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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name

A husband collects his thoughts after being abandoned by his wife, he goes through diffirent emotions, at first saddness, then anger, then self pity and lastly content. 

Who was to blame for the wife leaving? Why did she leave? Will she come back? Where did she go? 



Late 18th century/ early 19th century Britian, north of England (close to Scottland). The story begins in the bedroom of the couples country estate.


(Birdsong inspired)

In the previous chapter...

It all went by so fast. He thinks they are both going to work today, but that's not true. She had no choice, so she progammed the GPS to lead her to the doctor's office. She already knew the baby would be coming; the pregnancy test confirmed it. Since she didn't want the baby, the only option was abortion. The doctor was waiting for her in the lobby. They went straight into his office, he handed her the pills, and she took them out of his hands. You could see the tears rushing down her face, she was going to kill a child. Her next stop was the realtor's office. She didn't want anyone to know about the future baby, so she was going to leave forever, even if that meant having a new life. 

How would you like the story to continue?