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War And Dust


"As I crossed the old graveyard under a brand new name, I could see soldiers crawling from bullets. I soon knew what they were fighting for wasn't something to get easily. The World War VII will take the lives of all of us!"


I crawaled under the seating in the guest room, the only place left of my masion turned to rubble. Someone knocked down the door. I felt bad blood rush through my veins. He approached the creaky steps. I knew I wouldn't make it. I found a gun. He entered the guest room. I pulled the trigger and shot his knee. He fell down to the ground. I found a bag and placed an archery set, crossbows, and a gun. I went to the backyard and shoved the trees to enter the forest. I put on a long cape and stepped in a shallow river. I ran through it and found myself among my sister in hiding. "Renna Whited! I am happy to see you! We need to make it to Newfound! The only neutral Switzerland colony." I said. "Adaline, we only have weapons. No sources of food and water. This "Newfound" is far! It is 247 miles from here! Go by yourself! I want to stay here! Who knew if our 2 other sisters even made it?" she said. I ran along, shocked from those horrible words. I will find Newfound! "Wait! Are you crazy? You aren't going to survive! Come back here!" she said. I just kept going. I will find Newfound!

The Old Graveyard

As I stood upon brittle soil, I fired my arrow at the nearest animal. Today I ate a wild turkey. I entered a battlefield and tried to stay in hiding. It didn't last long. I was ready and armed. As I crossed the old graveyard under a brand new name, I could see soldiers crawling from bullets. I soon knew what they were fighting for wasn't something to get easliy. World War VII will take the lives of all of us! I felt like surviving was the only thing mattering to me now. I touched the dust that was no longer moist. I saw a tall man in uniform running toward me. It was Jack Lottersin, a dear friend of my family. "Adalina? Is that you?" he said. I nodded my head, tearing up from the flashes of war and dust. "I am going to Newfound." I said, not sounding dedicated to going there. "Newfound isn't real, the Swendish are in the war now. No place in the world without hate. If your family went there, they are in Swendish Prison and Torture Camps. Geo Blong is close to surrendering to the Aretio Alliances. Newfound is paradise for Swendish patrons and no one else." he said. I knew that was the truth. I trusted him. I laid a display of guilt on my face. I told them about that dreaded place. I guess it is hard to be neutral. As the music of screams shifted to sounds of whispers, I knew something had happened. "What happened?" I said. "A messenger just sent a letter to Geo, saying that the French surrendered to the British. Only short 500 men." Jack said, sweeping away the excitement from his face, leading to a face of sorrow. I was shocked. The French were always good allies, and the last alliance with our country, Kelliah. I felt a burning pinch on my leg. I've been shot! I screamed the pain that was growing stronger every second. "Go! Run! The Wellinan soldiers are coming!" He said. I ran, the pain growing stronger until I couldn't feel my legs. I went near a cluster of trees and stayed there until I saw the sun. In this world, even the rich were hungry in this war. The clouds and darkness was like a blanket that made the Red Moon shine. I watched the soldiers' silhouettes and the blood stand out like it glowed. I watched as the old graveyard fell to its own grave. And I watched Kelliah fall to Aretio Alliances. They still put up a fight. I felt something hot that dragged me unknowingly on the floor. It was a bullet. The blood tickled down my spine. I never felt something so painful embedding into my skin. I can't tell the rest of the story because I didn't survive. The only thing I recall is blood, regret, war, and dust.