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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name
Take It All

An orange fell out of the sky one day and set fire to a church.

The oranges name was Take It All, a very unique name for an orange.

Take It All was a very happy orange and care free.

Case in point> Take It All gave zero damns that the church he set fire to was full of Nuns.


Takes place in whatever timeframe you see fit to make the next chapter in.

Wherever you like too.


NO LIMITS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the previous chapter...

Take It All.


One day, one magical day, and orange fell from the sky. He burned and turned and exploded as he it the ground. Crashing into a church as he exploded. Setting fire everywhere and killing a thousand Nuns.

How would you like the story to continue?