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A Night To Die For


Carly had a girls night out planned. It was supposed to be the night of her life.

What she got was A Night To Die For


I can feel my heart pounding as I stumble forward, desperate to escape the taunting voice. The only things I can hear in the dark, damp corridor are my own heavy breathing and thud of my heels against the carpet. The straps of my shoes dig into backs of my feet but I don't dare stop to remove them. I can't let him catch me. But I'm almost sure he can hear my racing heart.

The tip of my shoe catches on something and I fall to the floor in an uncoordinated mess. Pain is radiating from my hands and knees. I sit up and look at them. They're red but not bleeding.

"Better keep running. Or I'll catch you." A low voice reaches my ears. Fear grips my being as I scramble to my feet. This wasn't supposed to happen. Jen and I were going to hang out at her house and have fun. Stay up all night dancing and talking and laughing. How did it end up like this?

I start off again in search of a way out. As I run I can't think of anything other than escape. I see a room down the hall, the door wide open. For a second I wonder if I should risk it. Fear overrules reason when I hear him chuckle behind me. I bolt into the room and slam the door shut. I glance around and see a chair sitting a few feet away. I grab it and wedge it under the doorknob so that psycho won't be able to get in.

I can't see much in the dim light. The window is filthy and doesn't allow much moonlight in. Inspired I run over to the window and see if I can escape through it. My hopes are dashed away when I see how high up I am. I retreat to the center of the room and sit down. I need to rest. When I place a hand down beside me I feel something wet. Something thick. Something warm. In horror, I lift my hand and see it coated with deep red blood. I cover my mouth with my clean hand to prevent the scream from escaping.

I don't want to look to my left. I don't want to see if there's a body. I don't want to see who it is.

Yet despite that, I slowly look to the side.

No. I can't think anymore. Not her. Why her? I crawl over to the body. I don't care about the blood soaking my dress. In what little light I have I can see my little sister lying there. Her face twisted in fear. Her hazel eyes are clouded over, empty of the light the I am so accustomed to seeing. Her soft brown hair is no longer contained in a ponytail like it had been when I left the house. It's loose and tangled. There are small leaves and twigs trapped in it like she had been running through woods. I hesitantly reach out my clean hand to touch her cheek. It's still warm.

I grab her and clutch her against me. Who would do this? Who hates me enough to go after my baby sister. Tears roll down my cheeks and great sobs escape me. I don't care if he hears me right now. My baby sister is dead.

I flash back to earlier today.

"Hey, Carly." Her sweet voice calls from the kitchen. I mute the t.v. so that I can hear her better.

"What's up, Lizzy?" She walks into the living room and plops herself down on the couch beside me.

"Do you think that tomorrow after school you could help me paint my room?" I chuckle.

"Depends, does Dad know what you want to do?" She seems indignant.

"Of course! I wouldn't do something like that without permission!"

"Of course," I repeat. I laugh at her while she attempts to defend herself.

As tears roll down my face I realize that I will never hear her voice again. I will never see her smile again. I won't get to help her with her homework or see her graduate or grown up or get married. She's gone.

For just a moment I consider just giving up. I want to throw myself out the window or surrender to him. But then I remember Dad. I have to live. I have to escape from him. I can't let Dad lose both of his children. He was almost broken by Mom's death. He would be shattered if both of his children died. And I have to live for Lizzy. She wouldn't want me to surrender.

I gently lower her to the ground. I close her eyes and stand up.

"I promise Lizzy. I'll make it out." I walk back to the door, my determination growing with every step. I place my ear against the smooth wood. Listening. I can't hear anything beyond it so I slowly remove the chair and creep out into the hallway. I can't see or hear him. So I deem it safe enough.

I swiftly run down the hallway and rejoice when I spot a stairwell. I make my way downstairs and hurry to find an exit. I haven't heard his voice since I entered the room. Tears flow down my cheeks again at the memory. But it reminds me why I must escape.

After a few moments of searching, I locate an exit. As I take several steps out into the cool night air I feel as if I can truly escape. I beginning to run again. This time with more hope that I've had all night.

A searing pain rips open my back. I fall to the ground screaming in pain. Small stones embed themselves in my hands. I barely register this. The pain is overwhelming my entire body. Tears drip onto the soil beneath me. It hurts.

Despite it, I attempt to climb to my feet but I'm knocked down when someone kicks me in the center of the back. I groan.

A large hand grabs my arm and rolls me over so I'm now face up. At first, I can't see anything. Pain fogs my vision. Then it clears and recognition floods me.

"You?" I whisper. He grins.

"Me." Why him? Why?

Then there's nothing but black.