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Break Free


In a world slowly being annihilated with the apocalytic weapons of self-doubt, struggle and competition, is it mandatory to succumb to all the nails thrown at your way? This question which is worth pondering, is quite skillfully answered by the supreme Mother Nature..whose myriad manifestations, achieve freedom from the chains of self-doubt,stuggle and competition every single day. In this poem (which happens to be the first I have ever penned) throws light on two of the myriad aforementioned manifestations, a seed and a bud.Read on to find out.. :)

Break Free - Poem

A seed is sown deep down Into the chasms of darkness. Will it realise that struggle is its own? Hardwork will always lead to greatness. Is it abstruse to break free, From the chains of struggle? Just do it, work hard with your face resonating glee, Aren't skycrappers ultimately made from rubble? A bud is blooming in the nearby vicinity, Is it abrogated by the yarns of intimidating valour? "Majestic Flowers blossom each day" is an actuality Won't it just bloom into its true colours? The cosmos is being pulled down, by the wraths of unending misery Which is better, preaching your troubles around, Or breaking free from the bars of demotivation captivity?