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1 Be creative, but you need to follow the settings and plot. Don't ruin a story.

2 This is a community, be nice to your fellow writers and readers.

3 Share with your friends and let them continue!

4 Have fun and enjoy!


Here is a reminder of what the plot and settings were:

Story name
Winter Love

A heart warming story that brings two strangers together. Jeff is a freelance writer and Rebecca is a staff member of the University's library. They don’t know each other until they find their favourite local cafe… Is this going to work? Will they be together? How will the story end?


Jeff is a freelance writer. Rebecca is a staff member of the University's library. They met in the local cafe.

In the previous chapter...

Who was it that said near death you whole life flashes in front of your eyes? How much element of truth was in that claim? 

I could not speak for anyone else, but in my case, time was frozen, everything was moving in slow motion.

I remembered seeing the guy baring the fangs moving slowly toward me, his eyes turning blood red, veins showing on his face. Looking past him, I could see the other guy tackling Jeff, taking him completely by surprise, and then bringing him down to the cold ground. Jeff was by no means a small guy, through our however short interaction I could tell he worked out probably a lot, yet he was completely defenseless. Next thing I knew the guy was on top of Jeff, biting his neck while Jeff let out this terrible scream along with others who were witnessing this horrific scene.

And then it was over, just like that, the guy got up, and Jeff was lying powerless and still on the ground. Was he dead? Even though it was too far for me to tell, somehow I knew he was, the way his neck was twisted, the way his face turned toward me, the way his eyes were still open even though no life existed in them. And I knew I was next, perhaps with all those other people around me, and I was terrified.

Vampires, I thought. Now they were both coming toward me, I could not move even though my mind was screaming at me to run. Would I be able to outrun them? Would they really be as fast and powerful as the folklores have portrayed them?

Next thing I knew was some guy with a stake standing in front of me, shielding me from both of them.

Where had be come from? Who or what could he be?

How would you like the story to continue?