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Heart of Stone


Stone Pierce. A name that everyone knows, but not for a good reason. Stone is abused by everyone in her pack even her parents. She is abused even though she didn't do anything. Of course she tries to fight back. Her pack blames her for something she has no control over. As cliché as it sounds even her mate abuses her. Once Her mate finds out that they are mates he rejects her. He doesn't reject her because she is ugly or because she is weak but just so he won't be tied down to anyone. He wants to sleep around and have no one to answer to so she gives him just that.

Love The Way You Lie

Stone's POV.

"STONE! I heard someone call my name. I looked over and saw my best friend Ryke standing next to me with a red face.


"Why aren't you dressed!" She all but screeched in my ear.

"Because I don't plan on going." I said with a shrug.

"Oh you're  going now get up so I can do your hair and your everything else because those clothes are just no." She shivered at the thought of my bunny slippers and foot in PJs.

"Its not like its a mile stone year it's just Freshman year. It isn't Senior year."

"I know but its your first year of high-school! That has to count for something right Stone?" She asked with a hopeful expression as she sat me in a chair and began to brush out the curls in my curly  dark hair. Turning the flat irons on and letting them heat up she began to straighten my hair.

"No, it really just means that there are more people to beat up on me and pick on me." I sighed.

"I promise to attempt to kill any one who even lays one of their grimy dirty little paws on you." She promised me. 

"I love you too Rykey." I replied giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Conversing for a little while longer until my hair was finished then she gently pushed me from the chair. 

"Okay lets find you some clothes." She stated.

"All I have are over sized clothed that don't fit me." I said looking down kind of embarrassed.

I've been told I'm fat so many times that I slowly started to believe it. I threw out all of my cute clothes and kept the over sized clothes and it's the only thing I've bought since then.

"Okay well then I'll go and get something from my closet and I'll be back in a minute." She said before walking out of my room. She came back in about 10 minutes later and sat some clothes on my bed.

"Here is what you are going to wear to school today."  I picked up the clothes and looked at the shirt it was an off the shoulder shirt that was black with red paint splatters as a design. The pants were just black skinny jeans with red paint designs. She gave me some high tops that were black and red also. For make-up she just gave me some mascara and lip-gloss and I was ready.

I grabbed my bag and she followed me as we headed down the stairs we were talking until I was pushed from behind and fell down the stairs. How I didn't break my neck or any of my bones for that matter was a mystery to me but I just got back up and grabbed my bag that was now in Ryke's hand who was trying to help me up. I turned around to see who pushed me and seen Ashtyn the Alphas best friend and the Alpha himself Ryane smirking at me.

"Next time watch where you're going runt." Ashtyn said while getting into my face.

"Hey Stone, which is a longer jail sentence premeditated or crime of passion?"  I heard Ryke ask.

"Premeditated." I answered back.

"Good then I won't think about it I'll just do it." She said back and then jumped on Ashtyn and started slapping him in the face with the flats she was wearing.

"Bitch I got your runt!" She screamed while hitting him as the Alpha dragged her off of him I couldn't stop laughing.

"Ryke Let Go Now!" Yelled Ryane using his Alpha voice.

"I will cut your nuts off if you ever touch her again. You will wake up with a ding ding on your forehead you prick!" She yelled at him still hitting him with the shoe not even listening to the Alphas order's.

"Get off your fat lazy ass and help me get her off of him! I hope you don't expect for me to actually touch her." He spit in my direction.

"Ryke sweety you can stop now."I told her and she instantly stopped and came over to me and asked if I was okay.

"I'm fine Ryke are you okay? You let Razion take over for a second there." I told her, referring to her wolf.

"I know sometimes I can't control her. Its getting harder and harder each day." She said looking down.

"Let's get to school." I said throwing a look at Ashtyn who had multiple shoe marks on his face. We got in Rykes car and made our way to school. We pulled up to school and tried to find a spot which wasn't hard since it was kind of early. We got out if the car and walked towards the door only to be stopped by Carney, Ryane's girlfriend.

"Have you guys seen Ryane?"

"Yeah, he's back at the house with Ashtyn. He wants to make sure Ashtyn's wounds are okay."  Ryke replied.

"Wounds? What wounds? What happened? Who Hurt him?" She asked looking frazzled.

"I did." Ryke said nonchalantly.

"Why, what did he do?"She asked.

"He pushed Stone down the stairs."

"Stone don't you think you deserved it for what you did. You deserve every thing that happens to you. The sooner you see that the better." She said giving me a fake sympathy look. Well that changed quickly. I knew the bitch was bi-polar but damn.I looked over at Ryke who looked like she was ready to kill.

"Ryke don't!" I said but she had already jumped on her.