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Sweet Aspiration


Naomi is someone who has never thought that demons and the supernatural realm even existed, until the night of Halloween. She is haunted by a demonic presence and forced to see the reality of the truth.

He told her that she has opened up something evil, a portal to Hell. Even though it was by accident, now she is fully responsible to close the entrance, by sending the escaped Souls back in through it, and sealing the portal.

If she doesn't ... everyone she loved and cared for will be gone forever. This world is not used to seeing supernatural entities on a regular basis let alone just for a Halloween night. If they will not be contained they will take over the world.


To my dear readers :)

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He stood before her as his eyes flashed in an eerie, yet hypnotic cyan blue. His pupils were too small to observe and his eyes looked almost, just almost, alien like. It was as if his human form was fighting with his hidden form. His true being was concealed underneath the human form.

Finally, his lips parted slightly even though it didn’t look like he was talking. “Halloween is a night when demons come out to wonder the earth from their supernatural realm,” he smiled, his human teeth sparkling in the moonlight. The window from his left was open and let in the chilling breeeze, causing the soft curtains to flutter in reply. His large, slightly tilted eyes stared her down as he took a step forward. He rested his palms at the bottom of the duvet, near the girl’s feet.

Naomi was too scared to move from her bed. She could hear her own hiccupping as she tried to calm herself by not crying. It didn't work, though, and she cried out loud, grabbing her duvet with her fists and pulling them just over the bridge of her nose. What further scared her was that she couldn’t look away from the guy – or the i]demonic presence – standing at the foot of her bed.

The young man began moving leisurely, enjoying how he made her human heart quicken rapidly. He sat on her bed, facing her, as he watched her tremble. He never seemed to blink. His neon eyes flashed in an alluring flame. Literally, little wisps of blue fire were dancing out of his eyes – dancing with along an unhearing song – and encompassed his whole body. If that body that he was in right now even belonged to him. “Do you believe in Halloween now?” he asked softly, tauntingly. He tilted his head to the right, waiting.

She opened her mouth to speak, but all that had escaped was a fearful whimper. For the first time in a very, very long time … she felt like a child again. She wanted her mother to come running into her bedroom and send the bad monster away, and tell her that everything was going to be OK. She wanted to feel safe again.

However, that was not the case. She knew that tonight had changed everything.

Suddenly, his face was very close to her. His inhuman eyes glared into her wide, watery violet eyes. “Do you know what you have done?” he asked.

She shook her head just barely. His eyes had turned sad, if she wasn’t mistaken.

His head moved to her right slightly, and he whispered into her ear. “You have opened a portal to Hell.” Then he moved back to face her, his alien-like eyes had faltered to become smaller and human-like. His cyan eyes were still the same colour and brightness. The fiery blue wisps had transformed to white as they started to retreat back into their white orbs. “You let them out!” he whispered harshly, his sadness gone and replaced with mockery.

Her eyes widened more if that was possible anymore and more tears of fear gushed out, wetting her duvet. She sniffled as she started to sob. She wanted to get out of this hellish nightmare.

“You let THEM out!” The supernatural entity yelled. “Only you can reverse it. You have to save everyone now. You opened the portal now
you have to seal it. And all those escaped Souls are yours to reap!”