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Poem. They say music is different to everyone who hears it.


Words of wonder,

Fear, excitement, bliss.


Flying, falling,

Screaming, roaring.


Sharp as a pinprick,

Mice on your fingertips.


A language that you won't find in any book,

Nor in any speech.


But in orderly lines causing chaos,

The words that have no meaning.


A note for every emotion,

A pitch for every moment,

A tone for every breath.


Beautiful whispers wrapped in many layers,

Each written piece is a new soul awoken.


Every note a new heart,

Everything in between perfect.


A song for everyone,

A word for everything,

A language that lives.


Underlying the world,

Swimming the oceans,

Flying the skies.


The beat of a ruthless master,

the beat of a bottomless beating.


Can you feel it?


The beating.

The running.

The heart.


Regulated and ordered,

By the guards and the doves,

Peace and fear side by side,



Sneaky and sly is also around,

Using both loud and quiet.


Is he there?

Is he where?

Does he dare?

Is he there?


A world of sound, a world of faces,

A world of light, never a silent sound.


But make no mistake silence is there.


In every song, in every heart,

There is silence.


For without silence there is no control,

No barrier

No pause

no gaps












The one thing that we need most is nothing at all.


Behind all the sound, all the noise, all perfectly timed beats,

Behind all the secrets, the whispers and the sneaks.


He lies still, not moving, or chittering,

Waiting comfortably for us all to call.


Friends come slowly, separate and together,

Family comes all at once moment after moment,

Enemies are frequent, without knowing it they are the closest of all.


Tempt not a desperate man,

Call not upon an army of robbers,

Turn away from those who suffer you.


Seek me in the darkness,

The one who sits alone,

Step into the vashta nerada,

Leave all you know behind.


I am here, there, everywhere,

I am where you have always been,

Always in what you seek but never what you find.


Learn to love the silence,

And you can learn to love the music.

~An Introvert.