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Some or most people would feel paranoid for many reasons. Whether it's a big test, marriage paranormal entity, in your house.....


You are laying in your bed, all safe and sound, while ignoring the things around you, your family is asleep, and everything is quiet. But you have the feeling that something or...someone is watching you; like someone is behind you. You wake up, just to check if anyone is in your room.  It turns out that, no one is there.You fall back into your peaceful slumber but at the same time, thinking that someone is in your room. Trying to fight the feeling, you pull the covers over your head and then suddenly, you don't have that feeling anymore. 

You feel safe and secure until, Five minutes into your sleeping, you hear a creak in the floor, in the hallway followed by heavy footsteps that stop at your door. Your heart races and your eyes widen as you begin to crawl back under your covers; sweating and trembling. 

Tears begin to form in your eyes, but you are trying to fight them back. Suddenly, the being outside your door starts to knock loudly and it gets faster each time. It's starting to drive you crazy, but you try to ignore it as you scream in agitation also feeling like you're about to pass out. Then out of nowhere, the knocking stopped and everything was quiet. You feel your head find no sweat and your heart is beating calmly like nothing ever happened. You were just paranoid....beyond belief.