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About The Author
Setting off on a magical journey once a day, every day. If getting there is half the fun, this journal should be the most entertaining thing in the vast ocean of the internet. But, it isn't. Someone has lied to you and you should punish that person thoroughly.

The Owner Of This Account...
* Writes about assassins while in the nude.
* Never met a subplot she didn't like.
* Has Swarovski crystals and severed doll parts strewn about her floor at any given time. As one does.
* Is of the girlish persuasion.
* Loves coffee, all things delightfully bizarre, books you can sink your teeth into and other naked people.
* Vexes squirrels on contact.
* Is hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong.
* Is happy to have you aboard for the trip, with the one caveat that the pants have to go.


Nothing new.


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