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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name

Read the first chapter for the plot...


Millard South High School in Papillion, Nebraska; 2014

In the previous chapter...

I had barely made it out of my house when Bus 48 arrived to take me to my doom: Millard South High School in Papillion, Nebraska. Andrew, my best friend, was sitting at the back of the bus; I sat next to him. “Hey Tony,” he said to me.

I replied, “Hey, what’s up? Ready for that stupid math test today?”

He answered, ”I don't have it. Only the advanced kids like you.” The bus began to drive down the hill away from my house. The next stop was school.

My history class was first period from 8:30 to 10:00 o’clock. There wasn’t anything important today. We would only be studying the countries and capitals of South America. I sat down at my desk right next to Andrew. Mr. Frund stood up at the front of the classroom and took attendance and gave a verbal schedule of the one and a half hour class. He sounded different than he normally did. Usually he had a strong “let's get to it” tone in his voice. Not today, but I didn't care. He was a history geek that hardly anybody liked but I delt with him every other day because of our block schedule.

    Mr. Frund started to review the countries of South America. Again, a voice that did not contain vigor. Something must have happened last weekend. “What is the country that has the greatest land mass in South America?” he asked. Kari, one of the smartest girls in the class, spoke out. Of course, she said the correct answer which was Brazil. The class dragged on for the rest of the period. Then the bell rang.

    I walked out of the history class and went to the bathroom and got a drink. After that, I continued on to the science room with Mr. Porter. “Good morning, Mr. Porter,” I said to him.

“Hello, Tony,” he replied. I sat down at my desk next to a girl that I affectioned. Her name was Amber. She had long blonde hair that flowed over the back of the chair. Mr. Porter started the class with lesson four of the Human anatomy chapter that we had been working on for three weeks. “Today, we will be talking about the upper body structure relating to bones and muscles,” Mr. Porter announced. The information flooded in but I understood all of it as I was a very smart, straight A student. When I grew up to be an adult, I wanted to be a trauma surgeon. They work in the emergency department of a hospital and perform emergency trauma surgery if needed. We were about 50 minutes through class and still talking about the upper body structure. Mr. Porter introduced the rib cage to us and soon after, Mr. Frund walked in. “May I borrow a large test tube?”

“Of course, but what do you need it for?” Mr. Porter asked questioningly. Mr. Frund grabbed the test tube and walked away without answering the question. I knew something had happened that weekend. Maybe he got divorced after the many years of marriage he had with his wife. Mr. Frund was a conserved man, but not this conserved that he can’t even answer a simple question. Mr. Porter continued on with the rib cage notes as if nothing just happened. About 40 minutes later the bell rang again. That meant it was time to go to advisory class with Mrs. Hansen.

I hated that teacher. She was so mean and she tried to be funny but failed miserably and nobody listened to her. If Andrew wasn’t in this class with me, I would be in so much mental pain after third period. I went straight to a desk; we could choose our own seats. Of course, Andrew was seated next to me. Advisory class was basically free time and all of the general education teachers had time to check papers and do lessons plans and other teacher stuff. If you ever wanted to change your classes, you would talk to your advisory teacher. There had to be a good reason to why you wanted to change classes, though. Friends was not a good reason.

Again, advisory was free time, so I sat down and got onto the Papillion news website. I like to keep up with Andrew was next to me on a game. It was a game that I never played. I actually never played any games except for one time. The game Andrew was playing is called Bad Eggs 2.


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