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"He of Legend."


It was his only purpose after he changed.

He craved to see them suffer, to see the life fade from their eyes. He wanted their blood on his hands, and he still does.

Only now he has one more desire.


"I know you don't understand what's happening, but this isn't your fault. They think harming you will stop me, but they're gravely mistaken. They will regret ever touching what's mine. I assure, Eden, they will pay for what they've done."

A twist on the legend/myth of the ancient Arcadian King, Lycaon.


He is a man of legends.

Only those who were there know the truth of what happened; those who were not know only a sliver of the details. Rumors of him go on for centuries, but they as well only tell a few things.

Most know him as Orestheus, a son of Lycaon. Soon though, he will have a new name.


He never expected her.

He wasn't searching for her, yet when he saw her he knew she was a masterpiece of her own. She was everything he had ever wanted but never knew he did, and that terrified him. 

She was his prize.



He exited the marble structure, canvassed in blood. Control surged through his veins, stealing it from the prior vessel.

They bowed down as he went past, heads to the ground, not looking him in the eye. The corpse in his arms brought him a sense of satisfaction he had longed for since his first breath.

A devious smirk spread across his face as he placed it on the stone altar, he knew they couldn't ignore him any longer.

Turning, he watched as the people grew terrified of his overwhelming power. It seeped from his pores, clinging to him as though it were a second skin.  They all knew what it meant,  scrutinizing the man who had not only taken another life, but had gained the attention of the gods.

He was the king now.

King Lycaon

Translations at the end of the chapter

She sat on the floor in front of her window and looked out to the trees. The strange feeling of being incomplete was something she'd been feeling for a while. It wasn't crippling, it was more of a nudge. A nudge that made her want to search, but for what, She didn't know.  

What was missing, and why did it bother her so much?

There was nothing she could do about it though. What was she to do? Go out and look for a measly feeling she had? Where would she even begin to look? The only thing she could do was sit and quietly mumble a song to herself, wondering what could possibly be wrong with her.

"Hurry and get ready, Eden! Olivia just called and said she'd be here in ten minutes," her mamá called from outside her door.

She sighed, taking one last glance out to the trees before getting up. "Sí mamá, I'm going," she answered as she walked to the clothes laid out on her bed.

She thought of Olivia, or Oliviá as she likes to call herself, her best friend from America who told her rich father to send her abroad. For some reason, she thought being in the Dominican Republic would make her stand out at home when she went back.

The way they became friends is strange according to everyone else. All it took was one glance at Eden the first time they saw each other and she'd decided she'd be her closest amigo. She was confused at first but decided, what did she have to lose? Even when everyone told her she should stay away from her, she ignored them, claiming none of them knew what they were talking about.

Instead of coming in ten minutes like she said, she came in twenty.

She watched from her spot at the window as the door was flung open by Oliva, obviously in a rush.

"Oh my God, Eden, we have to go! We were supposed to pick my friends up from their hotels!" Olivia exclaimed, taking her by the arm and dragging her out the door.

"What did you even do that made you late?" she asked, jogging down the stairs.

She rolled her eyes, "Emily was nagging me doing my work again."

Eden nodded, although Olivia was there for the experience, she still had to complete college.

"By the way, cute outfit."

She smiled at the compliment, "Thanks."

They turned the corner and ran to the door. Their efforts were all in vain, and they realized this when they came to a screeching halt at the sight of Eden's mamá standing there with her hands on her hips.

"¡Espera solo un minuto! Olivia, I know you're in a rush, but you both know we have to do a rundown of everything."

They groaned, there was no chance of being able to leave as soon as they'd hoped.

"You know it's been getting dangerous lately, I just want to make sure you're safe," she told them with a stern look. "Phones?"

"Charged and with help on speed dial," Olivia answered.

"Pocket knife?"

Eden pat her back pocket, "Lo tengo."

It went on until she was sure they had everything.

"Alright now be safe girls, stay out of trouble," she told them as they walked to the door.

"Sí sí, we know, it's so annoying doing this every time," muttered Olivia under her breath.

Evidently, she wasn't quiet enough, and Eden's eyes widened when she saw her mamá twist down.

"¡Lo siento, mamá! Forget she said anything!" she yelled, shoving Olivia out. A shoe flew past their heads, urging them to quickly get in the car and speed off.

They were going to a museum in Santo Domingo that Olivia thought was amazing. With them living in Bonao, it was going to take a while to get there.

Her mother worried for them because Olivia had dropped the plans last minute. Without knowing every single detail, she had the mindset that something would happen to them and she wouldn't be able to get to them in time.

To ease her mind, she sent a friend of hers ahead to make sure it was ok and had him stay to keep an eye on them.

"So Eden, where's the best place to get some tacos or some Spanish food around here," one of Olivia's friends turned and asked as they wandered.

"You're in La República Dominicana, I'm pretty sure most things here would be Spanish," she retorted lowly.

He immediately asked more questions, telling her to say things because her accent was a 'turn on.' She became uncomfortable and decided to stick close to Olivia from there on out. It was her first time speaking since they came but that was no excuse for his rudeness.

She rolled her eyes when Eden made a complaint, obviously knowing who she was talking about without her needing to say who it was.

"Ignore him, he's Daniel. I didn't even invite him, somehow he found out and decided he wanted to come too," she explained. "Come on, I want a tour of this hallway."

The walls were covered with war history, one of Olivia's favorite subjects. She smiled, letting her do what she wanted.

"Francisco del Rosario Sanchez corresponded with Duarte during his exile in Venezuela. Then, Ramon Matias Mella, along with Duarte and Sanchez, became known as the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic," the woman drawled.

Eden listened intently, seeing why Olivia was so interested in it.

"Is... here... read...way...."

The faint whispers interrupted her focus and became the only thing she could hear.

She turned to see who was talking so loud, if only to tell them to shut their mouths, but no one was speaking. To her utter surprise, everyone was paying attention to the lady as she pointed to a portrait of a general.

She tried to listen to her as well, but she couldn't stop hearing the whispers just wouldn't stop. It bothered her, not seeing who was speaking. Then she noticed it was coming from a certain direction.

"Olivia, do you hear that?" she leaned in and whispered to her.

"Hear what?"

"You don't hear the whispering?"

She raised her eyebrow, "I think those cocadas are getting to your head, Eden. I told you eating too many was bad for you."

She didn't reply and only stared at the hallway she noticed it was coming from. There weren't any footsteps, but she decided for her own sanity that it was probably just more people. She turned away and tried her best to listen to the woman and ignore the whispers, but she flinched when she heard a new voice.


The voice rang in her ear. It was loud, and the only thing she could think about was that it knew her name and that was not ok. It hadn't come from the hallway either, if anything, it sounded like it was in her head, but that didn't stop her from hearing the other voices.

People began to notice how she was frozen in place, staring at the hallway. She heard them ask if she was ok, if she needed some water, but the whispers were getting louder and louder.

They just wouldn't stop.

She told them she was fine, but she kept watching, hoping someone would come around the corner to ease her mind.

That didn't happen though, and she felt tears come to her eyes. Even more when an urge to follow them pressured her She was being lured away by the strange incoherent whispers. The tug became too strong to resist. It captured her attention and in a trance, she began to follow.

Olivia stopped her, placing a hand on her shoulder. For a brief moment, Eden came back to reality as she asked if she was really ok. One word from the voices was all it took for her to be brought back to a single goal.


"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back," she said in a daze, pulling away from her concerned friend.

"I can come with you, really Eden you don't have to go by yourself," she insisted.

A blank look crossed her features. Even as she felt controlled, her need to protect her was stronger. "I'm fine. Stay here." Whatever she was following wouldn't lay a hand on Olivia.

That thought was all that ran through her mind as she walked, and the whispers kept a steady direction as to where they were coming from.

She found herself in the section for Greek mythology, the whispers getting so loud they began to ring in her ear.

With trembling legs, she made her way through the marble corridor to what seemed to be a monster.

She stared at it, the once incomprehensible words became clear. Some said come here and others read it, but there was one that rang out the most.


There was a touchable little booklet in front of a portrait that read Lycaon, King of Arcadia. Picking it up, she started reading where things seemed to be popping out of the page, and once she did the voices disappeared altogether.

Some of the first accounts of werewolves come from Ancient Greek literature. Ovid, in the Metamorphoses, told of the Arcadian King, Lykaon. King Lykaon was visited by Zeus. Not believing him to be a true all-knowing god, he went on to test Zeus by serving him human flesh in one of the many dishes served at a banquet in their honor.

It wasn't normal flesh - Lykaon was said to have served his own son. Nyctimus (son to be killed) was just one of 50, so King Lykaon felt he had plenty more where that came from.

Murder and cannibalism were a major crime at the time and with Zeus being a God, it didn't end well. Upon discovering the tainted dish, Zeus was furious and had King Lykaon changed into a wolf. He then turned his other fifty sons to wolves as well.

Zeus, feeling that since Lykaon obviously had a penchant for human flesh, the monstrous wolf body would be a more acceptable form to take part in such a vile activity. he then brought his son Nyctimus back to life.

Nyctimus succeeds his father as king of Arcadia. His rule was cut short by something or someone, which some speculate was caused by one of his brothers for his lack of respect for the Gods.

She kept reading until a presence caught her attention, and turned to look behind her.

There was a man, and he looked... fake. To be specific, he looked like one of the statues in the room they were alone in. Which didn't make her feel any better.

Especially since he was right staring at her.

"I see you're interested in the origins of werewolves," he stated, eyeing the book in her grasp.

She stuttered, startled he had asked, "Uh, no, I was only-"

"It's alright, I'm sure everyone wants to know where they come from."

Fear overtook her, he shouldn't have been able to tell.

"Ya sabes, Nyctimus was to succeed his father as king of Arcadia. But his reign was cut short, some think it was one of his brothers."

"I read that, uh do you research this kind of thing or something?" she asked, getting even more nervous. He wasn't normal, whoever he was. The fact that he knew what she is she is made it clear. Normal people, including people like herself, shouldn't be able to tell.

He looked at her, a glint in his eyes, "No, I just find it... fascinating ."

Panic took over and an internal struggle had her heart racing. She couldn''t stay here, she She had to get back to the group and leave.

"May I have your name?" he asked, getting closer.

She backed up a little before answering. "Eden."

His eyes flashed in what seemed to be excitement, "Well Eden, you probably don't know that someone has taken Lykaon's place as King. The new one is... much more dangerous."

She inched away even further, looking behind her to see if anyone was coming. He took a chunk of the distance away, surprising her as she turned around. She almost jumped, but instead, she slid her hand into her back pocket.

"What do you mean?"

"This King executed Lykaon and continued to murder his brothers, one after the other. He wanted to make sure no one would be able to take his place, but they say there's another reason."

"Eden! Where did you go?"

The man's face took a turn and looked darker as he flicked his eyes to the entryway.

She almost questioned if Olivia had heard her silent prayer. "Lo siento, that's my friend. I have to go but it was great talking to you," she said, using the chance to get away.

She turned quickly and sped to the main hall but not before hearing him one last time. His raspy voice hissed at her, and whether it was a threat or not, she couldn't tell.

"The heroes are the ones who always get remembered, but the legends never die. Heroes live in books, written but forgotten. Legends haunt you, they follow you home and make your life a living hell. They are vengeful, breathing wraiths with flesh and bone. They are the ones to worry about Eden, not the heroes."

It felt as though he were right behind her, saying it directly in my her. She whirled around, the knife flying through the air to where his throat should've been.

Only it wasn't, and neither was he.

The knife was useless as it stuck to the wall.

She looked around to see where he could have gone, but there was no possible way he could have left without her seeing him. All around the hallway, even from the reflection of the marble walls and floors, he just wasn't there.

It was as if he was never there at all.



Sí - Yes

Espera solo un minuto - Wait just a minute  

Aquí - Here

Lo tengo - Got it

Lo siento - I'm sorry

Ya sabes - You know



Translations at the end of the chapter

She stayed in place, finding herself staring at the portrait of Lycaon. It didn't make any sense how he disappeared like that. Unless he could teleport, the speed of his movements was virtually impossible. 

The sound of Olivia's voice broke her out of her thoughts. She hurriedly pulled the knife from the wall before she could come around the corner, putting it back into her pocket.

She watched as she wandered past the entry, stopping when she saw her. 

"Where were you, Eden? I came to find you since you've been gone for a while, and I was worried after that whole scene out there," she said, running up and shaking her. 

"I'm fine, don't worry," Her reaction made her curious, had she not seen him leave? "I know you'll think this is weird, I do too, but did you see a man leave here?" 

"What? Eden, what is going on with you today? Are you ok?" 

"No, I'm fine, I just-"

"I was the only one in the hallway Eden, no one left from here. You've been in here by yourself."

Confusion swam through her head, but that's impossible. There was no other way to leave other than the way Olivia came from, so how did he disappear?

She took her arm before she could warn her and lead her back to the group, "I found Eden guys, she's fine, she just didn't feel well. Let's go to Winston's, I made our reservations earlier so we should start going."

She tried to protest, but Olivia caught her, "Don't stress, I'm sure whatever you saw was nothing. Eating will make you feel better. If it doesn't then I promise we'll go home."

She thought about it. They were all conceited except for Olivia and would brush off her warning. If she didn't let them eat, she doubted any of them would listen at all. She nodded, there was no other choice.

Olivia held her hand the whole way as we walked through the city. Eden enjoyed it, but as much as she did, she couldn't get what that man said out of her head. He sounded like he was giving a warning, but what could relate? Nothing she'd ever done could have possibly lead to this, so why did he say that?

 Her thoughts stopped when they made it to the restaurant.

Olivia led them to the table after checking in and once they sat they began deciding on what to eat. Eden watched as they began making their own conversations with each other, leaving her out. It didn't bother her, as it happened often. She knew most didn't like her, so usually she'd wait for them to talk to her rather than she start the conversation.  

"I'm telling you man, the cops never caught me," the boy who bothered her earlier bragged, "I could take her wallet right now and she wouldn't even know it, and I'll be home free once I leave."

"Uh, you know we're not letting you do that right? Why are you trying to steal from her in the first place? She's the reason we're here right now, be a little more grateful!" the other said.

Eden watched them converse, her brow furrowed. Did they think she couldn't speak English at all? "Uh you know I can hear you right?" she waved my hand in front of their faces, offended that they still didn't respond.

He jumped, only then noticing her. A smirk came across his features as he took a second look. "You know you're really fine with your hips and curly hair and what not. I'm Dallas, Dallas Dawson." 

She stared wide-eyed in disgust at his statement, debating on whether or not she should acknowledge his offensive comment.

"So who are you?" she asked, turning to the more pleasant one.

He grinned, "Dylan." He jerked his thumb at Dallas, rolling his eyes. "Ignore what this guy says, he's not exactly the best at being polite."

She nodded. "Well it's nice to meet you," she said with a smile.

"You ever had someone toss something down your shirt?" Dallas asked, staring at where her shirt hung a little in the front.

Had he lost his mind? She pulled her shirt up and glanced at Dylan who looked at him questionably.

Dallas looked at her face again but he kept switching between my them to her chest. "You know it's pretty fun if you're a guy, my friends play it all the time with other girls" 

She tapped Olivia on the shoulder and asked for her jacket which she happily gave away. She and zipped it up all the way.

"Clearly you haven't been taught proper manners. That is not a game, and stop looking at me that way" she said through gnashed teeth, scooting to Olivia a little more.

Her friend tuned in on the situation, glaring at Dallas when she realized what was happening. "That is sexual harassment. We're not the only ones here and if a waiter catches you talking to her like that we might get asked to leave, I did not pay for this myself just to have it wasted."

Dylan, she noted, obviously wasn't one of the friends he was talking about. He also frowned at his words.

"It's not if she enjoys it too. Trust me most girls I've ever met love it." Dallas said.

Olivia opened her mouth to lash out, but Eden interjected. She didn't want her to get in trouble for wringing his neck, which she knew very well that she'd do given the chance. "I'm sure that's nice and all, really, but I'm going to get to know the others if you don't mind," she said more so to Dylan hoping he would understand.

He nodded while Dallas just grinned in this creepy way that had Olivia sneering at him..

Eden introduced herself to the girls, Hayden and Addison. Hayden was pretty with brown hair. She explained how she and Addison been friends for years and became friends with Olivia a few months before she left. Eden couldn't help but notice how pretty they were with Addison being a blond like Olivia and Hayden a brunette. 

She wanted to start actual conversation Hayden interrupts me,

"So Eden, I was texting Dallas and he- wait, you do know which one is Dallas right?" she nodded. "Oh ok, so I asked him what was up with you two. He said you two weren't that close and that you're just his 'side piece', is that true?" 

Said boy had an idiotic grin on his face as he leaned back, winking and putting his arms behind his head.

"Well, is it?" she pestered. Eden closed her eyes and tried to relax, the burning in her cheeks not helping much.

"Hayden," Addison hissed, shocked at her friend.

Olivia, who was appalled by her accusation, just about spit out her drink at the question. "Are you insane? Eden would never go for a guy like him, I mean would anyone? Besides she's not going to do anything with another male until she finds the one meant for her." 

Hayden nodded, not fazed at all. "Of course, I knew that! It's only my curiosity! Honestly, I was about to call you a hoe but I wanted to make sure first. So, is it? Eden?"

She knew what Hayden's intentions were but the way she put it was so rude and outright she had to take a moment to gather her bearings. She took a breath preparing to explain herself.

"Who waits for true love these days?" Dallas scoffed. "Take a good look at Eden. I swear if I got a moment alone with her I'd have her begging to be with me instead."

Both Eden and Dylan had to grab Olivia's arms and drag her back to the seat before she could grab his throat.    

She yelled at him as Eden quietly glared, not one for making a scene. She blocked him out and started to wish she hadn't come before she stopped.

An eerie feeling crawled over her skin. 

It felt like eyes roamed around her body, making her sink into her seat.

She knew it wasn't someone from the table, they were all paying attention to Olivia and Dylan. She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing whoever it was would go away. When they didn't, she glanced to the right, hoping she could see the culprit. The hope vanished when she met red eyes. 

It was the man from the museum, he'd followed her. 

She quickly looked away to tap Olivia's shoulder, bringing her out of the conversation. A hushed whisper was exchanged between the pair. She looked at her in disbelief, questioning if she was seeing things, once Eden pointed to him though, her voice died in her throat.

"Don't let him know we see him!" she hissed, forcing her to look away. She didn't know what he wanted and certainly wasn't interested in finding out. She knew without a doubt that he was there because of her, and even if she didn't really like the others in the group, she blamed herself for allowing him to follow.

Olivia told her to get her phone, as she had the help on speed dial. She leaned over and reached under the table, putting own on top of it as she did so. Her hand rummaged through Olivia's purse, piercing her lips when she didn't feel it.

"Made it!"

She looked at where Dallas was, happy and pumping his fists in the air. Her brow rose in question as a server with their drinks caught her attention. "Lo siento, señorita, pero el niño ha tirado algo en su camisa."

"Gracias señor," She said, befuddled. She pulled the zipper down on the jacket and looked into her shirt to find whatever he had thrown.

The waiter placed their drinks down and gave Dallas a hard look, "Hombre joven, we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in here. If this happens again we will be forced to ask you to leave."

He walked away with a nod to Eden, who graciously smiled in response. She tried her hardest to be discreet in taking the paper out of her shirt, but Dallas just wouldn't give his taunting a rest.

"Wow, you just touch yourself like that?" he said, completely ignoring the waiter's warning.

"Yes Dallas, I do. It is my body after all, I would think I had the right to," she retorted. She glanced at the man again, finding his eyes switching between her and Dallas, but staying on Eden after.

She took a deep breath and reached for Olivia's purse again, this time pulling it into her lap to search for her phone. Once she found it she messaged their escort their location and told him they were in danger. He swiftly replied, instructing them to try to get out of the restaurant as quickly and unnoticeable as possible.

Olivia finished warning Dylan and Addison by the time she was done. They immediately went rigid, searching around the restaurant for the person. Eden stopped them, telling them to remain calm and act casual, they couldn't risk getting noticed. Hayden and Dallas watched confused, the latter with more of a smile.

Her hand went to the table to grab her phone, but it wasn't there.

On instinct, she pat her thighs, then moved to her sides.

"Whoa! What are you grabbing yourself for?" Dallas exclaimed.

She looked underneath her and sat down, then again between her legs. Dallas' inappropriate comments were never-ending, and eventually, Olivia had had enough of it.

"Dallas, I swear to God, shut up! He took your phone when you weren't looking, Eden." 

"Dallas give me my phone, now," she demanded, losing her patience.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him step towards them."I don't have her phone," he laughed, finding their panic funny.  

She was getting somewhat frantic, "Dallas, now." He simply smirked in satisfaction of my outburst. Dylan had to reach over and snatch the phone from him, leaving Dallas stunned.

He was even closer now.

She glanced over to the door for a split second to see if anyone was blocking it, no one was there. 

"You know what, the food is taking way too long to get here," she announced said giving Olivia a look. 

She nodded and backed her up, "Definitely, I've gone here once with my father and there's a way better diner across town."

He glared at them, hearing the conversation. Eden watched him close his eyes, only to open them back up again to reveal a normal green. His eyes confirmed something she had suspected earlier, he wasn't a normal person.

That didn't make her feel any better, questions swarmed through her mind, each one bringing a new one in its wake. What if he followed them? He already did it once, who's to say he wouldn't do it again? Who was this man? What did he want from her?

Something else stirred in the midst of her thoughts. Muted yelling resounded in her head, almost as if a person were underwater.

The chime of the bell when someone walks in sounded. She paid no mind, it was a place where people ate, it would be more concerning if people weren't coming.

And yet... even if she paid no mind, he did.

His head snapped to the door when they heard it. The truly strange thing was, the bell had been chiming the entire time. This time however, he looked and his eyes flashed red again.

She ignored his actions, more focused on getting out. The group prepared their things Olivia called for a waiter to pay for the drinks. Eden hoped they would be able to walk straight out, and she checked one last time to see what he was doing.

His head was still turned towards the door and a group of people walked in front of him blocking her view for a few seconds.

When they moved, he was gone.

He had disappeared again, and just like last time she looked to see if there were any exists around where he was standing. Once again, there were none.

He couldn't have possibly walked with the group, they surely would have noticed if a stranger had started to walk with them.

Even if he was gone though, she was not going on a search for him.

She grabbed Olivia's hand and followed behind the others to the door. She felt guilty. That it was all her fault her best friend was in danger and she had to get the rest out of here before he could hurt them.

Before she could be placed under any more blame.

As they were filing out of the door she saw something move out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to see what it was.

It was him.

He was heading straight toward them.

Her eyes widened as she yanked Olivia forward, pushing her out the door with the others. All her efforts of escaping went down the drain, because all she could do was watch in horror as he reached out to grab Eden.

She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for him to take her away to never be seen again. She knew the moment he got his hands on her he would speed off faster than the eye could see, bringing her with him.

But he never touched her.

Pushed out the door without warning, she stumbled into Olivia's arms. They looked back to see who had done it but all they saw was the door slamming shut.

Then she heard it.

There was a loud growl that echoed throughout the entire restaurant, or at least that's what it felt like. The sound hit her in waves, it was indescribable. A powerful force emitted from it, nearly putting her on her knees, but before it could she heard a voice.

"Run, Eden. Now."


Lo siento, señorita, pero el niño ha tirado algo en su camisa- I'm sorry, miss, but the boy has thrown something into your shirt

Gracias señor- Thank you, sir

Hombre joven- Young man

Unexpected Nefariousness (new)

Translations at the end of the chapter

Dallas broke their silent running.

"What happened? Why are we running?"

No one answered, all too focused on getting away rather than the details. His brow twitched in annoyance, not liking that he was ignored. He grabbed Eden's arm, yanking her to a halt. She let out a small cry, biting her lip to smother the pain. She swung back to him with stinging eyes, trying to wrench her arm out of his tight grasp.

A poisonous grin tainted his features as he was finally noticed, "Eden... who was that man? Don't tell me we're running away from your-"

Olivia appeared behind her, fist flying to his face. He instantly let go of her as she punched him, sending him tumbling to the ground.

"Touch her again, and next time I'll break something." she spat callously. "Is your need for attention so disgusting that you have to hurt someone to get it? Do you not see how serious this is?"

"What the hell, Olivia? Why did you punch him like that?" Hayden shouted, crouching next to Dallas. He groaned in pain, pressing a hand to the side of his face.

Olivia rolled her eyes, no longer feeling as welcoming as she did before. "Oh please. Just because you have a little crush on him doesn't mean you can ignore what he just did to Eden."

Her face burned a bright red. "I-I do not!" she denied, her voice shrill.

The scoff that escaped her was unforgiving as she looked over Eden. "You may think everyone is oblivious, but the only one foolish enough to believe that is the dumbass himself. Why would you even ask Dallas if they were together when you watched her introduce herself today."

Everyone was silent side for Eden's small sniffles.

"Any of you touch her again and what happens won't be pretty. Now, let's go," she fumed, wrapping her arm around Eden's shoulder and leading her away, not bothering to wait for them to follow.

"Thank you," she mumbled.

"You don't have to thank me, I've wanted to do that since he first started bothering you."

"But don't you think you went a bit too far with Hayden?" She worried she had caused her to lose a friend. It would have been better if she hadn't come, that way none of this would have happened she thought to herself.

"Not at all," Olivia assured, shaking her head. "Listen, Eden. You don't have to accept the things you're not ok with. I know you're kind-hearted and don't want to be mean to anyone, but there's a difference between bullying and standing up for yourself. If someone is bothering you or treating you in a way that they shouldn't, you have every right to stand up for yourself. It doesn't matter if they're a friend, relative, or even a stranger. You haven't done a single thing to harm someone, so why should harm be brought unto you?"

Eden lowered her head and stayed silent to mull over her words. She knew Olivia was right, but after all the years of being told not to, and that she had done something to harm someone, it was hard to genuinely take in her words.

Olivia let her think for a while, knowing how quiet she gets when she thinks.

"Where did Samuel say he was?"

"He's where we parked the car," Eden answered, remembering the last text he sent.

"Ok then," she turned around to the others, "Not so sorry to cut our trip short, but we're leaving now. Being in this city has proven to be dangerous for Eden, and I'd rather not have her be snatched up along the way home so walk fast or I won't hesitate to leave you behind."

Addison and Dylan nodded, knowing her concern was not in vain. Hayden and Dallas on the other hand, glared at Olivia. The anger they felt didn't bother her though, she had no problem with them not following.

The moment they saw Samuel, Eden let go of Olivia's hand and ran to him, "What did Alfa say?"

"We are to return immediately and you will explain everything to him when you get there. Your mother has no knowledge of this yet, but she wants to know if you're alright. She says you haven't been answering your phone."

"What? But, my phone hasn't been getting any notifications?" Confused, she took her phone out of her pocket, Her finger mashed the power button, but the screen didn't turn on. "But... that's impossible! I had it fully charged before we left, I haven't even used it!"

Samuel rose an eyebrow at her, "Are you sure? Seems to me like it's dead."

"I know I did, I'm sure of it!" She sighed, putting it away again. "I'm- I'm fine, uh, tell her I said we'll be back soon."

He gave a nod and replied back to both. As he typed, Olivia walked over. Eden looked behind her to the others in the car, guessing she told them to sit there so they wouldn't hear their conversation.

"Is everything alright? We need to be leaving don't we?" she asked, tossing her arm over Eden's shoulder.

"For now," Samuel replied, stashing his phone away. He looked between the both of them after a moment, "Before we go, tell me a little about what happened."

"Eden should explain," Olivia suggested, giving her an encouraging squeeze.

", we went to the museum as we had planned, but then I heard someone whispering away from everyone."

Samuel interrupted her, "So you decided it would be a good idea to go to them."

"No! Of course not! I wasn't planning on going but I... I don't know, it was like I was being pulled. I couldn't stay away," she stress, desperate to make sense.

"I see, and what were the whispers saying?" he said, raising an eyebrow. He didn't believe a word she said, and she knew it. Olivia, on the other hand, hung onto every detail, analyzing the story.

"Uh, things sort of like come here and read it. But that was only when I was closer to the book."

"Book?" He asked, confused.

"Yes, a book. I didn't want to, but the whispers kept pulling me to go-"


She smiled sadly at Olivia, "No, it didn't tell me to actually. I went alone because I didn't have any other choice, and whatever it was... I didn't want it to harm you."

"It's alright, I know how you are Eden. I just wish I could've been there to stop it." Olivia consoled as she hugged her friend.

Eden shook her head, "There was nothing you could do, either way, I would have ended up going there. I'm actually glad that I read it, I don't know why I would ever need that information but I have it now. It was about a king being cursed from a god."

"Why would you need to know that? Who was he?" Samuel questioned.

"I don't know why. His name was King Lykaon, he was supposed to be the first werewolf."

His pierced his lips at the mention of the king, and Olivia noticed, "What is it, Samuel?"

"Nothing, carry on," he dismissed, shaking his head.

Eden eyed him warily before continuing. "While I was reading, this man came up. I don't know who he is or what he wants, but he's dangerous. He asked if I was interested in the origins of werewolves, and I told him no but... he said it was fine that I want to know where I come from.'"

Olivia's eyes bulged as she reeled in shock, "What? How could he have known?"

"I don't know! That's why he's dangerous. You know as well as I do that he shouldn't have been able to tell what we are. I tried getting away from him, but he was really insistent. He told me things about how there's a new king who killed the last one and stuff like that."

Samuel kept his lips pierced, but his brow was furrowed.

"Samuel, I swear to God, what do you know?" Olivia demanded, finding his silence strange.

"Eden, continue your story," he said, ignoring her.

She started to protest, "But-"


Her eyes widened at the slight tremble in his voice, but did as he commanded.

"He said the new king started killing his brothers and was going to go on, but he never got to because Olivia came and I used her to get away."

"And the restaurant?" he asked.

"While we were ordering I noticed he had followed and was watching from a table away from ours. When we talked about leaving he began to approach, but he stopped when someone walked in and he disappeared. I mean, he was standing there and this group walked in front of him, and he was gone. He did the same thing at the museum too."

"Who walked in?"

"I don't know, I didn't pay attention to that. I was more focused on getting out," she muttered, regretting her actions.

"Did he ever tell you his name?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"No," she frowned. Why?"

He sighed and shook his head, suggesting they start going back.

"Actually, " she hesitated, he probably wouldn't listen to her.

He turned around from going to his car, "Yes?"

"I don't think we should go back, I mean what if-"

"What if by not going back we risk the entire group being endangered because they have no idea about what's happening here?" he broke in.

"Hey! She was only making a suggestion don't get mad at her!" Olivia objected.

"I- I wasn't saying that! I just-"

"You what, proposed the pack's demise?"

"No! Look, all I'm saying is that we shouldn't go home right now. Going back now would put us in more danger than it would be for us not to. The man doesn't know where we live, at least I hope not. So long as he doesn't know, we can keep the pack safe, for now." she said trying to reason with him.

He looked her up and down in disgust, scoffing, "Since you want to protect everyone so much, why don't you stay? It'd do us a huge favor since it's your fault this is happening in the first place."

"What do you mean it's my fault?" she argued, incredulous to his words. "I have nothing to do with this!"

"Don't pretend to be ignorant, you know exactly what I'm talking about!"

"The only one who supposedly knows what you're talking about is you! You know something, and you're not telling what," Olivia accused.

He shook his head in disbelief, "You're just like your father, deceiving everyone into thinking you're innocent."

"Don't you dare bring my papá into this! I don't see what you're getting at," Eden seethed.

He marched up to her face and glared into her eyes, "You honestly think you can fool me? I never should have interfered, if I'd known it was- If only he'd taken you at the museum, maybe then we'd be rid of your treacherous family."

Olivia's mouth dropped at his statement. "How can you say that? What has she ever done to-"

"What are you guys talking about?"

The rest had all stepped out of the car, Dallas being the one to interfere with Hayden close behind him.

Samuel smirked menacingly, "Eden, here was just suggesting she stay behind."

Eden was about to interject, her mouth opening.

"Do not stay, return home."

She whipped around, trying to identify the speaker. The others continued with their conversation, distracting her from her search.

"Really? Why?" Hayden asked.

"Because this is all her fault of course."

"No, it's not!" Olivia and Eden countered contemptuously.

"What has gotten into you Samuel, why are you being so cruel to her?" Olivia heatedly demanded.

He didn't reply, and only quietly glared at Eden, brooding for reasons unknown to her.

Dallas regained his malicious and cocky grin, "Is that so? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, she really is troublesome after all."

Olivia took a threatening step toward him, "One more word and I'll shove my fist down your throat, this isn't any of your business."

"You caught me off guard the first time, you won't be able to touch me again." he scoffed. "Your so-called sweet and innocent Eden needs to take responsibility for all the trouble she's caused." A sparkle twinkled in his eyes as he thought about it more, "As a matter of fact I think I should stay with her, to make sure she sees it out of course."

Eden grimaced in disgust, she'd rather stay by herself than with him.

"Do not give in to him, Eden, you need to leave."

"Who said that?" she asked, not able to identify who it came from.

Everyone paused and looked at her.

"Who said what?"

"That I shouldn't stay just now, I don't recognize their voice."

Olivia frowned, "Eden... no one said anything except for Dallas."

"What? No, I'm sure I heard someone, a woman, she said I needed to leave." Eden stated, sure of herself.

Samuel rose an eyebrow, "Have you lost your mind? You're hearing things."

"No, I'm not... I-" she thought back to the museum, remembering how no one could hear the whispers but her.

Olivia placed a hand on her shoulder, concern lacing her features, "Hey, are you alright?"

" not again," she murmured.

"I am not here to hurt you."

Eden froze.

Her lip quivered as her throat closed and her mouth dried. It felt like all the blood had drained out of her body, leaving her trembling at the ice cold fear coursing through her.

"What's wrong with her? What's happening?" Samuel demanded.

"Olivia," she whispered.

Dread crept onto her features at Eden's paling skin "Yes?"

"I only wish to help."

"Please tell me you hear her too."


Alfa -  Alpha