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Love in Space - A Bryn Mawr Story


Thalia stood looking out at the blackness wondering when she'd ever see home again. She was lonely and couldn't do anything about it. Not now! Not in the middle of a mission to find another planet to live on.

Kerb looked into the night sky watching the falling stars as they shot past his home. He wanted to leave home and travel, though his father needed his help on the farm. 

Crystal shimmered into view and smiled, gazing into the star system and clicked her finger.

Love In Space

Kerb looked into the night sky watching the falling stars as they shot past his home. He wanted to leave home and travel, though his father needed his help on the farm. Looking at the dirt at his feet he winced at the sudden flash of light enveloping him. Slowly looking up he saw a massive object speeding towards him. He ran, zig-zagging trying to get away. Jumping he landed face first in the dirt as the hot object sliced through the air inches from his back and hitting the ground with a loud crash - then silence.
Slowly he lifted his head looking in front of him, his eyes stinging and bity with debris floating in the air. His mouth hung open, filling his throat, his body wracking with coughs as he tried to fill his lungs with oxygen. Rolling over onto his back he stared at the stars shining in the night sky.
"What did you send me?" he grimaced.
Getting to his feet he brushed the dirt off his clothes and walked over to the crater a few feet in front of him. Peering over the edge he gasped in shock. A life pod, dented and still hot from entering the atmosphere lay in front of him. He scrambled down the side of the crater approaching the life pod with slow steady steps until the heat prevented his approach. He stood and stared when another voice above him shouted.
"What the ever heck is it, Kerb?"
"Looks like a Life Pod, Dad."
"Where the ever-loving hell did it come from?"
"Space. I told you there's more than just us out here."
"Nonsense," he scowled. "Get away from it."
"Could be someone in there, Dad."
"Don't care. Get away and come on in afore your mother worries herself sick." He turned and walked away mumbling.
"I'll be in soon."

"Tis safe, Kerb," said a woman's voice beside him.

"W-what...who...where did you..."
I'm Crystal. I'm part of your past, your future and you have a quest to fulfil." Crystal shimmered from view, Kerb's eyes widened hearing her giggle. He swirled around hunting for her with his eyes to no avail. "You'll see me when I wish."
"I must be going mad," he scratched his head and peered at the Life Pod again. It had cooled to a dull blue-black colour. The only window was cloudy. Stepping closer he wiped his hand over the glass when he heard a hiss. A hatch opened revealing a young woman in a uniform. She was stunning with a dark red braid and pixie face. Her eyes were closed though her chest rose and fell. He stood admiring her breasts when she spoke in a foreign tongue.
"Yr hyn yr ydych chi'n edrych arno?"
Stepping back hurriedly he lost his footing, ending up on his backside. The young woman sat up, slowly opening her eyes. Kerb gazed in awe at the brilliant blue of her orbs.
"Who are you?"
She frowned touching a button under her ear she spoke again.
"I asked you what you were staring at. My name is Thalia."
"You have beautiful breasts."
"Bloody men," she sighed in exasperation. "Where am I?"
"Did you come from space?"
"Yes. Now tell me where I am? What quadrant am I in? What planet is this?"
"I'm Kerb. You're in Hikkari Quadrant. I am Hikkarian and we live on Minoru. You are on my fathers land. It's called Bryn Mawr after... What is wrong?"
"No way," Thalia muttered. "Explain the name, please."
"It's cold, come with me. I'll take you to the farmhouse and we can discuss this further. Where are you from?"
They were climbing out of the crater as she said the name when Kerb tumbled backwards in shock. 
"You can't be. Earth died millennia ago." he staggered back to his feet climbing over the edge looking Thalia up and down. "I mean..." he shook his head. "Never mind, come."
"Earth was just fine when I left," she replied. "I was born in a village called Bryn Mawr. I never thought I'd hear the name again."
They began to walk towards the light, over the land until Thalia was staring up at the mansion, that Kerb had called a farmhouse. It was a replica of...Thalia shook her head wondering if she had a concussion. Opening her eyes again she looked at the home of her ancestors.
"Tis part of our family genetics." Kerb pulled her up the steps through the door and into the house. "What was the village like," he escorted her to the kitchen when she took the lead, opening the correct door and stood on the threshold.
"Who are you?" said Kerb's dad.
His wife turned her eyes meeting Thalia's and the plate she held clattered to the floor.
"Crystal," she whispered and fainted, collapsing to the red tile floor.