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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name
The Love Blog

Jamie Stone makes an interesting blog for love advice, trying something new for the first year in high school. She always wanted to get the guy she wants, but she doesn't want anybody to know its her. So, she keeps it anonymously. Every girl asks her many guy questions, she's very confused because every girl keeps thinking a guys on the other side of the screen. She ends up getting in trouble with a friend of hers she met in elementary school. He always had a crush on her without knowing, but when he figures out about that blog, he may have second thoughts.


In the previous chapter...

The girls POV

I looked back at the devilish carbon life form in front of me. My head swivled as his nerf gun was pointed at me, he had cocked it at me and the saftey was off. 

I smirked, and cackled; I cackled like my lungs could take any more oxygen to the brim. Every capillary filling up to its maximised space. He looked back at me dumbfounded. His face was priceless. 

I swiftley retreaved my gun from its hidding place, in my waistline of my jeans. It was held in between my vagina and my panties. 

'Your fucking crazy' He shouted back at me. Affirming all my beliefs, I didn't need confirmation I needed blood. 

This prick pointed his plastic toy nerf gun, whilst i held my glock. The magazine was full, I taunted waving the gun around his face. 

The cool black shade of the gun lay heavily in my palm. I clipped the saftey off and pointed the gun straight at his face. Deciding I didnt want to damage his body or his face, I could be generous and give him the latter but I decided against either of those ordeals. I pointed it inbetween his eyebrows, so that when he is buried he will look okay and everyone will remember how he died. 

His face was too fake looking, his teeth were obviously dentures and his nose was slim and long, his nose made me want to break it and realign it myself like I was a fucking surgeon. His fake tan embedded into his skin making him look like an orange. His fake stubble that was drawn on, this was no man this was a boi. 

He suddenly shot his gun at me, a phallus shaped object came flying my way. I ducked and slapped it to the side, the dick was was larger that what i had expected. I was slightly impressed at his skills. 

I had enough of his games, dicks were flying through the room and landing in peoples orphases, all of which included; anal, oral and vaginal. 

I smirked one last time, a smirk that would make the devil piss himself. 'Bye bitch, night night' the bullet went wizzing through the air colliding with his soft lushious skin. It broke his upper epidermis and indented into his skull. I laughed as he dropped and brains were splattered all throuought the walls. Children ran from all ends of the room outward. 

But I was only getting started. 

How would you like the story to continue?