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What is Takeover?

Takeover is a fun way to write with your friends! First, think of a story, a plot and the settings. Then, write the first chapter and ask your friends to continue the story! Remember to come back often to check on your story.

Takeover is designed for users to write together without the need to sign up. If you prefer to write the entire story yourself, please feel free to sign up with us.

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  1. Writersky is a friendly community. You agree to the Terms of use.
  2. Takeover stories will be deleted if there are no updates for 30 days.
  3. You can hold onto a Takeover story for 30 minutes only.
  4. If you close the browser accidently, the story will be abandoned, and can only be unlocked again after 30 minutes. Be careful.

Questions or suggestions?

Can we delete a chapter or story?

No, but we might allow this in the future. For now, stories are automatically deleted after 30 days if they are abandoned.

Why is my story/chapter deleted before 30 days?

We monitor and remove stories/chapters that are inappropriate. For more information, please refer to our Terms of use..

Any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

List of Takeover stories

Story Name Last Entry By Hits Last Edit Take over
The Love Blog Stacy 725 2019-01-23 Take over!
Fade to Black dannyboy1991 417 2016-11-14 Take over!
Once Bitten wordsmiths_sam 367 2016-11-14 Take over!
On The Loose writer_sam 458 2016-11-14 Take over!
Hostage TheWordsmiths 548 2016-04-01 Take over!
Bedsheets thewordsmiths_ 638 2016-04-01 Take over!
Take It All Bailey Harriet 581 2015-03-05 Take over!
Randomness elsie 771 2015-02-18 Take over!
Winter Love D. J. Canauly 1234 2014-07-09 Take over!