudden feeling creeps up onto me, like a casting shadow of what seemed to be very mixed emotions of what could have gone wrong. All these possibilities raking up in my cerebrum, every nerve firing electrical impulses, across synapses as neurotransmitters. These electrical impulses stimulating foreign reactions that lead to me letting out a wary breath. 

Hazel picks up on my reaction and  says,'Are you okay? you seem scared.' 

 'I'm fine, it's just Hunter phoned and he needs our help I think he's in trouble' I try not to think about the worst but every inch of me knows something is wrong. 

It's not weird to her that my brother asks for help as he always phones me and besides I owe him a favor but my brother is a gang leader of the Yellow Vipers  and he always gets into disputes with other gang leaders. I'd say he is quite irresponsible as he is younger than me 16 to be exact that's why I split my fathers old gang and gave him a small proportion, he seems to not realize that this is war and not games.  My father was very compelling in his will, he wanted his son and heir to be the gang leader as he thought he was fit for the role, but I saw different I knew giving him a huge role at a young age would break him, so I being the older sibling took the responsibility upon myself to lead until he was ripe to do so, at 16. (He's nearly 17) 

You can see who was the favorite child. I internally cringe. My father really never took pride in me as a child.He always used to judge everything I did. You know see I have daddy issues. 

In the car

'I hope he's okay' Haze says, 'yeah, me too' I retort.

I see him running for me in a field, he shouts 'go, go, go' I open the car door fast as hell and shut it as he jumps in. Haze speeds off, leaving a cloud of smoke behind us, Bang! 

'Go, go, go' I shout at Hazel, stepping her foot on the gas and changing gears, so that we were going at more than a hundred, easily. 

Bullets were flying towards us, the sound of the bullets whizzing past us and hitting the side of the car leading to a discord of sounds all trashing into one another.  I screech 'What did you do this time?'

'Bad timing, not now'He screams back. I get my revolver out and start shooting the black vehicle, as cliche as it was, an SUV. Black balaclavas assorted on each of their faces, but I scanned their faces, trying to make out any piece of knowledge that would help me out in the near future. But their eyes were revealed, they held some familiarity between these men but I couldn't place my finger on it. I pull my head back as a bullet went gliding past, narrowly missing my head. 

I shoot the tyre at the same time as Hazel, which led them to a speedy halt, smoke rising rapidly from the hood of the car as it swerved in all directions however when they were about to crash they shot back bullets that landed right in Haze's arm, she hisses and swore. We speed out of their with me in the passengers seat but my hands on the wheel. As we leave a huge burst of heat encapsulates all of us,  the smell of burning rubber stormed into my nostrils, burning deep within the depths of my brain. I look back and see a majestic fire ablaze, demolishing everything in its path like a savage on steroids. 

At home

We quickly get Hazel into a bed with her shouting reassuringly that she's okay, which doesn't prove her point. Tendrils of hair matted to her face as sweat drips of her profile. Tom walks in half way through his chaos and was about to be sick, pure vileness washed over his face as he was about to vomit. I get large ass tweezers and pull the bullet out while Hunt applies pressure to the wound. Once the bullet was out, I get some rubbing alcohol as pour it over her wound. She winced and grinned her teeth together as the burning sensation hit her. I then grab the sterilized needle and I start to sew the wound close. But not before she screamed and pushed me back, 'Hazel, you're going to be okay. Do you want anything to ease the pain?' I asked, my voice low and soft. 

She replied, 'Vodka would be nice, or maybe some bourbon; but just get me some strong alcohol, actually maybe absinthe, I need to get pissed.' Her voice was hoarse from restraining her screams. Tom then came back with the absinthe and said, 'Fly with the fairies and let go.' While smirking at her, her gave her a shot and she drank. She started coughing profusely and then slowly stopped as the burning subsided. 

I then carried on with the task at hand while Hazel was shit-faced with Tom; both in-between consciousness and unconscious. They do not comprehend anything and for me that is good enough, I sewed in and out, in and out like a locution used for dodging bullets or anything in the semantic field of war. 

Her red flesh started to close, as all the tendons gripped on the her epidermis, until their was no longer any raw flesh for me to feast my eyes on. Time had gone so fast, as I was concentrating on trying to close this gaping hole inside my friends arm. Nearly 1 hour and a half had past. 

I then wrapped a bandage around Hazel's arm as she was knocked out from the strong booze that she had drunk more then required. Tom smiled at me as he got up but then he ran to the bathroom to empty the contents of his food. 

I laughed and muttered under my breath as if Hazel would hear me,' The mother of all bitches will kick in tomorrow and you will be fucking regretting it...' 

Asher's POV (bet you weren't expecting that) 

'Hello, they got away?, all of them got away...yes sir I understand, the job will be done soon' I say in a fearful voice

'It better be' Replies the familiar satanic voice, with an heavy Italian accent. I cut off the phone and ask Ax what we do next. This war will not end well, but I am going to hurt people I love. This is going to be the biggest decision of my life; how can I choose between people I love? That's the answer, I can't. 

Chapter 9

Suggested Song: Love is a bitch- Two Feet

Apollo - Roma Acorn 

Hazel's POV (Flashback) She is 8 yrs old

'Daddy? Mummy?'

I whisper as my feet swiftly pace down the long dark corridor; the gentle thumping of my heart beating into my soul tricking me into thinking I'm okay. I was awoken by crashing and peculiar noises, that I haven't hear of. 

'Let me go!' I hear Mummy shout

 Mummy? I whisper, I walk toward the door, trying not to make a sound, my heart rate increases my hands become sweaty and my knees are weak. I wipe my forehead and put my ear against the door.

'Why are you trying to ruin this for me? You know how I was raised, this is the only way to survive in a world like this!' I hear Daddy cry. 

'This is not a way of living, i'd rather die...' Mummy retorted, in a broken voice, with undertones of dejectedness. 

'Helen, stop talking nonsense, we have children together, your my wife' Daddy's voice softens as he realised what was soon to come. 

' I didn't intend to be with a monster, a killer, a nightmare. Your blood deserves to be spilt... ahhh let go of me, you monster' Mummy shrieks as the sound of merciless skin on skin contact sends me into shock; with a whimper that sounded like Mummy. 

There was silence for a moment and then footsteps began to walk toward the door, I hid by the side of the door, out of the way, I stood in the shadows; preying on my father. A very brute man that wanted everything his way. Suddenly, he spoke 'Go upstairs to sleep child!' 

Shit! he found me, I stepped out from under the shadows and scurried upstairs.

End of flashback  (Still Hazels POV)

From that point on my father made me a killing machine, he trained me everyday, he beat me if I shamed him, he was embarrassed of me.  My father had a project before but now I was his new project, my brother was too young, too pure and too beautiful. 

My father broke him and everyday he said that he was going to lead him to victory. Victory? what victory I ask myself, I don't know... but it was a big secret as my brother died for the secret, my brother was a very optimistic and down to earth 15 yr old but I guess whatever the secret was he just couldn't handle and he told my mother. I never saw of him again, but I assumed that father had dealt with him in his own evil way. 

Not long after that, at most 1 year the gang war broke out between Who?... I don't know...Why?... I don't know

But all I know is that they are still alive in this world and they are waiting for their chance. You see I know this as my mother warned me before her throat was slit in front of my innocent eyes. Her eyes holding a longing of oxygen and love, that never was fulfilled when her life was taken away from her very body. 

The blood oozing out of the gaping wound, emblazoned into my mind as it leaked blood and clots, ruby rich red blood cells, plasma and platelets escaping her godly anatomy. 


'Hazel, baby look at me... it's okay' I hold her trying to cover her extensive wound as she whispers weakly to me. 

'Mummy, are you going to be in a nice place, away from daddy' I reassure, not fully knowing what the meaning held and how it was a euphemism. 

'Yes, baby, away from daddy and with Apollo (Hazel Brother)' She speaks with pain shining in her beautiful hazel eyes. 

'I hope he can see me and tell him to send me some sweets from the nice place' I say in a soft, longing voice. 

'Okay, baby... I need you to remember that you need to be strong as the bad people are always in the world and be a big girl for me. One day they will come and find you, be strong, forever and always...' Her breathing slows and stops, her beautiful eyes still open, but a look of calmness washed over her body. I stepped away, closed her eyes and prayed, prayed to god that she makes it to a better place with Apollo and with lots of cake and sweets. 

I waited for about 7 hours by her body in the woods, my hands coated with her blood, the blood has started to coagulate leaving my hands caked and heavy. My head was rested on her chest, as I held her close and drew circles on her stomach, reminiscing the good times. 

Her body was cold to the touch, everything had gone cold, her once warm smile was cold, her warm heart was cold, her warm touch was cold and her warm arms were cold. Tears streamed down my face, as the reality had kicked in and the adrenaline had subsided; Mummy was gone and she will never come back. 

My breaths quickened and my heart started to race, I curled my hands into a fist and slammed them on to my thighs, hit after hit, hit after hit, hit after hit; soon after my body was numb but not from pain  but from grief. 

I ran my hands across her elegant face, that was finally at ease and pushed her hair behind her ear; but not before kissing her on the cheek, her head and her hands. She was not my Mummy anymore but a corpse, that was going to rot and going to disappear. But somehow I was alright with the idea of her in no more pain, struggle and helplessness. She was free and that was all that mattered. 

Her words still inked to my skin, "One day they will come and find you..." Who? What? and Why?, these were questions that I craved the answers to. 

My train of thought was cut off when I heard shouts of kids. 

I quickly stood but not before covering my Mummy with my jacket, leaving her body their to rest. 

I got up and ran toward the screaming, I was soon met with a hysterical Brea. And from that day, I vowed to protect her from any harm and find out who was responsible. 

End of flashback 

I always assumed that dad died in the gang war but I have a feeling that is what Mum was warning me about, my father an evil villainous creature that Satan himself would shit himself from. 

Chapter 10

Listening to Ed Sheeran: Give Me Love. It is amazing 

Anonymous POV (oh, you know...)

I've been stuck, trapped, confined, imprisoned in this dark nightmare, that I can't get out of. 

What is my name? Who am I? Do I have family? Who are you? Why am I here?

These questions revolve around my head again and again and again. It's making me crazy, it's making me mad, it's hurting me and haunting me. I'm becoming weak. 

How long have I been here? 10 years... longer. Time passed slowly, every minute was like every hour, every hour like a day; until they soon merged into one. A blur of the past, present and future but also a blur of how time was running out, it was a countdown to what could only be seen as the end. 

Who put me in here? The man I called father, dad, my hero, my blood. 

Why? Because I kept a secret from my family, and couldn't hold it long enough because what he is doing is pure evil, no... purely barbaric, animalistic, satanic. 

I remember some things like, why I was put here, who put me in here, and my darling sister and mother.. I hope they're okay and safe. All these thoughts rushing to my head, giving me the adrenaline to continue on my path to succession of the throne to freedom; therein I would sit atop the imitated throne of my mind. 

I've been planning an escape for a long time, I'm sick of these walls, the musky sent, the darkness. The box as big as a cage, where rabid animals were kept; the walls caked with moss, dirt and debris. Cracks were also adorned on the wall, cracks which were a produce of my anger, frustration and claustrophobia. The walls soon became enclosing like a cold ocean, muffling my thoughts and making me take in deep lungfuls of air; it was like I had become a subaqueous sea anemone, providing life for different fish and creatures. Those fish and creatures were equating to bruises and cuts, as deep as a large body of water. 

I lift my body of the ground, and reach for the lock, the lock lay overhanging a bolt, the key which I had handcrafted into a rock rested in my palms. The amount of effort I had used to chip away the rock slowly, millimeter by millimeter, was too much to bear for my mind. The utter thought of what I had gone through to get the rock and hammering tools, made my mind shrivel into a ball at the thought of dehumanizing whatever part of me that was human. I endured much over the years but this was by far the worst, type of torture; it didn't make me less of a man but rather less of a human for allowing this to happen. 

I soon broke out of my train of thought as I hear a light click of the lock and slowly open the rust bolt that was plastered with rust from the oxidation of copper and oxygen. The slow and steady squeaking sound made my teeth grind together; as I was too afraid of what was to happen if I got caught. 

I stealthily step out the cell and walked up a long corridor that held guards at either sides, as I was coming to a corner I held the key rock in my hand and grasped onto the object with dear life. 

 I jumped up behind him, surprising him with my sneak attack and went straight at his throat, hoping to have damaged his major blood vessel. It took him 30 seconds of struggling to give up as he felt limp in my arms.

I check to see the guards belt and see many bullets and a hand gun. This was it the start of the end; I had to be efficient and quick. 

The thumping of my heart distracting me, making me feel inferior and fragile. But they forgot that I was trained by the devil himself, 10 years of me hiding my unusually strong built, and strength. I would say the torture made me stronger and more physically able then most of the guards here.  My height pays off for most of it as well. 

Thump! The beating of my heart making me more unstable and nervous.

I finish putting the guards clothes on and stash him back in the cell with my rags on. My guard uniform keeping me incognito for the time being. I kept my head down as I walk towards the double doors. 

 I open the door and see a long corridor that leads to the the torture room and another corridor that leads to the main part of the building. I walk hastily to the main sector and keep my head down, I see a door that has a sign that says go right if you want to leave the building. 


I make my way through the other corridor unsuspectingly, the lights doing nothing to guide me in the dark and dim corridor. People make their way past me and nod their heads to me, I reply with a curt nod. People were pushing mortuary trolleys with white sheets covering whatever decaying matter was under there; the smell of sterilized equipment following after the dead body. 


Finally, I reach the door that is the main door to leave, the beautiful double doors that were my freedom. Baring all for me to gaze at, this heavy military grade door, which was covered in bullet holes and scratches, standing there still from its past, surviving another day.  

'Hello there' That voice. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I walk through the door and standing there with the most satanic smirk ever was my father, the devil himself. The mere look at him made me repulse and gag at what he had done. 

Clap! Clap! Clap! The claps echoing around the room, the vibrations travelling to my ear drums mocking me and my "escape".

The door seemed looming and grey right about now, all the hope it had diminished from its core. 

'You thought it was that easy to leave the building without getting caught, well you were wrong son.... Ax, Asher get him'

Two guards grab my arm and force me toward my father. My form cowering but my face strong it hatred. 

'I will carry on escaping, every day, every minute, every second of the day, every living breathing second I have left in my body, I will and I must carry on fighting for Hazel and for mum' I look straight into his eyes and promise to fulfill my promise. 

'Oh, son. They are both never to be seen again, I killed them both.. 10 years ago'.

Every cell in my body, exploded with rage; my blood pressure rising rapidly and I was sure I was going to give my self a stroke. But I don't care, my mind still not caught up with the words that man had just spoken; what have I done? Set myself up for failure. 

It was my fault, I wasn't there for them when they needed me. Tears were formed from my tear ducts as they welled in my eyes, one stray started running down my face; but I was still headstrong and never showed any signs of cowardice. 

'You monster, you killed the love of your life and your own blood, your evil, monstrous and disgusting. I am ashamed to call you anything but those words, even my father; the very own sperm that created me. You prick, you killed killed them' I shout, nearly hysterical but it ends a whisper. 

'Oh don't tell me what I am, I know what I am' His cruel smirk, that I can only wish, would be dead and buried in the past. 

A guard speaks up suddenly, 'Sir, Hazel and her gang are on the way, right now' 

I look up speechless and shocked, he lied to me.

This is were I start fighting, fighting for my life, Hazel's life and mum's life. I elbowed the two guards holding me as they both stumbled back; but something in Achilles's eyes as he told them to back down. They left running out and away from the chaos of the room. 

A loud crashing sound broke the chaotic and frantic room's atmosphere. As now a cold silence suffocating everyone at their throat's. 

Achilles grabs me and holds a gun to my head as soon as Hazel walks in.

I couldn't help but to admire what a strong women she had become, she looks so beautiful and mature and like mum. She holds her head with pride and is fearless, all her characteristic embodied into her being; which makes her alluring and confident. But there is a certain darkness surrounding her that was cold and hard; she seemed the same on the outside but what about the inside. 

'Father....' She says in a cold, detached voice.

Chapter 11

Suggested Song: Sia- Elastic Heart (felt as if it represented Hazel's and Achilles's relationship)

Hazel's father - Achille D'amore (played by Laurence Nicotra) 

Hazel's POV

My father, the man himself, the evil fucking God. He stands there with his cocky smirk plastered across his face; his gun held to my brothers head. My brother I hadn't seen for 10 years, he was and still is my best friend. The anger rises up toward my face, the hot fire inflicted on my heart darkening it, making my heart numb to what was coming now. The control I had on my demons and anger was astonishing; my heart lurched into action, draining whatever morals were held in my conscience. 

My whole body  leaps into action and I walk slowly, slyly toward him, analyzing his every move. This man is smart but I am smarter, I was trained by him I know his every move; his game, his disgusting game. A game that my mother was forced to play but now I'm going to play with him and I am going to end this game, with me winning the war. 

As I walk toward him he looses his smirk, because he knows I will fight, me and my army against Satan himself embodied into my father... Pretty easy if you ask me. 

He tries silences me by saying 'We will make a deal' 

I adhere to what he has to say, 'You can have your brothers but in further notice I will unleash the pits of hell onto your world.' His gruff voice holding a sincerer promise, which held a slight tinge of sadness, relief and fear, fear that maybe I could win and then was all the confirmation I needed. My father was scared of me but with fear brings erratic behavior and survival. Its the theory of evolution, we need to fight to be the best of the best, to survive. Like savages we will tear each other apart, but the last one standing has made it. Survival of the fittest as they say or as Darwin says. 

I reply back with a simple 'okay' if he thinks he is going to win... in his dreams. 

He lets go of my brother, he looked worn and tired. I just want to take him home to make him feel better; I want to make him feel like I had never forgotten about him but truthfully I had thought he was dead. I thought he was an empty corpse that had died at the hands of my father... father the word bitter to my tongue. 

My brother stumbles towards him as father pushes him forward. His form brings tears to my eyes, purple and blue splodges covered his face. His face held many cuts and scars, his jaw peppered in stubble; making him look worn out and tired. However, his eyes shone from his face, they were beautiful; dragging me into the world in which he has found for himself. His mind palace. 

His eyes told a story that I didn't want to delve into, it hurt just looking at him. A thought rose into my head, did he know Mum's dead?. 

By the time Apollo came to me, the thoughts in my head kept filling my hollow skull until there was pressure surrounding my brain. I felt like fainting, my breathing hitches as I try to calm myself down but black spots start appearing in my line of vision. 

Not now, not now, not now. I keep repeating to myself. 

I held myself together and blinked rapidly trying to get rid of my blurring vision. I held Apollo's hand, feeling his calloused and swollen hands against my papered and soft hands. This action helped calm him down, he looked up at me and I half smile sincerely. 

'Achilles we will see you soon and this time it will be your defeat' I say in a menacing tone,which had dropped a pitch or two, my voice was dangerously low showing him I was dead fucking serious. 

We walk back silently, I tell my guards to start heading back but I told them to keep a look out because we are still on enemy territory. I tightly grasp Apollo's hand as if he was going to go in front of my eyes. I enter the car and start to come up with many predicaments and solutions to this very awkward situation, none.

I enter my car, with Brea in tow, and start driving very hastily. I arrive sooner rather than later with no sense of what happened on the course of the arrival. 

Brea and Hunter leave to let me and Apollo have a talk.

I feel many emotions flood my body, emotions which I haven't felt in very long time, emotions that I can't hold in and I start to cry, cry for what I have lost and what I just gained. Apollo holds me, saying to me that is is alright and that he didn't get hurt, but I did and so did he. All those years thinking I didn't have any family left to now having 2 family members alive and kicking. 

He mumbled soothing words of nothingness into my ear, while stroking my hair. My head was nestled in between his armpit and arm. Breathing in his scent, which consisted of sweat and other odors; but I didn't care he was my everything and I wasn't letting him go. Ever. 

I release him and stared up into his eyes, his eyes were slightly red from crying as streaks of salty liquid was left on his face from singular tears that rolled down his face. 

He showed his pearly whites and tapped me on the head. A constant thump, calming me down as the water works were going to start again. 

My head pounded from all the crying. I bet I looked a mess, my hair was matted to my head and face, blotchy red skin that was irritated from crying and puffy eyes that held sadness and despair. 

I soon fall asleep as I rest my head on Apollo's chest and I feel Apollo cover me with a blanket. I murmur some final words of wisdom and let go as I slump deeper into the covers. The softness surrounding me as I felt like I was floating in the sky. His warmth comforted me, knowing he was still there and was not trying to escape. A final thought popped into my head; one that had my brows furrowed in my slumber. 

 I review the conversation from earlier and a surge of realization washes over me, he said, 'brothers.' Was there more of his offspring, more of my family left and the question was were are they?


I am awoken from my slumber by a rustling sound and a whispering sound, I feel two presences in the room but I decide not to let them know I was awake. I kept my breathing constant and my movement to a minimal. 

'I don't think that we should tell her yet, they are going to make it in the morning, they had no idea that she was still alive and that I was alive but I remember them telling me to phone them if I had decided to come with them, that's when I was kidnapped because I exposed his secret to mum and dad blamed me'. 

What is he talking about?, this reminds me of my questions earlier that have seemed to be confirmed. There was more of the devils spawn and who in the hell were they. 

'No, I don't think she remembers them. I mean, you didn't so why should she they're here brothers: Ajax, Ares and Adonis '

I gasp and Apollo and Brea look at me...

'uhh... surprise' Brea says

'Ahh, shit' Apollo says

Chapter 12

Suggested Song: James Arthur- Naked 

Brea's POV

Everything has happened so fast, it's like I don't even have time to think. I bet it's even worse for Hazel, finding her family that was supposedly dead; having to deal with 4 brothers and a sadistic dad, whose only goal is your downfall and not your salvation.  

During this whole experience per se, I would think that she has become stronger emotionally and physically. She was the one that protected me, looked out for me when I had no-one and then when I had someone; she was there 100% of the way. That is what I'm going to do for her, it's the least she deserves. 

'Hey, wanna talk, you look like your going to cry' Hunter says (Brea's brother). He embraces me and rests his head on mine. The warmth of his embrace, releasing endorphins in my brain. 

'I just feel as if the world physically and physiologically wants me to give up and wants Hazel to give up because of how much shit has been thrown at us in our life. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining because I've got more than some people have but I feel that maybe i'm not fit to live and that leaving this God awful world will help me attain that life that's not in me anymore' I rant, all my frustrations evaporating from my being and dissipating into the surroundings; leaving me without release. 

Hunter squeezes his arms around me tightly and says that life will get better and that I shouldn't give up yet because I have so much to live for. Yet, the only thing I am living for is Hunter and maybe Ash. 

I am reminded by Asher and go to shoot him a text. 

Me: Hey, wanna go out? I want to talk, just us.'

He replies back instantly, the light buzz of my phone, building nerves up in my stomach. 

Asher: Sure, I'm here for you, whenever you want to talk. Meet up with me at Micheal's in 5. 

Me: Thanks xxx

My stomach was in turmoil about my emotions toward Asher, he was sweet, wonderful and the only guy that has ever understood me. We have no status yet, but I am willing to try it out with him because I have an obvious crush, which is kinda shameless at certain times. The shamelessness comes out of PDA; remember when you were single and hated PDA from soppy couples, now... that's me. 

I hesitantly put my phone down, rehearsing the lines in my head as I circle my room. I rummage through my wardrobe, finding something cute and hot. 

I soon found a floral sheer kimono, with a black crop top and high-waisted short shorts. The shorts were a cool blue with a distressed appeal to them and had studs in the pockets. It wasn't like I was planning to use the pockets anyway I could only fit, maybe £2 in the pocket. I also adorned some hoop earnings that had a tassels on them which enhanced my face shape. My heels were platformed and had a block heel which was embellished with red roses; it held velvet straps that were surrounding my legs. 

Overall, I felt sexy and stunning; this was reverberated back to me by Asher's reaction.  

As I walked in Asher was sitting at a table looking very, very bored. I chuckled at his demeanor and walked towards him. As soon as he heard me, he whipped his head back and his smile soon turned into his mouth being held agape. 

'Babe, close your mouth, are you trying to catch flies?' I smirked, but slightly chucked at his face when I called him babe. 

As I sat down Asher had a tinge of pink on his face, his eyes were looking everywhere but me, sweat started to drip down his forehead. 

'Is it hot in here? woooohhh, it is's like an oven' He said as he fanned his face with the menu. 

I was oblivious to the heat because it wasn't hot, what was he talking about?.

Asher's POV (Before the date)

'Ax, we are terrible people. How could we do this? I like her, I don't want to mess with my chances, I mean..pfft, look at me, LOOK AT ME, I've never had a girlfriend, how do look after it? ....see I don't even use the correct pronoun, I called her IT....I am screwed' I finally breath out and crash down on my bed, in hopes of Ax giving me some advice. 

Ax looks at me weirdly and retorts with, 'If she asked you, she likes you. Haven't you been hanging out with her? This is exactly the same, just now you might have a girlfriend. Simple. Be yourself; I bet she likes you for you, so BE you.' 

Suddenly, his words make sense. No wonder Ax can get girls, he can even get me. Why is he so great?...that I do not know the answer to. 

I get up from my dying praying mantis position on my bed and stand up more confidently. Today's the day, today's the day I will ask Brea to be my lawfully great girl friend. 

I search through my wardrobe, trying to find anything suitable for a date, but to no avail. I am shocked at how many jogging bottoms I own and how many sweat shirts. Great, note the sarcasm. 

Ax sighs behind me as he grabs me by the arm and drags me to his room. 'This is why you don't have a girlfriend' He mumbles under his breath, I heard it.

'Touché' I reply, from his supposed incoherent comment. 

He reveals with him an outfit that I should wear. It consisted of a leather jacket, skinny jeans with rips at the knees, a plain black tee, a pair of sun glasses and black suede boots. This should do. 


Back at the café 

My heart was thumping through my chest as I was waiting for Brealyn to appear. I was fidgeting with my thumbs trying to come up with a speech to perform, for me to pop the big question. Was I over-dressed? Do these skinny jeans make my but look big? All these irrational thoughts running through my mind. 

I like her and I want it to work; I've never met a girl like that. She is truly one of a kind. Many girls go after me because of Ax; I guess, I've never had girls attentions, mainly because I was an introvert and kept to myself, I guess you could say mysterious. 

I hear heels clicking against the floor and I turn around. Wow! I was blown away by Brealyn her hair curled to perfection, her makeup light and sweet. Her outfit, showing a generous amount of skin, but still leaving her beauty to the imagination. I'm going to imagine all right. I try not to think about her long luscious hair, those smooth tanned legs, those curves and most importantly her eyes. 

All of these thoughts triggering a reaction out of me, a reaction those could call a boner. I coughed awkwardly as Brea sat down. Her legs touching mine, I was doomed. Everything about her was seductive, her smell, her lips, her eyes, every. single. thing. 

I tried to avoid her eyes, as to not disturb my awakening thoughts of Brea. But I looked as she stared, asking questions with her eyes. 

'Is it hot in here? woooohhh, it is's like an oven' I splutter out as I feel more heat rush to my face. 

She smirks at me as she goes back into thought. 

Before she can say anything else; I decide to build up my courage and speak. 'I like you and I would really like if you would be my girlfriend, we've had amazing times together and yes, labels don't matter but I love if it would be official. You are mine and no-one else's and I want to show that to everyone' I say all of this in a soft tone, looking deeply into her eyes as she holds my tattooed hands. 

I never really knew how to express myself and tattoos were a way of expression for me, my story was told by my body. No words needed. But with Brea I can talk, I can share the good and bad. Is that love?, if it is, I love it. 

She grips onto my hand and runs her thumb across my knuckles. 'Of course, I'll be your girlfriend, from day one, I sensed a connection but now I am confident in us.' She smiles widely, her smile reassuring me and giving me hope. 

She gets up from the other side of the booth and sits on my lap, her face toward me as her thighs are parted at either side. She kisses me, the kiss slow and sweet, the taste of her lip-gloss a strawberry flavour. I move my lips in sync with hers, our lips mashed together as she grips my hair trying to close any gaps and my hand on her cheeks bringing her closer to me. 

Brea moans into the kiss, giving me a bit of satisfaction as I bite her lip slowly, applying a bit of pressure to the bite. My hands now fell to her waist as I urged for skin-on-skin contact, her skin burning with desire like mine. 

We soon broke apart, needing oxygen. Our lips now swollen and lip gloss was smudge all over our mouths; but we didn't care, all that mattered is that she said yes. 

She moved of me, as we were too tempted to get frisky in a café. As she sat down, I needed to ask her a question. 

'Will you still be mine, if I have secrets that you do not know about and when you do will you be mad?' I was straight to the point as I know this might be a make or break. It wasn't her fault but she will soon blame me. 

'No, but it depends on the secret and yes I will still be yours' She replied, with curiosity lingering in her voice. 

I'm sorry. I whisper as she orders food for the both of us. 

Hazel's POV

'Why didn't you tell me earlier, that I have other siblings, you dick.' I scream at Apollo 

Apollo hesitantly replied with, 'I was trying to surprise you, it's not a big deal' I reply with 'Really? You're unbelievable'

'They're here now anyway' He says 'They are staying in a hotel, near here, Ajax just texted me, saying they are about 2 minutes away... so behave' 

Just as he says that the door bell rings. Apollo goes to get the door, I follow like a lost child. The door opens and I see 3 big dudes, step inside my house. These dudes are not my brothers, they're too cool, too bad ass; on the other hand I am bad ass and cool, yeah that works. 

Apollo hugs all of them and then I awkwardly hug them back. Apollo walks them to the main room and they start to introduce themselves. 

The oldest first, 'My name is Ajax and i'm 28 years old' He was wearing a leather jacket. Had brown hair and hazel brown eyes. He reminded me of my father. (played by Andre Hamann)

The second oldest, 'My name is Ares and i'm 27 years old' He was wearing a suit and had brown hair and forest green eyes. He also reminded me of my father. (played by Tomas Skoloudik) 

The middle child, 'My name is Adonis and i'm 26 years old' He was wearing a denim jacked and had hazel eyes and light brown hair. (played by Nic Pletts)

For some odd reason Apollo wanted to join in, 'My name is Apollo and i'm 25 years old' He was wearing a black shirt and had brown hair and hazel eyes. (played by Roma Acorn)

The youngest child, 'My name is Hazel and i'm 19 years old' I was wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket and denim jeans and some pumps. (played by Danielle Campbell)

Why do I feel like I've known them my whole life. 


After that introduction, we had a heart to heart; mostly about my past and childhood and that why I don't remember them is because they left when I was young, as my father was oppressive and brutal in his ways.  

I finally felt content with my self and I finally feel loved because I have a big loving supporting family. I am loving life right now. All the holes and void I had felt slowly filling by the family I had and by my soon to be boyfriend, Ax. I will make it my mission for him to fall for me. But what if I fall? 

Ax's POV

I am being forced to do this; I made a huge mistake, I can't go on. My world and life depends on this; my family need me, I have to... for them.

'Yes, sir... I will carry on with what you ask me- no, sir I am fully committed to you' I reply in a robotic voice, all emotions set aside; he can sense emotions like a dog sniffing for drugs. Ironic, he does that too. 

'This plan has to go well, make sure you trick them both, Ax and Asher. I am counting on you to make me proud and your families proud to' Achilles spoke, in his usual non-comprehensive tone. 

As we walk out there is a feeling of dread in both  our hearts as I look at Asher and he looks at me. We have to do this, for our families. 

I have to do everything in my power to make Hazel fall for me. Everything. 

Chapter 13

Suggested Song: Rihanna-Skin 

PG-18  Chapter (I will notify you where it starts and end, if you do not want to read) 

This is Ax ^

Ax's POV

My plan to make her fall for me, failed before it even started. It was clear as day, my heart forgot how to function when I was around her; my eyes darken with thoughts of how I am able to show her a good time. Everything about her was perfect, without her knowing what she was doing. She was like a drug, that I did not know how to wean myself off. 

I never thought that I would fall for this girl as fast as I did. The moment I met her I instantly felt a strong connection, whether it was reciprocated back is another story. I never imagined my self at the forefront of love, where a girl is my religious emblem and shrine; I've never felt this way, but maybe because my life was complicated with guns and violence from the beginning. My father was a very good friend of Achillie's, they were childhood friends but my dad saw something in the way he was acting, he saw a darkness that could not be tamed, even by Satan himself. 

But it was too late, he used my dad as a pawn in his evil game, I'm just waiting for the right time to attack and maybe I have a chance with Hazel and Brea; to make this right, before I hurt everything in my path. My dad will be avenged with the utmost respect and value that I will bring upon his name. 

I scroll through my contacts, finding Hazel's name and my chest constricting as warmth spreads from my chest to my fingertips. I tap her name softly and chew my lip out of habit; the sharp ringing town ricocheting from my walls. I did not know what how much seconds had gone past before I heard something. 

'Hey, what's up?' Hazels voice answers. 

'Um, I was wondering, can I come down in 15....?' I just managed to squeak out. 

I was met with eerie silence for a good 4 seconds, before-

' Pranked ya, bet your feeling stupid, leave a message.' Her abrupt ending leaving me distraught and flustered. 

An idea emerged from the depths of my brain, I could go to her house and explain everything; my heart was heavy (it was filled with guilt and anger), rage, passion, guilt and sadness, all these emotions overlapping and making me feel insecure. 

I had to let it off my chest, before she finds out who I really am and what I am going to do. At least, I'll know she's safe. 

After the drive

I arrive at Hazel's house but I can't see her bike; I procrastinate but eventually knock on the door. Muffled voices resonate from the door, very familiar muffled voice. But I can't place it before I had the realization... the door opened revealing Apollo. His face was cleaner and groomed; his eyes flash with recognition and before I could say anything. He reacts by covering my mouth and nose with the sleeve of his hoodie, blocking off my air passageways. His grip is like a vice, intense and strong. I try to wiggle from his grip, but his grip was firm. I had to disorientate him, I stepped on his foot, so his footing was loose and I hunched over rapidly and it brought his body tumbling over my back and head. He lay next to the door as the wind whipped his locks in front of his face. 

I put my hands in front of me as a gesture of peace, and begin to explain what I came for. But before I could explain; I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Shit, why do people like interrupting me?

I pivot and see a group of buff guys, eyeing me like prey. Like I was an cockroach and they were pest control. They all charge at me, with their arms reaching forward as if to grab me and tie me down. They soon did just that, as I tried my best to dodge a storm of fists and legs coming my way, but the realisation dawned that I could not out-run or even beat them, even with my training and expertise.  My legs were the first to give way as I smacked the floor with a loud thump; my hands were pulled away from the face as I tried to defend my profile. I flinch as I see a fist finding its way to my face through my peripheral vision. My arms become weak with exhaustion from struggling against the men restraining me. Before I drift off, I think fuck I'm dead.


I am awoken with a throbbing pain in my jaw, it seems the oldest one has punched me in the jaw. I feel restrains keeping me plush against the chair; the smell of moss and the moist environment making me gag. I wiggle my toes to check if I have movement in my lower body and breathe a sigh of relief when they moved. 

Their faces were not that visible due to the only light source being the ray of sunshine, from what looked like a hole in the wall. I looked up to see figures that were tall in height and had similar features to Hazel. So Mr. Satan himself had more spawn, great, note the sarcasm. I knew he had a temper but did not know whether they did too. Guess I am going to find out. 

I start to talk but Apollo abruptly interrupts,'I know you, what the fuck are you doing here?, did my father send you here? do you know Hazel? Answer me NOW!'

I say with caution, 'Your father did initially send me-' I was cut off with a punch to the gut and jaw. I choke on fresh blood from me chewing my tongue and spit out the bright red blood. I continue with ease, letting them know they did not have an affect on me, but in actual fact they did, but they don't need to know that. 'You didn't let me finish.... your father killed my father and I want revenge on him. I work for him but I did it to find his weakest point and it seems he does it is his precious daughter, Hazel and her gang. Your father killed your mother- (they took a sharp intake of breath) and he did it because he kept a secret from her that she found out, the secret is that he owned a drug cartel, that also involved prostitution and many other bad habits. He soon fell in love with his mistress and she gave him a child. I do not know whether the child was a boy or girl but he was a jealous man and did not believe the mistress could love someone more than him. He tried to kill the child but failed, he had a plan to make this child, what he always had dreamed of, his weapon. He savagely killed his lover in cold blood, over this baby. He saw potential in them that he hadn't in you guys. So they were trained by him and somewhere along the lines they rebelled and I do not know the rest. He used some children as people that could work for him, as they seemed innocent to enemies.'

As I spoke my final words there was an eerie silence in the room. No word was said but we understood one another. Suddenly the door was flung open and out reveled Hazel.

'What the fuck?' She said.


Brea's POV

I was lying in Asher's arms, the constant sound of his heart thumping against his chest soothed me, like a baby. My hand was fisted in his shirt as he spoke about his family with pride, especially his sister. Every few seconds he would have to hesitate and apologise as if to say sorry for something he's done; I got confused but dismissed the idea, of him doing anything wrong. 

'I remember once, Scarlett had a date with some guy named Brooklyn and before the date she was so giddy and happy. She was prancing around her room, yelling and singing from the top of her lungs. Me being her big, strong, cuddly brother; I was not happy that she was going on a date with a notorious man-whore. But disregarded it, as everyone knew Ax and I and how protective we were over Scarlett. However, when she came back crying; something snapped in me, like a side to me came out that I was not proud of. I ran after him and threw punch after punch after punch, not realizing the affect it would have on Scarlett, I should of comforted her before jumping to conclusions. I beat him red and bloody, and I should be guilty about jumping to conclusions but ultimately he was a huge prick that preyed on sweet and kind girls. He should have read the small print because I think he missed the part where it said, she has a crazy twin brother, who will find you and will kill you. He ended up in hospital and I being the nice person that I am, payed for it but not before braking a few bones and loosing some teeth.' He spoke with a smile on his face and a loud laugh emitted from his chest, the vibrations resonating with me. 

I laughed along with him and said, 'He deserved it.' 

When we calmed down, from our high. I stared at his face, intently, thinking about how beautiful he was when he smiled. He noticed me and looked into my eyes, I swear I think I might faint. His eyes shone their natural colour of hazel and chocolate. 

His eyes were an endless pit of beautiful and I couldn't help but lean in. I placed my hand against his rough cheek, and lean in toward his lips. 

We locked lips and tasted each other, purely and holey, his lips were not smooth but not entirely chapped. His rough lips and mouth claiming him, in a religious prayer, his hand reached behind my head, steadying me from the intensity of the kiss. 

........(STOP IF YOUR UNDER 18, SMUTT AHEAD).......

My hands soon found his neck and I wrapped my arms around his neck. As we released to catch our breath, Ash climbed over me, boxing me in with his arms and legs. He smirked as I ran my hands up and down his torso. He dove down for a second kiss, but this time it was more fiery and more passionate, my legs wrapped around his waist and I start rubbing my heat against him. 

The atmosphere had changed from jokey to raging with heat. I feverishly rubbed my whole anatomy against his rock hard chest, moaning in his mouth at the friction. 

He sat up in an attempt to minimize the clothing that was on us; my shirt may its way over my head. His gentle hands began to stroke around me neck and down into the valley of my breasts. I nod a yes, as he begins to open my bra. 

My nipples hardened as the air rushed towards them, but soon forgot about the coldness as his hot mouth claimed my nipples. The pressure of his tongue sending electrical impulses to my wetness. He gently bit it and sucked as hard as he could, I began to grind against him, straddling him, wanting his length inside me. My mouth was letting out low moans and oohs. He let go with a pop and begin trailing kisses back up my chest and on my neck. 

He then kissed me behind my ear, my ears tingling with anticipation as his breathing came in heavy. His voice was low and seductive as he said,' You ready baby,' 

I replied with,' Are you read?' and began ripping his shirt of his head. My tongue finding the crevices of his godly chest, tasting the saltiness of sweat that had come from the heavy make out session before. 

His length was rock hard as I grabbed his manhood with my hands. He groaned against my skin as I let it out from the confinements of his sweatpants. I pumped my hands on his cock a few times and was ready for penetration. 

My wet cunt was dripping through my panties and as I took them off. I was ready for him, whole and more. 

I aligned his length with my hole and lowered myself onto him. Loving the feeling of being full; i begin riding him hard as his balls slap against my ass. He brings his hands towards my enlarged clit and begins rubbing it as I ride him.

The sound of moans and groans and slapping, enveloping us. As sweat and cum drips from our bodies. 

..................(Continue youngsters)......................

We both climax and lay to catch our breath. We were both enveloped in our own thoughts as we lay wrapped around each other. In that moment we were one and it was from then I knew he was my forever. 

Chapter 14

Jack and Jack-Gone (its real good)

Hazel's POV

The cold metal lay loosely in my hand, as I fiddle with it to push it into the intricate hole. Once the click sound was met with my ears, I swing the carved wood block open. My eyes adjust to the darkness that was met with me, the silence almost deafening, as I walk further and further into the house.

'Hello?' I yell, the sound bouncing back as my eardrums twitched to meet with the waves.

'....' I slowly bring my hands up to my profile and protect it with my so called fists of fury. I start to stroll around the house, until some peculiar sounds were being exposed. My eyes glance over this particular door, that was adorned with red motifs, and carved patterns.

Suddenly noises started evaporating through the torture room door, shouting and groaning. I hear my brothers voices but another pain filled voice chorused with the shouting. I start walking toward the door, not knowing what to expect, until I hear a voice that I recognize that seemed broken and damaged.

One by one, the words flew from his mouth, dancing in the air in front of me, almost mocking my stupidity for falling for him. He was talking about my parents, my father to be exact and how he worked for him. My gut wrenched and bile started to rise up my esophagus, I try my best to swallow the acrid acid down, but to no avail.

I run to the bathroom, and empty my stomach of its contents. I hiss as the pungent smell and taste was met with me. I rinse out my mouth and try to gather what ever was left of my broken heart. The mirror deceiving me, by showing me a once trustful woman, isn't heartbreak supposed to change you?, yet nothing changed.

I trudge back in front of the door, each step becoming more and more easier, as I let anger infuse with every inch of my being. My cells bursting with the burning heat, like an inferno.

I grip on the cool handle so hard that my knuckles turn white, but I couldn't stop myself. Everything came crashing down, any hope of being with him, was broken; how could I trust him now? But something at the back of my head was nagging me, maybe I was over reacting and that I should give him a chance. All my thoughts diminish as soon as the I start opening the door. 

I was met stunned faces, 'What the fuck?' I shout at them and all of them have a guilty look on their face. Why were they guilty?, do they think just because I have feelings for him, that it would change a thing?

'We were about to release him?' says Apollo I look at him in disbelief and rage fills my vision.

'G-e-t o-u-t' I stubbornly pronounce every letter with fuming fury, the letters coming out like hisses rather than letters.

Their eyes hold sympathy for me, but I can't bare to look at their true emotions as I will break down. I swallow the lump in my throat down as they leave softly closing the door behind themselves.

I turn towards Ax and observed every inch of his face. It was covered in cuts and bruises, blood leaked out of his mouth, leading a trail down his clothes. The smell of blood, still heavy in the air, it was coppery and thick.

His hands were tied behind the chair, rope lacing through the chair and his extremities, keeping him firmly in place.

I breathe out as I start to say,' why the fuck did you do it? any of it?...why did you listen to him?'

He begins saying, 'My family needs me, my mum she needs me; I had to otherwise he would have killed them, and the world is not the same without family, you should know that'

I instantly retort, ' You do not get to talk about my mother, or asking for my empathy, because apparently I should know... you will NEVER know, what I have been through...EVER, so don't try to get me on your side for the sake of it. Stop trying to getting to know me, like you care; because simply you don't and that is the truth.'

He looked stunned all of a sudden, but a foreign emotion was shining from his eyes. His eyes hooded and soft as a small smile makes its way toward his face. I carry on with saying,'I just....stop looking at me like that'

'Like what... like this' He begins showing a full set of perfect pearly white teeth. His smile although beautiful was starting to get on my nerves.

'I'm trying to be serious here, let me start again and DO NOT interrupt whole life my father didn't except me and I had to make him proud, because everything I did was a shame to him, my birth, my birthday, my existence and he had the power to turn me into something evil, and I blindly with the love I held for him would do every single thing he asked of me...he has the power to do that to you too, but not for his love for your families'.

A hard set realisation brings warmth to my heart, family comes first and that he did what he had to do, for family. I respect that in an odd way. I come closer to him and start to untie him from the chair.

My mind coursing with so many questions and so little answers, I can't hold my question in, in comes out.

I say softly,' was all of the things you did fake, just to get close to me?'

He replies, with shame in his voice,' No,no, no... my feelings for you are true... I like you Hazel and I won't ever hurt you, not over my dead body'

He leans in, slowly as if asking me to accept who he is and promising that he will not harm me. I seal the promise by leaning in, this kiss was not harsh and was sensual and passionate. This kiss was unlike any other and my lower region was on fire, I have butterflies in my stomach. I knew this was the start of something but I didn't know if it was good or bad.

Chapter 15

LIsten to Rihanna 'Love on the brain' with this chapter.

Hazel's POV

I couldn't concentrate on what was happening in the room, the feeling of his lips on mine still lingering on my lips. Brea looked at me weirdly, knowingly. You see she is the only one that would be able to tell as she is very good at reading facial expressions. But me... i'm horrible at it, I can't tell if your feeling upset, angry or any other emotion. 

She said, 'Oh, you don't think I know what you did, I'm already planning your wedding.... I need to tell you something that I should have told you a week ago but you were a bit busy'

I say,'What is're important to me so don't think you can't tell me anything anywhere, ok?'. 

She replies with an 'Ok, um Asher and I are dating I was waiting for the right time to tell you but I guess now was the right time' she manages to fumble out.  

I squeal really loud, 'i'm so happy that you have found happiness in something other than me,obviously' She laughs at my joke but subconsciously knows that I am here for her. 

I feel someones presence enter the room, I blush and that gives me an indication of who it is, his scent makes me blush and it gives me naughty idea's that are probably not PG. Brea gets up and leaves giving me a secret smirk but before leaving says, 'take good care of her or your balls will never be able reproduce'.

He gives her a solemn look that promises to never harm me, he then looks at me mouthing, 'What the fuck is she on about?... you told her oh never mind, your a girl'

I say with my mouth agape, 'what is that supposed to mean?'

He replies with a 'it means your beautiful and intelligent'. 

I smirk 'good save'.

 He says, 'Thanx' Ax begins, to lean in, establishing eye connection and gives me a panty dropping smile. Jeez he really is trying to seduce me. 

 'Um, I want to talk about that kiss and how it meant a lot to me and that I want to be with you, but it's okay if you don't like me because I will always be here for you an-' I cut him of because his rambling was starting to hit a nerve. 

'Ax, shut up' 

'ok' I lean in for another kiss but this time I want more than sweet and soft, I want it to be rough and seductive. He adds tongue in the play and sweeps it across me teeth, sucking my teeth into his mouth. I moan loudly, the fire igniting in my core; he tells me to jump and I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts walking toward my room and I start to feel nervous and flustered however I am very pleased with the idea of what is about to happen. 

He enters my room and closes the door with skill by using his one foot, he presses my body against the door. His fingertips leaving a burning trail around my hips as he grips on my hips and holds me against his rock hard body. 

He starts to press kisses along my jaw and I moan once he reaches my sweet spot; he instinctively sucks harder on my sweet spot making my core want him even more. 

An animalistic instinct takes over me, the smell of his sweat turning me on. I grind my hips against his and want to taste his neck. The urge to taste him was all to strong as I begin to grasp his face and bite, suck and lick all the crevices, bumps and muscle that aligns his neck and jaw. 

18 and Older- Carry on 

Hazel's POV

'Um, I want to talk about that kiss and how it meant a lot to me and that I want to be with you, but it's okay if you don't like me because I will always be here for you an-' 'Ax, shut up' 'ok' I lean in for another kiss but this time I want more than sweet and soft, I want it to be rough and seductive. He adds tongue in the play and sweeps it across me teeth, sucking my teeth into his mouth. I moan loudly, the fire igniting in my core; he tells me to jump and I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts walking toward my room and I start to feel nervous and flustered however I am very pleased with the idea of what is about to happen.

He enters my room and closes the door with skill by using his one foot, he presses my body against the door. He starts to press kisses along my jaw and I moan once he reaches my sweet spot; he instinctively sucks harder on my sweet spot making my core want him even more. I retaliate with peppering kiss along his jaw and neck. I pushed him up against the wall wanting to be in control; his jaw was stubbly and it itched my lips as I kissed his neck and jawline. The feeling of our lips molding together perfectly in sync making me become wet and a desire in me becoming more prominent. 

While I was distracted I hadn't realized that Ax's hands made their way up my shirt, caressing my supple skin underneath. I squirm at the feeling of his hands on my waist tickling me; the contrast between my soft skin and his rough hands, makes my imagination run wild into where else Ax could touch me. 

He swiftly removed my shirt and flipped me over against the wall. My back hitting the wall with a thud but I was too invested in the kiss to notice the pain; his hand holding mine above my head, showing me his dominance over me, but I didn't care I enjoyed being dominated. His searing hot kisses running down the valley of my breasts, until he pauses at me mounds. 

He unhooks my bra and throws it aside; his seductive smile gave me my drive to pleasure him; but I was held by his hands and my mind. He takes a nipple in his mouth and rolls his tongue around the head; internalizing my moans until he slightly bites it, a soft moan escapes from my lips and he carries on massaging  the other nipple. Finally, giving the other breast attention he takes the other nipple in his mouth and sucks hard as his tongue rolls around the nipple. 

My self-desire slowly hanging on a thin piece of thread, I rip his shirt of and capture his nipple in my mouth whilst I rub his bulging erection. He groans and it makes me smirk against his skin; my lips leaving his nipple and start traveling toward his navel at a slow speed. He becomes more annoyed and sexually frustrated as I take my time toward his raging boner in his trousers. 

I open his belt and decide to seduce him by opening the zipper with my teeth. He growls as my teeth graze with his boner and he becomes more sexually frustrated. He groans and tells me to hurry up. But I didn't listen and carried on being slow.

He seems to have lost all the will to live and he becomes more agitated from my tantalizing seduction. He growls my name; while he tugs on my hair, his tug becoming more harsher but leaving a slight stinging; but a nice stinging, a sweet slow burn. 

I roll his jeans down and take them of and slowly reveal his hard on; his length not surprising me at all; as you could always see a big bulge in his trousers. I grasp his length in my hand and start to rub my hand up and down his shaft. 

I make eye contact; while I rub him and smirk a little. He keeps his face neutral; but all soon changes when I start to add my tongue in the mix. I roll my tongue round his head and suck; while bobbing my head up and down to the thrusts of his hips. His face contorts to one of pleasure; and coaxes me to carry on what I was doing to him. 

He was going to release and I helped him by grabbing his balls, while sucking his cock. 

He groaned and said my name in a husky voice; he came in my mouth. I swallowed and smirked at him; but he wasn't done. He briskly captured my lips in his; I moaned in his mouth as his tongue swiped my teeth and wondered in the crevices of my mouth. I joined in in the dance by adding my tongue in his mouth; we both joined in making our own music. 

Our tongues fighting for dominance, I soon succumbed to his rough fight. I broke apart trying to regain my breath back and hadn't realised that my panties were off within seconds of us making out. 

His finger made its way to my clit and he started to rub himself on me. My eyes roll back into my head at the pleasure and I moan loudly into his neck. I grind myself on him, trying to intensify the pleasure. He soon adds one finger in me and pumps fast and hard.

At this point I am a shaking mess of hormones and heat. I start to feel my build up but before I could release he stopped; I growled in his neck and look up at him. He gives me a smile and says,'I am going to make you come hard when I fuck you' 

My core begins to ignite on fire. He places me upon my bed and enters me without no notice. My walls accompany his size and he starts thrusting in me; my eyes and face contorted into some weird half open mouth yawn. I close my eyes to concentrate on the pleasure that sex is giving me. I am close to coming and he bites my ear pushing me over the edge of ecstasy. 

My walls clench around his throbbing cock and milk him in my juices. He pulls out and we lie next to each other. 

I come down from my high and just simply hold his hand. 

A few moment's later when the dirty is done 

I lay on his chest, as it rises and falls. I smirk as I notice red marks bruising his skin, satisfied that I have marked my territory. Sparks shoot up my spine as he traces my back with his fingers. I hum softly as this intimate moment was all I ever wanted, my wishes fulfilled. A comfortable silence falls over the room as we absorb it in, appreciating every inch of each other. But soon that silence was going to be broken. 


We jump from each other and begin throwing on clothes. Ear wrenching screams were coming from my gang; someone hurriedly walks into the room. That someone was Apollo, he spoke words that shook my skeleton. 

'The game is on'

I never knew how much of an impact those words would leave on me but here I am to tell the story. So much is lost in war and you are never able to regain what you lost.