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Bethany Aldrocrous is not normal. She can see and hear things she never realized. In High School, she experiences things that lead to visions. Visions lead to nightmares. Nightmares lead to memories. Memories lead to reality. 

The Before

I dream and then wake up. I forget and neglect dreams. This is my story that I told to the police when they questioned me:

I woke up and got dressed quickly for moving day. I'll be moving to Kingston. I had no time to stop and think. I had been dreaming too long about warmth that started with the touch of a hand. It was true. My hands were numb in the month of July? I walked downstairs. "Good Morning" I said, with a fake smile. My mom smiled and put down a plate of oatmeal. I started eating it, even though it wasn't my favorite. I finished it and put on a coat and took my dog, Woof outside for a walk. Woof always comforted me. He was my smile when I was sad. My pride when shy. I walked him down to the front yard. I put him in the back seat of my mom's car. My mom rushed to the car. "Kingston here we come!" mom said. We drived for 5 hours and I kept reading college magazines. I wanted to get into the best university possible. I have my head in the clouds.

I arrived there about 5 hours later and when the movers were done with my room, I plopped in my bed. The next morning, the sun came in and hurt my eyes. I still saw sun beams while going down the dark, unlighted stairs. For the rest of August, I found my mom a full time job as a director. There were a lot of new movies being made in California. She started her job tomorrow. I spent a week reading books in the library. When I headed down anything dark, I saw black and white figures. I visited the eye doctor and I have 20-20 vision. Nothing wrong with my eyes. I read for about 5 days before school.

I walked in school and for the whole day, I was shoved by seniors, sophomores, and juniors. Girls judged me by looks. And the geeks just stared. A boy liked me already! And he was nice. "Hey I'm Toni. Wanna hang sometime?" he said. I could tell he was teasing, but I blushed. "Maybe." I said and smiled. We kept looking in each others eyes. After morning periods, I went on line to order lunch. I had no idea that we had to pay for lunch. Soon, the assistant principle heard and gave me detention. I met 2 girls there, Ariana and Diana. There was something not right about Diana. Diana was easy to get mad over useless things. After a few weeks, I was invited to a party. Ariana, Diana, and I became the bestest of friends. I soon met the real Diana, a troublemaker. I enjoyed Ariana more. Ariana was fun and upbeat and hardly sad. Ariana and Diana had a big fight one day and they didn't talk for weeks. Diana started to cut class. She had a boyfriend and he broke up with her. Diana's feelings were crushed by Josh Mendez, a nice junior. He started going out with Ariana and Diana wanted her to break up with him or they will never be friends. "I am going to get you and Josh someday and you'll be sorry!" Diana said and stormed out of Ariana's house. They have been friends since Pre-K...not anymore.

"And that is what happened before the accident, Judge Marely"  

Diana's revenge is plotted

"Okay your honor, now I will read aloud the text Diana sent me: "Hey Beth! I have a plan to hurt Ariana and Josh. I have been plotting a plan. You ca join. Betray me and you'll be like them."

I've always had a funny feeling about Diana. I went to sleep and had a vision about dad and what happened to him. Mom never told me. I dreamed about Diana planning revenge on Ariana from the text I got a day ago to join her plot. I had to tell Ariana what that text said, but then my life will be in danger. I HAD A VISION! I felt terrible pain rushing through me. I made the decision to help Ariana. Later that day, I went to the principle. "Hello Principle Bradford! Diana is going to do something to Ariana!" I said. "What did she do?" He said. "I don't know but what I do know is that she's planning something to hurt Ariana." I said. "Bethany if you have no facts, then you have no truth in this story." He said. I left his office and lost respect for the principle. That evening, I planned a trick to save Ariana and replied: "Hey Diana! I don't like Ariana either. Where do I meet you when the plan starts?" I sent the text and she replied in an hour. "Thanks Beth! The plan starts at 9:00 tonight! I will say I'm sorry and I will take Josh and Ariana to the movie and since I have a permit to drive, I hired someone to bash into the back seat and kill them. Be there at the Kingston tunnel at 10:00 at night ;)" her reply was awful. She's going to kill them! I will go there with the police and trap her.

Its the hour of mourning and crying

"So then I showed the police the text and they closed down the back side of the tunnel. I was there from 8:00 to 11:00"

I went to the police station and told them the plan. I saw Diana's car with another one on the right side. The police car followed them through the long tunnel. It was too late. The right car bashed into the left and Diana went out of the driver's seat and ran. The police caught her and put her in the police car. One thing I remember well from that night is what Diana said to me: "Betrayer! I knew you were jelous too of Josh and me! You ruined my life Bethany! I will get you!" She yelled out to me. Unfortunaley, I wasn't able to save Ariana, but Josh was fine. 10:00 was the hour that Ariana died. I still feel that emptiness.

The Trial

"And that's the story your honor." I said. "I have found Diana Corez guilty of murder." He said. She walked out in handcuffs.