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Dawn Again


Richard was settling down in Seattle. Well, as much as an ex spec ops operative and now a member of one of the leading private security firms in USA could settle.
Sophie had been in Seattle for nearly a year now, but was far from settled. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to feel safe enough to settle down in one place.
Richard knew he was going to unravel the mystery that was Sophie. And then her past finally caught up with her. It will be one hell of a battle before Richard and the team are able to help Sophie put her past to rest for good.


Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Khalil Gibran

2 years ago

Ana felt like she was swimming in a sludge. All her senses were blunt, except for one...the excruciating pain. She could not pin-point where it was coming from. It was simply there...all over. She opened her eyes, but everything was blurred. She tried to recall the reason she was feeling this way but her brain refused to cooperate. So she gave up and decided to come back to it at a better time....and chuckled at her own sick joke. The chuckle cost her though. Pain shot through her chest and she passed out.

When Ana came to, she was not entirely sure how long she had been out, but she remembered exactly what had happened to land her in bed with this pain. The whole thing started a week before the day she landed in bed. She was not sure how many hours/days ago that was. She was plating up John's breakfast when he came out of their room, ready to go to work. He came around the island bench and pressed his front to her back, trapping her between himself and the bench top. John gathered up her hair and kissed her between the shoulder and neck. Ana's skin crawled but she had learned to hide the reaction from him. He straightened up, stepped back a bit to give her room to move and said, "Stop taking the pill from today."

As soon as John stepped back, Ana picked up his plated breakfast and turned to go to the breakfast table to set it down. John's statement shocked her to the core. So much so that the plate slipped from her suddenly nerveless fingers and she gasped, "What?! NO! What are you talking about John?" John raised a brow, turned his lips up in a macabre imitation of a smile and said, "No?" His voice was was not loud, but it sent a chill down Ana's spine nonetheless. There was just about a foot of distance between them, and John was the very image of casual. Hands in his pockets, legs shoulder wide, he was looking at Ana calmly. But Ana knew it was a false calm. She needed to put some distance between them. So she took a step back, and was about to move aside when John's arm shot out, and his strong fingers wrapped around her slender neck, almost crushing her throat. Ana caught his wrist, more as reaction than anything else. She knew she simply lacked the brute strength required to get John off herself. At 6'2', with wide shoulders and a lean muscle packed body, John towered over Ana's 5'3", slim boned figure. So, fighting John off was a lost cause. John increased the pressure on her throat and stated, "You need to think about what you are saying." Ana could not breathe and was beginning to black out when he suddenly let go of her. She was dying to look for a support, but gritted her teeth and stood straight. John was a sadist, and Ana had learned very early in their relationship that any sign of distress from her turned John on. And a turned on John was very bad for Ana's health.

When she was sure she could speak clearly, Ana said, "Do you have time for me to make a second breakfast for you?" Clearly John had not expected her to say this, because he looked stunned. And John never, ever, showed his emotions so clearly. "Yes. Clean this mess up and bring me breakfast in the office. Start with my shoes." Ana nodded, tore up a couple of sheets off the kitchen roll, and knelt down to wipe the egg off John's shoes. As soon as she was done, John stalked off. Ana put together a breakfast for John a second time and took it to his office. She knocked before entering, and saw him sitting at his desk working at the laptop. He did not look up, but indicated for her to put the breakfast down on the coffee table in the office. Ana put his plate, and glass of juice down, and almost made it to the door of the office to get out when he said, "Ana. Do not defy me on this. Stop the pills. From today." Ana nodded and left the office, softly closing the door behind her.

There was no way Ana was going off the pill. She would not bring a child into this hell of a life. But she needed to fight smart, not direct. Defying John openly only resulted in a world of pain for her. Besides, there was no point in refusing to take the pills. The doctor belonged to John. John must have already told Dr. Gannon to stop bringing her the pills, and he would know if she continued to take the pills that she already had. After all that is exactly why he had cameras all over the house, so there was absolutely nowhere to hide for Ana. So, she would be forced to find a way out of this. Until she finally escaped.

Ana went up to John's room...she would never call it her room...and had a shower. She then went into one of the guest rooms that she had made into her own room, and went through her library on kindle. Because in there lay the solution to her problem! She had a bunch of historical romance novels on her kindle and she knew some of them had references to herbal contraceptives. She intended to add some of those herbs into her shopping list. She found quite a few, and was determined to use them all if required to prevent this pregnancy that John obviously wanted.

Just as Ana finished adding ginger, apricot seeds and wild carrot to her weekly grocery, she heard the door to her room open and John stepped in. She put her kindle and notepad down, looked up at him and asked, "John. Do you need something?" "Do I need a reason to come to my wife?" he asked, smiling. Ana still wondered sometimes how a man so ugly on the inside could look so devastatingly handsome on the outside. But it was as it was, and for some reason this incredibly handsome and cruel man wanted her and her pain. John stepped into the room and stalked over to where Ana was sitting in the beautiful bay window. She tried not to cower, and succeeded. She balled her hands into fists to keep them from trembling and waited for John to get to her. There was only ever one reason why John sought her out, so she did not need to be told what to expect next.

John sat down on the comfy chair next to the window, and ordered, "Strip." Ana got up, and obediently stripped out of her dress, waiting patiently in front of John. "Kneel" he ordered. Ana knelt in between his legs, and went for his trousers. She unbuckled the belt, popped the button and gently pulled out his cock. It was already quite hard. Ana licked around the head, on the underside, from the tip to the root, and then took him in her mouth. She caressed his balls from over his boxers and slowly worked her way up and down his length, gradually taking him deeper and deeper. John's hands went to her hair and he took control of her movements. Ana felt him harden in her mouth. He pulled her mouth off him, and back-handed her hard across her cheek. Ana lost her balance and fell. "Don't. Get. Up." John hissed and got up as Ana levered herself up on her elbows to get up. He gripped his cock and and before Ana knew what was happening, he had rammed his big toe into her pussy. Ana screamed in pain and tried to scramble away from his foot. In a flash John pulled her by her hair, pulled out his belt and tied her hands together to one of the iron legs at the head of the bed frame. John pulled out his tie, and tied up one of her leg to the iron leg at the foot of the bed. He stood up, stepped on the ankle of Ana's free leg so she could not kick out and foot fucked her, all the while stroking himself. John's foot became harder on Ana's pussy the closer he got to coming. Finally he stopped assaulting Ana's pussy with his foot when he spurted his load all over Ana's prone body.

John tucked himself in, button up his pants and then untied Ana. He grabbed her by the arm, pulled her to her feet, dragged her to the nearest wall and slammed her up against it. Wrapping his finger around Ana's throat, he said, "When I am home Ana, you will use only our bedroom. I refuse to look all over the apartment for you, and then have to fuck in a strange bed. Do you get what I am saying?