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Blue Moon


Before I start I would like to mention a few things.

1) This story is originally written by my adoptive sister, HeavenMistery on Wattpad. She never finished the story and it was called "Endless Electric Time" but I changed it around a bit. I changed the title and one of the character names from Hunter to Rider. Everyone else is the same.

2) This is my first ever story and I probably won't write any other fanfictions, unless people want me to.

3) Due to tests and and other issues this story will be slow to update.

4) This is the most important point. I would appreciate it if people didn't copy this story. I know that there is a lot of stories that are the same but it was my sisters idea and I'm just doing what she asked me.

At first the chapters are short but they do get better and longer.

Thanks for reading! :)

Character Description

Rider: Rider is a nineteen year old with natural brown hair and a green streak, that flicks over his eyes (old Justin Bieber haircut). He has emerald green eyes to match his streak. Deep dimples on each cheek and straight pearly white teeth. He is the eldest out of the four members in 'Blue Moon', and the main singer. He plays the guitar and has a girlfriend of four years, named Charlotte. He is thinking of proposing to her on her nineteenth birthday in two months. He has an obsession with sport cars and owns five of them.

Blake: Blake just turned eighteen. He has blonde hair, with red highlights that are cut into a Mohawk. Blake has grey-ish, blue-ish eyes, with no dimples and straight, pearly white teeth. He is the second eldest out of four members in 'Blue Moon', and plays the bass. He loves to play on his PlayStation, and he has a girlfriend of a year, yet still no one likes her. Her name's  Stacey. He has an obsession with sports cars and bass guitars. He owns five sports cars and twelve different bass guitars. Blake is thinking of buying his thirteenth guitar.

Blaze: Blaze is only seventeen years old, turning eighteen in three months. He has natural coal black hair, that he loves to tease and cover his left eye. His fringe is dyed royal blue, making his stormy blue eyes pop out. Blaze is a typical 'emo' but he isn't depressed or anything, he just likes the style. He's the drummer for 'Blue Moon', and the only one in the band that likes the same sex. Yes, Blaze is gay and has a boyfriend of two months. They're the cutest couple in the world and his fans, friends and family are really supportive of them. Blaze has an obsession with sports, especially basketball, and loves to party. He's probably the most carefree guy in the band.

Aaliyah: Aaliyah is the youngest member in the band 'Blue Moon', just at the age of fifteen and turning sixteen in six months. She has rich chocolate brown hair, with streaks of dark purple, blood red and navy blue. Her hair is a mixture of beach waves and the ends are curled into wild curls. Her eyes are Hawaiian sea blue with lilac flakes, scattered around her iris. She has soft dimples on each cheek and perfect white teeth. Aaliyah doesn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. She play the lead guitar in the band 'Blue Moon', but that's not all. Aaliyah is also a teen model, actress, DJ, ex-you-tuber and an ex-member of 'Lilies'. She may seem like an innocent and most carefree person you'll ever but Aaliyah is not all smiles and laughs. She has an obsession with food, sports, cars, motorbikes and quads. She owns two cars, three motorbikes (Kawasaki, Chopper and Harley-Davidson), ten dirtballs and thirteen quads. Aaliyah is thinking of buying a car, motorbike, dirt-bike and quad to her collection.

4 Months Before

"Two of the most popular bands are going on tour together? I don't know Chelsea... I think Simon Cowell is gone mad. Why would he send them on the same tour? This never hap-" The interviewer was cut off short when Rider changed the channel.

"The band 'Blue Moon' announced two hours ago that their going on tour with-" Rider changed the channel again.

"Now to a different topic. 'Blue Moon' announced that they're-" Rider groaned in defeat and turned off the T.V. Blaze, Blake and Aaliyah walked in.

"They talking about us?" Blake asked with his eyebrows raised in amusement. Rider nods in reply.

"Every single damn channel is basically covered in our faces..." He grumbled, rolling his emerald eyes.

"Well, I would love to stay and chit chat with you but I have to find a way to convince Max to go out with me... so... Bye!" Blaze was already out the door before he even finished the sentence.

"I have to go too. Visiting my family. See ya tomorrow!" Blake smiled and walked out. Rider turned towards Aaliyah, who has been munching quietly on a chocolate biscuit. He opened his mouth to ask her something, but was interrupted by his phone ringing. Without looking at the ID caller, he picked it up.

"Hey love... Of course... sure. I'll be over in a few... Love you too... Bye!" Once he hanged up, he sent an apologetic look towards Aaliyah, but she just waved him off.

"Say 'hi' from me. will you?" She asked. Rider nodded and walked out of the house, grinning like an idiot. Aaliyah sighed and took out her phone. She opened her Twitter app and scrolled down through the trends.




Aaliyah read the trends in amusement. Once she finished, she typed a new Tweet.

@AaliyahBlueMoonOfficial: The tickets come out today at midnight! Go get them! Looking forward to the tour with @onedirection lads and my boys :) xx Aaliyah

Immediately, after she sent out the tweet, she got few thousand re-tweets and favourites. Aaliyah locked her phone, slipped it into her back pocket and walked out of the room with a blank expression.

Chapter 1

~4 months later...~

***Aaliyah's P.O.V***

We walked down the corridor, half asleep. Our manager, James, called us up and asked us to come over to his office this morning, so obviously we had to get out of our hotel beds and go there. We were in America because of some interviews and photo-shoots, and we where going back to England right after this meeting. Rider walked in first with Blaze and Blake behind him.

"Can you please tell me why are we here at such ungodly hour? Our flight is in two hours..." I ask as I walked in. James raised his eyebrows in amusement.

"It's nine in the morning. What were you doing in the night?" He asked.

"Sleeping... Anyway carry on with the meeting..." I mumble and flop down on a seat beside Blake.

"Remember how I told you, few months ago, that before the tour you guys are going to meet the band you're touring with?" We slowly nod our heads, "Well, I'd like you to meet Marco, Paul, and One Direction."

He mentioned to the back of the room. We turn around and sure enough, there were seven pairs of eyes looking at us. My boys immediately stand up and go and greet them while I just sit there looking at the exchange of greetings. I guess you all are thinking: 'What the heck is wrong with her? Why isn't she going to say anything?' The answer to that is simple. Haven't  your parents ever thought you not to speak to strangers? And now you're probably asking yourself: 'Isn't that why we have greetings'? Yeah well I'm not good at those so I'm fine where I am, thanks very much.

"That's Aaliyah. She doesn't do greetings." Rider explained seeing the confused faces on the people in front of me. I gave them a smile and a wave instead.

"Alright... Marco would you do the honors?" James asks once everyone is settled down.

"We decided that we would cancel all the photo-shoots, interviews and small concerts that you guys have and you would go back to England with the other lads." Marco told his band. 

"Your stuff is being packed as we speak so don't worry but it." James chimed in. They all nod slowly.

"We also agreed that because the tour is starting in two weeks you guys are going to stay with the others, then you'll leave for tour." Marco continued.

"That also means that you guys, are going to stay in England until you start tour." James turned his attention towards us. I blink at him.

"Did I hear you correctly? Did you just say we can't go anywhere while they're staying with us?" Rider asked looking a bit confused and upset. James nods.

"So whatever plans you have had, you can now cancel them."

"You can't do that! I promised Jimmy that I'll spend his birthday with him!" Blaze exploded. Jimmy is Blazes' youngest and most favourite cousin in the world. Whenever Blaze goes to visit his family those two would do everything together and when one got into trouble, the other would always take the blame on himself. They're really close.

"Ans I promised my parents that I'll spend the weekend with them, camping! Do you know how long I waited for this?" Blake added in an angry voice. Blake's parents are really cool but they don't really do 'outings'... so even if his parents agreed to do something together outside then that's a real miracle.

"Guys calm down..." Rider sighed.

"How can we calm down? We're suppose to be going back to Ireland, visiting our families. You're suppose to take Charlie out on a date because your anniversary is coming up. How can you be calm about that?" Blaze turned to Rider and glared at him.

"Ugh... I'm out of here..." Blaze stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

"I'm going to wait in the limo... Bye." Blake walked out of the room. Rider sighed and stood up.

"I'm going to try and calm them down. It was nice meeting you. Bye James." And he stalked out of the room. I rolled my eyes, smirked and shook my head. Bit dramatic, aren't we. I started to clap my hands.

"Wow James... You sure know how to make your clients love you... Anything else? Or can we leave?" I asked raising my eyebrow. James shook his head.

"You want to grab some coffee?" James asked Marco. Marco nodded.

"Alright. Aaliyah you can go. We'll catch a flight back tomorrow. Bye." James smiled and waved as I walked out.

"Adios!" I threw over my shoulder and walked down the corridor to the elevator, not waiting for the One Direction guys. Once I was outside, I immediately spotted our ride. A black, shiny limo stood in front of the gate. I made my way to the limo and pulled the door open ready to climb inside, but then I noticed that the boy-band wasn't behind me. I looked up and noticed them by the front door, debating if they should follow me or not. I rolled my eyes and waved them over. They jogged over and climb in behind me.

"To the airport, please." I say once I noticed everyone inside. And we were off.