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Time Cancer 1: Mina's Side


A young half-orphan girl is tasked with fufilling her mother's will after her public death. She recieves a letter which will change her destiny. Will she find the "truth" her mother tried to find?  Or will she die trying? Knowing this story, probably both.

Prologue: The Letter

(Chapter PROLOGUE: The Letter)



...-And now, a word from our sponsors.


Ms. Yue turned off the class TV as she turned to us.


Ms. Yue: That virus is still going around. Please be mindful to not go near that suspicious building and take your pills.

Students: Yes, Ms. Yue!


We were given our work and-- Oh, wait. I haven’t even introduced myself yet, have I?


My name’s Mina E. Bree. The E stands for “Ellen”. I’m a sixth grader at EYW (Educating Young Women, acronym pronounced: A-WE). I’m an orphan.


Well, I’m living off my mother’s inheritance and faking the name “Mari Bree” for my parent. But, my mother went missing and my brother died short after. Everyone else in my family doesn’t know I’m alive and I want to keep that way.


I never got along with them, so why start now? I’m eleven, sure. But I learned so much from my mother when she was alive, so I’m OK...For the most part.


There’s one...“person” who just -REALLY- bothers me and she’s soooo annoying!


? : -Stare...-


She’s staring at me. She’s staring at me again.


...I hate this girl.


She doesn’t do her work and is friends with everyone! She’s irksome to me and I hate her for it!


? : Hm...

Mina: ...


She gets up and comes over to me, like she always does.


? : Hey, you. Why not work with a partner?

Mina: ...

? : Hello~? Earth to Mina!?

Mina: ...


I closed my version of “Gardening Community” and looked at her face of sweet, ignorant happiness.


Mina: ...Because I am an introvert person. Done, Moriasaki?

? : C’mon! Work with me!


I open my book back up and flip to chapter ten. I start reading it again, ignoring her.


By the way, this girl’s name is Ichigo Moriasaki. Only about a few days younger than me and is annoying as hell.


And, before you ask (since you weren’t paying attention), I’m eleven.


Mina: No.

Ichigo: Why!?

Mina: Sit down. You’re more than capable enough to do this work. I don’t need help and neither do you.

Ichigo: ...Fine.


She sat down and did her work. I was getting annoyed with her stupid pestering.


Later on, Ms. Yue turned the TV back on.


Ms. Yue: ...

Mina: ...!?


The reporter was saying some shit I didn’t really care about. However, what I did care about was the person on the ground in the background.


It mother.


Mina: (W-What is she doing there!?)

Reporter: This women contracted the illness “Time Cancer”. She was announced dead as of 23:09 PM last night. Her name was Marianna Bree.

Mina: ...

Reporter: Her last words to us were: “Look not the safe, but the chest. You will find your ally.”


“Look not the safe, but the chest. You will find your ally”...


Mina: ...

Ms. Yue: How sad...I wonder if she had children...

Mina: ...


I resumed to do my work. Pondering on it now will just be a waste of time.


At home, I checked the only place I could think: The Attic.


There is nothing else in here but a safe. But Mother said not to look there...


Mina: (...Momma was always a trickster. So, I should look. But I need a key...)


I started checking numerous things. It isn’t under the old clothes, it isn’t within the old photos, it isn’t anywhere! Where is it!? I mean, it’s not like the key is on top of the safe or anything! Let me check!



Mina: ...


I so dumb. I completely dumb.


Mina: -Sigh- Let me unlock this thing...


I unlocked the key and slowly started opening the safe. What I see inside is more...bland than I expected.


Mina: Ah, a chest...this is what Mother meant.


The chest suddenly flipped itself open. I peeked one eye into it to see what was in there. It’s a note.


Mina: A note? From Mother?


I picked up the note and started reading it. It reads as follows:


Dear Daughter, if you are reading this, I am well gone from this world. I wanted to tell you many things while I was alive, but I never got the chance to. I want to put my thoughts down into paper so you could know them somehow.


First of all, don’t tell anyone you found this note. They’ll know you’re my daughter and take you away. I don’t want anyone to experiment on you without reason, or, period anyways-


Wait a second... “Experiment”!? What is she on about!?


-but...this is if you tell. If you don’t, that’s good.


Second of all, you must go to that castle the next day. If I died today, go tomorrow. If you’re reading this four days after, go the fifth day. You need to go the next day when you read this! Reasons...Well, you can get wish! So...that’s a plus.


Third and final, I’m sorry about disappearing. I had no choice -but- disappear. If I didn’t, chances are you wouldn’t be alive to read this. I don’t mean to abandon you and leave you alone...


But...If you’re reading this, you’re okay! And, your bro is probably dead now, too...He had the same illness I died from. He went into the castle out of revenge for what they did to me and he paid the price for it. I warned him, too. He died on his own accord. Why am I sending you? So you can find the truth I so desperately wanted to find out...


Go forth, and avenge us!


I’m shaking...Mother died for what exactly!? A TRUTH!? Whatever, or whoever made this sickness is going to pay! My mother died for something and had no choice but to abandon me for it! That’s cruel...too cruel...I need to find out who or what made her go in that castle in the first place!


Mina: Yeah...They’ll pay!

Chapter 0.5- Bio Sheet

Name: Mina Ellen Bree

Age: 11 (Born: June 16th, 2002)

Gender: Female

Race: Human TC

Personality: Determined, Easily Annoyed, Hateful, Sarcastic

Likes: Books, Naps, Cake

Dislikes: Annoying people, trolls, ignorance


Follower: Alice