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The Stalker


Bethany is just the town's freak. She lives in a villa. She's a beautiful girl. She starts hearing things in her villa. She is hearing things in her collage. She's hearing laughter. She drives herself crazy, talking to the laughter. She forces 15 people to live with her. to live with her, in a room she never opened. That day, she went to the villa's book room, and she records of people who died in the house she lived in. They all had something in common...THEY HAD STALKERS!

Bethany is back...Author's note

You might remember Bethany Aldrocrous from my first book..."Beyond". I would suggest reading it first to get the concept of this book

-The Author of "Beyond" and "The Stalker"

The Villa

I woke up and I felt if stars still shined from night. My flexed hand reached for warmth, but all I got was regret and numbness. Again, I was in the month of July. Two years later from court, and my friendship with Diana, Josh, and Ariana was long gone. I still thought about them. I discovered a room beside the kitchen. I owned this house, so I thought why not try it out? The door was locked. I looked through my keys. I found an old, rusty key. It was a key the shape of a knife. I opened the door. Everything was covered with sheets. I heard a little laugh. Something made me get out of the room and lock the door. It was like a force. It was a nice room. My villa was from the 19th century. When I bought this house last year, I was only showed a few rooms, and told it was from the 19th century and that is was a villa. I left the house. I went into the car, and went downtown. I felt that casual emptiness. I felt someone was going my way. I decided to go get some groceries. The store was empty. I felt like staying away from the house and get a job. I was worth 2 billion, so I had plenty to live off of. I just did it to stay away from the house and pass the time. I was hired immediately. Suddenly, a crowd came in. About 50 people all at my register. They bought about 40 things they bought each. "The Monster Mash" played all day. It was slowed to a deeper tone. One song took one hour. I was there till 10:00 at night. I got in my car. I heard that laughing sound louder then anything now. I didn't want to go home. Instead, I decided to put out posters for 25 people to live with me. That night, 30 people came to live with me. We still had plenty room. It wouldn't be crowded at all. On top of the 20 maids, 51 people lived here including me. I told 3 maids to live in the place with the laughter. They told me three days after that they heard the laughter. "I HEAR IT TOO!" I shouted. The roomates and maids looked at me. "EVERYONE IN THAT ROOM!" I ordered. We all went in to the room. I saw three maids on the floor. One of them were laughing. They were all African Americans. They were about 10 years old. One had white hair and held a dagger. The oldest was laughing. About five roomates fainted. The 25 dragged them out of the room. The maids just stared. We thought things. All things thought were different.

The Cold Air of The Villa

I held a dagger while in the house now. Everyonne else did too. It has been 2 days since I saw the slaves. I have came to the conclusion that they are 19th century slaves. I went to the book room today. I found an old, ripped up file named "House Records". I found old black and white picture of slaves, and some dark figures. They were in some garden and it had a little house behind them. I soon realized it was this villa! The slaves looked the same too. A man stood beside the figure and was wearing a suit. Behind all of them was a grave. I found another picture in the house's kitchen. It was a maid cleaning on Christmas. Behind her was a dark figure in a black drenched coat. It had holes. I took the folder and the picture and showed everyone. I still heard that dreadful laughing. I remember quiting my job a day ago. I couldn't remember the words my boss said to me. There was that laughing that covered every word I was supposed to hear outside the villa's grounds. I showed the file and the pictures at dinnertime. While at the dinner, I felt a bad draft. "Why, that must be the stalker!" One of the rommates chuckled. I think that was it. But it wasn't no laughing matter. I looked out the window and found a caved-in building next to the villa. I saw a tombstone too. There was a garden with weeds and vines. I saw a dark shadow move from the right to the left. I think I summoned him.

The Villa Catches Fire

I decided to die from a fire I will place on the villa. I placed a flame on the wall. The laughing stopped. My head repeated the eerie voice of death. I passed out. The villa and the stalkers' spirits are still rich in their torture. I regret my doing. The roomates are maids were safe. The stalker still roams for a soul. I am now the next STALKER.