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Isn't this a bummer! For someone who has always dreamed of writing stories and maybe even full length novels, I am tongue-tied when it comes to 'introduce yourself', 'write a blurb for your story'! goes nothing...I love reading and I fancy myself to be a 'good writer' :-)...hopefully the bubble doesn't burst! But...all in good time. Please do read my very first story. is okay if you need to burst my bubble..but I would so prefer it if you could gift wrap it first :-)


Nothing new.


  • Dawn Again

    Richard was settling down in Seattle. Well, as much as an ex spec ops operative and now a member of one of the leading private security firms in USA could settle.Sophie had been in Seattle for nearly a year now, but was far from settled. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to feel safe enough to s...

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