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Tempted By My Boss


Haley is hired by her ruthless, cold and Sexy boss who is also wealthy Mr. Valerian. He is used to getting his way with girls, any girl. But Haley is different she is not amused much by guys because love was never her forte. Can He bring her to her knees?

" When she slightly turned I felt her ass press up my crotch, the things I could do to her in this very instant in the boardroom on the table. I had to release her cause I wouldn't be able to resist myself. "

"why was she avoiding me and it seemed as if my charms did not work on her as she didn't seem bothered by my presence or how close we had been."

Chapter 1

At the age of 19 I was done studying at Harvard as I had started school when I was very young. I never went our much.

My life hadn't been the greatest but this was going to change. I was very determined from an early age to have a better life and that was within my grasp. I just lacked the resources and the funds to make that happen.

Many guys pursued me but I was not interested. My main priority was books and my life revolved around them. I had never dated much because I was always fixated on my school work.

I always dreamed about making it big in life and this was going to be my break through hopefully.

I was very nervous and today I was going for a very big opportunity.

I got to the front desk and "Morning, I'm Hailey Hartfield."

"We have been expecting you" the girl with the blonde hair responded with a name tag that read Clara.

She lead me to a office and told me to wait there. The office was really huge and it exuded an aurora of wealth. Which I would some day have.

  Today was my first day as an assistant which I would work up to being CEO. Now I was waiting in a big office to meet my so called boss.  

I prayed that this would not be a competition among-st many of us on who would impress the boss. I wanted to make a good first impression, I sat up straight and I wanted to look confident.

Suddenly I was drawn out of my thoughts as guy who was wearing a black tailored tux. His hair was simply gorgeous and eyes like a lake or more like any blue, he look like he was 27 or 28 at latest.

Chapter 2

"Good day, you must be Haley". He extended his hand towards me and I shaked it. "Would you like anything to drink?" this stranger asked me.

"No thanks" I exclaimed "I am waiting for the boss so if you don't mind I would like to wait in peace."  I carried on.

"Really" the handsome stranger replied.

"Yes" I responded with a sassy tone."I don't want to give a bad impression." The stranger chuckeld."You are a feisty one aren't you ?" ( well he was probably an intern I can reply however I wanted) "Yes asshole as you can tell". Then there was another figure that got in.

Oh he might be the tea boy. "You know I dislike people like you, I mean you want to exercise the authority that you don't have"

"You do" He replied with a disbelief look on his face. I wanted to laugh, people like him had to be put in place at the very least.

"You know, you even have a face of a pervert" I carried on. As he was about to respond we were cut off.

A pretty blonde and I'm guessing one of the clerks. Oh I recognized her and it was Clara from earlier on. She was here to probably tell me he was running late.But to my horror she addressed him not me. "Sir you have a meeting in 5 min".

"Thank you Clara that's all".( Oh my I didn't call my boss an asshole.I guess no job for me..I can't even look should I play this off?)

How was he so young and he had a huge firm, I expected some old man to the very least not him. I was cringing inside with embarrassment.

He was now sitting at the corner of the desk in front of me..."Oh where were we...Miss Hatfield?. Let me remind you he said with a smirk Mr Asshole you said"...

Chapter 3

I started to fidget with my skirt..."Sir what I meant by that..its like sort of like slang you how are you doing my China but in this case It's how you doing ass..."( I couldn't finish my statement ) He looked at me bemused.

"Well Haley" he leaned in putting both his arms on the opposite side of my chair and whispering in my ear, "I hope you are ready for the ride this Asshole is about to take you too."

"I look forward to every single moment". His breath was tickling my neck and ears. He then leaned back once more to his normal stance.The look on his eyes was one of which I felt as if he had undressed me at that moment. ( violation didn't begin to describe how I felt) "So I got the job I stammered at bit..."

"Oh you got the job alright but you will work for it". Clara got in once more and looked at the exchange weirdly. ( was that jealousy I saw in her eyes.)" Mr Valerian there are expecting you". ( is it me or her voice became sultry and why was she looking at me like that?

Like she wanted to kill me.If only this bitch knew I didn't like that Asshole)As if he was reading my mind he clenched my jaw and lifted it up and in a low tone, "I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow" and his gaze dropped to my breasts.

Emotions wasn't my forte too so I didn't bother blushing cause I was used to it. But this man in front of me should also know he would be getting nothing from me and I was determined.

His eyes also had a determination. He stood up straightened his sleeve and left.

Chapter 4

I woke up got dressed in a pencil skirt and a white blouse and I would add pretty decent heels.

I got to work and one of the other assistants Maggie,I think tells me to enter his office. I enter hoping he is not there, but there he is standing facing out the window.

I put my best confident voice and I'm pretty sure that I overdid it because I said it a bit too loud "MORNING SIR!!" ( well this is humiliating).

"Well somebody is a tad excited" his voice was low and husky but he still did not turn around. "I like it black". I was confused. "Sorry Sir?"

"I said I like it black". "I don't quite understand sir."

"Wow you're fucking slow too, I want my coffee black" he exclaimed slowly "and be fast".

"Yes sir" I responded.

I went out, I kept muttering under my breath, "do I look like his coffee girl. I came to work not to be listening to that asshole's bullshit and how am I supposed to know he likes his coffee black."

Do I look like a mind reader to him, I was fuming. I lived in east coast all my life so when I moved here in

Middleton it was all new to me. Which bought me to a dilemma of looking for coffee. Surely they had to have some in the kitchen.

The office was huge and I had under estimated it because I was lost. 15min later I found it made the coffee and took sachets of sugar as I didn't know how much he drank.

I went back this time without getting lost. When I opened the door and put the coffee on his table. He replied," I don't want it anymore."

My mouth was left agape, (after all the trouble I took this son of a bitch has the nerve) pulling me out of my thoughts, "why are you looking at me like that Miss Hartfield?" .

I quickly changed my facial expression, took the coffee stiffly and resisting the urge to throw at his face.

Valerian's Pov:

Whilst Hailey wasn't looking he smirked at himself, how thrilling it was to see her face, the way she was probably cussing him out in her head, he enjoyed her back side view.

Her ass was quite a view. How long he thought would it be when he would be gripping it. Not long when I go all out.

She better be ready. Cause he was.

Chapter 5

After the coffee incident which I decided to forget about entirely and I was determined to let it go.

The following day I got a list of things to do. Which I found one of the company's boardroom which was small and rarely used.

It was like my small little office. I spent the whole day imersed in my work, I spoke to Clara if she could also hand in my work to Mr Valerian. And she was more than delighted to, which I had the feeling why she was so happy. At least one less stress of not seeing him.

A week went by and I worked hard, handed in my work to Clara and received it from her too.

I got in the morning and as to set out my work so I can plan out my work much better, I took out my clips and started putting up my notes and pictures on the clipboard.

I was reaching out and putting up the pictures, my arm was straining me a lot when I felt arms encircle my waist and that scent, I knew who it was.

"Better" he whispered on my neck, and I swear I thought I felt his lips on my neck. I turned a bit of a fraction.

Valerians POV:

I saw her reaching up and setting up the board. She looked tiny and fragile, what a site she was. I couldn't help but encircle my arms around her and help her.

She smelled like cherry blossoms, "Better" I whispered and I couldn't help but press my lips lightly on the curve of her neck.

When she slightly turned I felt her ass press up my crotch, the things I could do to her in this very instant in the boardroom on the table. I had to release her cause I wouldn't be able to resist myself.

Her voice bought me back to earth," is there a problem sir?" I had let her go and she was staring at me with those eyes and full cherry lips.

Yes there was I thought, why was she avoiding me and it seemed as if my charms did not work on her as she didn't seem bothered by my presence or how close we had been.

Had it been another girl then would be head over heels. "Where have you been" I replied harshly, "I've been here Sir as you can see" she responded sweetly. "Don't play fucking stupid with me Haley. Why haven't I seen you for a whole week." "Is there a problem with my work?" she replied meekly with a mixture of confusion.

"Why do you hand in your work to Clara and not straight to me?") I...I Clara said she doesn't mind," trying to get the 26 year not into too much trouble.

"Is she your fucking boss Haley?"
"No"she replied,"I apologize Sir, it won't happen again".

"That's good to know" I responded briskly. I left shocked at my little outburst on her. It was her fault, why did she have to be so damn irresistible. I wanted her on me soon.