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Riverdale: Polly Adeline Cooper


Polly Anne Cooper was a smart, brilliant, beautiful senior at Riverdale High School. She was head cheerleader, president of her very own fan club, and she had her world on a string! She was the envy of every girl at the school with her long, beach blonde locks and killer smile. Her smile was so killer, she nabbed a boyfriend in the richest boy at the school, Jason Blossum, in no time.


Jason and Polly were hot and heavy from day one. They simply cliqued with each other and before Polly knew it, she found herself in a complex, serious relationship with little breathing room.


Polly was nervous of introducing Jason to her family. The Coopers, specifically Alice, didn't take too well to the Blossums, for some reason. They didn't want to be affiliated with a bunch of low lives, rich or not. Alice had no interest in bringing up any reason as to why she felt so strongly about this and Polly knew better than to question her mother's authority.

She only knew it had to be pretty important, for her mother to hide it. But then again, her mother was a pretty secretive person. She had a book of secrets hidden in the wall of their family attic, for all Polly knew.


Polly and her little sister Betty used to go on treasure hunts when they were younger up to the attic, where the treasure usually ended up being cookies & lemonade, baked by Great-Granny Bethany Cooper, for all good little girls who did as they were told.

They were determined to find a secret diary hidden somewhere in the attic but they never did find one. There was so much stuff up there, Polly used to spend hours reading VC Andrews novels in the backyard hammock, searching for clues as to what might be hiding in her very own house! She loved all those types of books, including Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, the Hardy Boys and the Babysitters' Club Mysteries.


Jason also shared a love for reading and they would travel up to their favorite spot in the country for a day picnic and storytime.  That was where Polly conceived their twins, Frank and Fenton (named for the Hardy Boys), one, lonely, autumn day when the leaves first started to turn. Polly told Jason she wanted their first time to be special so Jason took great pains to set up a romantic fairytale in the middle of the woods for her. He even set up a sparkly unicorn amidst the trees to make it more magical, knowing unicorns had been her favorite since childhood.



Chapter 2

The bell rang for class and Polly couldn't move. She leaned against her locker, and felt like she was going to be sick. "Come on, girl! It's time for class!" Her best friend, Carol, nudged her. Then she noticed how green Polly was looking. "Oh my God, Polly, are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the Nurse's station?"

Polly looked at her friend and nodded. "I don't feel too good, Carol. I... I missed my period."

Carol gasped, widening her eyes. "What! You don't think you're pregnant with Jason's baby, do you??? After that day up in the country???"

Polly looked at Carol and a secretive smile played at the corners of her mouth. "It would seem to be, now, wouldn't it, Carol?"


Carol bit her mouth shut and pulled her friend to the Nurse's station.


A couple hours later, Polly was looking at a smiley face on a pee test. "Guess what?" She smiled, her nausea faded away.



Chapter 3

"What are you all smiles about lately, Polly?" Alice leaned against the kitchen counter of their sunny California home, sipping her coffee curiously.

Polly sat across from her, playing in her cereal like she used to when she was little. "Oh, nothing, things are going really well with my boyfriend lately, Mother."

"That's nice. I'm glad to see you happy, just don't get behind in your schoolwork." Alice reached out to brush a strand of hair behind Polly's left ear. "I know what it's like to feel like your floating on cloud nine all the time. But you must realize, this is your last year of high school and this year will determine your entire future. Keep that in mind." Alice emptied her cup in the sink and went to go get ready for work.


"Yes, mother. I'll keep that in mind." Polly mocked her silently after she left the room.

She and Jason had their own plans, though. Plans her parents wouldn't necassarily agree to.


Betty came into the kitchen then and saw her sister talking to herself. "And what could my lovely sister be up to this early in the morning?" She smirked, helping herself to some coffee. "You know it's a curse if you're caught talking to yourself."

"I wasn't talking to myself. I was simply making a silent affirmation for the day. Good morning to you, too, little sister." Polly kissed her sister on the cheek before taking up her backpack and jacket and going to meet Jason at the corner so he could drive her to school.


"I wish I had a boyfriend." Betty grumbled, glancing at the house next door where she caught a brief flash of red hair dart past a window.